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Three Most Demanding domain for Skilled People

Things like artificial intelligence and distributed computing were at one time the subject of logical fiction. From the perspective of contracting staff, these issues of specialized abilities are similarly as significant. LinkedIn, a person to person communication site for experts features the most demanding innovation aptitudes of today. "Artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing are among the most demanding of the top skills we are seeing now," said Fionn Ang, VP of scholarly and instruction at LinkedIn's the Asia Pacific.Last Tuesday, Fionn told CNBC in a meeting that the interest for technically knowledgeable people in each of the three areas was around the world. Indeed, even in the Asia Pacific, there is an interest for the most talented individuals in these three regions. Brain drain is now coming from this area. The present technically knowledgeable workers are moving to developed countries, considering the socio-economic setting. Fion said that technical proficiency issues ought not to be seen independently according to the technology change provision. In certain regards, the normal aptitude interest for certain subjects is just as long as six years. So to get by in this quickly evolving part, new skills must be procured.In addition to technology skills, think differently about 'soft skills', skills like creativity and problem solving will also have to be mastered. The field of employment is changing rapidly, Fionn said. That's why public and private employers are trying to improve the skills of their employees. 

Employee vs Entrepreneur: What is Your Career Path

How well do you know yourself? Do you have the ability to persuade yourself regardless? Is it true that you are satisfied with working alone and bombing for a long time? Or do you find yourself happier in a team setting when everything is carved out for you day after day, the tasks you need to do etc.? Would you like to be a part of an association and be glad for that or would you say you are upbeat structuring one all alone?Many people have said that jobs mean to work for others or provide service. It may lie, perhaps partly true or full truth. Explanation can be different for each person. Maybe you work in a company, NGO, government organization, garment, school or any other organization. Forget the family by doing all day work. Family does not remember to give time.Have you at any point considered this company or organization before joining this company or organization but it would have been fine, yet on the off chance that you are not in the organization, the company will find another employee instead of you, because you do not have anything, the company or organization will not be able to come? The company or organization has to work for. Yet, not everything else aside from that. Do the same for the amount you get from the organization. Since the organization gives you thirty thousand rupees yet you are acquiring more than one-lakh pay in the manner you are working with it. So in the event that you are perched on your bed, organize yourself.Being an employee means taking a job with a characterized role where you are relied upon to complete a specific thing. That “thing” can be basic (washing dishes) or complex (designing a nuclear power plant), however both you and your boss know in advance what you should do, and you will be compensated for doing it.In contrast, being an entrepreneur means setting off on your own, in a tiny boat, heading across the ocean, with little in the way of navigation gear, to find a place that probably doesn't exist. There is no obvious response to which is better. Everything depends on your targets and your character. There is no off-base or right way here and everything relies upon your identity as an individual. Both of these decisions require a high measure of exertion and arranging on the off chance that you need to do it right and at the most astounding level. Before bouncing to any ends let’s attempt to all the more likely comprehend the contrasts between both profession careers.First, this matter depends on personal preference. At present, many dream of turning into an entrepreneur. We may know, the will is the genuine thing. In the event that there is control, all deterrents can be survived. Along these lines, you need to be cautious about this, would you like to work for yourself, or would you like to carry on with a problem free life by working in an in vogue way.Second, how is your administrative abilities? How is your managerial skills? It must be thought of. In such a case that you need to work together, obviously you should manage your business, for which this expertise will be required very well.Thirdly, how efficient are you to deal with individuals Business implies you need to manage numerous issues with individuals who are frequently contradictory. So you must be strategically keen in some degree.Fourth, how are you at risk? One of the benefits of employment is risk-free living, especially in government jobs. That's why so much craze in the BCS. But if you have the mentality and courage to take risks, you can take the initiative to do business.Fifthly, how strong is you mentally? If you are mentally weak, the business is not for you. How do you understand your mental strength? Do you fall short, feel tired, and feel pressure? If yes, your mental strength is very low and it will be difficult for you to do business.Sixth, what is your capacity to anticipate about what's to come? That is the reason you don't need to be stargazer. It’s about the prediction of the future based on the calculation.  The present time is changing quicker than ever before. So you should remember the potential changes, otherwise the business won't be maintainable. Historically, job is the first choice in our society, because we sit and want to get assured money. That is why the number of unemployed is more than the entrepreneur or trader in our country. It is educated-highly educated, semi-educated or illiterate. While these large unemployed people have done something, they can do a lot for the country or the country. Our social education and psychology are responsible for this. I hope this will change.

