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Start Income using ChatGpt

As an AI language model, ChatGPT is not designed to help people earn money directly. However, there are several ways you can use ChatGPT to learn new skills or gain knowledge that may help you earn money in the future.For example, you can use ChatGPT to:Learn about new industries or fields: By asking questions about specific industries or topics, ChatGPT can provide you with information that can help you identify new opportunities for earning money.Improve your communication skills: ChatGPT can help you practice communicating effectively in different contexts, which can be useful in various professions such as sales or customer service.Get feedback on your ideas: ChatGPT can provide you with unbiased feedback on your ideas, which can help you refine them and make them more marketable.Learn new technical skills: ChatGPT can provide you with information and resources to learn new technical skills that may be in high demand in the job market.Develop your creativity: ChatGPT can help you generate new ideas and stimulate your creativity, which can be useful in various professions such as marketing, advertising, and content creation.Overall, while ChatGPT itself cannot help you earn money directly, it can provide you with valuable information and resources that can help you develop skills, gain knowledge, and identify new opportunities for earning money in the future.

Top 05 IT Profitable businesses for 23

There are many profitable IT businesses right now, and the best one for you will depend on your skills, interests, and resources. Here are some of the most lucrative IT businesses at the moment:Cybersecurity services: With the increasing frequency of cyber-attacks, businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to protect their data and systems. Offering cybersecurity services, including threat assessments, security audits, and incident response planning, can be a profitable business opportunity.Cloud computing solutions: Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular, and businesses need help with migration, integration, and management of cloud solutions. Offering cloud computing services, including consulting, migration, and management, can be a profitable IT business.Artificial intelligence and machine learning: AI and machine learning are transforming many industries, and businesses are looking for ways to leverage these technologies. Offering AI and machine learning consulting services, including data analysis, model development, and implementation, can be a profitable business.Mobile app development: With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, businesses need mobile apps to engage with customers and streamline operations. Offering mobile app development services, including design, development, and testing, can be a profitable IT business.E-commerce solutions: With the growth of online shopping, businesses need e-commerce solutions to sell their products and services online. Offering e-commerce development and management services, including website design, shopping cart integration, and payment gateway integration, can be a profitable business opportunity.Overall, there are many profitable IT businesses right now, and the key to success is finding a niche that matches your skills and interests and that meets the needs of the market.

Top YouTube channels for kids to learn coding

In addition to giving users the ability to watch videos based on their own tastes and interests, YouTube's open platform also allows content creators to express their creativity and produce videos that are especially tailored to their target audiences. Additionally, many instructive YouTube videos make studying programming and coding seem like pleasant and intriguing activities. Kids will have a blast learning to code. Additionally, some internet games serve a similar purpose to the instructive films on YouTube. The top 10 online coding games for kids are listed below. Not all of the YouTube videos available are suitable for children to view. But take into account how much time our kids spend each day on YouTube. We absolutely want to make use of the platform and use video material to teach STEAM to our kids. Thankfully, there are many of these tools available online.  OpenlabOpenlab is the place to go if your child enjoys programming robots or has shown a lot of interest in educational robotics. The creative coding-robot projects are showcased in Openlab, which was developed and is funded by Make block. This is the channel you want if you own any Makeblock products, such mBot and Codey Rocky! The Coding TrainDaniel Shiffman, the broadcaster, uses humorous animated YouTube videos to instruct young kids in coding. From the fundamentals of programming languages like JavaScript (with p5.js) and Java (with Processing) to generative methods like data visualization, he covers a wide range of subjects in his videos. STEMcodingThe STEM coding project, which aims to integrate coding into high school physics, chemistry, and arithmetic, is said to be the subject of the channel. To comprehend the video material, you do need to know a little bit about coding. Code.orgBy offering free coding tutorial videos, our channel is committed to promoting computer programming. You may always find a course here that is appropriate for you to start with, regardless of your coding background or experience. STEMpediaThis channel tackles everything related to science, technology, and math in a very interesting way. The lessons in the STEMpedia library include a wide range of topics, from building easy physical robots to programming video games. The majority of tasks can be finished quickly and easily with supplies you may find around your house. This is a highly well-liked tech channel for kids since the coding courses are intended to assist youngsters develop innovative and engaging concepts. Hopscotch: Creative CodingChildren may create, develop, and collaborate with other creators using the iOS app Hopscotch. Users may get a number of entertaining lessons by visiting the Hopscotch YouTube channel. There is no shortage of material that can be produced with Hopscotch, and this platform quickly introduces students to coding and the creation of excellent apps. Similarly like the above-mentioned YouTube channels, iTesseract Technologies Ltd. have their own YouTube channel where we teach programming, Robotics to kids with STEM and Gamification. We have reached many kids, many views on our YouTube channel. We have introductory to advanced level of teaching courses like -Computer Programming Fundamental, Mobile Application & Website Development, Robotics & Embedded System.  Python Programming & Data Science, IoT & Data Science, AI & Robotics Vision.

