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Life changing training is providing PeopleNTech said at Alumni Summit

The evening was for the alumnus of PeopleNTech. They all came to tell their stories of moving forward and success. They narrated how a four-month training program has changed their lives. They said, not only their own, but their family's landscape has changed. And above all, they now can build a worthy future generation. Each of them is now a skilled IT professional in the mainstream of the United States. Some of them are project managers, some are project leads. Some are now trainers and teachers themselves.The event was PeopleNTech's Alumni Summit 2022. These alums gathered at a party hall in Queens, New York. Abubokor Hanip, founder and CEO of PeopleNTech and now chancellor and chairman of Washington University of Science and Technology-WUST, was in the center of the event. Farhana Hanip, President of PeopleNTech and CFO of WUST was present. And they were surrounded by all the officials of the company's New York, Virginia, New Jersey offices.The main attraction of the event was the alums whose stories mesmerized everyone present.New York dignitaries were invited to it. Consul General of Bangladesh in New York Dr. Monirul Islam was present as the chief guest. Syed Ashikur Rahman, CEO of RTV in Bangladesh was present as the special guest. Heads of various media outlets were present.Successful alums told their stories and each of these stories was unique. Just as they have shared how important the role of PeopleNTech was in building their lives.They refer to PeopleNTech's training as life changing. And everyone repeatedly mentioned about Engineer Abubokor Hanip as the architect of their fate change.They were talking about the trainers who trained them in the classes. They were talking about Farhana Hanip, president of PeopleNTech who has been working relentlessly to take the organization onward with all efforts.Engineer Abubokor Hanip also shared his own story to all. He told how he established himself in this IT sector after passing a struggling time when he came to study in this country.The story of Abubokor Hanip is an inspiration for everyone, speakers said.Abubokor Hanip told that he left a lucrative job with reputed company in handsome salary to take efforts so that people could change their lives in the way he has changed his own. And keeping that motto in mind, he founded PeopleNTech.Hanip said that some 18 years ago in 2004 he took a vow to bring the people of the Bangladeshi community out of the life of struggle in this country and give them a beautiful life. And thus, PeopleNTech started. Initially, there was only one student. But after that student got a job six-digit job in the mainstream, more students started to join. Since then, there was no looking back. Gradually it continued to grow.And during this period, PeopleNTech has trained nearly 8,000 Bangladeshis in IT who have got mainstream job in the United States. They are now living a comfortable life. And they are raising their future generation well. Moreover, they also play a role in the progress of Bangladesh by sending high figure remittances.In his speech, Abubokor Hanip highlighted the Washington University of Science and Technology, which is currently being run by him, and said that it is a fulfillment of his long-cherished dream. He said there is no alternative to skill based institutional education and training to take the Bangladeshi community forward in the mainstream in the United States. Washington University of Science and Technology is run through a skills-based curriculum.The teachers here are simultaneously scholars and experienced from the industry. They bring their experience and skills from the industry to the classroom. And due to their teaching through it, students can move from university to work by having skillful knowledge.The students of WUST have also started joining in the mainstream in big companies. Engineer Abubokor Hanip also expressed the hope that at one time the alums of WUST will occupy the high positions of Fortune Hundred Companies in this country. And he said, that's not only a dream but also a goal.Farhana Hanip, President of PeopleNTech, said, "Today we want to celebrate the success of our alams. The alums are all in our hearts. Some have now risen to a higher level, we are proud of their achievements."She called on peopleNTech's alumni to stand by them to make The Washington University of Science and Technology a success. Farhana Hanip expressed her gratitude for the continued support from the community as well.Congratulating the successful alums of PeopleNTech, The Chief Guest Dr. Monirul Islam said, "Your successes impress us and make Bangladesh proud."Noting that Abubokor Hanip has set an example, Dr. Monirul said he (Mr. Hanip) likes to 'give' to people. He has trained people, taught them and at the same time has taken all kinds of initiatives to 'give' them work. It is this mentality of giving to others that has taken him to such a height that everyone feels proud of him.Few of the Bangladeshi diaspora have been able to keep their footprints in the United States, Abubokor Hanip is one of them, said Dr. Monirul Islam.Special Guest Syed Ashiqur Rahman praised the success of PeopleNTech and said that the efforts of Abubokor Hanip and Farhana Hanip to take The Washington University of Science and Technology forward are worth to mention.Later, crests and flower bouquets were presented to the successful alums as a recognition. All the officials of PeopleNTech were also given crests and bouquets of flowers as greeting souvenir. Abubokor Hanip and Farhana Hanip were also given special honors while engineer Abubokor Hanip handed over the crest to the special guest and the chief guest.Then group photos were taken. And finally, the 2022 Alumni Summit of PeopleNTech ended with a delicious dinner.

Bangladesh Sheikh Russell Medal 2022

Online applications for the Sheikh Russell Medal are being accepted until July 9. Since June 10, applications for the award have been approved in ten circumstances.To fill up an application, interested candidates may go to Russell, the youngest child of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Father of the Nation, had his birthday honored as "Sheikh Russell Day" on October 16 to honor him and honor children.On this occasion, the "Sheikh Russell Medal 2022" will be awarded to organizations that support the growth of children and adolescents in two categories and to Bangladeshi youngsters under the age of 18 in eight categories.In the areas of Digital Excellence and Digital School, institutional awards will be given out.Following the "Sheikh Russell Medal Policy 2022 (Draft)" is required of applicants.Following review by the central committee, application verification and selection committee, and evaluation committee, the names of the winners will be disclosed on October 18.A laptop, a diploma, and a medal made of 22 carat gold will be given to the victors.

Top 10 eLearning education center and institutes in Bangladesh

With the progress of technology and its accessibility to the general public, online learning has become a learning reality for everybody. Whether a student or a professional, certain unique and special education may be required that is not always physically accessible to obtain. There are several online educational websites and e-learning systems that focus on authenticity and incorporating creativity into learning.Online learning has grown in popularity in recent years because it is both inexpensive and simple. Let's have a look at the top ten online education platforms in Bangladesh. You just input the web URL of the education platform you wish to use and then continue studying about the topics that interest you. Bangladesh, like other industrialized nations, has progressively grown in the online education industry.The following are the most popular educational websites in Bangladesh.10 Minute School The most well-liked online learning platform in Bangladesh is 10 Minute School. Even though it began as a modest project, this platform today has about 1,50,00 students who regularly attend sessions. This platform presently has various prominent figures and the well-known telecom business ROBI as sponsors. Candidates for the JSC, SSC, and HSC exams can take lessons on this site. Additionally, professional employees can get something from seeing some of their content.Shikkhok.ComThe idea of aspires to give rural and underprivileged students in Bangladesh and India free online education and top-notch Bengali language classes. Students and researchers interested in science and engineering should use this platform.Shikho Anyone may take several mock tests on shikho, which aids in their preparation for many courses. The website offers topics ranging from the JSC level to the BCS test. The model tests for your selected topic are available at several levels. On the website, there are also technical audio-visual training offered. Because of this, you may test out courses like CPA training, WordPress, SEO, affiliate marketing, graphic design, Android programming, etc. whenever you want. The most helpful aspect of this website is the blog area, which has a wealth of educational articles. With the assistance of this website, anybody may keep themselves abreast of the most recent developments in education.EducarnivalOn the Educarnival website, you may discover advice on how to be ready for competitive exams. You can try to answer prior questions on this website for state competitive tests like the SSC, Teacher Registration, Bank Jobs, Public University Admission Tests, Medical College Admission Tests, and other government recruitment exams, etc. Model tests are also being conducted there for each module. Additionally, you'll discover a part where outstanding academic essays are readily available. These summaries of many subjects will undoubtedly improve your studyShikkhok BatayonThe Bangladeshi government set out to digitally transform the country's educational system, and as a result, a website like this was copied. The website has been enhanced by PPT presentation slides created by instructors from various regions of the nation.Teachers from both schools and madrasas provide their own original stuff on this website. For academic courses at the secondary school level, they define several terminology and subjects.Thanks to this website, students from all around the nation may profit from studying from home. This website's study materials are broken down into three categories: general, technical, and madrasa.Amar PathshalaThey provide video tutorials so that students may acquire new material more easily.People looking for work have a completely separate part where they may get information on employment circulars.For children in grades one through twelve, there are already more than 12000 movies on this website. There are other courses for professional and skill development that anybody may attend. These good classes are entirely free.SrijonshilOnline education is becoming a widely available and profitable subject for everyone because of how powerful and widely accessible technology is nowadays. Online education can save a learner's life when certain unique and special lessons become more difficult to attend physically. It connects tutors, educational resources, and students like a bridge. On the websites given above, you may quickly learn a lot of stuff. Therefore, start learning your chosen education as soon as you can and don't wait. Because learning knows no bounds, and neither do age restrictions! Instead than skipping school anymore, simply take it.iZoom institute of IT iZoom has their own platform and  YouTube channels where they teach programming, Robotics to kids with STEM and Gamification. They have reached many kids, many views on our YouTube channel. They have introductory to advanced level of teaching courses like -Computer Programming Fundamental, Mobile Application & Website Development, Robotics & Embedded System Python Programming & Data Science, IoT & Data Science, AI & Robotics Vision. Not only that iZoom caters for job placement, freelancing and professional IT training are given here.eShikoneshikon Education Center is regarded as the Indian equivalent of Udemy. On this website, professionals create video courses and submit them. After students enroll in these courses, they may earn certifications. This website offers top-notch online courses taught by Bangladesh's top instructors and helps students develop their skills.iTesserect Technologies Ltd. Breaking the traditional culture and boxed learning methods, Bangladesh and south asian region has adopted the culture of STEAM learning, gamification, programming, technical knowledge, very well. Many leading tech, and health tech companies have ventured into this sector of learning how to code for young minds. Our company - iTesserect Technologies Ltd.  is one such EdTech company that caters for better learning in children with technology - Kids Programming, Educational Robotics tools, web designing, game development animation etc. 

Top YouTube channels for kids to learn coding

In addition to giving users the ability to watch videos based on their own tastes and interests, YouTube's open platform also allows content creators to express their creativity and produce videos that are especially tailored to their target audiences. Additionally, many instructive YouTube videos make studying programming and coding seem like pleasant and intriguing activities. Kids will have a blast learning to code. Additionally, some internet games serve a similar purpose to the instructive films on YouTube. The top 10 online coding games for kids are listed below. Not all of the YouTube videos available are suitable for children to view. But take into account how much time our kids spend each day on YouTube. We absolutely want to make use of the platform and use video material to teach STEAM to our kids. Thankfully, there are many of these tools available online.  OpenlabOpenlab is the place to go if your child enjoys programming robots or has shown a lot of interest in educational robotics. The creative coding-robot projects are showcased in Openlab, which was developed and is funded by Make block. This is the channel you want if you own any Makeblock products, such mBot and Codey Rocky! The Coding TrainDaniel Shiffman, the broadcaster, uses humorous animated YouTube videos to instruct young kids in coding. From the fundamentals of programming languages like JavaScript (with p5.js) and Java (with Processing) to generative methods like data visualization, he covers a wide range of subjects in his videos. STEMcodingThe STEM coding project, which aims to integrate coding into high school physics, chemistry, and arithmetic, is said to be the subject of the channel. To comprehend the video material, you do need to know a little bit about coding. Code.orgBy offering free coding tutorial videos, our channel is committed to promoting computer programming. You may always find a course here that is appropriate for you to start with, regardless of your coding background or experience. STEMpediaThis channel tackles everything related to science, technology, and math in a very interesting way. The lessons in the STEMpedia library include a wide range of topics, from building easy physical robots to programming video games. The majority of tasks can be finished quickly and easily with supplies you may find around your house. This is a highly well-liked tech channel for kids since the coding courses are intended to assist youngsters develop innovative and engaging concepts. Hopscotch: Creative CodingChildren may create, develop, and collaborate with other creators using the iOS app Hopscotch. Users may get a number of entertaining lessons by visiting the Hopscotch YouTube channel. There is no shortage of material that can be produced with Hopscotch, and this platform quickly introduces students to coding and the creation of excellent apps. Similarly like the above-mentioned YouTube channels, iTesseract Technologies Ltd. have their own YouTube channel where we teach programming, Robotics to kids with STEM and Gamification. We have reached many kids, many views on our YouTube channel. We have introductory to advanced level of teaching courses like -Computer Programming Fundamental, Mobile Application & Website Development, Robotics & Embedded System.  Python Programming & Data Science, IoT & Data Science, AI & Robotics Vision.

Mamun is a software engineer from Bangladesh

Abdullah Al Mamun has joined Meta, the parent company of the social networking site Facebook, as a software engineer. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and engineering from the Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET).He sought admission to Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in order to pursue his aspiration of becoming an engineer (BUET). Even though he was denied the chance to get admitted there, Mamun didn't quit. He enrolled in the Polytechnic Institute to pursue his engineering passion. He was then allowed to join the duet.He earned a scholarship to study computer engineering at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Saudi Arabia after completing his undergraduate studies at Duet. From Florida International University, he later earned a PhD in computer science. He has been looking for technical jobs with internet behemoths like Facebook and Google in the meanwhile. He has participated in hiring processes at several tech behemoths, including Raku, FedEx, LinkedIn, Tesla, and Uber. However, his position did not fit with these businesses.Tech firm Meta sent him an offer to work as an e-four software developer at their Menlo Park, California, headquarters following a seven-step hiring procedure. He encouraged everyone to dream big by writing on Facebook. Everyone was advised by him to keep striving and to avoid comparing themselves to others.

On the 10th of December, the 4th International Conference on the Industrial Revolution begins.

A two-day international conference titled 'Fourth Industrial Revolution and Beyond' organized by the Bangladesh University Grants Commission will begin on December 10 at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Dhaka. The overall preparations for the conference have already been completed. The UGC is organizing the conference to mark the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the golden jubilee of independence.President at the conference,  Abdul Hamid will deliver the keynote address on the virtual platform at the opening ceremony on December 10 and announce the opening of the conference. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will deliver the keynote address at the closing ceremony on December 11 on a virtual platform. UGC Chairman Prof. Dr Kazi Shahidullah, Education Minister presided over the conference. Dipu Moni, Deputy Minister of Education Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury special guest and Secretary of the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education. Mahbub Hossain will be present as the guest of honour. The conference will be attended by eminent academics, technologists and researchers from the country, including three Nobel laureates (Oliver Hart, Konstantin Novoselov, Takaaki Kajita) and seven world-renowned scientists.A press conference was held at the UGC auditorium on Tuesday to highlight the overall preparations for the international conference. UGC chairman Professor at the press conference. Kazi Shahidullah, UGC member Professor. Dil Afroza Begum, Professor. Md. Sajjad Hossain, Professor. Muhammad Alamgir, Professor. Biswajit Chand, Professor. Md. Abu Taher, Secretary of the Commission and Heads of Departments were present.UGC Chairman Prof. Kazi Shahidullah said that a network of communication between national and international level academics and researchers would be created through this conference. At the same time, a bridge of cooperation will be built between the industrial and commercial institutions and the institutions of higher learning.He further said that the conference will determine the tasks of the country's higher education institutions to meet the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and harness its potential. Managing various technologies related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution will require proper knowledge and skilled human resources. He said that the country's higher education institutions have to play a leading role in creating this skilled human resource.Speaking at the press conference, Prof. Sajjad Hossain, Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the 4th International Conference on Industrial Revolution, said that the conference was aimed at solving existing problems in various fields of national life including FourIR technology - artificial intelligence, IoT, data analytics, blockchain and cloud computing. Will be taken out. Note that a total of 8 keynote papers will be presented at this conference. A total of 100 research papers will be presented in 21 technical sessions. At the conference, several tripartite MoUs will be signed between UGC and higher education institutions with the representatives of industry and commerce organizations to conduct joint cooperation activities with the industrial institutions of the country.It was also informed at the press conference that "Mujib Centenary Idea Competition-2021" and "Mujib 100 Art Exhibition-2021" have been organized to spread the local innovations worldwide.

Facebook removes Chinese network over Covid claims by fake 'Swiss biologist'

Facebook owner Meta Platforms Inc (FB.O) said on Wednesday it had removed accounts used by an influence operation originating in China that promoted claims of a fake "Swiss biologist" saying the United States was interfering in the search for Covid-19's origins.Meta said in a report the social media campaign was "largely unsuccessful" and targeted English-speaking audiences in the United States and Britain and Chinese-speaking audiences in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tibet. Claims by "Swiss biologist" Wilson Edwards were widely quoted by Chinese state media in July. In August, several Chinese newspapers removed comments and deleted articles quoting him after the Swiss embassy in Beijing said it had found no evidence of him as a Swiss citizen.Meta said Facebook removed the Wilson Edwards account in August and has since removed 524 Facebook accounts, 20 Pages, four Groups and 86 Instagram accounts as part of its investigation. Such removals also take down content that these entities have posted. "We...were able to link the activity to individuals in mainland China, including employees of a particular company in China, the Sichuan Silence Information Technology Company Limited, as well as some individuals associated with Chinese state infrastructure companies around the world," Meta's head of global threat disruption David Agranovich told Reuters.Sichuan Silence Information Technology Co did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The Chinese foreign ministry and internet regulator Cyberspace Administration of China also did not immediately respond to requests for comment.Meta said it had not found any connection between Sichuan Silence Information Technology and the Chinese government.

Facebook officially allows users to have 'more control' over their news feeds.

Facebook says it is introducing new features to give people more control over what appears in their news feeds.The social network has been under intense scrutiny in recent years for how its algorithms promote content.Now, it says it is testing controls to "adjust people's ranking preferences" and customise the feed.That includes, for example, increasing the number of posts from friends and family, and decreasing those from groups and pages.It will also make controls that already exist "easier to access", it said - such as the favourites and snooze features, which largely live inside a settings sub-menu."We'll begin testing in countries around the world to a small percentage of people, gradually expanding in the coming weeks," Facebook said in its announcement post."This is part of our ongoing work to give people more control over [the] news feed, so they see more of what they want and less of what they don't."

For the first time, Facebook provides an estimate of bullying and harassment on it's own platforms

The social media giant has long been chastised for its handling of online abuse.On Tuesday, Facebook revealed for the first time the prevalence of bullying and harassment on its platform, claiming that such content was seen 14 to 15 times per 10,000 visits on the site in the third quarter. In its quarterly content moderation report, the company, which recently changed its name to Meta, also stated that bullying and harassing content was seen between 5 and 6 times per 10,000 views of content on Instagram.Former employee and whistleblower Frances Haugen disclosed internal documents that included studies and talks regarding Instagram's effects on teen mental health and whether Facebook's platforms fuel divisions, bringing the social media behemoth back into the spotlight. The documents, according to Haugen, reveal that the corporation prioritized profits before user safety. Facebook refuted this assessment, claiming that the records were being exploited to create a "false picture."The documents, which were first reported by the Wall Street Journal, have spurred calls for Facebook to be more transparent and have raised questions over whether metrics such as prevalence give the full picture of how the company handles abuses. Facebook said its bullying and harassment numbers only captured instances where the company did not need additional information, such as a report from a user, to decide if the content broke its rules.They said that of the 9.2 million pieces of content the company removed from Facebook for breaking its bullying and harassment rules, it found 59.4% proactively."Bullying and harassment is a unique challenge and one of the most complex issues to address because context is critical," the company's global head of safety, Antigone Davis, and product management director Amit Bhattacharyya said in a blog post.

How to delete Google account

You may not be using the old account. Have a new Google Account. Account hacked? Such incidents can happen. To avoid such hassles, many people want to delete the Google account. Today I will tell you how to delete Google account - 1. Open in your web browser. 2. Click on “Data & personalization” in the left side menu. 3. Scroll down until you see the "Download, delete, or make a plan for your data" option. 4. Then click on "Delete a service or your account". 5. Click "Delete your Google Account". You will then be asked to enter your Google Account password and then you will be able to delete your Google Account for sure.

5 thousand per minute users in Surokka

In order to prevent corona (Covid-19), the pressure has started to start mass vaccination activities in the country on the virtual registration platform 'Surokka'. From this app and website now more than 5 thousand per minute.The platform has successfully verified and registered the NIDs of a total of 14 lakh 60 thousand citizens from 9 am to 12:30 pm on Saturday. In all, more than 2 crore 16 lakh registrations have been made till this day.An official from the Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) said on condition of anonymity that the DIDS attack was carried out on August 4 and 5 for security reasons outside the country. Then in 48 hours 2 crore 36 lakh clicks were made from within the country. On the other hand, only 1 crore 20 lakhs from Hungary and a total of 36 million clicks from abroad. As a result, some people are embarrassed to use it at that time. Realizing the matter, registration from outside the country has been stopped. As a result, 15 percent of the registration capacity is now being used. Security has a total registration capacity of 16 crore. That means 50 thousand people can register every second.Earlier, State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak had said that the ‘Surokka’ has a capacity of 5 million registrations per day. Registration for the coronavirus vaccine began on January 26. After that, the vaccination program started from February 8. Due to low stock of ticks, the registration process of ticks was suspended from June 6. Later, at the end of June, the registration of tickers started again. Then, on July 14, the registration for the vaccine crossed the one crore milestone.

