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Google's 'Zoom' conferencing is open for everyone

Google has introduced a teleconferencing service called Google Meet to compete with the popular video conferencing service Zoom. Previously, the service was only available for G Suite users, but from now on all users will be able to use the service for free. News Senate.You must have a Gmail account to use the free version. Also, video calls will have a maximum duration of one hour. As a result, if someone wants to do video conferencing again, they must start again. In addition, a maximum of 100 people can join this conference. There are screen sharing and real-time captions.According to Google, the service added 2 million new users a day earlier this month, but now Google Meet is getting 3 million new users every day. Besides, at present, the number of daily participants in the service is about 100 million. Google is not the only tech giant to compete with Zoom. Last week, Facebook announced a new service called Messenger Room that allows users to video chat with multiple people. Even people who are not Facebook users can join this messenger room. Microsoft is also in the market with its own video-chip app teams.

Bangladeshi Digital Health Platform Health BD24 is providing telemedicine services in Corona Crisis

Where medical science is losing every day, Bangladesh is also in terrible danger!! In this situation of the country, Health BD24 is implementing the objective of "Doctor to patient, not patient to doctor". Bangladeshi digital health platform HealthBD24 is providing telemedicine services to the public and patients everywhere.Currently, the most frightening virus in humans is Covid-19 or Corona virus. Outbreaks of Covid-19 or Corona virus are visible worldwide. The epidemic is a pitfall not only in terms of health, but also with social and countless economic consequences, with negative effects, which will take years to emerge. So far, the number of infected people in the world is more than 11 lakh and more and about 62 thousand have died.Epidemic corona virus was confirmed to have spread to Bangladesh in March 2020. The first three diagnoses were published by the country's Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) in March 2020.No hospital is also admitting patients suffering from cold, cough, or fever and many patients across the country are facing the same danger. Many people are not getting proper treatment for other ailments due to corona panic.In this moment of the national health crisis, telemedicine is effective for many patients, with doctors advising them by telephone or video call and charging no fees.In this moment of the national health crisis, HealthBD24 has emerged as an alternative way to provide telemedicine treatment services to patients suffering from various ailments. Where many physicians across the country are giving them advice via telephone or video call. For those patients who need to seek the advice of a doctor, arrangements will be made to consult a doctor of the hospital by introducing video conferencing. This will fill the shortage of doctors in community clinics. Bangladesh's digital health platform HealthBD24 is providing telemedicine services to the general public and patients under the supervision of Dr. Mithila, Dr. Nusrat Jahan, Dr. Wahiduzzaman, Dr. Mohsin Kabir Limon and many others.

Live Corona Test begins

Live Corona Test launched Covid-19 identification testing at home. The bot-based test service has been propelled in collaboration with the ICT department and the Department of Health.  You will be asked to know about your age when you start the test on the Web tab. Simultaneously, the automated website is then asked about the gender and then body the temperature as well. Then the main signs and additional signs will be asked about. It would also like to know the last 14 days of travel information. If you answer all the questions, you will know how much your coronary risk is? This feature is available online at 

Sell books and buy books online

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