Introducing National Identity Gateway Porichoy

Gateway ‘Porichoy’ ( has been officially propelled on Wednesday to verify the National Identity Card (NID). Prime Minister's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy inaugurated the ceremony at Agargaon's ICT Tower in the capital.As the chief guest at the ceremony, Sajeeb Wazed Joy said, my dream is that people do not go to government offices to get government services. As a part of this, we had successful venture by doing partnership with private sector.Prior, in the discourse, ICT State Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak said that under the initiative of Prime Minister's Information Technology Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy, the legislature has digitized different sorts of resident administrations. Essentially, a leap forward is 'Porichoy'(Identity). We were taking a shot at 'Porichoy' under his administration for quite a while. Today it is open for everybody. Since the arrangement of the administration, we have been attempting to carry the open administrations to the doorstep of the general population. This sort of sign is one of such administration. In the interim, ICT Division Secretary N Jiaul Alam, Managing Director of Bangladesh High-Tech Park Authority Hossain Ara Begum, Policy Advisor of A2I Anir Chowdhury and other senior authorities of the ICT Department were additionally present. Note that ‘Porichoy’ is a gateway server; which is associated with the National Commission of Election Commission. It is an application programming that allows customers of a public, private or private organization to check their national identity card (NID).  

In-display fingerprint match on low budget phones!

A Chinese-based display maker announced the introduction of in-display fingerprint in a low priced general LCD panel.The BOE Company is going to bring a display fingerprint sensor in the market at the end of this year. As a result, small or medium budget smartphones will also meet in-display fingerprint facilities.Till now, the facility was available only on the most expensive smartphone OLED or AMOLED display.Using the fingerprint sensor, the biometric locking system of smartphones security has been added quite long ago. But the current trend is popular as a technology to set up fingerprint scanners under the display.In-display fingerprint technology does not have a different fingerprint sensor on the smartphone, it is possible to complete biometric verification by touching directly on the display.The first phone with in-display fingerprint scanner came in the market in January 2015. Vivo is the first to use X-20 plus UD model phones. Then one by one Huawei, OnePlus and Samsung also added in-display fingerprint technology to their phones.