How to delete Google account

You may not be using the old account. Have a new Google Account. Account hacked? Such incidents can happen. To avoid such hassles, many people want to delete the Google account. Today I will tell you how to delete Google account - 1. Open in your web browser. 2. Click on “Data & personalization” in the left side menu. 3. Scroll down until you see the "Download, delete, or make a plan for your data" option. 4. Then click on "Delete a service or your account". 5. Click "Delete your Google Account". You will then be asked to enter your Google Account password and then you will be able to delete your Google Account for sure.

Gmail accounts that will be closed in 2021

In 2021, users are facing several new rules of Google. These include taking advantage of free photos on Google Photos, and even shutting down inactive accounts.Under the new policy, all accounts that have been inactive for more than two years will be completely deleted. This rule is going to be effective from June 1 next year.However, before this rule comes into force, Google will send a warning to every account holder via e-mail.Google recently announced that users will no longer be able to use Google Photos for free. Account holders who have not used Gmail, Google Drive, Documents, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms and Jamboard Files for more than two years will have their accounts deleted.However, inactive account holders have been assured by the tech giant to deliver all important information about their accounts to trusted contacts. If the user's account is inactive for a period of 3 to 18 months.However, users have nothing to worry about. All you can do now is connect to your mobile, laptop or desktop net and log in to Gmail regularly. If possible, delete unnecessary media and files. This will create space in your account. And it will be active regularly. As a result, the account can be saved from being deleted.

Send money to the wrong account? Here's how you can get money back!

A lot of the time money inadvertently goes to the wrong number in financial transactions in development. This mistake is made by making financial transactions from one place to another quickly through mobile number. Many people lose money due to this problem. So let's know what to do to get the money back if such a mistake is made.Don't call the recipient immediately if the money goes to the wrong number at first. Because when money goes to another number by mistake, very few people have the mentality to return it. So if he withdraws the money, the victim will have nothing to do.For that, if money is accidentally sent to any number from the account, it is wise to first go to the nearest police station and make a GD with the transaction number and contact the bKash / Rocket / Cash office with the GD copy as soon as possible.Because as soon as the complaint is made, the officials of the institutions check the GD copy and the message.After that, when the money is forgotten, the account of that person is temporarily locked. So that he cannot raise any money.Immediately after that, the concerned officials tried to contact the person on the phone. If the recipient confirms the truth of the incident over the phone and says that the money is not his, then Bikash transfers the money from the office to the specific person.And if the person claims to have his own money, then the authorities instruct him to come to the office with the proof within 7 working days and fix the account. If the person does not come within the next 6 months without following the instructions, the money will reach the account of the victim sender. If it does not come in the next 6 months, the account will be auto disabled forever.

