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Oracle Celebrates 20 years by opening new branch in Bangladesh

Oracle one of the best tech giant company in the world open its new branch in Dhaka Bangladesh but it has begun its operations in Bangladesh twenty years back. Finance Minister, AHM Mustafa Kamal appreciated the US tech giant’s move in Bangladesh and mentioned Bangladesh economy surged 8.15 percent last fiscal year, the highest in the Asia Pacific region. State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak was present with US Ambassador to Bangladesh Earl R Miller and he said “I would like to congratulate Oracle on this milestone, particularly since they have been close technology partners supporting Bangladesh’s development agenda”. Zunaid Ahmed Palak also said “The government is committed to transform Bangladesh into a digital nation by 2021 and we look forward to working with the Oracle to fulfill this important vision,”.  “With an ecosystem of a 50-plus strong partner community in Bangladesh, we continue to support the digital transformation for our customers in the region,” said Rubaba Dowla, managing director of Oracle Bangladesh. “This new office is another milestone of our commitment to the country,” she said. n Bangladesh, Oracle has been experiencing strong demand for its cloud solutions from many organisations including Ananta Group, Bangladesh Bank, Bangladesh Bridge Authority, Bangladesh Computer Council, Bangladesh Election Commission, bKash, BRAC Bank, DBL Group, Department of Immigration and Passport, Dulal Brothers, Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges, National Board of Revenue, National Polymer, Partex Star Group, Union Group, Pacific Jeans to name a few. Bangladeshi firms are leveraging Oracle Cloud to fulfill a variety of business requirements including to manage and retain talent, deliver better customer experiences, launch new services faster, or reduce costs.   

UGC visited a study tour comprises 50 trainee of two batches of Foundation Training

The UGC visited a study tour comprises 50 trainee of two batches of Foundation Training (coming from 20 universities) run by the Graduate Training Institute (GTI) financed by the University Grants Commission. Professor. Dr. Md Sajjad Hossain, Honorable Member of the Commission and also a full-time member of the Bangladesh University Grants Commission (UGC) spoke about the University automation for the visitors. The Graduate Training Institute is the first institute of BAU, established in 1976. GTI was established with the financial assistance of FAO/UNDP to train officers working in agriculture and rural development GTI performs the third function of the university: extension and community service. The motive behind establishing GTI in BAU campus was to make links between teaching, research and extension. Speaking on the occasion of 16th and 17th foundation training for University officers, Prof. Dr. Sajjad Hossain delineates about the prospectus of Foundation Training more specifically training on teaching, learning, curriculum and quality assurance provided by GTI- Graduate Training Institute, BAU, Mymensingh. “It’s a training of changing attitude, a training of making fellowship with other 15 university's teacher colleagues, a training of gathering & sharing knowledge, a training of making individuals a lifelong learner". Professor Dr. Md. Akhtar Hossain, Member, UGC; Jesmin Pervin, Additional Director of International Co-operation & Collaboration ,among others, were present in the courtesy call.

Top 10 Software Company in Bangladesh

The software has developed during that time from projects put on plates to now about prompt access through online activation. Before, customary software organizations delivered programming projects offered to shoppers through a circle that required buy time and establishment. In the present day, on account of the internet and cloud technology, clients would now be able to increase quick access to a software installation upon purchase. This article looks at the top 10 software companies across Bangladesh along with some of their brightest company highlights. Who Are Bangladesh’s Top Ten Software Companies? TigerIT Bangladesh: Tiger IT is reliable and one of the most renowned software companies in Bangladesh with more than ten years of long haul involvement, contributing to the IT part of the nation. They have huge involvement in building up various applications and games alongside a couple of government ventures. This IT firm in Bangladesh demonstrates its imaginative execution in setting up NIST guaranteed AFIS. Tiger IT expands on its experience and concentrated abilities to give national scale IT arrangements. It has profound knowledge into biometrics data including an enormous populace. They have a decent work culture. KaziSoftware Limited: Kazi Software Established in 2004, Kazi Software is an award-winning custom software development company. They help enterprises and startups design, build and launch innovative products. They work with their clients as a coordinated group– empowering them to convey better, faster and at a lower cost. The mission of this IT Company in Dhaka is to simplify the ways of life of the clients in terms of using advanced technology. Administrative jobs, e-commerce associations, research related works, etc. are being performed in a wide range by Kazi IT. NewCred: NewsCred is on a mission to make marketing better for everyone. As the leading content marketing software, NewsCred provides the world’s most ambitious brands – Pepsi, Visa, Dell, ConAgra, Hewlett Packard, and more – with the best solutions in content creation, marketing management, cross-channel publishing, and measurement. Every day, marketers rely on NewsCred to orchestrate their marketing across channels, collaborate with global teams, build brand awareness, and drive sales. Enosis: Enosis Solutions is an offshore software engineering, image processing, and consultancy company where people, knowledge and proven methodologies converge to deliver high-value services in record time. They maintain a performance-oriented work culture. DataSoft: Data Soft is referred to as the first CMMI Level 5 software development company in Bangladesh. Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University, USA is a well-known industry which is used to measure the maturity of software development processes. They are the first software company in Bangladesh to be recognized as the CMMI Level 5 Software Development Company for its software engineering capabilities and high maturity in the area of software applications. Brain Station 23 Limited: Brain Station 23 Limited is a 100+ people software development company in Bangladesh, working since 2006, providing enterprise & customized web applications and mobile software development services to both local and international clients. With 90+ Talented CS graduates, we have been serving local clients along with small and medium-sized clients located in the US, Canada, The UK, and other European countries. SELISErockin' software: SELISE is a software firm engaged in the creation of digital platforms from strategy to execution. Their understanding of information technology and the internet helps them enhance business performance across industries. They serve Insurers, Retailers, Telcos, Advisors, Sports Clubs, Civil Engineers and many more. They strategize, develop and maintain digital platforms for leading businesses across the world in Finance, Insurance, Consumer Goods, Sports, Events, Telco and Civil Engineering. Spellbit: Spellbit started its remarkable journey as a freelancing agency in IT-related services. The passionate and skillful service providers have been using their dynamic talent in their respective jobs. This is one of the best IT Firm in Bangladesh. The mission of Spellbit is to provide skillful service to the clients based on the demand and changing technology in time. Their ethics is based on honesty, they strictly follow to provide the desired services of the clients. IBCS-PRIMAX: IBCS-PRIMAX started its journey in 1989 with a mission to establish itself as a single-point customer-centric IT solution provider for the domestic and international market. The company strives to deliver professional business applications which is technologically agnostic. IBCS-PRIMAX’s delivers services to meet the diversified information needs of its valued clients in achieving their business objectives. Dream 71: One of the uprising software firms is Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd. Their main goal is to develop mobile application software development and game development. In a very short time, they’ve been able to draw the attention of the local market as well as the international market too. Their innovative work with A2I, text book based scientific game development, is supposed to be a milestone in the education sector of Bangladesh. They also have the legal patent to develop first-ever cricket related dynamic app of the country. Besides all these stuffs they have shown significant success to develop many more unique apps and games for several institutions. The unique part about Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd is not only in the local market they have expanded their wings in the international arena as well as having global partners from different parts of the world.