The Prospectus of Freelancing in Bangladesh: Shaping Digital Economy

Due to the advancement of rapid digitalization, Bangladesh like other developing countries put emphasis on being more concentrate about digital economy: a global market for digital outsourcing.When we talk about the digital aspect of a country, the first and foremost thing to look at is how the industry is shaping with its innovation and how it fuels domestic job opportunities. The unique age demography of Bangladesh, coupled with the low-cost work force and Government's Incentive for the IT service sector, makes Bangladesh a major player at the global service outsourcing market. Numerous huge enterprises in created countries like the US, UK and Australia are diverting to IT outsourcing from nations including Bangladesh, prompting an ongoing blast in outsourcing.Outsourcing businesses may be classified into major two categories, one is service, and another one is through product support though this also has a bit similarity with services. Services include information outsourcing, call center services, financial/accounting information outsourcing using IT, procurement outsourcing, data center outsourcing, research, marketing and human resources marketing. This has generated a wide range of new opportunities for people in emerging markets that did not previously exist. Bangladesh is among the top contributor country for providing outsourcing services to the rest of the world.Outsourcing offers numerous points of interest, including the opportunity to pick customers and undertakings, access to the worldwide market, and adaptability over area. In particular, specialists can stay away from the long, disappointing hours driving in rush hour gridlock in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka.With the blessing of modern web and Internet access to the most part of the country, chances and opportunities have grown much. The government has been inspiring people to get more involved in freelancing jobs than sitting idle and wasting time thinking of fewer opportunities in the competitive physical job market. Now our global stand in the IT industry beholds our quality services and expert freelancers working for a better future. Thus, Bangladesh has just turned into the second-biggest provider of online work, as indicated by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII). Around 500,000 dynamic specialists are working consistently, out of 650,000 enlisted consultants in the nation; between them they are creating $100 million every year, as indicated by the ICT Division of Bangladesh.It's possible nothing unexpected that 24% of every single online laborer live in India. With outsourcing being one of the nation's primary exports, Indian specialists discover they can be focused universally, because of their large amounts of instruction and specialized mastery. Truth be told, 55% of Indian specialists work in programming advancement or innovation. Just behind India is Bangladesh, which is home to 16% of the worldwide freelance populace. Freelancers in Bangladesh will in general work in deals and advertising support, imaginative and sight and sound, programming advancement and technology.Freelancing: A Solution to the unemploymentOne in each 10 of Bangladesh's 44 million youngsters is jobless, as indicated by research by World Vision Bangladesh. Additionally, a great many alumni who are completing their investigations at various public and private Universities in Bangladesh are neglecting to discover reasonable positions in the activity advertise every year. As a result, the rate of educated unemployment in the country is increasing exponentially. However, these young unemployed people can easily start their career by taking some IT training and freelancing online. By doing so, they not only make a living but also contribute to the economy by earning a salary in a valuable foreign currency.Bangladesh have many skilled, experienced recruiting but experiencing lack of career issue. Bangladeshi individuals are very diligent and due to lack of career issue here, it is possible to employ an Expert Developer in a relatively affordable.Suitable job for womenA great deal of women in Bangladesh, including profoundly educated women, frequently penance their professions so as to deal with their families. Outsourcing is turning into a favored profession choice for some Bangladeshi women, as it furnishes them with a chance to telecommute. Bangladeshi ladies who are hoping to remove a stage from their customary residential jobs are securing freelancing jobs to be an extraordinary arrangement. Research demonstrates that regarding the nature of the work, Bangladesh's female freelancers have begun increasing more believably than their male counterparts. Expanding women's support in outsourcing is in this manner boosting trust in the division.The Challenges of the outsourcing IndustryThere are major difficulties which must be tended to before the industry can prosper: Gartner gave Bangladesh a "poor" rating in three indispensable territories – framework, language aptitudes and information, and licensed innovation security. Poor foundation, including regular power emergencies and moderate and untrustworthy Internet associations are the most prompt issues for redistributing. Ahmadul Hoq, leader of the Bangladesh Association of Call Center and Outsourcing (BACCO) expressed that “We have told the government that we need an uninterrupted power supply and a second connection with high bandwidth, adding that progress on these issues was slow.”Government activities to build up the ICT administration division, for example, making a cutting edge park in each region, combined with the minimal effort workforce, have made Bangladesh a key player in the worldwide redistributing market. By the by, a few difficulties upset the development of this industry in Bangladesh. The nonattendance of a continuous power supply is as yet a noteworthy issue for the nation. Outsourcing work, similar to complex coding for programming improvement, requires an abnormal state of fixation, which is regularly broken by the continuous power cuts. The absence of a simple installment framework – particularly for accepting installments from remote customers – is another issue for this quickly developing industry. What's more, women’s interest in outsourcing, albeit expanding step by step, is as yet not sufficiently high.

Amrai Digital Bangladesh Successfully organized Iftar Session

Amrai Digital Bangladesh successfully organized with Iftar and Prayer session in a beautiful manner on Tuesday 28th May, 2019. In the hope of creating a Digital Bangladesh by Amrai Digital Bangladesh, InshaAllah will soon play a major role in the progress of Bangladesh government. After the passing of so many years of independence with Bangladesh, when Bangladesh has kept it pace alongside the entire world, at exactly that point to expand the respect of the nation, change Bangladesh into advanced Bangladesh, and deliver every one of the accomplishments of Bangladesh to the entire world, IT Business Leaders are putting their hardest exertion to accomplish these objectives. Through Digital Bangladesh, people will be profited to get best administrations on their hand. In the meantime, things can upset the other way causing disorder and chaos by the association of unscrupulous scholars. "Digital" could be abused by various underhandedness thinking which in the long run end up being slander our nation's standard and notoriety inside a second. The Event was organized in Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC). All the Big guns were present on the thanksgiving occasion. Education minister of Bangladesh Dr. Dipu Moni, The Chairman of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BRTC) & Bangabondhu Satellite Dr. Shahjahan Mahmood, Vice Chancellor of Bangabondhu Digital University Prof Dr. Munaz Ahmed Noor, Prof Dr. Sazzad Hossain, Manager of PeopleNTech Abdul Hamid, and all the other elite members were present to enhance the beauty of the event.On the Introductory session, the speech was conducted by Dr. Dipu Moni, The Minister of Education. At the beginning of her noteworthy introductory speech, she grabbed an atmosphere of the session trying to portray the importance of Digital Bangladesh concept with variety of scope of opportunities to upright Bangladesh. In addition, why young generation should prepare themselves with digital concept to keep pace along with the world was one the center of the topic to encourage. At the end of his speech, she congratulated and thanked all the presented members and stuffs for their outstanding contribution in making Digital Bangladesh.Abdul Hamid said “As an IT student and activist, I think all the members of all IT departments like me have the utmost support to succeed in this noble purpose. We heartily welcome and salute all the associates for their nonstop commitment in making a Digital Bangladesh. We are additionally appreciative to our Honorable Education minister as all as all the guest of all the ratio for all their support and inspiration all through our journey.” He also added “I sincerely wish to thank the Honorable Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Sajeeb Wazed Joy, the founder of Digital Bangladesh, Junaid Ahmed Palak, commander of the IT system of Bangladesh Government, and all the soldiers of the Digital Bangladesh Forum of the Bangladesh Government of Digital Bangladesh.”-We also would like to congratulate and thank all the members of Digital Bangladesh Forum.The Country is going forward, the country will go forward,The Digital country will glitter as gold, We create digital Bangladesh, we create Nation.