Palak calls for inclusion of e-commerce in the academic curriculum

State Minister for Information and Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak has called for the inclusion of e-commerce in the curriculum of primary, secondary and higher secondary students for acquiring knowledge of e-commerce. Palak made the call at the 10th master class of the Women and E-Commerce Forum (WEF), a popular Facebook group of women entrepreneurs, on Saturday (April 24th). The main theme of this year's master class was Business Sustainability: From Plateau to Peak.Education Minister Dipu Moni was the chief guest in this program. Requested the Minister of Education to include e-commerce in the textbooks, Palak said, "If we can include the basic knowledge of e-commerce in textbooks or textbooks for 4 and a half crore students, then we can include it in the Women and e-commerce guide or curriculum for every student." That part of the commerce digital lifestyle, however, will be possible to deliver in the morning. During the last 12 months, it has been possible to provide various emergency services through e-commerce, which has resulted in people getting the benefits of e-commerce at home. E-commerce has surpassed the growth of the last 12 years in 12 months, said Palak.

Foreign Minister inaugurates Magicman's 'Innovative Global University' in US

The Innovative Global University (IGU) of the United States has embarked on a new venture to initiate students to acquire skills suitable for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The university, run by Abubakar Hanip, a renowned 'Magicman' engineer, is set to become the beacon of the future in Vienna, Virginia, with the aim of building human resources for every student with science and technology-based skills.Visiting Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen inaugurated the activities of the university at noon local time on Saturday. And through this, another chapter was added to the journey of Bengalis in the multinational American society. In this, a hard-working and talented Bangladeshi immigrant became a part of history.The minister termed the event as the first Bangladeshi-owned educational institution to be established on the golden centenary of Bangabandhu's birth and the golden jubilee of independence as a unique initiative for Bengali-speaking expatriates. At the event, a scholarship of around Tk 2 crore was announced every year for the students who want to study from Bangladesh. Engineer Abubakar Hanip also said that two scholarships will be given in the name of Dr. Abdul Momen at the bachelor's and master's level.Ambassador of Bangladesh M. Shahidul Islam, Rokeya Haider, Head of Voice of America Bangla Department, IGU Professor Dr. Mikhail Cobb, Chief Financial Officer Farhana Hanip and two students of the University Amit Gupta and Natalia Jagon spoke.The university has Masters in Cyber ​​Security and Masters and Bachelor's degrees in Science and Information Technology and Business Administration. In addition, there are several certificate courses in computer and IT.The company also plans to launch a number of courses in health care, nursing, data science, and artificial intelligence soon.

Bangladesh's First B2B Marketplace for Small Retailers Launches

Despite the huge growth in internet penetration in Bangladesh over the past decades, approximately 4 to 5 million small retailers (dokandar) holds more than 98% of all Bangladesh retail  and trade market, which directly connect 180+ million population of Bangladesh.In the decades-old traditional systems, every week, these retailers buy 35% of their shop essentials: talking to 50-60  different single branded salespeople for placing orders. For the rest of the 65 % of their shop essentials: they need to close their shop and invest time in traveling to the wholesale market, negotiate, buy, and then manage logistics to bring products to their shops. Otherwise, they need to buy from the brokers, who provide them this service, with an undisclosed premium of, an online wholesale marketplace for small retailers, launches in Dhaka with an ambition to solve these problems for small retailers. Small retailers can buy all of their business goods from without leaving their shops. Likewise traditional wholesale market, a small shop owner can search for his desired products, price, quantity with different brands and sellers, even he can find the prices of a single product offered by many different sellers, which ultimately give him a scope to buy the best product with least possible wholesale price in Bangladesh. Normally the majority of the small shop owners aren’t tech-savvy. To make them comfortable with the online buying phenomenon as well as placing orders on regular basis, has route-wise dedicated sales executives who visit the small retailers weekly to check their stocks and help them place orders. Once you place an order, it is then forwarded to the sellers, Chowkbazar’s delivery person then picks up the package from sellers and delivers it to the small shop owners. From placing an order to delivery, the whole process takes 6-48 hours.   The most important benefit the small retailers getting from is that: they can directly purchase the products from the manufacturers, importers, which eliminate the middleman i.e dealer, distributor, brokers, etc. and can save 5-50% of their procurement cost. To avail, charges a delivery fee of 0-10 taka (depending on products) per kilogram as a delivery cost, which is the current main revenue stream of Currently, is available only in Dhaka and covers mobile phone, mobile accessories, electrical, lighting, hand tools and a number of verticals. The company, however, gradually plans to get into medicine and grocery as well as expand its services across the country.

20 lakh people will be employed in ICT By 2021

Junaid Ahmed Palak was speaking at a press conference on Saturday (January 18th) at the BCC auditorium at the ICT Tower in Agargaon, titled "12 Years of Digital Bangladesh Moving Forward Under the Leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina".Internet facilities will be ensured for all in 2021. At the same time, by 2021, 2 million young people will be employed in the ICT sector, said Junaid Ahmed Palak, State Minister for Information and Communication Technology.Junaid Ahmed Palak said, "Since 2008, more than 1.5 million young people have been employed in the ICT sector in the last 12 years. By December 2021, we expect this number to reach 20 lakhs. The government has emphasized on creating skilled people to meet the challenges and exploit the potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Training has already started on state-of-the-art technology blockchain, robotics, AI, AR, VR, cloud computing, 3D technology. Sheikh Hasina Institute of Frontier Technology is being developed. ’He said, ‘In the last 12 years, a strong ICT backbone has been created in the country, which has led to the expansion of information and communication technology to rural areas. The country's 3,600 unions now have broadband internet connectivity. Internet service will be ensured for all by 2021. In the last 10 months, 1 lakh youths have been employed in e-commerce in Corona. With the creation of the ICT backbone, it has been possible to maintain office-court, medical services, education and business activities while maintaining social distance during the Corona epidemic. Post Covid-19 has been planned and submitted to the Ministry. ’

Signal app 1.6 crore downloads in 7 days

WhatsApp is about to change its privacy policy. To use the updated version of the app from February 8, everyone has to click on the 'agree and accept' option. Otherwise this app will become unusable. And using this updated version the user information may be shared with other platforms of the organization. Ever since knowing this, people have been leaving WhatsApp and turning to Signal App. The Signal app has been downloaded 1.7 crore times in the last one week. “We are planning to hire more Indians for the betterment of our customers,” said the head of the Signaling App’s Controlling Foundation."We've seen unprecedented growth over the last few days," said Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp and founder of Signal Apps, before being sold to Facebook. However, he has not yet made any information public. “Last week we recorded a lot of growth,” he said. Due to the record increase in the number of users, we are preparing for large-scale recruitment.Brian said Signal is working to improve its video and group chat features. According to Sensor Tower, 16 million users have downloaded the Signals app in the last seven days. Which is 72 times more than the previous week. At this time, 1.07 crore users have downloaded WhatsApp, which is 16 percent less than the previous week.Seeing their growing popularity, Signal is going to bring more than one new feature in their app. The matter has been reported on the official Twitter handle on behalf of the company. That being said, they are going to bring multiple new features including chat wallpapers, animated stickers. Signal profile is also being brought along. iOS users are also being offered the facility to view media auto download settings and profile pictures across the screen. These features are already available for Android users.WhatsApp recently announced that user information can be shared with any of its affiliates, even Facebook. In addition, the app will be able to track the user's location data at all times. Since then, people have started leaving this app and leaning towards Telegram and Signal. Tesla CEO Elon Mask also advised people to leave WhatsApp and use the signal. Meanwhile, with so many people suddenly starting to use this app, the company is seeing the face of profit on one side as well as the pressure on the other side. Because the app needs to bring a lot of updates as per the needs of the users. Signals have the same features as WhatsApp. However, there is no chat back-up option. In this case, no one else can be easily added to the group without proper consent. Besides, there was a limit to add people to video calls. This limit has recently been increased by five to eight people.

Facebook Messenger Problems Worldwide

Popular social media Facebook Messenger has caused a temporary error worldwide. Users are not able to exchange information through smartphones and desktops.This error has been noticed in use in Bangladesh since some time on Thursday (December 10) at around 2 pm.It was not possible to exchange information on Messenger until this report was written. Exactly what caused the problem is not yet known.At first, the internet seemed to be a problem, but after a long time, users started posting about it through other means of communication. That's when the problem came to the fore.

Gmail accounts that will be closed in 2021

In 2021, users are facing several new rules of Google. These include taking advantage of free photos on Google Photos, and even shutting down inactive accounts.Under the new policy, all accounts that have been inactive for more than two years will be completely deleted. This rule is going to be effective from June 1 next year.However, before this rule comes into force, Google will send a warning to every account holder via e-mail.Google recently announced that users will no longer be able to use Google Photos for free. Account holders who have not used Gmail, Google Drive, Documents, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms and Jamboard Files for more than two years will have their accounts deleted.However, inactive account holders have been assured by the tech giant to deliver all important information about their accounts to trusted contacts. If the user's account is inactive for a period of 3 to 18 months.However, users have nothing to worry about. All you can do now is connect to your mobile, laptop or desktop net and log in to Gmail regularly. If possible, delete unnecessary media and files. This will create space in your account. And it will be active regularly. As a result, the account can be saved from being deleted.

Facebook case in the name of the owner has filed a lawsuit against a man named SK Shamsul Alam for allocating a domain name from seeking compensation of US 50,000 (Tk 44 lakh).On Sunday (November 22), Facebook-appointed lawyer SM Ariful Islam filed the case in the Dhaka District Judge's Court. Case number - 41/2020. The court fee will be submitted on December 1.Ariful Islam said, after the matter came to his notice, my senior gave notice to BTCL and the concerned organization to stop it. But they haven't closed the domain yet. Instead, the person advertised the domain for sale. The domain is priced at US 8 million.He said that Facebook has sent legal notices to the website more than once. But Facebook has filed a case for not stopping it. The lawsuit seeks a permanent ban on the domain, as well as $ 50,000 in damages.

BDREN Hiring Programmer at UGC

Bangladesh Research and Education Network BDREN Job Circular 2020 Education Qualification: Bachelor Degree in Computer Science / Computer Science & Engineering/ Software Engineering from any reputed university of Bangladesh or abroad (all foreign degrees must have equivalence certificate). ·         The candidate having “Advanced” level of knowledge in coding using php/mysql, java and dotNET, Python/PERL and having knowledge in configuring Apache and NGINX will be given preference. ·         The candidate should have the “Basic” level of knowledge in Software Testing, Design Patterns, Software Architecture, Software Deployment in VM like AWS/Azure etc, Software Repository Management like GitHub. ·         Knowledge on DevOps will be a plus. Age Limit: Maximum 30 Years. Salary: BDT 45,000/- (Forty-five Thousand) Vacancy: 01 Terms of Reference: Job Title: Programmer Primary Reporting authority: Sr. System Engineer, Data Center   Functional Responsibilities: · Code, test and troubleshoot application or functions utilizing the appropriate hardware, database and programming technology. · Install new application or modify existing applications and software [integration of software development and third-party programs], upgrade existing versions of software, identifying future hardware, application and software. · Evaluate simple interrelationships between programs such as whether a contemplated change in one part of a program would cause unwanted results in a related part. · Repair and troubleshoot software failure. · Analyze performance of application and take corrective measures based on consultation with users and approval of supervisor. · Modification or upgradation of existing system and software · Write and maintain programming documentation. · Document programming problems and resolutions for future reference. · Confer with users to gain understanding of needed changes or modifications of existing programs. · Data Security and Data Protection and supporting applications for ensuing that purpose. · Assist in preparing Data backup policy and perform backup operations. · Maintain and operate different servers & applications, upgrade Operating System, application and apply available patches, provision resources to the customers, manage accounts, Billing & invoice, ERP system and Cloud management system. · Communicate with the stakeholders and provision resources to them. · Maintain confidentiality with regard to the information being processed, stored or accessed. · Work as a team member to design algorithms and flowcharts in Agile methodology · Perform other related duties as assigned by the authority.   Source: Prothom Alo,  12 September 2020 Application Deadline: 21 September 2020 Instruction to Applicants Please click Press “Apply now” button for the post you want to apply. Fill the Application form with valid information for all required fields, photograph and signature. Upon submission of the form, you will receive an email. Following the payment instruction, pay your application fee (in case you miss the email, please contact us at After the payment you will receive a TxnId from Rocket. To complete the application, provide that transaction id on your payment instruction page. Upon submission of your TxnId, you will receive a confirmation SMS of your application within 24 hours. Payment Instruction Payment Instruction (From Rocket): Dial *322# from Mobile and follow the bellow instruction: Choose option 1 for Bill Pay Choose option 1 for Self or 2 for Other If you select option 2 on last screen: You will be on screen 3- Enter Payer’s Mobile No: *** / If you select option 1 on last screen: You will be on screen 4 Choose option 0 for Other Enter Biller ID: 2822 Enter Bill Number: ** Enter Amount: 1,000.00 (One Thousand Taka) Enter Pin Number: ****

The infrastructure of the high-tech park is being built to attract investment

It is possible to deal with the aggression of the 4th Industrial Revolution by utilizing human resources. Bangladesh is ahead of many other countries in terms of capacity. Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mostafa Jabbar made such a comment.He said this while attending an online discussion organized by DCCI on Thursday morning.Mostafa Jabbar said that even though the whole country was stagnant during the Corona period, people did their urgent work at home. Significant progress has been made in telemedicine services.The minister said the government will not give up a single hair to reach the technology facility in all the houses. The infrastructure of the high-tech park is being built to attract investment. At that time, the traders demanded to provide cheap internet to the grassroots people. They also want policy support to enhance the capabilities of digital education.

Covid recovery scholarship 2020

PeopleNTech Bangladesh campus has declared covid recovery scholarship 2020 for 2000 students.On a live program, 24th July, 2020 at NRBConnect TV from USA founder and CEO of PeopleNTech Engr. Abubokor Hanip declared the scholarship for the 2000 students in 09 courses which is equivalent to 2 crore taka. Engr. Hanip added, the objectives of this scholarship is to develop 2000 skilled employees of Bangladesh who can earn at least 50000 taka in month or they can join in a company after the corona pandemic situation is over.These courses are completely free. Students don’t need to payment for the training. All courses and classes will be conducting in online. Registration link for the course: at 2018 PeopleNTech USA provided 1-million-dollar scholarship where almost 400 students trained and placed job in different renown tech giant company in USA. Besides that, this company provided Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, Dr. AK Abdul Momen scholarship at 2019 in USA. These students abled to get their dream job by this scholarship after successfully completion of training.  PeopleNTech is multinational and US based company. Head office located at Tyson corner, Virginia, USA. Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, Dr. AK Abdul Momen awarded Engr. Abubokor Hanip as a “Magic Man” for his tremendous success and contribution in Placement after IT training. Mr. Hanip already placed more then 6,000 students in USA and more then 4,000 in Bangladesh. 100% Scholarship courses are:CompTIA A+    Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft ExcelWeb Design     Database MySQL   Adobe Photoshop   Video EditingProgramming in C#Local SEOLast date of registration for Covid recovery scholarship 20th August, 2020 and class will be starting after 1st September 2020. For details please

Job at Bangladesh Bridge Authority

Bangladesh Bridge Authority published job circular at June 2020.  If you are looking permanent govt. jobs it is a huge opportunity for everyone. You can try it.  - Assistant Director - Salary (22000 - 53060) - Assistant Engineer - Salary (22000 - 53060) - Assistant Programmer - Salary (22000 - 53060) 

AI will teach Innovation and Entrepreneur Development Academy Establishment Project

On Thursday, June 18, a training on "Artificial Intelligence" or Kritris Intelligence is going to be organized online under the Bangladesh Computer Council of the Department of Information and Communication Technology "Innovation and Entrepreneur Development Academy Establishment Project." The training will start at 10 am after the inauguration ceremony through video conferencing under the project "Education for Nation".The resource person for the training will be Associate Professor of Osaka University, Japan and Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), University of Dhaka. Md. Atiqur Rahman Ahad, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at BUET. M Sohail Rahman and Professor of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at United International University. Mohammad Nurul Huda.According to the organizers, the whole event will be broadcast live on the official Facebook page of "Startup Bangladesh" ( from 10 am on Thursday, June 18. More than 60 trainees from Sylhet Division will take part in the training through the online platform Zoom. The day-long training will cover "Artificial Intelligence" and Machine Learning, AI-based research on Covid-19 and Computer Vision and IoT Sensor-based Activity Recognition (Health Care and other applications). Project Director (Additional Secretary) Syed Mojibul Haque said the training would provide participants with an opportunity to learn about "artificial intelligence" through experts.

The Virtual High Court bench has directed to launch 'ICU Hotline'

A virtual high court bench of Justice M Enayetur Rahim has directed to set up a separate hotline called 'ICU Hotline' so that the victims can easily communicate in the ICU management and monitoring cell.The virtual court, which operates online on My Court on Monday, has set up ICU requisitions and 'central bed bureaus' of private hospitals, introduced separate medical facilities for COVID and general patients in 50-bed public-private hospitals and announced a two-week lockdown in the capital Dhaka. After hearing three writ petitions, the court passed the order with some instructions and opinions.At the same time, the court also suggested that the ICU hotline numbers be disseminated in different media, especially on television, on a daily basis.Lawyer Manzil Morshed, lawyer Yadia Zaman, lawyer Jamiul Haque Faisal, and Mehedi Hasan appeared for the writ petitions.Additional Attorney General Murad Reza, Deputy Attorney General Amit Talukder and Assistant Attorney General Abanti Nurul was present at the hearing on behalf of the state.During the coronation period, the court gave 10-point instructions on fixing the price of oxygen cylinders, monitoring private hospitals and treating patients in hospitals.The 10-point directive states that those concerned, including the health secretary, have to submit to the court on June 30 whether the directives issued by the health ministry is being followed properly. The High Court also said that reluctance to treat critically ill patients in public and private hospitals and the death of a patient in it should be considered as 'negligent death' i.e. a criminal offense. Instructions have also been given to bring those responsible for this under the law.

Facebook is 65% capable of detecting Deepfake videos

The Facebook authorities did not get the expected results by organizing political propaganda, pornography, or aggressive fake videos 'Deepfake Detection Challenge' using deep learning technology. This is because the high-performance models have been able to detect a maximum of 75.18 percent of Deepfake video accurately.Two thousand people participated in the competition. During this time, they received training and created a new dataset by creating about 35,000 different models. They work with one lakh videos of 3,000 actors and actresses. Among them, Selim Seferbekov identified fake videos with an average of 85.18 percent, ranking first, WM second, Enteclab third, Eighteen Years Old fourth and The Medics fifth. In a statement, Facebook authorities said the competition created a baseline for identifying deepfake videos. This competition will play an important role in creating a large number of different data sets and benchmarking dipfeck detection models, working with new technologies and learning from each other.

Face ID is coming in Facebook Messenger

Facebook is bringing new features to their messenger that will increase the security of their messages. When the feature is turned on, you have to enter Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode to see the inbox. Even if the phone is unlocked, it has to be done. News Engadget.The feature will depend on the security settings of the device. As a result, Messenger has to be unlocked in the same way as the user unlocks his phone. You can also determine exactly how long after the app stops using this feature.The feature is currently being tested on Messenger users on a small number of iOS devices. It will be consistently open to all users. Facebook has said that the feature will also come on Android.A spokesman for Facebook said the move was aimed at preventing unwanted people from reading other people's messages.

The ideal ‘zoning’ method is being created in a scientific way

Even three months after the lockdown, the number of coronary heart attacks and deaths continues to rise. State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak said the zoning system has been introduced to keep the lives of the citizens safe by keeping both the life and livelihood running and the wheel of the economy moving in such a situation.He said a ‘zoning system’ has been introduced in the country after the lockdown by analyzing data collected from various sources comprising of meritorious students and teachers in the country and abroad. Data Analytics Task Force has been formed. Considering the population density of the city, area-based lockdown is being carried out considering the number of patients identified for 14 days. Although 60 people per lakh are affected, it is being declared as a high-risk red zone. And if it is below 59, it is considered a yellow zone. Geo-fencing and zoning are being updated daily from geo-mapping.However, data scientists, statisticians and health experts are also working to find an ideal scientific method for Bangladesh considering the population density and the number of infected people within certain boundaries, Palak said. In this case, the issues of the market, hospital, bus stand, etc. of any area are also being taken into consideration.Palak said that the government is being given advance information about the areas affected by the phone calls coming to the hotlines and analyzing the identifiers. However, by downloading the Corona Tracer BD app on the phone and turning on Bluetooth, the People can also get this information.An area-wise draft has been prepared through hair-splitting analysis since June 8 and the draft will be finalized this week, the state minister said.Junaid Ahmed Palak said that 60 percent of people wore masks in April after Corona, but the number dropped to 30 percent in May. So we need to raise awareness more. If everyone uses the Corona Tracer BD app and keeps its Bluetooth open, mobile phone users can be alert in advance. He said another task force comprising representatives of the Department of Health, IDECR, Data Analytics Team of ICT Department, A2I, City Corporation, Police, and Public administration is working to save lives and livelihoods in the situation.