Google adsense fast approval tips

How to quickly get Google AdSense approval? (Fast adsense approval Tips)You have already got an idea about Google AdSense and you might be finding the way or the procedure to earn money from your personal blog or You Tube Channel through Google AdSense.Hence, Google creates such a massive opportunity for both the business owner and digital marketer where both parties will be benefited.I must assure you that, Google is one of the most reliable and reputed company around the world. You can earn as much as possible from Google AdSense. Google will pay you according to your traffic and visitors  But, most of the blogger or You Tuber face problem to get approval from AdSense at the very beginning. As Like others, you might face challenges to get approval from Google AdSense.  Don’t Worry!!!Here, I will describe you each and every details about “How to quickly get Google AdSense approval.”I will share the step-by-step procedure to get approval from Google AdSense and rules to start your monetization within short period of time.Let’s do start!!!Basic Concepts about Google AdSense:As Google Adsense has already established a platform for every Blogger and YouTuber to generate and earn money. So, Google AdSense will must approve your blog, website or your You Tube Channel.Before getting the approval for Google AdSense, you must meet all the criteria and requirement as well. You have to follow all the regulation and policies already set by the Google.Once you get the approval from Google AdSense for your blog, website and You Tube Channel. You can start earning through the advertisement.But, when a Blogger or You Tuber does not get the approval quickly, he gets frustrated. It is pretty sure, if you do apply without maintaining rules, then AdSense will never approve your blog, website, You Tube for monetization.So, most newbie bloggers do email and ask queries:Why Google AdSense is not still approving my blog?Why Google AdSense is rejecting my blog?How quickly I will get approval from Google Ad SenseThe Rules of Google AdSense:The easier it is to make money from blogs through AdSense, the harder it is to get Google AdSense approval.We all know that before showing AdSense ads on the blog, we have to follow some rules and regulations and then go to the Google AdSense website and create an Adsense account. In the end, we have to name the new blog and website in that AdSense account.Once you register your blog and website name on the AdSense website, you have nothing at hand.Google employees visit your website or blog in a variety of ways, and AdSense does not allow ads to be displayed on your site unless you observe specific rules. And as a result, your submission is rejected.So, before applying for AdSense, you have to keep in mind some special rules. If you follow the rules and then apply, Adsense will quickly approve your new blog or website within one week.Nine rules to get Adsense approval quickly:To get approval by Adsense on your new blog very easily and quickly, you have to look at the following things with a lot of minds.1. Use Premium Domain:If you are using a free domain name for your blog or website, change it now. Having a premium domain (.com, .info, .net, .org) is very important to get AdSense approval quickly. You will never get AdSense from subdomains or free domains like (.tk .ml)etc. So, You need to select a good quality domain. And long ago, Google used to give AdSense only if it was a sub-domain of Blogger. But now that day is no more. Choose a good domain regardless of which CMS you belong to, Blogger, or WordPress. Make yourself trustworthy to Google. You need to be a trusted person to Google.2. Add important pages:There must be some essential pages to get approved by AdSense on the blog or website. E.g., Privacy policy, Contact Us, Disclaimer, About Us. If these pages are made in a blog, it takes a lot of professionals to see any blog or website. Therefore, the chances of getting AdSense approval quickly increase a lot.3. Fast and clean website:Of course, remember that your blog is very fast and clean. This means that the blog's loading speed should be good and, at the same time, view the blog so that it is much more clean and more transparent. Use a good and clean theme blog.4. Write Minimum of 20 articles:You can't apply for a blog with a blank or no content for AdSense. And if you do, AdSense will never approve that blog.So, in your blog, write at least 20 useful articles before applying for AdSense. Moreover, there should be two articles in each category in the blog.Remember, if there is any kind of copied content in the blog, AdSense will not approve your blog.So, write original and good quality content. Write more content then apply. Many people apply for AdSense with less content. If you don't get AdSense before thinking, then give the content. This is a serious mistake, at least 20-25 hours, with good content to apply to Google AdSense. Then the chances of getting AdSense will increase a lot.5. Don't use copyright images:Remember, never download and use any image from Google in your blog article. Using copyrighted images or images provided by others does not imply your own content. So, it is tough to get approval from AdSense if you use such images. Using Pixabey and Pexels, you will get thousands of good copyright free pictures for your blog.6. Don't use other ad networks:When you apply for Google AdSense, make sure there are no other ad network ads on your blog. Hide ads from other ad network companies. No. So it is better to refrain from any other company's ad. And if you can't do that, remove the other ad as soon as you apply for AdSense. After getting AdSense, you can put the previous ad again7. Write long articles:Even if you take your time, you need to make sure that every article written on the blog is within a minimum of 1000 to 1500 words. If your original article is less than 1000 words, AdSense will quickly think of your blog as a high-quality blog. In this way, the chances of getting approval easily are much higher.8. Unique Visitor:If your site has a lot of unique visitors, your chances of getting AdSense will increase greatly. So try to bring unique visitors to your site. SEO can bring a lot of unique visitors. Increase the number of visitors by making the site popular, if your website is business-related, it is excellent. Create a user-friendly website. Refrain from taking paid traffic9. Age of site or domain:To get Google AdSense approved, your website must be more than 3 or 4 months old. It can be done even if it is 1-2 months. Otherwise, Google will not give you AdSense.If you can follow the above mentioned rules, you will definitely get Google AdSense, within a very short time. AdSense will approve your blog or you tube channel.So, how to get AdSense approval quickly, hopefully, you will already get your answer.Increase Google Adsense Income:

Eid Special Offer for Grameen phone Robi Banglalink and Teletalk users

Due to the effect of COVID-19, the happiness of Eid in the country has faded away Although the lockdown has been relaxed a bit, the ban is still in force As a result, the joy of Eid now depends on the Internet. The mobile operators of the country have made various offers on voice and internet to give the opportunity to meet distant loved ones while sitting at home in such a situation. Each of them has a 3-day data offer for Eid holidays.GrameenphoneGrameenphone has again offered 3 GB internet package at Tk 67 for 3 days and 512 MB Vanilla Bioscope premium pass bonus at Tk 39.RobiOn the other hand, Robi has announced the facility of using 10 GB internet for 24 days at Tk 249 with 1.5 GB internet pack for 3 days and 24 hours video talk facility at Tk 48. Robi's affiliate Airtel has given a bundle bonus of 50 MB internet, 40 minutes talk time and 30 SMS for 3 days at Tk 34.BanglalinkBanglalink has also given 14 GB internet pack at Tk 149, 100 percent bonus for buying internet from My Banglalink app and bonus for online shopping. At the same time 3 GB internet has been provided for 4 days at 58 taka.Teletalk And in a period of 7 days, the state-owned operator Teletalk has given 45 minutes talk time, 20 minutes SMS, and 1.5 GB data bonus for 35 takas. Starting from 23rd May, this offer will expire on 29th May.

Facebook launches Shops feature for small businesses

Popular social media Facebook has taken a big initiative keeping in mind the small business in the global crisis caused by coronavirus. Launching a platform called 'Facebook Shops'. Here small traders or entrepreneurs can launch their online shops. This initiative can be launched completely free of cost and very easily. There is also support from third party companies such as Shopify, Big Commerce and U.Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement in a Facebook post on Tuesday (May 19th) night. He announced, ‘We will launch Facebook Shops today. The basic idea is that any small business can sell goods directly with our app. If you want, you can visit other people's shops. You can also buy it through our app. ' "I think it's very important now," he said. Because of the economic downturn that has started due to Covid-19, many small businesses are going online to survive. In this situation, everyone is being asked to stay at home. Working physically from the outside is now a very difficult subject and because of this millions of people are losing their jobs. I have been personally working with the Facebook Shops team every day for a few months now for those who would like to use a tool in a small business so that it can be unveiled quickly. '