Minister Palak to speak about Climate influence in Bangladesh at a Global Conference

State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak will speak to young leaders of the world about climate change in the face of climate change.On Thursday, the program starts with 20 selected youthful pioneers from the Young Global Leader from the world. This is a part of the 'YGL Impact Expedition Greenland' program on the eventual fate of climate change in the city of Ilulissat in Greenland. This will proceed until May 27. Minister Palak will likewise feature the exercises and activities of Bangladesh driven by Prime Minister Sheik Hasina to counter the negative effect of climate change. He will enlighten youthful pioneers regarding 'Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan' taken in 2009. The state clergyman will likewise ask to ensure liability for the worldwide network's duty and participation. He will also showcase how to work in coordination with the use of information and communication technologies to combat this local and global problem of climate change.In June 2016 Junaid Ahmed Palak was granted the Young Global Leader Award by the World Economic Forum. It is an initiative virtuoso acknowledgment of expert execution, duty to society and conceivable commitment to the fate of the world. This Switzerland-based discussion offers this honor to noticeable people matured under 40 years old to spread light about their work from everywhere throughout the world.

SpaceX dispatches First Internet satellites

SpaceX on Thursday propelled a rocket containing the initial 60 satellites of its Starlink group of stars, which is expected to give web from space and would one be able to day number 12,000 satellites. One of the organization's Falcon 9 rockets took off without episode from Cape Canaveral in Florida around 10:30 pm (0230 GMT). The second phase of the rocket will start to discharge them one hour after dispatch, at an elevation of 270 miles (440 kilometers), and afterward; the satellites will go through their engines to take their places in a moderately low circle of 340 miles (550 kilometers). That is marginally higher than the International Space Station, however well beneath most of the earthly satellites, the most noteworthy of which sit in a geostationary circle of 22,400 miles (36,000 kilometers). The dispatch was initially booked for a week ago however was delayed, first because of high breezes and afterward because of the requirement for a product update. Extremely rich person Elon Musk's firm, which is driving the private space race with regards to rocket dispatches, is presently hoping to catch a lump of things to come space web advertise. The dispatch will make it an early precursor, alongside adversary One Web, a startup, however well in front of Amazon's Project Kuiper, the brainchild of Musk's space rival Jeff Bezos. Every one of the satellites weighs only 227 kilograms (500 pounds) and was worked in-house in Redmond, close Seattle. Starlink will wind up operational once 800 satellites have been actuated, which will require twelve additional dispatches.With 60 satellites ready and at 227 kilograms for every satellite, this is SpaceX's heaviest dispatch to date at around 13,620 kilograms. Furthermore, this could proclaim the beginning of a yearning dispatch program that will see many dispatches take likewise estimated bunches of Starlink satellites into space. SpaceX eventually gets ready for Starlink to give fast satellite web crosswise over Earth nonstop, even as remote as Antarctica. Presently, satellite web administrations are commonly restricted to a solitary nation, with generally low speeds and transfer speed restrains that keep the administrations from rivaling their Earth-based counterparts.