What do you mean by e-Learning?

E-learning is a kind of educational technology that helps us deliver educational content through the internet without making students sit in a physical classroom. It encompasses downloadable e-books, audio content, video content, and structured courses with assignments and assessments. E-learning (e-education or distance learning) refers to the delivery of educational services online using web/ mobile applications and internet access.With the increasing need for mobility in today’s world, it is very important to get everything digitalized. Following the same, you can say the books have been converted into digital books which, you can read on your mobile phones, tablets, or computers. The growing e-learning market size proves modern knowledge chasers prefer an online format to study when and where they want:the most important attribute of E-learning is that it allows trainees to learn at any time of their own choice. There is no need to sit in boring classroom sessions where a trainer is allotted for only a specified amount of time. Below are some other attributes of E-learning that are reviewed with respect to a standard classroom training session:Reduction in cost of training – For classroom training sessions, it is required that you have a separate training room allocated for the purpose and designated trainers for one or more than one training module. The extra real estate and additional trainers on your payroll are not very cost-effective. You must pay recurring salaries and spend on the maintenance of training room infrastructure. On the contrary, an e-learning service provider can develop training content for you that can be used for training multiple batches. If the technology or concept changes, it is possible to alter the content accordingly.More immersive – When the training content is voluminous, classroom training sessions can turn into a boring chore for the trainees. Such sessions may not be effective at all and all the efforts may go to waste. But, with eLearning, it is possible to use gamification tech along with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. As VR and AR use audio/video medium, the information is received via different human senses, which leads to better retention of information.Better evaluation of trainees – The eLearning content can be devised in such a way that at every juncture the employees are asked certain questions to evaluate their progress. The questions can be descriptive or multiple choices, depending on the requirement of the company. Constant evaluation of employees allows managers to check their progress and plan re-trainings or other corrective sessions to ensure that trainee progress is always up to the expected levels.Advantage – 1. Online Learning Accommodates Everyone’s NeedsThe online method of learning is best suited for everyone. This digital revolution has led to remarkable changes in how the content is accessed, consumed, discussed, and shared. Online educational courses can be taken up by office goers and housewives too, at the time that suits them. Depending on their availability and comfort, many people choose to learn at weekends or evenings.2. Lectures Can Be Taken Any Number Of TimesUnlike classroom teaching, with online learning, you can access the content an unlimited number of times. This is especially required at the time of revision when preparing for an exam. In the traditional form of learning, if you can not attend the lecture, then you have to prepare for that topic on your own; in eLearning, you can attend the lectures whenever you want with ease.3. Offers Access To Updated ContentA prime benefit of learning online is that it makes sure that you are in synchronization with modern learners. This enables the learner to access updated content whenever they want it.4. Quick Delivery of LessonseLearning is a way to provide quick delivery of lessons. As compared to the traditional classroom teaching method, this mode has relatively quick delivery cycles. This indicates that the time required to learn is reduced to 25%-60% of what is required in traditional learning. There are some of the reasons why the learning time is reduced by eLearning:Lessons start quickly and wrapped up in a single learning session. This enables training programs to easily roll out within a few weeks, or sometimes even days. Learners can define their own speed of learning instead of following the speed of the whole group. Saves time as a student does not need to travel to the training venue. You can learn at the comfort of your own place. Students can choose to study specific and relevant areas of the learning material without focusing on each area. For example, they can skip certain areas they do not want to learn.5. ScalabilityeLearning helps in creating and communicating new training, policies, concepts, and ideas. Whether it is for formal education or entertainment, eLearning is very quick way of learning!6. ConsistencyeLearning enables educators to get a higher degree of coverage to communicate the message in a consistent way for their target audience. This ensures that all learners receive the same type of training with this learning mode.7. Reduced CostseLearning is cost-effective as compared to traditional forms of learning. The reason for this price reduction is because learning through this mode happens quickly and easily. A lot of training time is reduced with respect to trainers, travel, course materials, and accommodation.This cost-effectiveness also helps in enhancing the profitability of an organization. Also, when you are studying at your own place, you are relieved from paying for travel expenses (e.g. accommodation) when training happens in another city/state and/or external learning materials.8. EffectivenesseLearning has a positive influence on an organization’s profitability. It makes it easy to grasp the content and digest it: It results in improved scores on certifications, tests, or other types of evaluation. The higher number of students who achieve the ‘pass’ or mastery’ level. Enhanced ability to learn and implement the new processes or knowledge at the workplace. Help in retaining information for a longer time.9. Less Impact on EnvironmentAs eLearning is a paperless way of learning, it protects the environment to a lot of extents. As per a study done on eLearning courses, it has been found that distance-based learning programs consumed around 90% less power and generated 85% less amount of CO2 emissions as compared to traditional campus-based educational courses. With eLearning, there is no need to cut trees for obtaining a paper. Thus, eLearning is a highly eco-friendly way of learning.Disadvantages:1.             Technology dependent: The delivery of eLearning courses depends on technology. Inadequacy of required infrastructure such as computers, high internet bandwidth, and also lack of relevant technical skills in learners would greatly hamper the success of an eLearning course.2.    Lack of motivation: Learners may not be motivated to take a course since they are in isolation and have flexibility. It requires a high level of self-discipline and self-motivation from learners.3.    Lack of help/training support: due to the absence of an instructor who can solve learners’ queries, explain in detail topics that are not understood, analyze learners' performance and provide detailed feedback4.    Lack of human touch: since there is no direct interaction with the instructor or fellow learners during the learning process.5.    Inflexible: It is not possible to alter the course in real-time based on learners’ reactions and comfort6.    Start-up cost: involved in designing, developing, and deploying a course. Technologies and science growing and changing so fast, we just can’t afford to spend 5 years in college learning methods that will no longer be up to date or even relevant once we are out. We need to invest in shorter continuous education programs, mainly powered through E-learning. It also empowers kids and adults to take control and accountability for their education level. Training on the go accommodates a lot of people and in-class training will always limit the accessibility to expertise and knowledge.  

Tech Lady Icon Rezwana Khan

Rezwana Khan is the name of an icon running in the ICT sector. Her Knowledge, profession, or business everything is ICT sector centric. Because, she has 16 years of work experience in this sector. Rezwana Khan likewise has experience taking a shot at e-Governance, Enterprise, HR Resources and Capacity Development ventures. Rezwana Khan additionally has experience functioning admirably with a few government ventures, services, worldwide organizations, benefactors, and outside organizations. She has unique abilities in Enterprise Level Project and HR Development in ICT sectors. She is one of the leading icons, a tech lady who represents Bangladesh towards the world. Dedicated, skilled sprinter Rezwana Khan is not only a businessman, she is a business visionary, advisor, and financial specialist. Albeit working with her own organization, Rezwana Khan is notable as a consultant in the ICT sector. She has been supporting different businesses and governments step by step to feature the ICT division. Her abilities remember work for how to improve innovation, key arranging counsel and development, business group arrangement, the executives change. She likewise exhorts on corporate business audits and marketable strategies. She additionally said that any adjustment in the business procedure should be checked and observed. Likewise fills in as an expert for fire up's with assets and authority, tech. She has given openings for work to men just as ladies in his associations. Has constructed a talented workforce. In the work environment, she organizes work. She is additionally engaged with a few associations. She is likewise doing social improvement workday after day. There are a few distinctions regarding her believability. Rezwana Khan, CEO of Star Computer Systems Limited, told the story of her journey towards IT sectors to TechLifeB readers.Following the footsteps to her FatherAli Akbar Khan, father of Rezwana Khan is Founder of Star Computer Systems Limited. In whose hands the association has been set up and famous. He is one of only a handful few spearheading IT specialists in the nation. Rezwana Khan is strolling in the way appeared by that father. She is the CEO of Star Computer Systems Limited. With work, ability, and mental fortitude, she is pushing ahead in multifaceted work. Not similarly as a businessperson, she longs for the nation's super technology. Dreams about the fate of computerized Bangladesh.Dream and MotivationThe dream started when she saw his father working in information technology. Because Rezwana was close to her father. she wanted to study architecture, but it did not happen. Education additionally centers around the ICT part. And keeping in mind that contemplating, she imagines that she will work together and that is in the field of technology. She has consistently evolved himself in that manner. She graduated with a Computer Science (CSC) qualification from North South University and a Software Systems degree from the University of British Columbia. There she took a higher degree in the Advanced Management program at The University of Hong Kong. She at that point earned a Fellowship in Empower Women Throat Entrepreneurship and Business from the University of Southern Queensland.Journey and PositionsShe started his own business from his father's organization. Although her own organization, from 2002 to 2004, she worked as a software engineer for two years and one month. Then from 2004 to 2005, she worked as a Business and Systems Analyst for 1 year and 4 months. Then join the position of Director and CEO of the organization. She has been working with Star Computer Systems Limited for 16 years. From the beginning of Rezwana Khan's career, she had a knowledge of the IT business. She started his software development and consulting business with a degree in software technology. Presently, she is running with several good initiatives in this sector. What's more, her association has assembled a gifted workforce.About her organization Rezwana Khan said that although it was established in 1991, Star Computer Systems became a limited company in 1998. “Our company has been working in the ICT sector for more than 28 years. And the main work of our company is Enterprise Application Implementation Development and Consulting. The size and value of these projects are worth millions of dollars. I work as a consultant for various profit companies in the world including Bangladesh. There is also an HR research development sector. In Bangladesh it is known as the training sector. More than 30,000 boys and girls have already taken various types of IT training from this sector. We usually prioritize the work of various multinational companies in America. There is a large team for consulting. In Consulting, we provide enterprise level solutions. Understanding the business process of the company, re-engineering the business process and how the hole solution will be these aspects are important. And one of the special aspects of our work is that the work we do is quality. We give more importance to the quality of work of international companies. There are plans to do more with IT, not just Star Computer systems. I have already started two more ventures like Star Computer. One of them is Knowledge Based Company. Only knowledge level work will be done here. The other is a high technical advanced level company. It’s just technology based. Here we will work with the world's advanced and super technologies. The registration of these has started in the country and abroad.”Newcomers Approach in ICT SectorRezwana Khan is acting as the General Secretary of Bangladesh Women in Technology (BWIT). Furthermore, she has been working together effectively in the ICT segment of the nation for over 16 years. She needed to result in these present circumstances stage by conquering different deterrents. As indicated by him, she generally thinks to not need to peruse in the spots of her impediments. We need skilled manpower. Our ICT sector lacks a lot of it. When newcomers start working, they need to learn to work with attention. However, many are doing very well in the ICT sector. New startups, new employees, new generation ideas or much more ahead. I believe that the new digital Bangladesh will be created by their hands. Times are changing, technology is also changing. The time is the fourth industrial revolution. So, it goes without saying how far the newcomers are in the era of Fourth IR.Future Perspectives for Bangladesh"I dream of super technology in the country," she added. The country will move forward there. In that continuity, the children of the country must work with advanced technology. So that they can work in tandem with the country as well as the outside world and get proper evaluation. I always work on these issues. I always call for the development of the children of the country with advanced training.Challenges and Support"I work in the ICT sector because I love it so much," she said. I think this sector is my family. When I started my father's business, I despite everything needed to breeze through numerous assessments. We have changed our business step by step. Also, there were minor issues that must be tackled. I figure I should motivate myself. Since to push ahead, your work will likewise substantiate itself. At that point the family needs support. About family life, she stated, I have a little family with a spouse and a girl. I generally need my parents in law to get me, to help my work, to invigorate me the to satisfy my wants and dreams. I got it. I got their help constantly.”Image Collected from

New Surprise coming with Iphone 12

The Apple iPhone 12 series is just a few months away from launch, and there's been a lot of news coming out about these next devices. And so far Apple has come forward through analysts doing business and sourcing studies. According to a new report, the screen size of the iPhone 12 series has been revealed which will be launched by September 2020. The series can come with 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screen sizes.According to rumors about the screen size of Macotakara 2020 and iPhone lineup, new things have come. The 5.4-inch model is said to have a dual-camera setup, while the 6.1-inch variant will have a dual camera in one of the two options and a triple camera in the other. And with it the 6.7-inch model will be launched with a triple setup.According to the report, the total size of the 5.4-inch iPhone will be between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 8, while the 6.1-inch variant will be between the size of the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. And with this, the 6, 7-inch model will be bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.The upcoming variant with the triple camera setup may come with Time of Flight 3D technology and maybe launch on all iPhone 12 series devices with the iPhone 11 series design. The iPhone 12 6.7-inch model may be thinner than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. And without the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 9 is expected to launch in March 2020. And the design of the device will be similar to iPhone 8 and the phone will be given Touch ID and hardware enables home button. According to reports, the model may have 6GB of RAM.

Facebook launches Shops feature for small businesses

Popular social media Facebook has taken a big initiative keeping in mind the small business in the global crisis caused by coronavirus. Launching a platform called 'Facebook Shops'. Here small traders or entrepreneurs can launch their online shops. This initiative can be launched completely free of cost and very easily. There is also support from third party companies such as Shopify, Big Commerce and U.Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement in a Facebook post on Tuesday (May 19th) night. He announced, ‘We will launch Facebook Shops today. The basic idea is that any small business can sell goods directly with our app. If you want, you can visit other people's shops. You can also buy it through our app. ' "I think it's very important now," he said. Because of the economic downturn that has started due to Covid-19, many small businesses are going online to survive. In this situation, everyone is being asked to stay at home. Working physically from the outside is now a very difficult subject and because of this millions of people are losing their jobs. I have been personally working with the Facebook Shops team every day for a few months now for those who would like to use a tool in a small business so that it can be unveiled quickly. '

Introducing 'Mother' Telehealth for pregnant women: Palak

After 22 lakh Saudi expatriates, this time Prabasbandhu Call Center has been launched for 2 lakh Bahraini expatriates. Twelve Bangladeshi volunteer doctors from the country have already joined the initiative. The service will soon be launched in Malaysia, Oman, Singapore, Yemen and Europe. State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak has appealed to the expatriate embassies for this.Foreign Minister inaugurated the service in a video conference on Wednesday. AK Abdul Momen.ICT Secretary NM Ziaul Alam, Foreign Secretary Masood Bin Momen, Secretary to the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment Ahmed Munirush Salehin, Director of A2I Project Dr. Anir. Md. Abdul Mannan was present.The government of Bahrain will give legitimacy to Bangladeshis living illegally.- Foreign Minister. AK Abdul Momen State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is a friend in difficult times. Under his leadership, food, education and internet have already been delivered from house to house.He said the driving force of the economy is launching a new digital platform next Saturday to launch healthcare services at home for more than one crore expatriate brothers and sisters as well as implement 'mother' telehealth for one million pregnant women, delivering medicinal fruits at fair prices to consumers. The 'Food for Nation' platform is being developed by connecting digital warehouses, farmers, trucklagbes, etc. in addition to one shop, Ekshop.The project director said. Md. Abdul Mannan said, 30 thousand food aid services have been provided by calling 333 in one day yesterday.A2I advisor Anir Chowdhury said the service could be launched for all expatriates by June by creating a timeline for providing and receiving services safely. Although the number of doctors registered in the pool has increased, the number of activists has not increased at that rate. Therefore, he stressed the need to introduce incentives in this volunteer model in the future.  

Android and iOS app Developer Needed

Company: DataHost IT Job Experience Requirements: 2+ years Experience in Android and iOS app development (Candidates with experience of less than 2 years are requested not to apply) Job Location: Niketon, Gulshan- 1, Dhaka 1212 𝐒𝐚𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐲 𝐑𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞: 30K-60K (Based on experience and skills) 𝐉𝐨𝐛 𝐓𝐲𝐩𝐞: Full Time / Part Time / Contructual Job Requirement: 1. Good problem-solving capability in Java/Kotlin/Swift/Dart 2. Good Knowledge on Design Principles(SOLID) and Design Patterns 3. Familiarity with Git 4. Both Android and iOS app development experience in native code and/or Flutter 5. Very good communication skill Educational Requirement: Graduation in CS/CSE/ECS or equivalent dept (This requirement will be relaxed for candidates with impressive skill/experience) Other Benefits: As per company policy Send your CV: Application Deadline: 30th May 2020 Please note: 1. Please detail your professional projects with technology used in cv 2. Please send the cv in pdf format 3. Please make the cv well-organised and very brief. 4. Please state "Flutter Developer" in email subject 𝐍.𝐁. 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤 𝐫𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐲 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐥 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐂𝐎𝐕𝐈𝐃-𝟏𝟗 𝐠𝐥𝐨𝐛𝐚𝐥 𝐩𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐜 𝐢𝐬 𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫. 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐲 𝐇𝐨𝐦𝐞 & 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐲 𝐒𝐚𝐟𝐞

Facebook takes on Zoom with Messenger Rooms

Facebook has added a new feature for group video chat. Launched on Thursday (May 14), Facebook's new feature room is expected to rival other video chat apps, including Zoom and Skype.Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals and lockouts. For the convenience of the users, Facebook added a new feature.Facebook users will be able to add up to 50 people to their video chat rooms through the Messenger app. It can be used if you do not have a Facebook account. There is no set time limit for chat.Zoom has become very popular for video chat for quite some time. But the controversy over security and personal issues has also spread over the past two months. In this case, the room of Facebook can be an alternative to zoom. This feature of Facebook was supposed to be launched in April. But due to various complications, Facebook finally launched the service in mid-May.Messenger room vice president Stan Chernovsky said in a blog post that room-sharing can also be started on Facebook news feeds, groups and events. It can be easily invited from anywhere. Room users can decide who can be added.According to Facebook's blog post, global users will be able to turn on the room from Messenger and North American users will be able to do so from Facebook.For this, you need to have Facebook and Messenger update app. You need to download the Messenger desktop app on Windows. Mac users can also download apps from the Mac App Store.Facebook is also reportedly testing the Messenger Room service on WhatsApp recently. This feature has been seen in the beta version of WhatsApp on Android. The idea is that soon WhatsApp, Facebook may also add it to Instagram.

