Top 10 Software Company in Bangladesh

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The software has developed during that time from projects put on plates to now about prompt access through online activation. Before, customary software organizations delivered programming projects offered to shoppers through a circle that required buy time and establishment. In the present day, on account of the internet and cloud technology, clients would now be able to increase quick access to a software installation upon purchase. This article looks at the top 10 software companies across Bangladesh along with some of their brightest company highlights.


Who Are Bangladesh’s Top Ten Software Companies?


TigerIT Bangladesh: Tiger IT is reliable and one of the most renowned software companies in Bangladesh with more than ten years of long haul involvement, contributing to the IT part of the nation. They have huge involvement in building up various applications and games alongside a couple of government ventures. This IT firm in Bangladesh demonstrates its imaginative execution in setting up NIST guaranteed AFIS. Tiger IT expands on its experience and concentrated abilities to give national scale IT arrangements. It has profound knowledge into biometrics data including an enormous populace. They have a decent work culture.


KaziSoftware Limited: Kazi Software Established in 2004, Kazi Software is an award-winning custom software development company. They help enterprises and startups design, build and launch innovative products. They work with their clients as a coordinated group– empowering them to convey better, faster and at a lower cost. The mission of this IT Company in Dhaka is to simplify the ways of life of the clients in terms of using advanced technology. Administrative jobs, e-commerce associations, research related works, etc. are being performed in a wide range by Kazi IT.


NewCred: NewsCred is on a mission to make marketing better for everyone. As the leading content marketing software, NewsCred provides the world’s most ambitious brands – Pepsi, Visa, Dell, ConAgra, Hewlett Packard, and more – with the best solutions in content creation, marketing management, cross-channel publishing, and measurement. Every day, marketers rely on NewsCred to orchestrate their marketing across channels, collaborate with global teams, build brand awareness, and drive sales.


EnosisEnosis Solutions is an offshore software engineering, image processing, and consultancy company where people, knowledge and proven methodologies converge to deliver high-value services in record time. They maintain a performance-oriented work culture.


DataSoft: Data Soft is referred to as the first CMMI Level 5 software development company in Bangladesh. Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University, USA is a well-known industry which is used to measure the maturity of software development processes. They are the first software company in Bangladesh to be recognized as the CMMI Level 5 Software Development Company for its software engineering capabilities and high maturity in the area of software applications.


Brain Station 23 Limited: Brain Station 23 Limited is a 100+ people software development company in Bangladesh, working since 2006, providing enterprise & customized web applications and mobile software development services to both local and international clients. With 90+ Talented CS graduates, we have been serving local clients along with small and medium-sized clients located in the US, Canada, The UK, and other European countries.


SELISErockin' software: SELISE is a software firm engaged in the creation of digital platforms from strategy to execution. Their understanding of information technology and the internet helps them enhance business performance across industries. They serve Insurers, Retailers, Telcos, Advisors, Sports Clubs, Civil Engineers and many more. They strategize, develop and maintain digital platforms for leading businesses across the world in Finance, Insurance, Consumer Goods, Sports, Events, Telco and Civil Engineering.


Spellbit: Spellbit started its remarkable journey as a freelancing agency in IT-related services. The passionate and skillful service providers have been using their dynamic talent in their respective jobs. This is one of the best IT Firm in Bangladesh. The mission of Spellbit is to provide skillful service to the clients based on the demand and changing technology in time. Their ethics is based on honesty, they strictly follow to provide the desired services of the clients.


IBCS-PRIMAX: IBCS-PRIMAX started its journey in 1989 with a mission to establish itself as a single-point customer-centric IT solution provider for the domestic and international market. The company strives to deliver professional business applications which is technologically agnostic. IBCS-PRIMAX’s delivers services to meet the diversified information needs of its valued clients in achieving their business objectives.


Dream 71: One of the uprising software firms is Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd. Their main goal is to develop mobile application software development and game development. In a very short time, they’ve been able to draw the attention of the local market as well as the international market too. Their innovative work with A2I, text book based scientific game development, is supposed to be a milestone in the education sector of Bangladesh. They also have the legal patent to develop first-ever cricket related dynamic app of the country. Besides all these stuffs they have shown significant success to develop many more unique apps and games for several institutions. The unique part about Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd is not only in the local market they have expanded their wings in the international arena as well as having global partners from different parts of the world.