Need revolution of digital mail service: Mustafa Jabber

Post and Telecommunication Minister Mustafa Jabber said that the revolutionary change in the digital era is going on each snapshot of time.The era of agriculture has changed in the world for thousands of years but in the digital era the transformation is going on. It accentuates the need to make Postal Service reasonable for the advanced period. It is essential to create a suitable human resource for a technology-based post office. It is conceivable to achieve the postal administrations to the general population through the digital transformation of the current postal administration. For taking effective action by identifying the tasks and with the development of technology, people have access to hands-on communication devices. After the fifth generation of artificial intelligence associated with artificial intelligence, it's not possible for anyone to foresee the adjustments in human life.  Post office should be transformed accordance with the unfathomable changes of technology. The minister said that the administration has taken steps to improve the digital divide. The postal and telecommunication minister said that in last ten years, 8,500 postal houses in the country have been transformed into digital post offices. The government is committed to digitally transform the postal services through technical coordination. The minister said that the postal department should not be lagging behind in the digital transformation of all the areas of the country. The postal department has to use the technology that technology will establish as our digital. Mr. Mustafa Jabber stressed on the need for creating a suitable human resource for the use of technology as well as not having any shortage of customer service. The Secretary of the Postal and Telecommunication Department Ashok Kumar Biswas and Director General of Postal Department SS Bhadra were present on the occasion. Various activities of postal department, Future planning and post service trucking, the minister is given a detailed description of the issue in power point presentation.

The commercial activities of Bangabandhu satellite began today

Bangabandhu Satellite-1's commercial activities are starting on Sunday. Bangladesh Communications Satellite Company Limited (BCSCL), which has been set up to run business exercises of Bangabandhu Satellite-1 (BS-1), has quite recently accomplished concurrence with various private TV stations of the country. BCSCL is partner through the optical fiber with the BS-1 geosphere in view of the foundation of the Earth Station of the TV station is super costly. BCSCL Chairman Shahjahan Mahmud said that after compelling realization of some time of test works out, BS-1 business activities are being started formally from today. In such way, they will sign various TVs with various channels. There will be no convincing motivation to set up any Earth station for channels to get BS-1 organization. On 12 May a year back Bangladesh pushed the satellite as the 57th country. The South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) title organize has been likely imparted from September 4 per year back. By then it was transmitted testually by interfacing with different channels, probably. Meanwhile, the country's at first quick to-home (DTH) organization will in like manner be started. Exclusive business Beximco brings the organization called 'Akash' to the market.

Samsung Unveiled A New 64-megapixel Sensor

Samsung Electronics, a world head in cutting edge semiconductor innovation, today presented two new 0.8-micrometer (μm) pixel picture sensors – the 64-megapixel (Mp) Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 and 48Mp ISOCELL Bright GM2. With the expansion, Samsung grows its 0.8μm picture sensor lineup, the littlest pixel measure at present accessible in the market, from existing 20Mp to ultra-high 64Mp goals. As of not long ago, the most extreme 48 megapixel IMX sensors have been utilized in the cell phone cameras. Sensor producer Sony, even after their brilliant days of the cell phone showcase appears to be arriving at an end, they is as yet the best making a camera sensor. The remainder of their sensors are utilized by the remainder of the cell phone producer organizations. Then again, Samsung utilized its very own camera sensor. As of late they propelled a brand called ISO cell. They have begun advertising camera sensors with the name of this brand. 68 megapixel ISAEL Bright ZW 1 sensor uses an innovation named Samsung Tetra cell .With this innovation 4 pixels will make a square. Subsequently, 12-megapixel brilliant photographs can be taken in low light. Be that as it may, if there is adequate lighting, the whole 64-megapixel photograph can be taken. Samsung has utilized the ISO cell Bright GM2 sensor for 48 megapixels. Following a couple of months, Galaxy Note 10 will come. It tends to be utilized in 48 megapixel sensors.

Healthcare App 'Hello Doctor Asia'

Hello Doctor Dot Asia, propelled online social insurance application. Their application has been named 'Hello Doctor Asia'. The patients can give video consultancy, visit consultancy, online medicine with specialists, through specialists. 'Hello Doctor Asia' clients can organize the administrations and prescriptions for specialists and other health doctors in Dhaka. The versatile application for the supply of items is Health E-Commerce, whose items will be provided across the country. At present, around 100 specialists are associated with giving on the web human services in versatile applications. The organization has contacts with around 70 particular emergency clinics in Bangladesh and India. They will before long be related with Singapore and Thailand medical clinics. Subsequently, 'Hi Doctor Asia' will be accessible in the versatile use of the extraordinary health bundle.