Google Update 2020 - Google Core Algorithm Update 2020

Google's Danny Sullivan has confirmed that the core algorithm update of google is rolling out May 4 2020, and  Google has come up with another major core update. The previous core update was in January 2020. It was called - "January 2020 Core Update". This is the first major update of 2020  Since COVID-19. Google updates something every day, and If you use the Accuranker tool, you will see search results and positions are grumpy every day.The core algorithm update means they've upgraded some of the major parts of Google's entire Algo system. As we occasionally get small algorithm updates from Google every few days, these core algorithm updates are much more extensive and more substantial than those.Google brings some updates almost every day but does not publish them publicly. When a major core update comes along, google tweets and update their webmaster blog to lets everyone know. Once again, Google tweeted about its core update. This update has had a devastating effect on all the websites in the world. Most of the world's Biggest websites have lost their rankings as a result of this update.Google has given priority to new websites. For the convenience of the readers, Google is continuously bringing some updates. It contains some updates that have a devastating effect on all the websites in the world.This time the core update is a lot like that. Since the night of May 4, many websites have started losing their rankings, and many sites that were not ranked so far have started coming up in new ranks. Some websites have lost more than 90% of their traffic in just a day or two.If you have lost your Google rank, find out how to regain that rank: If you have any copyrighted content or copyrighted images on your website, you are more likely to lose your rank.If you haven't updated your article in a long time, your site may go down.With an example, Google said that the article that was ranked as the best movie of 2015 is unlikely to be ranked in 2020.Because by 2020, many more popular movies have come.Even if you use excessive ads on your website, you may lose your Google rank.The title headings and sub-headings of your article should all be related to each other.Your website should not have any spam backlinks.The internal links inside the article should be done very nicely.Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.If your website has a grammatical or spelling mistake, then you must lose your ranking.If you build your site on a specific topic, you are less likely to lose your rank.Don't worry about Google Core updates.Please don't worry if your website visitors are declining even after everything is fine. After a few days, your visitors will start coming back slowly.When Google comes up with a new core update, initially all the websites are less affected, but those who have done well so far, it takes very little time to get their traffic back.So if you have done genuine work so far, then you don't need to worry, even if you lose your website visitors temporarily your visitors will start coming back in a few days. You will definitely get your Google ranking back.What is Google Algorithm?Google's algorithm is a complex process by which Google searches for various information from the online web and stores it in the Google index. When someone searches by typing something into the Google search engine, it returns the best possible results immediately from its index.Simply put, an algorithm is a set of codes or principles by which Google does all its work correctly.In other words, the Google algorithm is a way in which Google decides that a result will be shown earlier in the search engine results pages (SERPs).For example, let's say you have a website where you write about a DOG (dog). You wrote a post about "Best Dog Food". Your post is on page 5 of Google. But another website has published an article with the same topic "Best Dog Food", and it is in the 1st result of the 1st page of Google.There are various processes or factors behind placing your website on page 5 and other sites at number 1, which is known as Google algorithm.If you think that this is the only way the algorithm works, then you are a little misunderstood. Google has many algorithms, and each algorithm works differently. Someone is working on search; someone is working on ranking, someone is working on indexing, that is a specific algorithm for a specific job.​Why Google Update Their algorithm?Google always wants to show its visitors accurate and relevant results. That's why they go through an update process all the time. So it can be said that Google updates its algorithm to keep accurate and relevant results in the search results.There was a time when it was very easy to rank a website on Google. The site could be ranked with spammy links with content by keyword stuffing. But after the Panda (algorithm) update, Google left the quality content in the search results and sent the low-quality content below the search results. So that the visitor always finds the best result.Some of Google's core algorithms and their functions:There is no accurate information on the total number of algorithms Google has. However, the idea is that the number is not less than 100. You might be surprised to hear that Google brings big and small updates to the algorithm 500-600 times every year. But not all of them are significant updates. Let's not know about some of Google's core algorithms and how they work.What do you do with Google Algorithm Update?When the Google algorithm is updated, all the site owners are a little worried, because, at this time, the ranking of the website can be good or bad. So let's not know what to do during the Google algorithm update?First of all, make sure you know when the Google Algorithm Update will be released, because you need to know this day. You can keep an eye on the Google Webmaster Help Community to get the latest information on this update. When you are sure of the date of the update, do not make any new changes to your site for a few days before that date.Notice the daily visitor and keyword rankings in the regular Google Search Console and Google Analytics a week before the updated date. In this way, notice the traffic data of one week before the update and 2-3 weeks after the update. And it is better not to make any big changes on the web site at this time.Google Core updates to give its visitors a better experience. Google never wants to be shown anything other than what its visitors are searching for.For this reason, Google has started giving priority to new websites, giving priority to those websites that have done well so far but have not been able to bring rank in Google.So if your article is of good quality, then your ranking will be temporarily down, but your ranking will take very little time to back up.Google's ranking for the Coronavirus has been in the works for some time, which has been made clear by Google's May 4, 2020 core update. Google brings these core updates so that people can find good sites first and find the perfect info quickly after doing some search.There is nothing to worry about here. Don't just panic. Continue Your SEO Strategy, as usual.

ITES demanded to declare internet service in the budget, the tariff is maximum 5 percent

After a virtual meeting with Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar on Sunday, ISPAB, an organization of internet service providers is going to hold a meeting with the state minister of ICT this week. After that, the leaders of 5 organizations are going to the National Board of Revenue with the consent of the two departments.Among organizations, not grants; ISPAB, an organization of Internet service providers, has proposed that the business be able to continue for the next two years. The organization will seek the attention of the State Minister for ICT rather than giving priority to ISP member organizations as government entrepreneurs in projects taken from the ICT department.With the green signal of the ICT department, the leaders of the organization will strongly demand the inclusion of internet business as a technology-based service (ITS) in the budget. In this case, they have also taken the support of allied organizations.In this year's budget, ISPAB has sought an equal 5 percent tariff on imports of service equipment to eliminate VAT-tax exemptions and import duty-related complications in the expansion of productive broadband internet services. Last month, an application was submitted to the Board of Revenue by the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPAB).In order to expand the use of updated technology, the organization will propose to impose the existing 5% facility on the endangered dialup modem on ONU and OLT servers.According to the concerned people, due to the complexity of HS code, they have to pay 37 and 59 percent duty instead of 5 percent. It will also propose to the National Board of Revenue to reduce the tariff from 5 percent to 59 per cent on 2, 12 and 24 core fiber cables and UTP cables used for networking to provide quality internet service at the customer level.

Grameenphone's assistance of Tk 100 crore in Corona

Grameenphone has announced to stand by the side of doctors, customers and affected retailers through various initiatives and contributions in the fight against COVID-19. New initiatives have been taken as a continuation of the previous activities. In all, the amount of Grameenphone's promised initiative stands at Tk 100 crore.Grameenphone CEO Yasir Ajman announced the new initiative in a video conference on Friday. Grameenphone's Chief Marketing Officer Sajjad Hasib and Chief Liaison Officer Khairul Basar took part in the press conference.At the same time, it was informed that Grameenphone has decided to further expand the collaboration activities of 25,000 physicians recognized by the Department of Health at this stage as part of the continuous support of the frontline fighters in the fight against Corona. Under this program, Grameenphone has announced to provide 30 GB internet per month to the recognized doctors for a token price of Tk 1. This facility will continue for the next six months of scheduled physicians.·      Provide 100 million free minutes for one crore customers·      30 GB internet per month for the next 6 months for 1 Taka for 25,000 Corona doctors certified by the Department of Health·     46 paisa per minute call rate for all Grameenphone subscribers from 8 am to 12 noon·      100% bonus on all weekly internet packs from MyGP·      Securities credit scheme of Rs. 10 crores for affected retailersIn addition, Grameenphone has started offering 100 million minutes of free talk time (10 minutes per subscriber) to customers who have not been able to recharge in April or who have no balance. This initiative of the organization will help the valued customers to communicate with their loved ones. Also, as an emergency service provider, Grameenphone has raised the call rate to 48 paise per minute from 8 am to 12 noon for its 75 million subscribers during the crisis.Besides, in case of lockdown, MyGP has announced 100 percent bonus on all weekly data packs purchased from the app. Grameenphone has announced a Tk 10 crore equivalent safety-net credit scheme to help affected retailers.In this regard, Grameenphone CEO Yasir Ajman said, "We have never faced such a crisis before working for the country. No one could have imagined that such a crisis would come and damage our lives in this way. So now is the time for everyone to deal with it together. We have to work together with patience, understanding, empathy. It is a test for all of us and I believe it is possible to tackle this ongoing crisis through unity. The combined efforts of various government authorities, development agencies and the industry as a whole to tackle COVID-19 has really encouraged me. ' He thanked the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Department of Health, A2I, BRAC, BTRC, WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, Department of Information and Communication Technology and other industry stakeholders for taking all exemplary initiatives to assist the government in tackling COVID-19. 

Facebook's new design open to everyone

One of the good news of this year from Facebook is that the new desktop design of social media has been made available to everyone. All users will get this new design in the next few weeks. Facebook said on Friday that The New Facebook will be available by default for all desktop users. After giving some users the opportunity to use it experimentally for a long time, it is finally open to everyone.At the F8 conference in 2019, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new design. It has been open experimentally since last October. Last month, many people got the option to launch the new interface.The new design has been made very common in navigation. Topbar users will have the opportunity to visit the home, watch, marketplace, group and gaming pages of the website. The design element has also been changed to take the website to dark mode easily. The feature can be turned on from the dropdown settings menu. The home page will load faster than before, according to Facebook. It will also be easier to move from one page to another.

Facebook's new App Discover - provides free data in developing countries

Facebook's free basic program has gained a lot of popularity. To make this free service progressively unique, Facebook has launched an app called Discover.Users will receive free data from their providers each day and will get a notification when it is available. With the Facebook Discover app, a user can browse any website. Subsequently, you can browse a constrained amount with the specific free data provided by the mobile operator.The Discover app is currently being tested. Which was initially launched in Peru.Discover will only run on low-bandwidth traffic when using free data, so you can load text on a website but not video, audio, or other data-intensive elements. If you want to stream, you can purchase additional data to do so - Facebook authorities said in a blog statement. "Discover will play an important role in helping people and keeping them connected to the Internet," said Joav GV, Facebook's product manager. Many internet users around the world are connected to us but become disconnected when their data runs out. So, Discover is an app that will help users stay connected seamlessly until the next internet data purchase. 

Top 10 worth playing Game of 2020

PC games are for the genuine gamers out there. The list of upcoming games of 2020 is such an exciting thing. After all, 2020 is going to be huge for gamers. 2019 had seen such huge numbers of new games with a new degree of graphical subtleties and gameplay. 2020 is going to amaze us more and subsequently, we have broken down a rundown of top games. Games that you should attempt in 2020 includeCyberpunk 2077Release date: May 2015Platform(s): PS3, Xbox OneIf you are into open-world games and appreciate exploring each corner, at that point trust me, pal! Cyberpunk 2077 is made uniquely for you. Created by CD Project (if you have played Witcher 3, you will recollect them), it is a forthcoming 2020 game that will occur in tragedy. This game is said to have an immense guide when contrasted with GTA V.Doom EternalPlatform(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One, SwitchRelease date: March 20, 2020Doom Eternal is another best up and coming round of 2020 that has grabbed the eye of gamers including me! Can’t be described how it feels after at its E3 gameplay? This game looks more frenzied and gore-filled then the Doom 2016! What is more, this time... Essential location has been set to earth. There will be disintegrated skyscrapers, sickly orange sky, and incredible evil spirits meandering everywhere. Simply try to keep your firearms stacked constantly!The Last of Us 2Platform(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One, SwitchRelease date: May 29, 2020Naughty Dog has debuted a new trailer for The Last of Us 2, and as you might expect it is suitably tense. While there are appearances by the infected, many of the trailers deal with violence between ordinary people, and it looks like it is taking an emotional toll on Ellie. In the trailer, we see how the years of hardship and survival have affected Ellie, who is covered in scars and cuts on her back and has turned into a formidable fighter. She interacts with Joel on several occasions in the trailer and sees some truly gruesome imagery. This includes a body riddled with arrows, as well as several people suspended from nooses in a shopping mall. Ellie is no stranger to violence, herself, attacking someone off-screen with a melee weapon as the trailer cuts to black.Animal Crossing: New HorizonsPlatform(s): SwitchRelease date: March 20, 2020Ah, Animal Crossing. Folks have been dreaming about a new entry in the adorably gentle little life sim since New The leaf floated onto the 3D. Thankfully Nintendo answered all our prayers when they finally announced a new adventure by the name of Animal Crossing: New Horizons that's set to make its way to the Switch in 2020. And it already looks amazing. Set on a deserted tropical island, you get yourself the Nook Inc Getaway package and aboard a plane to go on the best long-term vacation. With crafting, oodles of customization, and so many new features coming to the world of Animal Crossing, we can't wait to reunite with Tom Nook and Isabelle.Persona 5 RoyalPlatform(s): PS4Release date: March 31, 2020The Phantom Thieves are coming back in full swing for another round of Persona goodness with what is kind of like an enhanced edition of Persona 5, with plenty of extra content. Royal introduces an entire new semester, a new area, new characters, and an additional story arc. If you held off from tucking into the excellent adventure the first time around, Royal is the perfect excuse to dive in. It is also a good reason to have your heart stolen by the Phantom Thieves all over again.Half-Life: AlyxPlatform(s): PC (potentially console)Release date: March 2020First time around, Royal is the perfect excuse to dive in. It's also a good reason to have your heart stolen by the Phantom Thieves all over again. Yes, that is right. A new Half-Life game is coming out in 2020. This time around Valve is taking Half-Life into the world of VR. Set between the events of the Half-Life and Half-Life 2, you will be playing as Alyx Vance who just so happens to have the fate of humanity resting on their shoulders, no pressure. As part of growing resistance, you must try and take on an alien race known as the Combine and keep humanity alive. Valve has revealed it will involve "puzzle-solving, deep environmental interactions, and visceral combat."Resident Evil 3 RemakePlatform(s): PC, PS4, Xbox OneRelease date: April 3, 2020Yes, it is official: Capcom is releasing a remake of Resident Evil 3 and will reunite us with Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera. Oh, and the horrific villain Nemesis. The Resident Evil 2 Remake was one of the best recent releases, and if it is anything to go by, the return of 3 will take us on another updated zombie-infested fright fest. It will be great to see the new take on the original 1999 release. When it was revealed at a recent State of Play, it was announced that 3 will also include the multiplayer spin-off Project Resistance to boot.Wasteland 3Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PCRelease date: May 19, 2020Set in the post-apocalyptic frozen lands of Colorado, Wasteland 3 looks like a fantastic tactical RPG to tuck into with your pals. Available to play entirely solo or in co-op, the third entry in the Wasteland series is a story-driven experience where your choices will matter. Every decision you make can offer you new opportunities or close you off to them, as well as take you to new areas and lead you to different story arcs. This choice and variety make it sound very replayable, and the setting is set to present you with some difficult moral choices as you decide how to lead in the frozen wastes. This is one to watch, especially since InXhile has been working to evolve the series' turn-based combat and will also include a new dialogue system and fully voice-acted characters to add to the immersive RPG side of the experience.Witcher 3Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PCRelease date: May 19, 2020The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is, hands down, a technical masterpiece by CD Project Red. Released in 2015, this game brought a lot of gamers the gaming experience we all needed. And that is slaying monsters in a vast world consisting of six regions each with varying population, quests, activities, landscapes, soundtracks, characters, and more. Witcher 3 brings us the RPG experience we all needed. The very first of the multiple positive things in this game that comes to one's mind, is the beautifully composed soundtracks that feature the game. This game consists of more than 50 soundtracks, each compiling with combat, cutscenes, moments, and hunting. The main theme is one of the best soundtracks any game has ever had in gaming history.Ori and the Will of the WispsPlatform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PCRelease date: March 11, 2020Ori and the Will of the Wisps are by turns graceful and frustrating. Mostly like the first entry in the series, landscapes are now even more vibrant and colorful. Elements that make the game bigger than its predecessor, like a charming town-building subplot, are unobtrusive and welcome. With that expanded scope come debilitating bugs, though, which made speeding through the game for review more difficult. Frame rate stutter, animation glitches, and crashes plagued my experience with Ori and the Will of the Wisps. A day-one patch released to address these issues fixed the stutter but not all of the crashes on my Xbox One. 

How to make online Income: What, How, Where?

Peoples are searching for additional income sources for their living and online jobs are the best opportunity for anyone. In particular, the Internet has created such a low-cost playing field for many people to earn money online. There are countless legitimate ways to make money from home in, but not all monetization tactics are created equally.  Learning how to make money online can be confusing and intimidating. But it doesn't need to be like that. What is online income? Online income, is one type of earning, from which you have no office, not staff, manpower, no physical business, it is virtual business. Online earning is basically a strategy for acquiring cash with the wellsprings of the web. It can includes owing a website, It can incorporate owing a site, beginning an online business or picking different alternatives of web-based earning that are accessible on the internet. Online earning is considered to be one of the best and relevant means of making money online apart from your basic income. Online earning basically related to all the incomes that can be generated without the help of Internet or social media. It doesn’t require resources like land, manpower or machines as well. People nowadays prefer to buy their commodities on an online platform as it covers a lot of audiences. It’s quite convenient to earn online through the games or betting sites that deal in real money.  Is it really possible to earn from internet? The main reason people don’t believe they can make money online is the alarming increase in the rate of online scams, get-rich-quick-schemes and outright frauds. This has turned many would-be believers into skeptics. This has transformed many would-be adherents into doubters. This is not out of the ordinary in a free, unique market economy brimming with open doors just as dangers. People must survive by any means and this also, is to be expected. Be that as it may, not many people prefer to do it ethically. Except if you've been living under a stone, you at any rate realize that the web has flipped around the world, taking over pretty much every sort of human movement under sun. As of now it has been demonstrated that the greater part of the individuals around the globe are making a large number of dollars over the web. These days are understudies are begun their activity as standard time to learn at their young age. How online income Works For many people, making money online would be an absolute dream come true. If they could find a way to make money with a website or some other online venture, they could quit their job to focus on entrepreneurship, spend more time with their family, and finally take back control of their time and their lives. Now, here’s the good news. The majority of online revenue strategies aren’t that complicated. Like any business venture, your online income takes time to grow. You need to be willing to devote the time and energy required to get your idea off the ground, and you need grit to stick with it even if your journey is slow when you first start out. We all want to make money online from home. If we googled how to make money online there are lots of sites promising to provide online jobs. Many of these are just scams. To make money online, you must have one thing that is persistence & patient. Without it you won’t make money and believe me there is no easy way to make money. But once you start doing something & over the time it becomes easy then you can say that it’s the easiest way to make money. In online jobs, there is an opportunity for everyone based on their qualification and technical skills. Which means anyone can make an additional income. While it is now possible to become a millionaire online, doing that entails real hard work, skills and patience. Well best is relative. It depends on your existing capabilities and passion. A soldier needs a gun. A writer needs a pen. A pilot needs a navigator or GPS, a singer needs a microphone. In the same way, if you want to earn a lot of money online quickly, the best way is to use the best online marketing tools and resources, regardless of which niche you choose. Different ways make money from online There has never been a better time to earn money online, because with each year the internet becomes a bigger part of our lives. Let’s jump into the different ways to make money online- ·         Blogging ·         Paid Writing ·         e-tuitions/Webinars ·         Affiliate/Re-seller ·         Freelancing for Professionals ·         Advertising ·         GPT Program ·         Online Marketing ·         Making Themes ·         Selling Photos ·         Support & Service ·         Stock/Forex trading ·         Selling your own brand ·         Virtual Assistant ·         Inbound call center ·         You Tube ·         Researching for others ·         Building Application ·         Transcription ·         Amazon FBA Online Income Platforms There are places you can go to look for great online freelance opportunities. Here are great freelance websites to check out- Upwork, freelancer, guru, iFreelance, people per hour, tuts plus jobs, problogger, freelance writing gigs, smashing jobs, odesk, fiverr, freelanced, freelance-writing-jobs-online, pitch me, text broker, art wanted, 99designs, simply hired, tutor, authentic jobs.

Block-chain technology problems need to be turned into opportunities: Palak

State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak has called upon the winning teams participating in the first-ever Blockchain Olympiad to turn the problem into an opportunity with new innovations.The state minister made the call in his keynote address at the 'Blockchain Olympiad Bangladesh 2020' program on digital platform on Sunday. The country will go a long way if they combine sophisticated technology like blockchain with their innovative and creative thinking and use it in various fields including agriculture, education, health.He said that new innovations are born out of necessity. In Corona, we maintain social distance, but with intellectual innovation, we are closer to each other in the virtual world.Habibullah N Karim, Coordinator, Blockchain Olympiad Bangladesh, declared 10 of the participants as winners. The winners were given a virtual check for the prize money.The championship award was given in the name of the late National Professor Jamilur Reza Chowdhury, who was an advisor to Blockchain Olympiad Bangladesh. The winners will also be sponsored to participate in the Hong Kong Blockchain Olympiad. Habibullah said a jury board evaluated 62 projects of 62 participating teams and declared 10 winners. The winning teams are: Hyperactive Orange, Team Lead Chain, Team Lead Chain, Tor, Web Three Dot One, Brogrammers, Aviato, DU Hyplerger, Cosmic Crew. A 57-judge board submitted projects from participants in the Blockchain Olympiad in April. A video clip in memory of the late National Professor Jamilur Reza Chowdhury was shown at the start of the online awards ceremony. Comptroller and Auditor General Muslim Chowdhury, Information Technology Secretary M Ziaul Alam, Professor of Education. Zafar Iqbal, convener of Blockchain Olympiad Bangladesh and BUET Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. M Kaikobad and Coordinator Habibullah N Karim, BASIS President Almas Kabir, Hong Kong Blockchain Society President Dr. Lawrence Ma, MIT Professor Alan Alderman, Rezaul Karim of Bangladesh Computer Council spoke on the occasion.

No alternative of technology to keep 170 million people at home: Junaid Ahmed Palak

People all over the country should stay at home to protect themselves and others from this pandemic coronavirus outbreak. And to do this, civil services must reach their helping hands to the citizen. As a result, there is no alternative to technology to keep 170 million people at home. The Minister emphasized the need for integrated planning to tackle the impact of technology and expressed if Corona outbreaks continue to go like this, the technology would have to be widely utilized to keep the health, education, food, and food supply across the country. Junaid Ahmed Palak spoke at the inauguration of Virtual Hospital Hello Doc on Tuesday (April 7th) this afternoon."We want to make maximum use of our digital platform to reach the basic rights of 170 million people," he said. At that moment, we went a few steps further through the opening of this hospital or messenger bot.State Minister for Information and Communications Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak said the Corona situation was likely to be prolonged after the inauguration. 40 state's hotspots have been distinguished as the hotspots of the flare-up of the infection, as indicated by data obtained from the national digital analytics platform. Local lifestyle apps Kotha Technologies Chairman Mahbub Zaman, co-founders of AmarLab Tajin Shadid and Tamjid Siddique Spondon, chief executive Istiq Zahid, Head of Business Development Haseeb Ahmed, Head of Operations Dr. Sajjad Rahat Hossain and Argo Ventures Limited Chairman Fida-e-Zahir, Chief Technical Officer Arbab Ur Rahman and Head of Operations Sheikh Fayaz Morsalin were present on occasion.