5 effective ways to increase targeted traffic to your website

One of the most common problems I hear from website owners is limited traffic to the site. They are all constantly adopting new methods to bring the desired / targeted traffic to the site.If you think about it a little bit, you will see that you have the same problem. There are sites but no desired visitors. Much like the whole movie, you sit alone and watch a movie and clap your hands. So let’s get back to the main discussion.We know about the problem, so what is the right and effective solution now?Here I will discuss some effective ways for website owners and marketers to bring targeted traffic to a website or blog. While there are some ways that will take a little longer to show effectiveness, there are also some ways that will give you the desired results very quickly.5 effective ways to increase traffic to your websiteLet us know about some of the effective ways in which I can truly meet my needs. That is, it will bring you the desired customer or visitor.1. Pay close attention to long tail keywords:Now is not the time to just work on the keywords of a word and expect rank. You need to use Longtail Keyword more, then you can reach the desired visitors.For example: You sell Canon inkjet printers. When one of your target customers just searches for "printer", they are more likely to not find your site. But if he searched Google for "Professional Canon Inkjet Printer" like this, his chances of getting it would increase a lot.The question that may come to your mind here is that just by typing the word "printer", about 550,000 people search on Google every month, but there are only 30 people who search by typing "professional canon inkjet printer".So why am I targeting only 30 people by excluding such a large number of traffic. It's very simple, because these 30 people are basically your target customers. If you can bring them to the site, you will get the desired cell.This is the most profitable aspect of using long-tail keywords.2. Using interesting titles:A good title can bring you a lot more visitors than usual. Because, when I search something on Google, we mostly visit the page only for the title.The characteristics of a good title can be many things - for example: the title will be keyword focus, meaningful, numbers can be used through the title, which attracts the visitor.Here I did a Google search for "how to lose weight fast" with this keyword. Below are some of the results:The words marked with red dots here are Power Word, which helps a visitor to that page.Hopefully now we understand how to create an interesting title.3. Keep proper internal links:All your posts may not be equally popular or may not be ranked in search engines.So how do you increase the number of visitors to those posts?The answer is very simple, linking internally in the right way.You need to find those pages or posts that rank well in Google, that is, get good visitors. Now link new or less popular posts from those pages or posts. This will increase the chances of increasing the number of traffic on that page.If you look at Wikipedia, you will see that each of their pages is at the root of such a good ranking, internal links in the right way.4. Create Niche based groups on Facebook:Nowadays everyone likes to spend time on Facebook or social media. So if you create a group based on your niche, you will find visitors with the same mentality there. Who will appreciate any post on your site.However, you must remember that you should not only post promotional posts in the group. You need to prioritize the opinions of visitors or other members.You can also get more targeted traffic by promoting on various social media.5. User friendly website interface:Once a visitor comes to your site, you need to create an interface that makes your site easy to understand at the first sight.That is, the user does not have to face any problem or search to go to the desired page of your site.Make a visitor to your site feel safe and comfortable. For that you can put a nice menu on your site, use the right sitebar as needed, use a tidy footer etc.If you can work with your site in this way, then of course you will be able to get targeted visitors / customers. Not only that, the number of visitors to your site will also increase.If you like the article, please share the post with everyone and give newcomers a chance to know. ThanksRead More: 3 freelancing marketplaces suitable for beginners