ASP.NET - The Next Big Thing

Future is changing and growing day by day, technologies will keep arising with time and people have to get along with the latest trend of technology on a regular basis which is not limited to PHP. Microsoft ASP.NET will remain the hottest technology for development for the upcoming years. This system has been used for over 15 years by developers who have constructed many-a-basic venture applications which is still keep running an older version of the framework and windows servers which are getting to be out of date as time passes.Active Server Pages (also known as ASP or classic ASP) is Microsoft’s first server-side script engine that enabled dynamically-generated web pages. C# and VB Dot Net are the two famous languages which form Dot Net or .NET. This platform is the basis for starting the career of .NET Developers and both the languages has similar functions and the developers can choose the most ideal one. The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site is a web development platform provided by Microsoft. .NET is utilized for making web-based applications. The desktop and online applications help a large portion of the customers who lean towards a web-based application for simple organization, scaling, and building. The greater part of the .NET applications can be joined with the Microsoft SQL Server Database.There goes a quote “A programmer must adopt and adopt” which probably suits best when it comes to .NET system. Developers have plenty of options to explore in .NET. For example, MVC6, EF6, Xamarin, MONO is introduced. Furthermore, MVC and most part of .NET technologies are opensource means platform independent. In fact mobile Development is also available in .NET. Moreover this server-side programming language is perfect with other .NET dialects, for example, C#, VB .NET Shop, J# and that's only the tip of the iceberg. It offers the authorized technology backing to the development network and makes life simple for an ASP.NET developer. ASP.NET developers are looked for after and improving in the wake of having perfect observing and extended contribution in web development campaign. As Net vernaculars, developers work with various gadgets and they think dynamically reasonable and prepared to grasp any programming framework devices immediately.Today, ASP.NET is a standout amongst the most driving web application development frameworks and which are phenomenally used to make dynamic websites. ASP .NET engineers are in demand and showing signs of improvement in the wake of having immaculate checking and expanded experience in web development campaign. Developers works with different tools and they can embrace any programming system apparatuses right away. It is a generally used as programming system for creating uses of big business level. ASP.NET technology offers limitless points of interest to the engineers and organizations like memory management, security, and adaptability. Taking a gander at all the advantages ASP.NET structure offers, it has turned into a favored decision for engineers to make cutting edge sites and applications. With .NET preparing, it is conceivable to develop the limits of achieving higher statures of your career.

For the 6th time in the IT area awarded WSIS Award-2019

For the 6th time in the IT area, the world's most regarded honor "World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) Award-2014" has accomplished 8 projects in Bangladesh. The International Organization for Telecommunications (ICT), the central command of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in Geneva, on April 09, 2019, the WSIS Award-2011 has been given to the agents of Bangladesh in an up-to-date service. Noteworthy Minister of the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunication and Information Technology, and WSIS Forum 2015 named Chairman Mr. Mustafa Jabbar and Honorable State Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Mr. Junaid Ahmed Palak who recorded as 'World's 100 Most Influential People in Digital Government' got this honor for Bangladesh. This year, the A2i has gotten the 'WSIS' grant for two basic inventive activities. A2i's Shikkhok Batayon( and Mobile Based Age Verification with Marriage Registration-to Child Marriage Project have earned the pride of being two bosses. Additionally, Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) has been granted the Project of Bangladesh National Digital Architecture (BNDA) and the e-Governance Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) Project Winner and Development of National ICT Infrastructure Project (Info-Government). Then again, Bangladesh NGO's Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) e-Climate equity and Resilience Throw Community Radio at Coastal Area of the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh and Creating Awareness on E-Right to Information (E-RTI) through Community radio; Empowers Social Enterprise Limited (MPA's) Geo Data to Control Let's False Dies In Potato In Bangladesh and the Bridge Foundation's IT for the Differently Evil Projects have been pleased to be champions. This year, 1140 applications have been submitted for the WSIS grant around the world. Of these, 72 ventures were champions and 18 ventures were won by Winner, out of which, Bangladesh has won 07 activities and won the wonder of being a victor of 01 ventures. Secretary, Information and Communication Technology Division, NM Ziaul Alam, Auhi's Policy Advisor Mr. Anir Chowdhury, Gabtoli Upazila Executive Officer and Inventor, Abdul Walee Ansari, Educational Technology Specialist Mr. Md. Rafiqul Islam, Innovation Fund Expert Md. Nahid Alam and delegates of different associations were available.

Why Software Testing or QA is a Good Career Option?