From The Parliament to Peddy Field : State Minister Junayed Ahmed Palak

State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak cuts paddy of farmers in Kaigram territory contiguous the bamboo scaffold of Ramananda Khajura Union in Singra Upazila. He was also in the minister's quarters of the parliament building two days ago. And this minister was seen in the paddy field around 12:30 on Saturday. The ranchers were simultaneously astounded and satisfied to see his active participation. Prior, the state minister gave incentives to the affected farmers. Junaid Ahmed Palak joined the meeting at the DC office after harvesting paddy from the place that is known for a rancher named Akher Ali.Simultaneously, he stated, "In the following three months, 22 percent of the nation's poor and 30 percent of the jobless should give alleviation." For this situation, the concerned people ought to make a database and use QR code. Relief distribution activities can be streamlined by using QR code after creating the database. The ICT department is ready to provide the necessary assistance.The meeting was chaired by Deputy Commissioner Shahriaz and was attended by, among others, Sourendra Kumar Chakraborty, Coordinator, District Committee for Coordination of Tax Virus Prevention and Relief Materials, Secretary, Statistics and Information Management Department, District Awami League President and Natore-4 MP Prof Abdul Quddus. Lieutenant Colonel Mostafa Arifur Rahman, Superintendent of Police Liton Kumar Saha, Civil Surgeon Dr. Kazi Mizanur Rahman, District Council Chairman Advocate Sajedur Rahman Khan and Natore Municipal Mayor Uma Chowdhury Jolly.  

Amazon will spend 4 billion on Corona Crisis

Amazon is already keeping a close eye on delivering products to its customers and protecting the health of warehouse workers. As a result of the first quarter, the online retail giant highlighted both issues. But the company will spend at least 4 billion to prevent coronavirus next quarter. News Senate.Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos shared this information. “If you own Amazon’s shares, stay calm, because we’re not thinking of anything small,” he wrote. If all went well, we could have made about 4 billion or more in the second quarter. But now the situation is not normal. Instead, we plan to spend a full 4 billion or more on Covid-19. The costs include higher staff salaries, safety gear such as face masks and the ability to build Covid-19 testing capabilities inside Amazon. As a result, the company may face financial losses in the second quarter.

The barrier to conducting online university education activities finally ends

Despite encouraging classes, the University Grants Commission (UGC) instructed private universities to immediately suspend online exams, assessments and student admissions in the first week of April. But this time the regulator is going to move away from that decision. The Bangladesh University Grants Commission (UGC) has given the opportunity to online examinations and admissions to private universities so that higher education is not harmed due to the situation caused by coronavirus.The commission is going to pave the way for private universities to launch all kinds of educational activities online in the face of the demands of the Private University Association, an organization of entrepreneurs of private universities.A directive will be issued soon to outline the process by which private universities will conduct online education activities. The UGC will publish guidelines in this regard next week.The decision was taken at a joint meeting of UGC, public university and private university authorities with Education Minister Dipu Moni via video conference on Thursday.Besides Deputy Minister for Education Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury Nawfel and UGC Chairman Prof Kazi Shahidullah, President of Private University Association Sheikh Kabir Hossain was also present at the video meeting. The meeting also discussed measures to reduce session congestion in public universities through the Academic Council after the outbreak of coronavirus, taking classes on weekly leave.

Google's 'Zoom' conferencing is open for everyone

Google has introduced a teleconferencing service called Google Meet to compete with the popular video conferencing service Zoom. Previously, the service was only available for G Suite users, but from now on all users will be able to use the service for free. News Senate.You must have a Gmail account to use the free version. Also, video calls will have a maximum duration of one hour. As a result, if someone wants to do video conferencing again, they must start again. In addition, a maximum of 100 people can join this conference. There are screen sharing and real-time captions.According to Google, the service added 2 million new users a day earlier this month, but now Google Meet is getting 3 million new users every day. Besides, at present, the number of daily participants in the service is about 100 million. Google is not the only tech giant to compete with Zoom. Last week, Facebook announced a new service called Messenger Room that allows users to video chat with multiple people. Even people who are not Facebook users can join this messenger room. Microsoft is also in the market with its own video-chip app teams.

Bangladeshi Digital Health Platform Health BD24 is providing telemedicine services in Corona Crisis

Where medical science is losing every day, Bangladesh is also in terrible danger!! In this situation of the country, Health BD24 is implementing the objective of "Doctor to patient, not patient to doctor". Bangladeshi digital health platform HealthBD24 is providing telemedicine services to the public and patients everywhere.Currently, the most frightening virus in humans is Covid-19 or Corona virus. Outbreaks of Covid-19 or Corona virus are visible worldwide. The epidemic is a pitfall not only in terms of health, but also with social and countless economic consequences, with negative effects, which will take years to emerge. So far, the number of infected people in the world is more than 11 lakh and more and about 62 thousand have died.Epidemic corona virus was confirmed to have spread to Bangladesh in March 2020. The first three diagnoses were published by the country's Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) in March 2020.No hospital is also admitting patients suffering from cold, cough, or fever and many patients across the country are facing the same danger. Many people are not getting proper treatment for other ailments due to corona panic.In this moment of the national health crisis, telemedicine is effective for many patients, with doctors advising them by telephone or video call and charging no fees.In this moment of the national health crisis, HealthBD24 has emerged as an alternative way to provide telemedicine treatment services to patients suffering from various ailments. Where many physicians across the country are giving them advice via telephone or video call. For those patients who need to seek the advice of a doctor, arrangements will be made to consult a doctor of the hospital by introducing video conferencing. This will fill the shortage of doctors in community clinics. Bangladesh's digital health platform HealthBD24 is providing telemedicine services to the general public and patients under the supervision of Dr. Mithila, Dr. Nusrat Jahan, Dr. Wahiduzzaman, Dr. Mohsin Kabir Limon and many others.

National Data Analytics Task Force Launches Today

The National Data Analytics Task Force has begun officially from today. The team will prescribe that the administration takes essential measures to forestall the spread of the Corona virus in Bangladesh through Bangladesh through artificial intelligence and big data technology and accurate data analysis. State Minister for Information and Communications Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak said the task force was helping the government by breaking down the data accessible from everywhere throughout the nation using mobile calls, call centers, IVRs, web applications and all other digital technologies. He said at an online meeting on Friday, the task force had already made 11 proposals to coordinate activities with Health Minister Zahid Malek. In addition to the two ministers, information technology experts associated with the Big Data research program was present at the initiative of the Information Technology Department, besides ICT Secretary NM Ziaul Alam, Health Secretary Asadul Islam, Director General of Health Prof. Dr. Abul Kalam Azad, Director of IEDCR, Mirzadi Sabrina Flora. 11 proposals from the Information and Communication Technology Department: 1. Structure of the National Data Analytics Task Force. 2. Conduct regular meetings with representatives of the Department of Health and the IEDCR with the National Data Analytics Task Force. 3. In addition to verifying the information obtained from high-risk people, a sample group has the Coronavirus test. 4. Considering as the primary tool for web applications. 5. Tracking via geo-fencing in the lockdown area. 6. Ensure participation of more private health-based partners for call verification. 7. To emphasize telemedicine more strongly. 8. To further promote general drug management through flu. 9. Adding COVID Tracker as an Open Data Tool to 10. Creating a presentation for resource mobilization that needs to be updated weekly. 11. Adequate measures should be taken to ensure data security.

WHO launches chatbot on Facebook Messenger to counter COVID-19 misinformation

The World Health organization has propelled another chatbot service in association with Facebook to make people everywhere throughout the world aware of the coronavirus and give the essential data. If you message on the World Health Organization page on Facebook, you should initially choose the language. At that point, Facebook Messenger users can choose a subject from various themes and get nitty-gritty data about that subject. It will likewise realize what number of people have been infected, how to secure themselves, different things, including news about coronavirus. The organization has stepped up so that people get precise data about coronavirus, not to be befuddled and to think about the continuous issues. Through this administration, Facebook and the World Health Organization will have the option to convey messages to more than 1.3 billion dynamic Messenger clients. Facebook has revealed that application use has expanded by in excess of 50 percent in territories where the pervasiveness of coronavirus has expanded.

Over 500,000 Zoom accounts being sold on Dark Web, hacker forums for FREE

Over 500,000 Zoom account being hacked and sold on a hacker forum, the dark web according to a new report by BleepingComputer. A portion of these Zoom accounts was being offered for nothing on hackers’ gatherings with the goal that programmers can utilize them in zoom-shelling tricks and malignant exercises.   The more significant part a million records of Zoom, a virtual meeting specialist organization, have been sold on the dark web and hacker forums, and now and again, parted with for nothing.   Zoom has surged in popularity in recent weeks as the number of people working from home has increased but concerns about the videoconferencing app's security have also made the headlines. However, the availability of Zoom accounts on the dark web does not appear to be a direct consequence of the app's failings.   A portion of these Zoom accounts was being offered for nothing on programmer gatherings with the goal that programmers can utilize them in zoom-shelling tricks and malignant exercises. Others are sold for not exactly a penny each.   These credentials are gathered through credential stuffing attacks where threat actors attempt to login to Zoom using accounts leaked in older data breaches, and successful logins were then compiled into lists that were sold to other hackers, The Daily Mail reported on Monday citing online forum BleepingComputer.   BleepingComputer said Cybersecurity insight firm Cyblec first saw around April 1 that free Zoom accounts were being presented on programmer gatherings on the increase expanded notoriety in the programmer network.   The accounts are reportedly being shared via text sharing sites as lists of email addresses and password combinations. The account can include a victim's email address, password, personal meeting URL, and their hockey.   Cybersecurity firm Cyble, which had the option to buy 530,000 Zoom credentials for not exactly a penny each at $0.0020 per account, said the Zoom accounts started showing up in the hackers' network toward the start of April, with hackers offering the accounts to build notoriety.   While Zoom has developed as a primary video chatting provider during the COVID-19 pandemic, the application is defaced by the day by day news about it being inclined to hacking. Issues that have hit its believability is information offering to Facebook, uncovered LinkedIn profiles, and a "malware-like" installer for macOS.  

SMS will be sent to the customer for collecting health information

In order to know the general state of the people in coronavirus circumstances, SMS will be sent to all cell phone clients to get health data from the customers. It was accounted for that the SMS began on Sunday morning. If everyone responds to such use of technology, then everyone will get an idea about a basic image of health. Mobile SMS subscribers will be asked to dial * 3332 # if you have shortness of breath, fever or cough. Such SMS will be sent to every single mobile network for two days. Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission on Saturday sent an order to the administrators. It is reported that if a customer calls * 3332 #, he will get an IVR voice of 90 seconds where he will be asked five questions again. Answers received from customers will go directly to the Institute of Pathology, Disease Control and Research or IEDCR. Later, after reviewing them, some customers will be called from the IEDCR to provide more details, he said.

HelloDoc - The Virtual Hospital to treat patient at home

Junaid Ahmed Palak, State Minister for Information and Communication Technology, inaugurated the Virtual Hospital “HelloDoc” on the initiative of Lifestyle Apps in a web-based manner. He inaugurated this virtual hospital on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, at 5:00 pm.State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak said the country is moving ahead with technology. Today, due to the advancement of information and technology, we have achieved to set a virtual hospital. We have now started all communication online. There is no alternative to using technology to provide citizen services at home for all the people of the country. We want to make maximum use of the technology to reach the core needs of 170 million citizens in the country.Initially, a skilled team of around 42 doctors will provide patients with this platform. At this time of the coroner, when most of the private chambers were closed, about doctors had come forward to take care of patients. From your own home, you can consult a doctor via video conference and teleconference. At the same time, emergency diagnostic tests and emergency ambulance services provided by the doctor can be taken from the same medium at home. There will be a free service through Messenger. The service will be available soon through the mobile app. To get free doctor services online, visit the AmarLab Facebook page. Link-

Find Coronary Risk Assessment at Home

As of late, Bangladesh is confronting some genuine difficulties foreseeing with the lethal COVID-19. Startling lockdown is on the way to forestall coronary outbreaks in the nation. The administration has guided people, in general, to keep up good social ways from their homes. Currently, the Department of Information and Communication Technology has created a website to check the risk of coronavirus online at home.This website is fair to assess symptoms by some inquiry checking and allows us to know whether you are at risk of getting coronavirus.  If you are in danger, there are recommendations. This risk assessment service can be found on the Website platform ( Information can likewise be accessible at Messenger Group ( State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak formally propelled the service at an online press conference on Monday, March 30th. By visiting the link ( a person would know how much Corona is at risk. By responding to different inquiries and giving data, he would find out about its latent capacity dangers. Besides, the proper specialists of the government would have the option to survey the circumstance dependent on the data given by the residents. Data with respect to Corona infection would be gotten through the messenger group. Junaid Ahmed Palak said that the IEDCR is giving updates about corona infection through public interviews each day. Thousands of phones are also coming to 333 different call centers. Not only that, but millions of calls have also come in those days. There are some typical inquiries of residents. Many are posing a similar inquiry again and again. We have distinguished these regular inquiries through Machine Learning. I have concocted with a new solution to reduce the pressure on everyone, including doctors, call centers."Appropriate information services would lessen the dread of people. The main goal of these initiatives is to make everybody mindful through technology," the minister said. At the press conference, several initiatives for entrepreneurs in awareness of Corona were highlighted. These initiatives include Corona Action Bot (CAB),, According to the press conference, the Start-up Bangladesh ( platform also has 17 different Innovative Initiative. Information Technology Secretary NM Ziaul Alam and senior officials of various projects under it have attended the press conference.

Quantum computing could change the world

Quantum algorithms will be able to scan massive databases instantly, consuming mountains of financial data in microseconds and producing actionable suggestions in less. In this 4th Industrial Revolution era, it could transform on: creating life-saving medicines, protecting from invisible virus like Corona, detecting significant threat to cyber-security, break encryption, revolutionize communications, rapidly accelerating the development of artificial intelligence, provide better weather forecasting, and better financial modeling. Imagine quantum computing will make human trading obsolete!An ordinary computer chip uses bit which are like switches that can either be in the off position (represented by a zero) or in the on position (represented by a one).This works great for most things, but it doesn’t reflect the way the universe actually works. In reality, things aren’t just on or off. There is uncertainty as well.Quantum computers use qubits instead of bits. A qubit allows for uncertainty. Rather than just being on or off, qubits can also be in what’s called ‘superposition’ – where they are both on and off at the same time, or somewhere on a spectrum between the two. This ambiguity – the ability to both “be” and “not be” – is key to the power of quantum computing.Researchers of Google, Microsoft, Intel and IBM have made great progress in developing the algorithms to create truly useful quantum computers! My friend Prof. Dr. Sazzad Hossain explained more on this as his Phd was on Quantum Computing. Watch the video:  - Engr. Abubokor Hanip   Founder & CEO, PeopleNTech

A Complete Professional IT Training Institute in Bangladesh

PeopleNTech, a multinational and US Based professional IT Training center in Bangladesh since 2014. It has started their journey since 2004 in USA after that they have move to Canada, India and now in Bangladesh. PeopleNTech has more then 7 IT Training Center worldwide where five branches in USA, two branches in India and one in Bangladesh.The Founder & Chief executive officer Engr. Abubokor Hanip and President & Managing director Farhana Hanip. Mr. Abubokor Hanip is a popular IT specialist and he has written several articles on different kinds of solutions in IT & ITES Sector where Assessing our IT sector in Dhaka Tribune is the most popular article. PeopleNTech is very popular in Professional IT Training and Job Placement. They are also popular in providing varieties of services in IT & ITES Sector. Other services Software Development, Consulting & Outsourcing. Are of Services of PeopleNTech:1. Professional IT Training:  - PeopleNTech is very successful in professional it training in Bangladesh where they are offering more then 60+ professional courses. They have completed more than 7000 professional training in Dhaka Center and they have created more than 4000 jobs to their students and most of them are working in different freelancing marketplace and more than 100+ entrepreneurs are established in Bangladesh.- They have also very good rating in providing Corporate IT Training, Industrial Attachment Training, Customized IT Training, Govt. Project Training and etc. - PeopleNTech also offering more than 10 courses collaboratively with the BITM. Here is the few popular course link: ASP.NET MVC Core Training, Professional Web Development Training, Creative Graphics Design & Outsourcing, Mastering in Laravel Framework, Software Testing & Quality Assurance and etc.- PeopleNTech is one the successful and proud Training Service Provider of IsDB Bisew Scholarship project. Almost thousands of students completed their certification course from this training institute.- Some popular training courses from PeopleNTech are Software Testing & Quality Assurance, Professional Web Development, ASP.NET Core MVC, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Red Hat Linux Server Administration (RHCE), MCSA Windows Server 2016, Graphics Design, Video Editing, Java, mobile application, Server Administration, Project Management Professional (PMP), Digital marketing, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, CISA and etc. For more courses click here.- They have also proud service provider of Bangladesh ICT ministry. PeopleNTech awarded for training projects. 7it, Workforce training program under Bangladesh hi-tech park authority. They have successfully completed these training programs in Dhaka and outside of the dhak city too.        2. Job Placement:PeopleNTech has gained more popularity for job placement which is continuing for last 15 more years in USA. They have track record of success in job placement after providing professional training and job placement to them. Till now PeopleNTech provided more then 6000 jobs in USA and more then 4000 in Bangladesh. They have very successful job placement agency in USA and Bangladesh. - Creating Better Bangladesh Limited is the sister concern company of PeopleNTech which is working dedicatedly for job placement. This company is working to place the students of PeopleNTech and Job seekers from different companies also can apply for a job with Creating Better Bangladesh Limited. Visit the website:  - is the dedicated website from PeopleNTech. People and students can find their jobs online by this website and students from this Training center gets higher priority to the employers. Visit the website:     3. Software Development:PeopleNTech is an international technology-based software company where they are proudly providing software development services in unique ways. With the slogan of best services and 100% customers’ satisfaction, we are providing services around the world. Founded in 2004, PeopleNTech is an US-headquartered provider of IT consulting services, IT training, Recruiting, Outsourcing and custom software development with 250+ IT professionals located internationally. With the background rooted in computer science, we build on our legacy knowledge and grow it in the areas of IT Services:1. Software development2. Web application development3. Domain & hosting4. Mobile application development5. E-commerce application6. Information security7. QA testing and etc.Bangladesh Police and University Grants Commission is the remarkable clients for PeopleNTech Software Development. 4. Consulting:PeopleNTech is proudly offering two different kinds of consulting services in worldwide.- Management Consulting: Our consultants, with exposure in some of the best companies of the world in different geographies, come with expertise in management consulting, technology and operation, marketing, and risk. They act as concept integrators along with your team and facilitate forward looking business strategy and decisions that improve operations along with opening up the scope for future growth. Close collaborative work with senior members of client ensures that recommendations are highly strategic and yet deeply practical, which leads to real impact for our clients. For more information visit: Management Consulting- Technology Consulting: Our team of established professionals understands the importance of technology in today's dynamic business environment. PeopleNTech offers specialty firms a wide spectrum of services, fine-tuned to achieving higher performance, while accommodating specific client needs. For more information please visit: Technology Consulting5. Outsourcing:PeopleNTech not only exercising their services in their limited are but also exploring their services all over the world. - A team with more than 100 of people are working in outsourcing service team. bdclippingstudio & photoclippingstudio are renowned outsourcing services of PeopleNTech.      Besides them PeopleNTech has some other dedicated services for the students: 1. Online Training: Don’t miss a class. Whatever & Anywhere in the earth join the classes via PeopleNTech online training. PeopleNTech using paid tools for providing online training services for their students for more than 15 years. People from different countries are joining regular online classes.   2. Free Professional Skill Test: PeopleNTech has their self-skill development application. Where anyone can participate for testing their own skill in a specific subject. For participating in a test visit:  3. Domain Hosting Services: Domain and Hosting registration is one the remarkable services of PeopleNTech. Anyone can buy and domain from and they can also buy hosting services within budget. A special discount also there for PeopleNTech students. Visit the website register for your site:   4. Forum: Students from this center can use forum 24/7 days. For any problem all solutions are there. Browse:   5. Video Tube: students form this institute getting video benefits. They review and revise any classes after going to their home. They easily access their class videos in online. Browse your videos:  6. Blogging and Skill Development: Read tech blog and enrich your skill. If you have any idea or new technology skill no problem join and start writing today. Browse for more:  - Md. Abdul HamidCOO, PeopleNTech