10 important tips and tricks to increase your Google AdSense revenue

The most popular way to earn money online is to follow all the rules of Google Adsense and Adsense is also the easiest way to earn money. If you follow all the guidelines of Google Adsense blogging then you will easily be able to earn a lot of good money from your blog by approving Adsense and showing ads correctly.Many people are disappointed that Google Adsense was able to approve after a long effort but could not increase revenue. As a result, some people support using Google Adsense. In fact, such an idea is not right at all. The main reason Google Adsense revenue is not increasing is the inability to use it properly. If you can use Google Adsense ads in the right place, you can easily get a good amount of money from your blog. If you follow all the tips below, Google Adsense revenue will increase.Details at a glance-Following the Google AdSense Policy:Using Responsive AdSense Ad Units:Put the ad code in the right placePublish regular content:Increasing the load time of the blog:Remove other adsUsing Google AdSense Referrals:Use of Google Products Monetization:Use Google AdSense Standard Ad Size:High Paying Ads and Keywords:01. Following the Google AdSense Policy:Most publishers never think about this. They think it will not have much effect on the blog. Before applying to Google Adsense and after entering the code, they must read the complete Adsense Guideline and follow everything correctly. Doing something without following the Google Adsense Guidelines can ban your Google Adsense account at any time instead of increasing your revenue. Below are some of the major Google Adsense exclusions.Don't click on ads on your blog.Not using Paid Traffic or Clicking.Not encouraging others to click on the ad.Do not click on the ad by changing the IP Address.Don't share anything like Adult Content and Alcohol on the blog.Do not place ad code in any place where there is no content.Do not place ads on blogs that do not support the language.02. Using Responsive AdSense Ad Units:Responsive AdSense Units are currently the most important factor in increasing Google Adsense revenue. If you survey, you will see that on an average, more than 50% of the total visitors to your blog are visiting your device from different types of devices, such as mobiles, smartphones and tablets. In this case, if your blog is not Responsive and does not use Responsive AdSense Units, then more than 50% of visitors are refraining from seeing ads, which means that you can not get any profit from those 50% visitors. So to increase the income of the blog, you must design the blog Responsive.03. Put the ad code in the right placePlace Google Adsense ad codes in a place that is easy for visitors to see. This will make your blog more likely to click on the ad. Google Adsense always displays content related ads, so when the reader can easily see the ad, he may need that thing. In this case, he will need to click on the ad. However, refrain from placing large amounts of ads within the content area of ​​the blog.04. Publish regular content:Content is the main and only way to increase the traffic and revenue of a blog. If you want to get a lot of new unique visitors to your blog, then you must post new articles regularly. When you follow SEO and share good quality content on the blog, both visitors and revenue will continue to increase. But one thing to keep in mind is never to share copied content when trying to share more content. In this way, instead of increasing the income, you can lose the Adsense account.05. Increasing the load time of the blog:To be sure, a fast-paced blog will be able to increase both visitors and ad clicks. If your blog is very slow then you will not get visitors and Page View in any way. Because if the blog takes too long to load then the visitors will feel annoyed and will leave your blog. Moreover, in the current state of internet speed in Bangladesh, you can understand what will happen if the blog is slow.07. Remove other adsIf you want to increase the revenue from Google Adsense ads, you must remove all the less important ads from Adsense. Then the load time of your blog will increase a lot. In addition, Google Adsense does not like to display other types of ads in addition to their own. If you use any other type of advertising before applying for Google Adsense, you must remove it. Otherwise the Adsense team will not approve your application in any way.07. Using Google AdSense Referrals:By linking your Google Adsense account to your Google Analytics account, you can easily learn more about your daily earnings. Moreover, through some sites, you will be able to know how and how much is being earned. For example, it will show the details of how much you earn by promoting blog links on Facebook or other such sites. This way you can easily understand what should be done to increase the revenue of your blog.08. Use of Google Products Monetization:You can use the Google Products Monetization options to earn some extra revenue from Google Adsense, that is, you can display ads on various other Google products. Here are some of the important products:Youtube Monitization: If you have good quality videos on your Youtbe Channel, you can easily increase your source of income by using Adsense in the videos by becoming a Youtube Partner. Note that in recent times, the easiest way to make money online is to monetize videos on YouTube.Using Adsense in RSS Feed: If you are using FeedBurner or have many subscribers, you can also increase revenue by displaying ads by adding Adsense account with RSS Feed.Google Custom Search: Almost everyone in our blog uses Google Custom Search Box. You may not know that ads can be displayed by adding an Adsense account to this Google Custom Search Box. When someone searches for something on your blog using Google Custom Search, some ads will appear at the top and right of the search results. This advertising will also play a role in increasing revenue.09. Use Google AdSense Standard Ad Size:Ad size has different Click Rate and Demand. Using the right size ad will increase the amount of income. For example, 790 × 90, 728 × 90, 336 × 280, 300 × 250, 300 × 600 and 468 × 60 are much more expensive than others. Besides, you will notice that there are two types of advertisements, Image and Text.10. High Paying Ads and Keywords:As I said before, Adsense always displays Related Ads with posts. For example, if you write a post about the game of cricket, then that post will show the advertisement of the game of cricket in most cases. Similarly, if you post about any subject in America, the post will show advertisements of that country. In this case you can share good quality posts using High Label Keywords using Keyword Tool. Then Adsense will display good quality ads on your blog. This will more than double the revenue of your blog. Moreover, the rate of Adsense advertising is higher in developed countries. So if you can target visitors from USA, UK, Indonesia, Australia then you will be able to easily earn good money even with few visitors.Conclusion: Here are the most important tips to increase revenue from Google Adsense. I can challenge any blogger to say that if one can fully follow these 10 tips above, then one can definitely earn good money (Smart Amount) by using Google Adsense on his blog.