Today it is elusive for an individual who has never utilized software. A large portion of us do it all the time at work and for stimulation. Notwithstanding, the majority of individuals think minimal about the procedure of software elaboration. Software Testing is a procedure of testifying a computer program to choose in the event that it meets the predefined requirements and produces the ideal outcome or not. Along these lines, as it were Software tester needs to distinguish bugs in programming ventures. It is dispensable to give a quality product with no bug or issue. With the development in IT and Software, interest for programming analyzers has expanded the world over. To keep pace with the world, it requires the mentality to acknowledge any circumstance since programming testing is a moving field where one needs to keep himself refreshed on new regions of testing, advancements, ceaselessly take a shot at their venture the board and initiative abilities. In any case, being a tester is the greater part of the occasions pleasant, especially when one carrying web testing. A significant number of us are habituated to a few or the other application and we do value getting complicated in such applications. Its somewhat not the same as what individuals consider software engineers, i.e., developers. It likewise offers great bundles gave you are keen on testing. It is simpler to switch utilizing manual testing profile than other development and bolster profile.A Software Testing profession includes moving in the direction of the assurance of software quality. Over 40% of the time and exertion of software development is spent on different types of testing including different people like designers, analyzers, clients, and so on. Testers need to guarantee that software works as expected (meets expressed or proposed prerequisites) and furthermore guarantee that there are no unintended outcomes of usage of the software. For instance, when testing web-based financial programming, the analyzer needs to guarantee that the product enables you to check your record, exchange cash, and so forth which are the expressed client prerequisites. Furthermore, the tester needs to guarantee that the product is easy to use and does not befuddle the client, is secure and can't be hacked into and performs well under strain when a huge number of individuals check their records in the meantime. Now the question arises why should you choose your career as a software Tester? Considering the scope of improvement and opportunities in this field, there are plenty of reason to consider. Few of them are listed as follows-Performance Testing: It is required to testify the applications ability to cope up with enormous amount of traffic attack. Additionally, Production environment faces a lot of real time internet traffic. Eventually, Race condition, Performance tracing, deadlock in a Quality Assurance environment can’t be encountered most of the time. Thankfully, The best part is there are tools for handling that issues.Usability Testing:   It is the testing of a site or an application for its convenience. By ease of use, one may mistake it for an 'ease of use' of any website or product, however, it's not restricted to simply that. Usability testing is profoundly worried about client fulfillment, regardless of the item necessities, designing utilized, and different elements considered while building a particular item.Automation Testing: In a project where the content is extensive and the testing stage keeps running for a significantly long time, automation testing is the ideal decision since It decreases the number of assets required. Various sorts of comparable experiment situations can be executed at the same time with a solitary content. For a huge undertaking, the evaluated spending plan is sufficiently adequate to manage the cost of the setup and upkeep of a computerized testing device.Website Automated Testing: It is a process involving automated tools to perform testing on a website for evaluating the website’s efficiency. Website testing automation helps in delivering your product with consistency to the end user, by well organizing the workflow. There are also lots of other scopes not limited to such as API Performance Testing, Accessibility Testing, Geo-location Testing through VPN, Real Time Scenarios for Geo-location Testing, Cross Browser Testing etc.

Future of Big Data-The next big thing

The ascent of technology paved the way for other advances consistently. Where there is by all accounts a need to rise above manual protocols, technology has dependably stepped up towards turning these strategies into a useful arrangement of analytics and programs that address precisely its interest. In this manner with the rise of technology came big data.Big data is often referred to huge chunk of data which can’t be mined or processed for information only by using traditional data analysis application tools, traditional database, limited machine and common software technology since data cannot fit into this system.  It can even pose an issue when the data moves too fast or exceeds the current processing capacity.Horizontally as any technology, Big data is evolving and will continue to grow every year. Without colossal data examination, industries are outwardly weakened and nearly deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway. Enormous information, obviously, consequently has caught board rooms today. Data are transforming into the new unrefined material of business. With everybody gunning for changing data into bits of knowledge that will impact them to win, the world wildly needs data science wizzes in mind boggling numbers.The following are a few realities demonstrating the demand of Big Data Industry:Huge demand for Analytics professionals: With being an expert in data analysis, data is literally useless. The number of job postings identified with Analytics is in fact and bones have increased generously throughout the most recent years. This apparent surge is because of the increasing number of organizations implementing Big data and along these lines look for an expert in data analysis.Enormous Job Opportunity: There is a huge deficit on the supply side happening around the world. Despite Big Data Analytics being HOT job, there is an enormous number of unfilled jobs across the world due to shortage of required skills.Salary Aspects: According to the 2015 Skills and Salary Survey Report published by the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA), the annual median salary for data analysts is $130,000, The average annual salary in United Kingdom is £66,250-£66,750 according to IT Jobs Watch & average annual salary for Hadoop jobs ranges between $92,512 to $102,679 for Hadoop developer, as per Indeed. In India, the average Hadoop Developer salary ranges from Rs. 4, 05,880 to Rs. 5,825,000 based on your experience, as reported by Pay Scale. The average salary for Hadoop & Java Developer in TCS, India is ₹677k – ₹738k, according to Glassdoor. Similarly, the average yearly salary for Spark-related jobs is $92,512, as per Indeed. The average annual salary according to IT Jobs Watch, for Apache Spark Developer jobs in UK is £71,250.Adoption of Big data Analytics is Fast-growing: New technology is currently making it simpler to perform progressively modern information investigation on vast and differing datasets. With regards to Big Data Analytics tools, the selection of Apache Hadoop structure keeps on being the popular choice. There are different business and open-source systems to look over and associations are settling on the fitting decision dependent on their necessity.The Rise of Unstructured and Semi structured Data Analytics: with regards to unstructured and semi-structured data analysis, 84% of the respondents of a specific overview have referenced that the association they work for are of now handling and breaking down unstructured information sources, including weblogs, web-based social networking, email, photographs, and video.Numerous Job Choice to Choose for: Big Data Analytics career is deep and one can choose from the 3 types of data analytics depending on the Big Data environment.-   Prescriptive Analytics -   Predictive Analytics -   Descriptive AnalyticsThere are numerous job titles for one to choose from.·         Big Data Analytics Business Consultant·         Big Data Analytics Architect·         Big Data Engineer·         Big Data Solution Architect·         Big Data Analyst·         Analytics Associate·         Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant·         Metrics and Analytics SpecialistAccording to industry leader Mckinsey-There will be a huge shortage of 1500000 Big Data professionals by the end of 2018. The worldwide market for Big Data is probably going to develop at a quick rate in the following couple of years. At present, the market is divided in nature and is probably going to observe a significant ascent in the dimension of rivalry in a coming couple of years.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina launched Bangladesh Post Office’s digital service