Top 10 Software Company in Bangladesh

The software has developed during that time from projects put on plates to now about prompt access through online activation. Before, customary software organizations delivered programming projects offered to shoppers through a circle that required buy time and establishment. In the present day, on account of the internet and cloud technology, clients would now be able to increase quick access to a software installation upon purchase. This article looks at the top 10 software companies across Bangladesh along with some of their brightest company highlights. Who Are Bangladesh’s Top Ten Software Companies? TigerIT Bangladesh: Tiger IT is reliable and one of the most renowned software companies in Bangladesh with more than ten years of long haul involvement, contributing to the IT part of the nation. They have huge involvement in building up various applications and games alongside a couple of government ventures. This IT firm in Bangladesh demonstrates its imaginative execution in setting up NIST guaranteed AFIS. Tiger IT expands on its experience and concentrated abilities to give national scale IT arrangements. It has profound knowledge into biometrics data including an enormous populace. They have a decent work culture. KaziSoftware Limited: Kazi Software Established in 2004, Kazi Software is an award-winning custom software development company. They help enterprises and startups design, build and launch innovative products. They work with their clients as a coordinated group– empowering them to convey better, faster and at a lower cost. The mission of this IT Company in Dhaka is to simplify the ways of life of the clients in terms of using advanced technology. Administrative jobs, e-commerce associations, research related works, etc. are being performed in a wide range by Kazi IT. NewCred: NewsCred is on a mission to make marketing better for everyone. As the leading content marketing software, NewsCred provides the world’s most ambitious brands – Pepsi, Visa, Dell, ConAgra, Hewlett Packard, and more – with the best solutions in content creation, marketing management, cross-channel publishing, and measurement. Every day, marketers rely on NewsCred to orchestrate their marketing across channels, collaborate with global teams, build brand awareness, and drive sales. Enosis: Enosis Solutions is an offshore software engineering, image processing, and consultancy company where people, knowledge and proven methodologies converge to deliver high-value services in record time. They maintain a performance-oriented work culture. DataSoft: Data Soft is referred to as the first CMMI Level 5 software development company in Bangladesh. Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University, USA is a well-known industry which is used to measure the maturity of software development processes. They are the first software company in Bangladesh to be recognized as the CMMI Level 5 Software Development Company for its software engineering capabilities and high maturity in the area of software applications. Brain Station 23 Limited: Brain Station 23 Limited is a 100+ people software development company in Bangladesh, working since 2006, providing enterprise & customized web applications and mobile software development services to both local and international clients. With 90+ Talented CS graduates, we have been serving local clients along with small and medium-sized clients located in the US, Canada, The UK, and other European countries. SELISErockin' software: SELISE is a software firm engaged in the creation of digital platforms from strategy to execution. Their understanding of information technology and the internet helps them enhance business performance across industries. They serve Insurers, Retailers, Telcos, Advisors, Sports Clubs, Civil Engineers and many more. They strategize, develop and maintain digital platforms for leading businesses across the world in Finance, Insurance, Consumer Goods, Sports, Events, Telco and Civil Engineering. Spellbit: Spellbit started its remarkable journey as a freelancing agency in IT-related services. The passionate and skillful service providers have been using their dynamic talent in their respective jobs. This is one of the best IT Firm in Bangladesh. The mission of Spellbit is to provide skillful service to the clients based on the demand and changing technology in time. Their ethics is based on honesty, they strictly follow to provide the desired services of the clients. IBCS-PRIMAX: IBCS-PRIMAX started its journey in 1989 with a mission to establish itself as a single-point customer-centric IT solution provider for the domestic and international market. The company strives to deliver professional business applications which is technologically agnostic. IBCS-PRIMAX’s delivers services to meet the diversified information needs of its valued clients in achieving their business objectives. Dream 71: One of the uprising software firms is Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd. Their main goal is to develop mobile application software development and game development. In a very short time, they’ve been able to draw the attention of the local market as well as the international market too. Their innovative work with A2I, text book based scientific game development, is supposed to be a milestone in the education sector of Bangladesh. They also have the legal patent to develop first-ever cricket related dynamic app of the country. Besides all these stuffs they have shown significant success to develop many more unique apps and games for several institutions. The unique part about Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd is not only in the local market they have expanded their wings in the international arena as well as having global partners from different parts of the world.

Looking for job placement executive

Job Context:We are looking for ambitious, hardworking, self -motivated, career-oriented Job Placement Executive with good command in English & technical knowledge who will work with us for promoting our business.Job Description/Responsibility:Required to provide career counselling to the candidates.Need to look for job opportunities for candidates.Need to review candidates’ resume in order to know about their educational qualificatio work experience and other skills.Required to conduct candidates’ interview to know about their ability and efficiency.Required to understand the candidates’ interest and requirement before seeking a job for him/her.Need to help the candidates in writing resume.Required to prepare the candidates for interviews.Required to look for new job opportunities for his clients.He/She may suggest IT courses to the candidates for better job prospects.Needs to keep in touch with clients from different organizations in order to stay updated with the new job vacancies that come up.He/She may provide tips on succeeding in the interview.He/She may also provide suggestions on how to maintain a good position and grow further within the organization.Compensation & Other Benefits: 2 Festival Bonus.Other Benefits as per company policy.Interested candidates can send their resume to or apply with the link.

BDU Granted Scholarship to 14 Students

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Digital University, Bangladesh has awarded scholarship to 14 students as per their need. The scholarship was given to 9 students from the university's IoT department and 5 from the ICT in education department.On Thursday, Vice-Chancellor of the University, Dr Munaj Ahmed Noor handed over the scholarship money to the students.Attendees were present on the occasion including Registrar of the University (current obligation) Mohammad Ashraf Uddin, Senior System Analyst Muhammad Shahinul Kabir, Lecturer of IoT Department Nurjahan Nipa, and Lecturer of ICT in Education, Munira Aktar Lata and Sabbir Hossain.Prior to giving the scholarship, Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Munaj Ahmed Noor said that the scholarship was given on the basis of financial requirement for the students to continue their normal education activities.The Vice-Chancellor said that for the first time we have given this scholarship to fourteen students, with the aim of ensuring that the education life of a student is not disrupted due to financial incompetence under the guidance of the Prime Minister. At the time, Prof Dr. Munaj Ahmed Noor assures the students any kind of quick assistance in the study.

Three Most Demanding domain for Skilled People

Things like artificial intelligence and distributed computing were at one time the subject of logical fiction. From the perspective of contracting staff, these issues of specialized abilities are similarly as significant. LinkedIn, a person to person communication site for experts features the most demanding innovation aptitudes of today. "Artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing are among the most demanding of the top skills we are seeing now," said Fionn Ang, VP of scholarly and instruction at LinkedIn's the Asia Pacific.Last Tuesday, Fionn told CNBC in a meeting that the interest for technically knowledgeable people in each of the three areas was around the world. Indeed, even in the Asia Pacific, there is an interest for the most talented individuals in these three regions. Brain drain is now coming from this area. The present technically knowledgeable workers are moving to developed countries, considering the socio-economic setting. Fion said that technical proficiency issues ought not to be seen independently according to the technology change provision. In certain regards, the normal aptitude interest for certain subjects is just as long as six years. So to get by in this quickly evolving part, new skills must be procured.In addition to technology skills, think differently about 'soft skills', skills like creativity and problem solving will also have to be mastered. The field of employment is changing rapidly, Fionn said. That's why public and private employers are trying to improve the skills of their employees. 

Amazon signs a deal to sell walton products

Amazon will now sell Walton products worldwide.Amazon has signed a deal with Walton at its corporate office in Walton on Thursday. But primarily Walton will sell laptops, computers, mobile phones and home appliances in the US market.Amazon Bangladesh's manager Shawshank Pandey and Walton's executive director and computer products division chief Liakat Ali signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations. State Minister for Information and Technology Junayed Ahmed Palak was present as the chief guest at the signing ceremony. On the occasion, a new Walton laptop of Tamarind X model made in Bangladesh was unveiled.Junayed Ahmed Palak says Walton is undoubtedly making world-class products. Already their products are being exported to different countries of the world. Today, through this agreement, the Walton brand's differentiated product will be sold worldwide using the Amazon platform.He said it would be a milestone for the electronics sector in Bangladesh. The government will assist Walton in its progress. Companies like Walton need to come forward to build a talent-based, technology-based economy for the youth.I would like to thank our honorable Prime Minister Shiekh Hasina and her ICT advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy for providing the necessary strategic cooperation and visionary leadership to make Bangladesh global in digital device manufacturing and export.Many domestic and foreign companies, including Walton, are now making smart phone laptops in Bangladesh and also exporting abroad. A new milestone has been achieved today to build a technology-based economy in the construction of digital Bangladesh. Walton's electronics and digital devices are sold directly to the US consumer through Amazon's platform. That agreement was officially completed today. Congratulations and best wishes to Amazon and Walton. Best wishes to all digital device manufacturers and exporters in the country. " Among others present at the signing ceremony were senior executives of both companies, including Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd managing director SM Ashraful Alam, Walton DG Tech chairman SM Rezaul Alam.

'Smartphone and Tab expo' Begun on Thursday

A three-day Smartphone and Tab Expo (STE) started in the city Thursday. All around reputed significant brands, including iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei are exhibiting their most recent products and designs at the reasonable. 'Smartphone and tab fairs 2019' has been amassed with appealing markdown and blessings. On Thursday, the celebration was begun by guests at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Agargaon, Dhaka. The work, being held at (BICC) in the capital's Agargaon territory, stayed open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm till Saturday. Due to occasions, the presence of children and students just as the tech enthusiasts improved the significance and excellence of fair premises. Product selling was blasting great. This year's fair is available for all brands of smartphones and tablets. A few brands and associations, including Huawei, Samsung, Techno, Vivo, Wii, Golden field, Motorola, Nokia, iPhone, UCC, Aitel, Infinix, UMD, Detel, ADA, Maximus, Bijoy and E-Commerce Instruments Brands show and sell various models of cell phones and brilliant gadgets in the reasonable. Accessible mobile adornments Apart from this, few models of smartphones will be uncovered at the reasonable.Samsung offers a 50 percent discount on specific models of the fair Extra 5 percent quota for students. In addition, mobile financial institutions can cash in on cash and more cash back. Huawei is selling smartphones as well as tabs, smart bands, and mobile accessories. Offering discounts and gifts, Oppo fair has appeared on their smartphones and mobile accessories. Oppo offers millionaire offers as well. Vivo smartphone is taking part in the fair this year giving 100% cash back in a few models, with a discount of up to six thousand taka in certain models. Motorola brings the latest models of all the smartphones to the match. They gave up to Tk 5000.Technoor is providing 12 percentage discounts at most.  In addition, there are special gifts with each model. A total of 10 models have been presented in the fair. In each model of the Cam series, there is a specific discount, as well as a selfie stick and water bottle. Each model of the pop series has a selfie stick and a T-shirt gift.On Thursday afternoon, the inauguration of 'Smartphone and TAB Fair 2019' was initiated by Postal and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabber. Country Manager of Samsung Bangladesh Mr. Shangwan Yun, Sales Director of Huawei Technologies Bangladesh Limited Mr. Jahangir Salahuddin Sanjee, Vice President of Bangladesh, Mr. Ayono of Oppo, Head of Retail Operations of DX Tele Limited, JM Hasan Saif, Head of Project and Operation Mr. Angus of Vivo Bangladesh, Smart Technologies (BD) Limited The Director (Telecom Business) Shakib Arafat and Muhammad Khan Expo Maker strategic planner spoke on the occasion."Brands including Samsung, Symphony, Tecno, Huawei, Nokia, Oppo, Lava, Vivo, WinMax, Lenovo, DELL, Umidigi, Solar Electro, and numerous others have affirmed their interest at the fair," Expo Maker Strategic Planner Muhammad Khan said. The brands would offer unique value cut and blessing things on the buy of items at the fair, Muhammad included. "The visitors would probably pick smart gadgets from various brands under one roof," he said.Platinum sponsors this year were Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo. Gold sponsored by DX Tel and Vivo Motorola has been sponsored by Silver. Kaspersky is the Cyber ​​Security partner and partner is an IT training institute, Eduemaker. In addition to quintal, brands have gifted gifts, gift boxes, raffle draws, and selfie competition.The entrance price for the fair was Tk 20. The money from which will be donated to the treatment of cancer patients. Also, disabled and students can get free access to ID cards.  

Extra income from telecommunication is possible without increasing the tax!

Bangladesh Mobile Phone Consumers Association has demanded withdrawal of the proposed tax in the telecom and technology sectors in the year 2015-2020.The organization claims that it is possible to make additional revenue of at least seven thousand crore rupees annually by not increasing the tax in the sector.On Saturday, the organization gave a memorandum to the Prime Minister over the withdrawal of excess tax.In the memorandum, Bangladesh Mobile Phone Association has claimed that at the marginal level, uninterrupted network and quality services will be available to the country, about six to seven thousand crore additional revenue will come. In the new tax hike proposed, the government may get revenue of three thousand crores of revenue.If the new SIM purchase increases tax and call rates, the marginal low-income people will be discouraged by taking a new connection. As a result, the government will reduce the revenue, the organization said.The organization said, currently active SIM is around 156.5 million. Smartphone Internet users are around 750 million Moreover, broadband users are about 1.25 million. Yet 45 percent of the population in the country is out of modern telecommunications services. Currently, about 6.5 percent of the total GDP is from this sector. If there is a continuation of this, revenue from this sector will be 10.75 percent of the total GDP by 2024.In the last five years, tax increases and tax rates have been increased five times in this sector. The organization has requested the government not to increase the corporate tax on the operators rather than earn 12 thousand crore rupees before the government. At the same time, the operators will be able to build a good network system across the country so that their issue is also requested to see the government in that memorandum.

ADB Will Help in Creating Innovation Ecosystem

Asian Development Bank (ADB) will assist Bangladesh with innovation ecosystem in Digital Economy and IT sector. Country Director of Asian Development Bank, Manmohan Prakash, in the ICT Tower held a gathering with State Minister of Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak. He communicated this to the journalists. Among others, Gobind Bar, Team Leader of External Relations Division of ADB, senior pioneers of the Department of Information and Communication Technology, Parthapratim Deb, Executive Director of Bangladesh Computer Council including different individuals, were available. In the gathering, point by point exchanges have been taken to set up the task for creating ecosystems in the ICT segment, carrying occupations to the adolescent just as bringing taxpayer driven organizations to the equivalent computerized stage and supporting ADB in ICT part, including Hi-tech Park.

The Prospectus of Freelancing in Bangladesh: Shaping Digital Economy

Due to the advancement of rapid digitalization, Bangladesh like other developing countries put emphasis on being more concentrate about digital economy: a global market for digital outsourcing.When we talk about the digital aspect of a country, the first and foremost thing to look at is how the industry is shaping with its innovation and how it fuels domestic job opportunities. The unique age demography of Bangladesh, coupled with the low-cost work force and Government's Incentive for the IT service sector, makes Bangladesh a major player at the global service outsourcing market. Numerous huge enterprises in created countries like the US, UK and Australia are diverting to IT outsourcing from nations including Bangladesh, prompting an ongoing blast in outsourcing.Outsourcing businesses may be classified into major two categories, one is service, and another one is through product support though this also has a bit similarity with services. Services include information outsourcing, call center services, financial/accounting information outsourcing using IT, procurement outsourcing, data center outsourcing, research, marketing and human resources marketing. This has generated a wide range of new opportunities for people in emerging markets that did not previously exist. Bangladesh is among the top contributor country for providing outsourcing services to the rest of the world.Outsourcing offers numerous points of interest, including the opportunity to pick customers and undertakings, access to the worldwide market, and adaptability over area. In particular, specialists can stay away from the long, disappointing hours driving in rush hour gridlock in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka.With the blessing of modern web and Internet access to the most part of the country, chances and opportunities have grown much. The government has been inspiring people to get more involved in freelancing jobs than sitting idle and wasting time thinking of fewer opportunities in the competitive physical job market. Now our global stand in the IT industry beholds our quality services and expert freelancers working for a better future. Thus, Bangladesh has just turned into the second-biggest provider of online work, as indicated by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII). Around 500,000 dynamic specialists are working consistently, out of 650,000 enlisted consultants in the nation; between them they are creating $100 million every year, as indicated by the ICT Division of Bangladesh.It's possible nothing unexpected that 24% of every single online laborer live in India. With outsourcing being one of the nation's primary exports, Indian specialists discover they can be focused universally, because of their large amounts of instruction and specialized mastery. Truth be told, 55% of Indian specialists work in programming advancement or innovation. Just behind India is Bangladesh, which is home to 16% of the worldwide freelance populace. Freelancers in Bangladesh will in general work in deals and advertising support, imaginative and sight and sound, programming advancement and technology.Freelancing: A Solution to the unemploymentOne in each 10 of Bangladesh's 44 million youngsters is jobless, as indicated by research by World Vision Bangladesh. Additionally, a great many alumni who are completing their investigations at various public and private Universities in Bangladesh are neglecting to discover reasonable positions in the activity advertise every year. As a result, the rate of educated unemployment in the country is increasing exponentially. However, these young unemployed people can easily start their career by taking some IT training and freelancing online. By doing so, they not only make a living but also contribute to the economy by earning a salary in a valuable foreign currency.Bangladesh have many skilled, experienced recruiting but experiencing lack of career issue. Bangladeshi individuals are very diligent and due to lack of career issue here, it is possible to employ an Expert Developer in a relatively affordable.Suitable job for womenA great deal of women in Bangladesh, including profoundly educated women, frequently penance their professions so as to deal with their families. Outsourcing is turning into a favored profession choice for some Bangladeshi women, as it furnishes them with a chance to telecommute. Bangladeshi ladies who are hoping to remove a stage from their customary residential jobs are securing freelancing jobs to be an extraordinary arrangement. Research demonstrates that regarding the nature of the work, Bangladesh's female freelancers have begun increasing more believably than their male counterparts. Expanding women's support in outsourcing is in this manner boosting trust in the division.The Challenges of the outsourcing IndustryThere are major difficulties which must be tended to before the industry can prosper: Gartner gave Bangladesh a "poor" rating in three indispensable territories – framework, language aptitudes and information, and licensed innovation security. Poor foundation, including regular power emergencies and moderate and untrustworthy Internet associations are the most prompt issues for redistributing. Ahmadul Hoq, leader of the Bangladesh Association of Call Center and Outsourcing (BACCO) expressed that “We have told the government that we need an uninterrupted power supply and a second connection with high bandwidth, adding that progress on these issues was slow.”Government activities to build up the ICT administration division, for example, making a cutting edge park in each region, combined with the minimal effort workforce, have made Bangladesh a key player in the worldwide redistributing market. By the by, a few difficulties upset the development of this industry in Bangladesh. The nonattendance of a continuous power supply is as yet a noteworthy issue for the nation. Outsourcing work, similar to complex coding for programming improvement, requires an abnormal state of fixation, which is regularly broken by the continuous power cuts. The absence of a simple installment framework – particularly for accepting installments from remote customers – is another issue for this quickly developing industry. What's more, women’s interest in outsourcing, albeit expanding step by step, is as yet not sufficiently high.

Country's Second Space Innovation Summit on July

Bangladesh Innovation Forum and NASA Problem Solver Bangladesh is organizing the Innovation Summit again.With the help of space science and aerospace research equipment, alongside the improvement of rocket innovation, making ground stations and urging different revelations identified with this, the venue is set to sit on July 19 and 20. This summit will be held at the Independent University of Bangladesh in the capital, with two workshops in two days and 16 specialized courses in 4 sessions. Around 24 speakers from outside the nation and the nation will hold this two-day summit.There will also be an exhibition with aerospace research equipment.State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak will be the main visitor. In addition, the individual from Bangladesh University Grants Commission Professor Sajjad Hossain and Professor and Head Air Commodore of the MIST Aeronautical Department Md. Abdus Salam will be extraordinary visitors.  The initial two days of the occasion will be from 10 am to 1 pm in the first part of the day, Rocket Technology A2Z and 3 pm to 7 pm toward the evening will be Satellite Making and Communication. On the second day, from 10 am to 1 pm, there will be Robot for Space Exploration and Carrier at NASA will be from three to seven. On a primary day, a workshop will be led by 30 individuals with day-long ground station making with satellite following and picture receipt, and on the second day, a multi-day-long workshop on reenactment based rocket making. There will likewise be a selective shock in the occasion, 60 minutes in length extraordinary event to stamp the 50-year commemoration of Apollo-11 moon travel.Anyone interested in doing future work on space science and satellites can participate in this Summit.Summit convener Mahmud Musa said that there will be about 18 seminars in two days to make space science more popular among the youth and to highlight them in science, technology, mathematics and engineering. We hope our youngsters will learn more about the science of space science through this Summit and they will be able to play a role in this future.Independent University Bangladesh represents as a venue partner in the event in cooperation with Space and Rocket Center Bangladesh and IUBE EE Department.In order to participate in this event, details will be available at the following address. You can register from the link below.