Google Update 2020 - Google Core Algorithm Update 2020

Google's Danny Sullivan has confirmed that the core algorithm update of google is rolling out May 4 2020, and  Google has come up with another major core update. The previous core update was in January 2020. It was called - "January 2020 Core Update". This is the first major update of 2020  Since COVID-19. Google updates something every day, and If you use the Accuranker tool, you will see search results and positions are grumpy every day.The core algorithm update means they've upgraded some of the major parts of Google's entire Algo system. As we occasionally get small algorithm updates from Google every few days, these core algorithm updates are much more extensive and more substantial than those.Google brings some updates almost every day but does not publish them publicly. When a major core update comes along, google tweets and update their webmaster blog to lets everyone know. Once again, Google tweeted about its core update. This update has had a devastating effect on all the websites in the world. Most of the world's Biggest websites have lost their rankings as a result of this update.Google has given priority to new websites. For the convenience of the readers, Google is continuously bringing some updates. It contains some updates that have a devastating effect on all the websites in the world.This time the core update is a lot like that. Since the night of May 4, many websites have started losing their rankings, and many sites that were not ranked so far have started coming up in new ranks. Some websites have lost more than 90% of their traffic in just a day or two.If you have lost your Google rank, find out how to regain that rank: If you have any copyrighted content or copyrighted images on your website, you are more likely to lose your rank.If you haven't updated your article in a long time, your site may go down.With an example, Google said that the article that was ranked as the best movie of 2015 is unlikely to be ranked in 2020.Because by 2020, many more popular movies have come.Even if you use excessive ads on your website, you may lose your Google rank.The title headings and sub-headings of your article should all be related to each other.Your website should not have any spam backlinks.The internal links inside the article should be done very nicely.Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.If your website has a grammatical or spelling mistake, then you must lose your ranking.If you build your site on a specific topic, you are less likely to lose your rank.Don't worry about Google Core updates.Please don't worry if your website visitors are declining even after everything is fine. After a few days, your visitors will start coming back slowly.When Google comes up with a new core update, initially all the websites are less affected, but those who have done well so far, it takes very little time to get their traffic back.So if you have done genuine work so far, then you don't need to worry, even if you lose your website visitors temporarily your visitors will start coming back in a few days. You will definitely get your Google ranking back.What is Google Algorithm?Google's algorithm is a complex process by which Google searches for various information from the online web and stores it in the Google index. When someone searches by typing something into the Google search engine, it returns the best possible results immediately from its index.Simply put, an algorithm is a set of codes or principles by which Google does all its work correctly.In other words, the Google algorithm is a way in which Google decides that a result will be shown earlier in the search engine results pages (SERPs).For example, let's say you have a website where you write about a DOG (dog). You wrote a post about "Best Dog Food". Your post is on page 5 of Google. But another website has published an article with the same topic "Best Dog Food", and it is in the 1st result of the 1st page of Google.There are various processes or factors behind placing your website on page 5 and other sites at number 1, which is known as Google algorithm.If you think that this is the only way the algorithm works, then you are a little misunderstood. Google has many algorithms, and each algorithm works differently. Someone is working on search; someone is working on ranking, someone is working on indexing, that is a specific algorithm for a specific job.​Why Google Update Their algorithm?Google always wants to show its visitors accurate and relevant results. That's why they go through an update process all the time. So it can be said that Google updates its algorithm to keep accurate and relevant results in the search results.There was a time when it was very easy to rank a website on Google. The site could be ranked with spammy links with content by keyword stuffing. But after the Panda (algorithm) update, Google left the quality content in the search results and sent the low-quality content below the search results. So that the visitor always finds the best result.Some of Google's core algorithms and their functions:There is no accurate information on the total number of algorithms Google has. However, the idea is that the number is not less than 100. You might be surprised to hear that Google brings big and small updates to the algorithm 500-600 times every year. But not all of them are significant updates. Let's not know about some of Google's core algorithms and how they work.What do you do with Google Algorithm Update?When the Google algorithm is updated, all the site owners are a little worried, because, at this time, the ranking of the website can be good or bad. So let's not know what to do during the Google algorithm update?First of all, make sure you know when the Google Algorithm Update will be released, because you need to know this day. You can keep an eye on the Google Webmaster Help Community to get the latest information on this update. When you are sure of the date of the update, do not make any new changes to your site for a few days before that date.Notice the daily visitor and keyword rankings in the regular Google Search Console and Google Analytics a week before the updated date. In this way, notice the traffic data of one week before the update and 2-3 weeks after the update. And it is better not to make any big changes on the web site at this time.Google Core updates to give its visitors a better experience. Google never wants to be shown anything other than what its visitors are searching for.For this reason, Google has started giving priority to new websites, giving priority to those websites that have done well so far but have not been able to bring rank in Google.So if your article is of good quality, then your ranking will be temporarily down, but your ranking will take very little time to back up.Google's ranking for the Coronavirus has been in the works for some time, which has been made clear by Google's May 4, 2020 core update. Google brings these core updates so that people can find good sites first and find the perfect info quickly after doing some search.There is nothing to worry about here. Don't just panic. Continue Your SEO Strategy, as usual.