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina launched Bangladesh Post Office’s digital service “Nagad” for initiating legitimate privileges of financial transactions of the grassroots banking service among the denied people.She inaugurated this service on Ganabhaban Tuesday afternoon, started by the Bangladesh Post office in order to reach the digital financial services to common people, particularly those deprived of the banking services. The service is an all-inclusive digital financial service and it will be able to provide faster service through different channels and computerized systems. This service will allow individuals to make budgetary exchanges rapidly and securely at low cost.

Mustafa Jabbar: Bangladesh amazes world in mobile financing

The Digital KYC Registration has been introduced to ensure a hassle-free process for the customersPosts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar has said Bangladesh has conquered a position in mobile financial service (MFS), amazing the rest of the world.“Using the (MFS) platform, on an average of Tk1,024 crore is being transacted without any paper and it is the outcome of ‘Digital Bangladesh’ foresighted campaign by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,” he said.The minister passed the remarks while introducing the country’s first ever digital KYC (Know your customer) Registration process of the digital financial service provider Nagad of Bangladesh Post Office in a city hotel on Saturday.Jabbar said open market economy needs dynamism for competition and Nagad of Bangladesh Post Office would expedite this dynamism to the mobile financial market.Noting that the countries which emerged through the three industrial revolutions successfully, they also have a look at Bangladesh, the minister said: “None could stop Bangladesh’s journey becoming one of the best countries if our people could be able to adopt the transformation of technology.”Posts and Telecommunications Division Secretary Ashoke Kumar Biswas, Director General of Bangladesh Post Office Sushanta Kumar Mandal and Nagad’s Managing Director Tanvir A Mishuk also spoke on the occasion.Sushanta Kumar Mandal said “We have the experiences of more than a hundred years in managing financial transactions, and through our nationwide network of 9,886 post offices and its employees, Bangladesh Postal Division is well equipped in tackling any irregularity in this digital financial sector with speed and efficiency.”Tanvir A Mishuk said “The main objective of Nagad is to provide the people of Bangladesh who are currently outside the financial inclusion with financial freedom. And in the essence of freedom we are providing these ground-breaking services.”The Digital KYC Registration has been introduced to ensure a hassle-free process for the customers. It will also ensure that there will be no chance of duplication and fraud.To complete this process, customers are required to bring their national ID card and registered mobile phones. Pictures of the customer and the ID will be taken immediately and cross-matched with the Election Commission Database in real time through artificial intelligence.The respective field of the KYC form will be filled up by automated scanning process extracting information for the NID. The whole process will be concluded within less than 30 seconds per customer.The Nagad smartphone app is available only in the android platform for the time being. This light weight and easy to use application were previously available as a beta version and had been downloaded by more than 50,000 users.