Tech-enthusiast will create Remarkable Digital Bangladesh

Bangladesh certainly moving forward in the world of technology when the whole world triumphs the success in Technology. In this era of globalization, there is no alternative to using advanced technologies like progressive countries. Starting from the workplace, every step of everyday life, many big technical seminars on technology is being held at different places in the country to make informed use of the technology and its benefits.Focusing on this goal, "Creative IT Institute" organized an event name “Projuktite Dokkho Karigor Shommanona – 2019 “today in Krishibid Institute in the capital. Originally their activities were to give special honor to the government and Providing Skilled workers the opportunity to join relevant occupations.For the second time, this event was made by the Creative IT Institute. It is organized to play a positive role in creating new enthusiasm among the people who are doing well in the technology sector and those who are behind them.Creative IT has been contributing to the development of the IT industry for the past ten years. They have trained more than 30 thousand trainees. The big part of those who are now successful is mainly the freelancer, adding that many others are also working well in the country and abroad.Today, 700 technical students completed creative attachments in professional IT certification, 500 students received job placement sell opportunity to create a career in information technology. Apart from this, 52 skilled technicians have been recognized for their success as “Projuktite Dokkho Karigor Shommanona – 2019”Mr. Md. Nurul Islam Sujon, MP, Honorable Minister, Railway Ministry attended the program as the chief guest. Mr. Munir Hasan, Head of Youth Program, Prothom Alo, Mr. Syed Almas Kabir, President, Bangladesh Association of Software Sales and Service (BASIS) including political personalities, all members of Creative IT, honorable people, journalists and students were present as special guests.The minister said, "Efficient craftsmen should not have the opportunity to work but instead they should be given employment opportunities and they will also be given opportunity later". He further said, "Railway sector is not yet digitized enough, very soon IT department will be organized and there will be employment for many IT specialists, including diploma".The honored guests of the event handed over the award honors in 8 categories in the hands of 52 skilled technicians of the generation. Awards - Admissible, Top Freelancers, Women Freelancers, Employees, Entrepreneurs, Freelancer Team, Beginners Achievement and Distant Learning Award. Also the appointment letter to 500 reputable organizations.The second phase of the ceremony, Md. Kaikobad, Professor, BUET; Mr. Farhana A Rahman, Senior Vice President, BASIS; Didarul Alam, Director, BASIS and others were present. The event ended with the creative music and cultural programs organized by creative IT students.

Dr Sazzad has been appointed as UGC member

Prof Dr. Sazzad Hossain has been appointed as a full time member of University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC) on 12th june, 2019. According to UGC press release, Prof Dr. Sajjad delegated as full-time part for first time. Prior to this, he has been a professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB).Technologist Prof Dr. Sazzad Hossain was born on 16 December, 1968 in his native district Chittagong. He completed his studies from Faujdarhat Cadet College and then on Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology. He earned Bachelor's Degree from Russia's famous Moscow Technical University and Master's and PhD in Computer Science from the Portland State University, United States. His research topic is Quantum Computing.Dr. Sazzad worked as an Advisor in US IT Company ‘People and Tech’, a member of the Central Board of Institution of Engineering Bangladesh, Executive member of Bangabandhu Engineer Council, the founding organizer of Bangabandhu Memorial Institute. He has involvement in several associations including ICT Ministries and Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) of the legislature. Prof Sazzad, a known face of the media, has already gained popularity for scientifical writing.

SpaceX dispatches First Internet satellites

SpaceX on Thursday propelled a rocket containing the initial 60 satellites of its Starlink group of stars, which is expected to give web from space and would one be able to day number 12,000 satellites. One of the organization's Falcon 9 rockets took off without episode from Cape Canaveral in Florida around 10:30 pm (0230 GMT). The second phase of the rocket will start to discharge them one hour after dispatch, at an elevation of 270 miles (440 kilometers), and afterward; the satellites will go through their engines to take their places in a moderately low circle of 340 miles (550 kilometers). That is marginally higher than the International Space Station, however well beneath most of the earthly satellites, the most noteworthy of which sit in a geostationary circle of 22,400 miles (36,000 kilometers). The dispatch was initially booked for a week ago however was delayed, first because of high breezes and afterward because of the requirement for a product update. Extremely rich person Elon Musk's firm, which is driving the private space race with regards to rocket dispatches, is presently hoping to catch a lump of things to come space web advertise. The dispatch will make it an early precursor, alongside adversary One Web, a startup, however well in front of Amazon's Project Kuiper, the brainchild of Musk's space rival Jeff Bezos. Every one of the satellites weighs only 227 kilograms (500 pounds) and was worked in-house in Redmond, close Seattle. Starlink will wind up operational once 800 satellites have been actuated, which will require twelve additional dispatches.With 60 satellites ready and at 227 kilograms for every satellite, this is SpaceX's heaviest dispatch to date at around 13,620 kilograms. Furthermore, this could proclaim the beginning of a yearning dispatch program that will see many dispatches take likewise estimated bunches of Starlink satellites into space. SpaceX eventually gets ready for Starlink to give fast satellite web crosswise over Earth nonstop, even as remote as Antarctica. Presently, satellite web administrations are commonly restricted to a solitary nation, with generally low speeds and transfer speed restrains that keep the administrations from rivaling their Earth-based counterparts.

BASIS Signs MoU with IPDC

An update of comprehension (MoU) has been inked between Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) and IPDC Finance Ltd, under which IPDC will offer its vital item Joyee for ladies business visionaries of BASIS.Hon'ble Planning Minister Mr. M. A. Mannan, MP graced the event as boss visitor. Hon'ble ICT State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak, MP was available as Special Guest. Hon'ble Planning Minister Mr. M. A. Mannan, MP stated, having iftar with BASIS has given me massive joy. The premise is the APEX ICT Trade Body of the nation and working tirelessly for the advancement of Digital Bangladesh. Hon'ble ICT State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak, MP stated, ICT has turned out to be one of the central income procuring part for our nation. In 10 years fare winning has come to up to 1 Billion US Dollar. The premise is working steadily for the advancement of this part. Government is likewise giving the topmost need for the improvement of ICT part. At the program, MoU has been seared between BASIS-IPDC Finance Limited. Under this MOU, IPDC will offer key item Joyee for the ladies business person of BASIS just as Supply Chain Finance through Orjon stage to every one of the individuals from BASIS. Orjon is a complete store network financing arrangement which will give money related offices to the corporate association, smaller scale, and little ventures (MSEs) in one single chain. After the MoU marking BASIS President Syed Almas Kabir stated, the welfare of BASIS individuals is the highest need of BASIS. I trust this MoU will help BASIS individuals organizations to develop their business and have monetary profit in the meantime. Premise President additionally expressed gratitude toward in excess of 800 individuals for joining the iftar and doa mahfil. Overseeing Director and CEO of IPDC Finance Limited Mominul Islam stated, IPDC disparages coordinated effort as the new advancement. Onboarding the biggest the national exchange body for Software and IT Enabled Service industry of Bangladesh, BASIS fills us with certainty for more noteworthy statures. We are happy to be in endeavor with BASIS, on the grounds that such affiliations are the main impetus of the vision of Digital Bangladesh. At BASIS Iftar Convener of the program and Vice President (Finance), Mushfiqur Rahman gave welcome comments. Toward the end, Senior Vice President of BASIS Farhana A Rahman gave a statement of gratitude. At the program BASIS Vice President (Admin) Shoeb Ahmed Masud, Director Tamzid Siddiq Spondon, Director Didarul Alam, Director Mustafa Rafiqul Islam. Premise iftar and do mahfil pursued by marking service was likewise gone to by Rizwan Dawood Shams, DMD, and Head of Business Finance, Shah Wareef Hossain, Chief Operating Officer, Abdul Mabud Tushar, Head of Supply Chain Finance and Sajjad Hossain Chowdhury, Head of Channel Management alongside other high authorities from IPDC Finance Limited were available at the occasion. Among others, High authorities from different Govt. divisions, corporate houses, media work force's gone to the Iftar.

Worry On The Face Of Huawei Users Puts a Great Concern

A great many Huawei smartphone proprietors around the globe are abruptly keen on the exchange war among China and the U.S.An ongoing boycott by U.S. President Donald Trump implies numerous U.S. organizations can't work with the Chinese innovation monster. On Monday, there was a 90-day relief. However, from that point forward, Huawei telephones won't get a similar access to Google programming refreshes as most other significant handsets that utilization the U.S. organization's Android working framework.Huawei's telephone clients are worried since yesterday. It resembles the clients of the nation, just as the entire world. Reuters reports that numerous individuals are stressed that the worries are expanding significantly more due to not staying alert. There have been remarks from clients of a few nations. Many Huawei's clients, on edge, needed to know Reuters by means of email and others, on account of the crossing out of the agreement with Google, and they cannot utilize YouTube, Maps, and Play Store on their telephones? Or then again the telephone cannot utilize any Google administration?Reuters said Huawei had cleared the clients' issues. Google said on Sunday that they have dropped the exchange understanding between Chinese monster Huawei. Therefore, one can never again utilize Google's YouTube, Maps, Play Store, Chrome program, and different gadgets on Huawei. Thusly, the worry emerges among the clients. Luna Angelica, a London inhabitant, revealed to Reuters that she was very stunned about the issue. She purchased a Huawei P Smart Plus gadget a couple of days back. Imagine a scenario in which he needs to change the gadget once more. What he will do? Be that as it may, numerous Western countries couldn't respect Trump's choice. Their point is, on the off chance that Huawei has espied through their gadgets, at that point, it is by all accounts settled through the arrangement.Presently if Huawei cannot utilize Google's administration on the telephone, Huawei should restore the telephone and pay the cost. It likewise says numerous clients. I cherish Huawei's telephone as well. I was stunned to hear the news daily back. So what might I need to sell my telephone? I purchased the Wi-Fi only two weeks prior, said Anthony Syringa living in Nairobi. On the off chance that something happens that numerous things should not be possible, Huawei ought to supplant the telephone, he said. One of the key organizations in Huawei, which is building up a generally excellent business in the nation, is the South Asian nations, particularly India, some different nations including Kenya and Africa.Huawei has taken a great deal of command over these business sectors with low and medium-spending telephones. Market investigators trust that if such a choice is enduring, these business sectors will be influenced. Sumit, a representative, and agent from Mumbai, stated, "I have officially chosen to purchase the P30 Pro gadget going to Huawei's most recent market. Be that as it may, meanwhile, we got such news yesterday. In any case, in the event that you cannot utilize administrations like YouTube, pre-store and guide on the telephone, at that point the subject of getting it isn't raised Instead of thinking the alternative. Nonetheless, Huawei guarantees purchasers that their cell phone clients will get every one of the administrations as previously. Clients can get Google benefits regardless of whether they are available.  

Huawei's own operating system 'HongMeng'

Google's choice to incompletely cut off Huawei gadgets from its Android working framework has exhibited the Chinese tech titan with a standout amongst its most sensational difficulties yet: how to stay aware of the challenge on the off chance that it can't utilize the stage that powers almost every other cell phone on the planet?The Chinese organization has built up an exclusive OS as pressures between the organization and the US government could affect the accessibility of US-made working frameworks utilized on Huawei gadgets, Huawei's versatile boss Richard Yu Chengdong, said in a meeting with German production Die Welt."We have arranged our very own working framework. On the off chance that the facts should confirm that we can never again utilize these frameworks (like Android)... we would in this manner should be well-outfitted," Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei's Consumer Business Group, disclosed to German paper Die Welt in a meeting distributed in March. "That is our Plan B. Be that as it may; we would obviously like to cooperate with the environments given by Google and Microsoft."Huawei continues to build and maintain their HongMeng operating system since 2012, after China's software support is stopped, in new Huawei phone and EMUI will not receive updates. Even though, the Chinese company has already seen an operating system using Huawei phones, Huawei Central said.Notwithstanding, the source revealed to Huawei Central that the working framework will be made, they are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that this name will be their working framework. In any case, the working framework has ensured that its name can be such. Huawei did not remark on the issue. In any case, the facts demonstrate that Huawei has made this working framework as an option in contrast to Android. President Trump has recorded Huawei in the United States on Wednesday. At that point the exchange concurrence with Google Huawe has been dropped. Subsequently, Huawei's telephone won't be accessible on Google's Gmail, Maps, Play Store, YouTube and Chrome programs.

Samsung Unveiled A New 64-megapixel Sensor

Samsung Electronics, a world head in cutting edge semiconductor innovation, today presented two new 0.8-micrometer (μm) pixel picture sensors – the 64-megapixel (Mp) Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 and 48Mp ISOCELL Bright GM2. With the expansion, Samsung grows its 0.8μm picture sensor lineup, the littlest pixel measure at present accessible in the market, from existing 20Mp to ultra-high 64Mp goals. As of not long ago, the most extreme 48 megapixel IMX sensors have been utilized in the cell phone cameras. Sensor producer Sony, even after their brilliant days of the cell phone showcase appears to be arriving at an end, they is as yet the best making a camera sensor. The remainder of their sensors are utilized by the remainder of the cell phone producer organizations. Then again, Samsung utilized its very own camera sensor. As of late they propelled a brand called ISO cell. They have begun advertising camera sensors with the name of this brand. 68 megapixel ISAEL Bright ZW 1 sensor uses an innovation named Samsung Tetra cell .With this innovation 4 pixels will make a square. Subsequently, 12-megapixel brilliant photographs can be taken in low light. Be that as it may, if there is adequate lighting, the whole 64-megapixel photograph can be taken. Samsung has utilized the ISO cell Bright GM2 sensor for 48 megapixels. Following a couple of months, Galaxy Note 10 will come. It tends to be utilized in 48 megapixel sensors.

Systech launched Country's first complete Smart Office

Systech Digital has started as a full-fledged smart office. On Tuesday afternoon, the Smart Office was inaugurated by Karwan Bazar's Software Technology Park, Postal, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabber. In this regard, he said that this kind of workshop improves the working environment of Systech as well as overall quality, skill, talent And will play a positive role in increasing morale Office of the Light, AC, Desk, Vanishing Blind, Screen, and various types of equipment can be controlled by using the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and service in the office. M Rashidul Hasan, Managing Director of Systech said, in a developing country like Bangladesh, We are glad to introduce the kind of smart office service.Throughout a year, some foreign memories Systech has been providing software and technology services from Bangladesh to the production company. In continuation of these companies, the company is going to launch a complete Smart Office automation service in Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, and Japan in combination with local software and technology. The chairman of Systech Digital Nahid Mowla Mouri, Managing Director of Bangladesh Hi-tech Park Authority, Hossain Ara Begum, NDC, Hi-Tech Park director, Shafiqul Islam, general secretary of Witsar James H. Former President of Pseudent, Associo, Abdullah H Kafi, founder president of BASIS, A Touhid, current president Syed Almas Kabir, BCS president Shahid ul Monir, Bakkow president Wahidur Rahman Sharif, general secretary Towhid Hossain, managing director of the update, TIM Nurul Kabir and many others were present.

Rezistro in the National Domain and Web Hosting Conference

 The National Domain and Web Hosting Conference is being held at UTC Bhaban in Karwan Bazar on April 27 for the first time. Organizations of the country's domain and hosting sector are taking part in the conference organized by the Bangladesh Domain Hosting Providers Association (BDHPA). The country's first Icon approved domain registrar Rezistro ( will be Platinum Sponsor at the conference.Organizers said that in a conference on a day-to-day basis, domain hosting-related information will be available. There will be pavilions of different organizations in the summit. Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) President Almas Kabir will be present as the Guest. President of BDHPA Shahadat Hossain Bhuiyan will preside over. This will be an important person in the public and private organizations of the country and renowned and leading technology professionals of the country will be present. Several seminars will be held on various aspects of the domain and web hosting industry such as prospects and problems, markets, occupations, etc. About 30 organizations participated in the summit.Registrar Managing Director Mohammad Mehedi Hassan said that the present situation and possibilities of this sector will be highlighted at the conference organized for the first time in the country with the organizations and domain of the hosting sector. 'Rezistro' is taking part as well. The registrar will have a separate session at the Summit.  

GRP software will ensure transparency and accountability

Postal, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar inaugurated a day-long review workshop organized by the Bangladesh Computer Council's conference room at Agargaon, Dhaka.He said that Software Requirement Specification (SRS) has been prepared by analyzing the details according to the needs of all stakeholders to create procurement and asset management Modules as a part of GRP (Government Resource Planning) software to ensure the transparency and accountability of the government.With the development of two modules, it can be easily done by coordinating with e-GP, and all the purchases can be done easily and the efficiency of proper use and procurement of the purchased assets will increase.The Minister also said that with the help of the entire local technicians, the government of Bangladesh has made a huge task of creating a GRP system for the use of different ministries, divisions, offices of the Government of Bangladesh and a big challenge, with all sincere efforts, urged all concerned to expedite its development activities.Presided over by Executive Director of Bangladesh Computer Council Parthapratim Dev, the workshop was attended by Secretary of the Department of Information and Communication Technology NM Ziaul Alam, various departments, head of the organization, stakeholders of the project, representatives of BUET's designated consultancy team and Synesis IT. Workshop conducts and welcomed the project director Dr. Ashok Kumar Roy. The 48 participants of different ministries, divisions and organizations participated in the workshop. Under Bangladesh e-Governance ERP Pilot Project, a total of nine modules are being developed for the six organizations of ICT Division and four agencies of the Planning Ministry. Later this GRP will be implemented in all the ministries, divisions and organizations of Bangladesh.

Are Smartphone Camera Really of 100 megapixel?

Smartphone cameras are expanding step by step. Presently more megapixel camera talks about. One of the top organizations, for example, Apple, Samsung and Google, have 12 megapixels stuck on cell phones. Then again, a few organizations are pushing ahead consistently. From 12 to 20, 20 to 48. As of late, it was reported that 100 megapixel camera will come in the cell phone! It resembles getting a ton of fun. In any case, the inquiry is, is the 100 megapixel camera conceivable on the cell phone? After the introduction of the smartphone, there has been an enduring improvement. From the system, to the structure, the smartphone is currently at a perfect stage. It is practically difficult to roll out any improvements in the current smartphone system. Thus, these days, cell phones need to consider this structure just before advancement. The thickness of the cell phone is ending up more fundamentally contradictory to give better cameras. Since, subsequent to setting up a 12 megapixel camera, the telephone is seen behind the gigantic camera knock. So it is expected that the 100-megapixel camera will make an enormous knock, which is non-noticeable and undesirable. All in all, is 100 megapixels false? Cell phone cameras may most likely 100 megapixels if the sensor is decreased to pixels. This technology is called pixel authoritative. In this innovation, the camera sensor utilized few pixels without utilizing extensive pixels. To set up a 100-megapixel camera, you have to diminish the span of pixels to 0.3 or 0.4 microns. Compact, Apple, Samsung and Google's camera sensor utilize 1.4 micron-estimate pixels. That implies, 100 megapixel pixels of pixel bowing innovation on paper, regardless of whether it is conceivable to catch the iPhone, Google pixel or Samsung Galaxy X Ten with an exactness of 12 megapixels.

Healthcare App 'Hello Doctor Asia'

Hello Doctor Dot Asia, propelled online social insurance application. Their application has been named 'Hello Doctor Asia'. The patients can give video consultancy, visit consultancy, online medicine with specialists, through specialists. 'Hello Doctor Asia' clients can organize the administrations and prescriptions for specialists and other health doctors in Dhaka. The versatile application for the supply of items is Health E-Commerce, whose items will be provided across the country. At present, around 100 specialists are associated with giving on the web human services in versatile applications. The organization has contacts with around 70 particular emergency clinics in Bangladesh and India. They will before long be related with Singapore and Thailand medical clinics. Subsequently, 'Hi Doctor Asia' will be accessible in the versatile use of the extraordinary health bundle.

ASP.NET - The Next Big Thing

Future is changing and growing day by day, technologies will keep arising with time and people have to get along with the latest trend of technology on a regular basis which is not limited to PHP. Microsoft ASP.NET will remain the hottest technology for development for the upcoming years. This system has been used for over 15 years by developers who have constructed many-a-basic venture applications which is still keep running an older version of the framework and windows servers which are getting to be out of date as time passes.Active Server Pages (also known as ASP or classic ASP) is Microsoft’s first server-side script engine that enabled dynamically-generated web pages. C# and VB Dot Net are the two famous languages which form Dot Net or .NET. This platform is the basis for starting the career of .NET Developers and both the languages has similar functions and the developers can choose the most ideal one. The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site is a web development platform provided by Microsoft. .NET is utilized for making web-based applications. The desktop and online applications help a large portion of the customers who lean towards a web-based application for simple organization, scaling, and building. The greater part of the .NET applications can be joined with the Microsoft SQL Server Database.There goes a quote “A programmer must adopt and adopt” which probably suits best when it comes to .NET system. Developers have plenty of options to explore in .NET. For example, MVC6, EF6, Xamarin, MONO is introduced. Furthermore, MVC and most part of .NET technologies are opensource means platform independent. In fact mobile Development is also available in .NET. Moreover this server-side programming language is perfect with other .NET dialects, for example, C#, VB .NET Shop, J# and that's only the tip of the iceberg. It offers the authorized technology backing to the development network and makes life simple for an ASP.NET developer. ASP.NET developers are looked for after and improving in the wake of having perfect observing and extended contribution in web development campaign. As Net vernaculars, developers work with various gadgets and they think dynamically reasonable and prepared to grasp any programming framework devices immediately.Today, ASP.NET is a standout amongst the most driving web application development frameworks and which are phenomenally used to make dynamic websites. ASP .NET engineers are in demand and showing signs of improvement in the wake of having immaculate checking and expanded experience in web development campaign. Developers works with different tools and they can embrace any programming system apparatuses right away. It is a generally used as programming system for creating uses of big business level. ASP.NET technology offers limitless points of interest to the engineers and organizations like memory management, security, and adaptability. Taking a gander at all the advantages ASP.NET structure offers, it has turned into a favored decision for engineers to make cutting edge sites and applications. With .NET preparing, it is conceivable to develop the limits of achieving higher statures of your career.

Galaxy Fold Samsung New Revolution

This year, the mobile tech network is preparing itself for a huge convergence of collapsing cell phones, and the first significant release will be the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The folding smartphone has still not been used widely, but this has not stopped one person from seeing, using, and filming the device. The Galaxy Fold will go marked down in the US on April 26, with preorders beginning April 15, and reservations starting on April 12.The Samsung Galaxy S10-Series has been launched at an event in San Francisco on Wednesday, before MWC 2019 next week. As a large rumor, South Korean consumer electronics giants have launched three models – Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e, with all “Hole-Punch” Self cameras. Landing adjacent a trio of new Galaxy S10 handsets, the Fold apparently stole the show as Samsung paraded the twofold screen, versatile presentation toting handset all of a sudden very first time.Display:The Samsung Galaxy Fold mobile has a 7.3" Secondary External Display 4.58" when it get folded, and has a screen resolution of 1536 x 2152 pixels with pixel thickness 414ppi and 16:10 viewpoint proportion. It keeps running on Android 9.0 (Pie) working framework with screen insurance of Corning Gorilla Glass.Processor:The Samsung Galaxy Fold has Snapdragon 855 Chipset, CPU - Octa Core ( 1×2.84 GHz Kryo 485, 3×2.42 GHz Kryo 485, 4×1.8 GHz Kryo 485 ) and it has 4GB of RAM. Discussing battery limit this gadget will highlight two batteries of 3000 mAh each, implies aggregate of 6000 mAh Li-particle. What's more, it does bolster quick charging; it has USB Type-C Port, 1.0 Reversible connector.Graphics:The phone Samsung Galaxy Fold Adreno 640 according to spills by the sources. The Adreno 640 chipset will build the execution of the gadget without question. This will help gaming Performance as well. On board, it has 8GB Ram and capacity of 512GB. Expandable up to 512GB.Camera:Samsung has placed six cameras around the Galaxy Fold: three in the back, two on the inside and one on the cover. These are the same sensors we see on the Galaxy S10 phones (the Galaxy S10 5G has six as well, in a slightly different configuration). But it's clear which are for selfies and which for taking portraits, landscapes, food shots and everything else.The other features which depict an overview of the amazing feature of Samsung Galaxy Fold are briefly mentioned below.The device has two display size options.There are two display sizes built into the one device.Samsung uses their HD+ Super Amoled (active matrix light emitting diode)The cover display is an HD+ Super Amoled and measuring 4.6″ while folded.The device has 12GB of RAM with 512GB of internal storage, and does not offer a microSD slot for external storage The Fold is powered by a 4,380mAh Li-po (lithium polymer) battery, with an 18W fast-charge.Samsung exhibited an assortment of applications running in this mode, and the changing from telephone to tablet and the other way around. It looks somewhat smooth in the product at this moment, yet most would agree that the Galaxy Fold looks obviously better when it's folded out than being utilized as a customary telephone. The phone display is obviously intended to be utilized with one hand; however, it's flanked by substantial bezels that aren't found on the tablet mode

Engr Abubokor hanip a Magic Man - Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen

Engr. Abubokor Hanip, Founder & CEO of PeopleNTech is one of the incredible symbol in IT area who plans to create Bangladeshi adolescents in education and ability making them one day they can get the North American technology advertise. Through his constant exertion, the organization has given work to around 6,000 students, no less than 4 thousand are of Bangladeshi origin. PeopleNTech consistently offers grants to commendable students. In this continuation, the declaration of the biggest number of scholarship of the association has been reported to enable an ever increasing number of Bangladeshi students to work in the immense and enormous business of American and Canadian technology.Recently, Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen has inaugurated PeopleNTech Astoria campus in New York and conveyed the gratitude of Government of Bangladesh for the humanitarian assistance provided by PeopleNTech. In the opening session of the new branch of PeopleNTech, he showed satisfaction by expressing his overwhelm and gratitude towards PeopleNTech authorities for creating a hands on training for people who are dedicated to learn. He is very impressed to see such event taken by Abubokor Hanip that allows students or people with limited knowledge can eventually make a handsome salary with a particular skillset. The minister also greatly appreciate every plan, orientation, steps taken sector, management. Regardless his observation, the minister is very aware of the Abubokor Hanip’s contribution towards creating mass skilled people and providing job opportunities. As such The Minister has declared Engr. Abubokor hanip a Magic Man for providing job more than 6000 jobs to underpaid job holders. Students also will be able to take advantage of high-paying jobs in mainstream technology work-market in USA without any cost or at low cost.  

Why Software Testing or QA is a Good Career Option?

Today it is elusive for an individual who has never utilized software. A large portion of us do it all the time at work and for stimulation. Notwithstanding, the majority of individuals think minimal about the procedure of software elaboration. Software Testing is a procedure of testifying a computer program to choose in the event that it meets the predefined requirements and produces the ideal outcome or not. Along these lines, as it were Software tester needs to distinguish bugs in programming ventures. It is dispensable to give a quality product with no bug or issue. With the development in IT and Software, interest for programming analyzers has expanded the world over. To keep pace with the world, it requires the mentality to acknowledge any circumstance since programming testing is a moving field where one needs to keep himself refreshed on new regions of testing, advancements, ceaselessly take a shot at their venture the board and initiative abilities. In any case, being a tester is the greater part of the occasions pleasant, especially when one carrying web testing. A significant number of us are habituated to a few or the other application and we do value getting complicated in such applications. Its somewhat not the same as what individuals consider software engineers, i.e., developers. It likewise offers great bundles gave you are keen on testing. It is simpler to switch utilizing manual testing profile than other development and bolster profile.A Software Testing profession includes moving in the direction of the assurance of software quality. Over 40% of the time and exertion of software development is spent on different types of testing including different people like designers, analyzers, clients, and so on. Testers need to guarantee that software works as expected (meets expressed or proposed prerequisites) and furthermore guarantee that there are no unintended outcomes of usage of the software. For instance, when testing web-based financial programming, the analyzer needs to guarantee that the product enables you to check your record, exchange cash, and so forth which are the expressed client prerequisites. Furthermore, the tester needs to guarantee that the product is easy to use and does not befuddle the client, is secure and can't be hacked into and performs well under strain when a huge number of individuals check their records in the meantime. Now the question arises why should you choose your career as a software Tester? Considering the scope of improvement and opportunities in this field, there are plenty of reason to consider. Few of them are listed as follows-Performance Testing: It is required to testify the applications ability to cope up with enormous amount of traffic attack. Additionally, Production environment faces a lot of real time internet traffic. Eventually, Race condition, Performance tracing, deadlock in a Quality Assurance environment can’t be encountered most of the time. Thankfully, The best part is there are tools for handling that issues.Usability Testing:   It is the testing of a site or an application for its convenience. By ease of use, one may mistake it for an 'ease of use' of any website or product, however, it's not restricted to simply that. Usability testing is profoundly worried about client fulfillment, regardless of the item necessities, designing utilized, and different elements considered while building a particular item.Automation Testing: In a project where the content is extensive and the testing stage keeps running for a significantly long time, automation testing is the ideal decision since It decreases the number of assets required. Various sorts of comparable experiment situations can be executed at the same time with a solitary content. For a huge undertaking, the evaluated spending plan is sufficiently adequate to manage the cost of the setup and upkeep of a computerized testing device.Website Automated Testing: It is a process involving automated tools to perform testing on a website for evaluating the website’s efficiency. Website testing automation helps in delivering your product with consistency to the end user, by well organizing the workflow. There are also lots of other scopes not limited to such as API Performance Testing, Accessibility Testing, Geo-location Testing through VPN, Real Time Scenarios for Geo-location Testing, Cross Browser Testing etc.

Future of Big Data-The next big thing

The ascent of technology paved the way for other advances consistently. Where there is by all accounts a need to rise above manual protocols, technology has dependably stepped up towards turning these strategies into a useful arrangement of analytics and programs that address precisely its interest. In this manner with the rise of technology came big data.Big data is often referred to huge chunk of data which can’t be mined or processed for information only by using traditional data analysis application tools, traditional database, limited machine and common software technology since data cannot fit into this system.  It can even pose an issue when the data moves too fast or exceeds the current processing capacity.Horizontally as any technology, Big data is evolving and will continue to grow every year. Without colossal data examination, industries are outwardly weakened and nearly deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway. Enormous information, obviously, consequently has caught board rooms today. Data are transforming into the new unrefined material of business. With everybody gunning for changing data into bits of knowledge that will impact them to win, the world wildly needs data science wizzes in mind boggling numbers.The following are a few realities demonstrating the demand of Big Data Industry:Huge demand for Analytics professionals: With being an expert in data analysis, data is literally useless. The number of job postings identified with Analytics is in fact and bones have increased generously throughout the most recent years. This apparent surge is because of the increasing number of organizations implementing Big data and along these lines look for an expert in data analysis.Enormous Job Opportunity: There is a huge deficit on the supply side happening around the world. Despite Big Data Analytics being HOT job, there is an enormous number of unfilled jobs across the world due to shortage of required skills.Salary Aspects: According to the 2015 Skills and Salary Survey Report published by the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA), the annual median salary for data analysts is $130,000, The average annual salary in United Kingdom is £66,250-£66,750 according to IT Jobs Watch & average annual salary for Hadoop jobs ranges between $92,512 to $102,679 for Hadoop developer, as per Indeed. In India, the average Hadoop Developer salary ranges from Rs. 4, 05,880 to Rs. 5,825,000 based on your experience, as reported by Pay Scale. The average salary for Hadoop & Java Developer in TCS, India is ₹677k – ₹738k, according to Glassdoor. Similarly, the average yearly salary for Spark-related jobs is $92,512, as per Indeed. The average annual salary according to IT Jobs Watch, for Apache Spark Developer jobs in UK is £71,250.Adoption of Big data Analytics is Fast-growing: New technology is currently making it simpler to perform progressively modern information investigation on vast and differing datasets. With regards to Big Data Analytics tools, the selection of Apache Hadoop structure keeps on being the popular choice. There are different business and open-source systems to look over and associations are settling on the fitting decision dependent on their necessity.The Rise of Unstructured and Semi structured Data Analytics: with regards to unstructured and semi-structured data analysis, 84% of the respondents of a specific overview have referenced that the association they work for are of now handling and breaking down unstructured information sources, including weblogs, web-based social networking, email, photographs, and video.Numerous Job Choice to Choose for: Big Data Analytics career is deep and one can choose from the 3 types of data analytics depending on the Big Data environment.-   Prescriptive Analytics -   Predictive Analytics -   Descriptive AnalyticsThere are numerous job titles for one to choose from.·         Big Data Analytics Business Consultant·         Big Data Analytics Architect·         Big Data Engineer·         Big Data Solution Architect·         Big Data Analyst·         Analytics Associate·         Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant·         Metrics and Analytics SpecialistAccording to industry leader Mckinsey-There will be a huge shortage of 1500000 Big Data professionals by the end of 2018. The worldwide market for Big Data is probably going to develop at a quick rate in the following couple of years. At present, the market is divided in nature and is probably going to observe a significant ascent in the dimension of rivalry in a coming couple of years.

Web designing and their role in the future of content marketing

In today’s age, a large portion of Business, organization, peoples need an innovative website to improve their business, revenues and engage with the clients. With the blasting IT industry globally, the web has develop as a standout amongst the most crucial methodology of verbal trade these days and websites are the life savers of the internet. So career scope in web structuring is splendid and professional possibilities are appropriate. With the inescapable need of sites for any association or business venture, the chase for effective website specialists, who can make proficient sites, is regularly convincing. Website designing is a lucrative, vibrant and dynamic profession on its own. Due to this nature and developing business sector demand it needs to continually redesign itself to catch the hearts of prospects. Disregarding including new stages springing up consistently, encouraging consistent web design for the non-website specialist, there is still expectation and a splendid future for the website composition industry. To simply put, a Web Designer makes user-friendly and aesthetically satisfying websites that assistance illuminates intent. It is customary and to some point necessary for a business, organization or association to have their website. What's more, new organizations open up regular. In this way, it is sheltered to state that the career openings are tremendous.Nowadays the direction of web design is changing. It’s not just design & styling something to make it look good; it’s about the bigger picture. Designers can’t just take their knowledge of print design and apply it to the web. The career path for web design field can be as follows:Front end developerUX DesignerUI Developer/ Visual DesignerWeb DevelopmentGraphics DesignAngular DeveloperReactJS Developer JavaScript DeveloperMoving on to the description mostly the skills required will be HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Advance JavaScript, Angular JS/2/4/5, Nodejs, ReactJS.The inventive opportunity we have with the each time increasingly better approaches for getting things done. We can now do much more in less time, and choosing between lots of different tools. And it seems that we will keep pushing the boundary in the future. We would now be able to do significantly more in less time, and picking between varieties of devices. What's more, it appears that we will continue pushing the limit later on.Web achieving new places, and ending up progressively open. A few laws are as yet ceasing the web to turn into an open-source library with the entire world's substance. A few people don't have the economy to purchase gadgets and access the web. However, in view of the very idea of the web, this will change later on certainly.

Charge against Facebook and YouTube regarding Christchurch

On March 15, a group representing France's Muslims filed a lawsuit against Facebook on Facebook and YouTube in a protest against the spread of Christchurch in New Zealand.On 15 March, two mosques fired in New Zealand, killing 50 people and at the same time live streamed for 17 minutes on Facebook, and without any delay the video was shared over to social media sites across the Internet and YouTube.The French Council of Muslim Fight (CFCM) submitted legal papers against two technology companies in response to the spread of the video contained in the terrorist attack of Christchurch city on the basis of the spread in the social platform. They say, companies promote terrorism and promote such things that harm human dignity. There was no immediate comment from the companies.CFCM president Ahmed Vargas told CNN that taking the legal process against Facebook for not restricting the rapid spread of video.CfcM Islam phobia Observatory Unit President Abdullah Zakri said the agency has submitted formal legal complaint against Facebook and YouTube in France.According to the Facebook authorities, they have removed hundreds of copies of the video from their platform. However, video footage is available for several hours after Facebook, Twitter, Instagram WhatsApp and Utu attacks.A spokesman for the Federation of Islamic Association of New Zealand (FINZ) Federation welcomes the French party's activities. He said his organization had planned to contact Facebook to register their complaints, but they were still busy after the attack, hence they could not file a case.A statement published on the Facebook website said that nearly 15 million shared videos were removed from the video of the attack within the first 24 hours. Nearly 12 blocked video uploads, which means that Facebook users cannot see it. However, Facebook authorities failed to say the amount of viewers for the rest of the 3 million views of the content.A Facebook spokesman told the BBC, "Facebook is not a place of bad activity and hate speech by a terrorist. We have compassion for the families of the victims and the families affected by this tragedy. Immediately after the attack, we quickly took the initiative to remove the video from our platform. Besides, we are cooperating with the authorities. " One has been charged with a count of murder in Christchurch shooting and will appear in court on April 5.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina launched Bangladesh Post Office’s digital service

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina launched Bangladesh Post Office’s digital service “Nagad” for initiating legitimate privileges of financial transactions of the grassroots banking service among the denied people.She inaugurated this service on Ganabhaban Tuesday afternoon, started by the Bangladesh Post office in order to reach the digital financial services to common people, particularly those deprived of the banking services. The service is an all-inclusive digital financial service and it will be able to provide faster service through different channels and computerized systems. This service will allow individuals to make budgetary exchanges rapidly and securely at low cost.

Mustafa Jabbar: Bangladesh amazes world in mobile financing

The Digital KYC Registration has been introduced to ensure a hassle-free process for the customersPosts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar has said Bangladesh has conquered a position in mobile financial service (MFS), amazing the rest of the world.“Using the (MFS) platform, on an average of Tk1,024 crore is being transacted without any paper and it is the outcome of ‘Digital Bangladesh’ foresighted campaign by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,” he said.The minister passed the remarks while introducing the country’s first ever digital KYC (Know your customer) Registration process of the digital financial service provider Nagad of Bangladesh Post Office in a city hotel on Saturday.Jabbar said open market economy needs dynamism for competition and Nagad of Bangladesh Post Office would expedite this dynamism to the mobile financial market.Noting that the countries which emerged through the three industrial revolutions successfully, they also have a look at Bangladesh, the minister said: “None could stop Bangladesh’s journey becoming one of the best countries if our people could be able to adopt the transformation of technology.”Posts and Telecommunications Division Secretary Ashoke Kumar Biswas, Director General of Bangladesh Post Office Sushanta Kumar Mandal and Nagad’s Managing Director Tanvir A Mishuk also spoke on the occasion.Sushanta Kumar Mandal said “We have the experiences of more than a hundred years in managing financial transactions, and through our nationwide network of 9,886 post offices and its employees, Bangladesh Postal Division is well equipped in tackling any irregularity in this digital financial sector with speed and efficiency.”Tanvir A Mishuk said “The main objective of Nagad is to provide the people of Bangladesh who are currently outside the financial inclusion with financial freedom. And in the essence of freedom we are providing these ground-breaking services.”The Digital KYC Registration has been introduced to ensure a hassle-free process for the customers. It will also ensure that there will be no chance of duplication and fraud.To complete this process, customers are required to bring their national ID card and registered mobile phones. Pictures of the customer and the ID will be taken immediately and cross-matched with the Election Commission Database in real time through artificial intelligence.The respective field of the KYC form will be filled up by automated scanning process extracting information for the NID. The whole process will be concluded within less than 30 seconds per customer.The Nagad smartphone app is available only in the android platform for the time being. This light weight and easy to use application were previously available as a beta version and had been downloaded by more than 50,000 users.

Application deadline extended for the startup world cup 2019

“eGeneration presents Startup World Cup 2019, Bangladesh” is indeed a great open door for those Entrepreneurs who want to represent their associations to the world stage. This event is firmly co-organized by the Bangladesh Innovation Forum (BIF) and cooperated by Fenox Venture Capital, one of the top investment capital firms. Regional competition will be held on April 6th, 2019, to choose the topmost startup. The past due date for the application which was March 20 now has been extended and will be acknowledged till March 25th.Interested Candidates can partake to this competition by the following link: proclaim that, out of the blue this year, one Bangladeshi technology startup will get the chance to represent Bangladesh and contend in Startup World Cup Grand finale, held in Silicon Valley. The victor will be given 1 million dollars as a venture for the startup. Hence, the regional competition will be arranged in Bangladesh to elect that startup.10 of the best startups in Bangladesh will be welcomed for the finale to pitch for the chance to compete for the Startup World Cup competition, occurring on April 6th, 2019. A portion of the judges incorporate Dr. Anis Uzzaman, Co-founder and Chief Executive, Fenox Venture Capital; Shameem Ahsan, General Partner, Fenox Venture Capital, Sonia Bashir Kabir, Managing Director for Microsoft Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan and Laos; Mustafizur R Khan, Founder and CEO, Startup Dhaka; and Minhaz Anwar, Head of Accelerator, GP Accelerator.