Meetup Program of ICT Entrepreneurs of Bangladesh Held in Uttara

Amrai Digital Bangladesh Forum, a meetup program of ICT entrepreneurs of Bangladesh at an elite hotel in Uttara, Dhaka. The organizers said it was originally part of a regular event. The initiators of Amrai DigitalBangladesh Forum is where the meetup program will be organized in different areas of Bangladesh, said the main attraction of the forum, Liaquat Hossain. Various speakers highlighted the government's development, contribution and future initiatives in the program. They said, "The government has been working for the development of the country and is currently coming to Qatar around the world as a model of development. But ordinary people rarely know about this subject. On the other hand, the Jamaat-e-BNP launched an opposition party active on the digital platform.” The speakers urged all to stand against the conspiracy.The Prime Minister addressed the contribution of the Government of Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the construction of Digital Bangladesh, Information Advisor to the Government of Bangladesh, Mr. Sajeeb Wazed Joy, Architect of Digital Bangladesh and Mr. Junayed Ahmed Palak, the Honorable Minister of the Government of Bangladesh. Representatives from more than 60 companies were present on the occasion. Members of the forum said the perception of Bangabandhu would be the ideal soldier to join the forum.

Basis membership is mandatory for Software business

No organization will be able to do business in the software sector if there is no BASIS membership.Referring to a trade ministry circular, the organization said on Wednesday that it is mandatory for a business entity to have a membership of BASIS in order to conduct business in the software sector. Whether or not BASIS has membership in various government, private or non-governmental organizations will be verified.According to the statement issued recently from the trade union office of the Ministry of Commerce, all business entities in the software sector must accept membership of BASIS from now onwards under the provisions of section 4 of the Trade Organization Ordinance. All instances will be verified whether the software company has a membership of Basis.BASIS President Syed Almas Kabir said BASIS has been working closely with the Information Technology Department to build digital Bangladesh. The information and communications technology sector is constantly expanding and the number of business organizations is increasing. Therefore, all business organizations will work together for the development of this sector.Presently remote organizations will likewise need to take participation from BASIS and that will guarantee a check and harmony between their works in Bangladesh, said Farhana A Rahman, senior VP of the exchange body. Premise said the enrollment declaration will be checked in all legislature and non-government area before presenting any delicate.

6 Months Free Office Space for Entrepreneurs

Twenty-eight Hi-Tech park are being developed across the country. State Minister for Information and Communications Technology Junayed Ahmed Palak said six months of free office space will be provided to new entrepreneurs.He says, 'A new entrepreneur can enjoy all kinds of benefits for six months. This will create an ecosystem for startups across the country’. He said this while inaugurating a competition titled 'Startup Contest for Beijing-based Women She Loves Tech' at the Startup Meeting of Agargaon ICT Tower in the capital on Saturday (August 31th). Seminars were arranged at Turtle Ventures, IOBE and the EMK Center.Referring to Bangladesh as a country of immense potential, the Minister said, "Here all the strong, weak and especially capable should be given equal opportunity to enjoy the benefits of digital Bangladesh." He also said, "When a woman becomes economically self-sufficient, the empowerment of women in the country is fully established." Only if women can visually increase their participation in the ICT sector can it be possible to make women economically self-sufficient in the country. 'It is to be noted that the competition was organized by She Loves Tech, an international startup for Beijing-based women organized by the Turtle Venture, IOBE and EMK Center initiatives. Representatives from 40 countries of the world will participate in the competition in Beijing, China. After the day-long competition between the seven teams in the Bangladesh phase, the winning team will have the opportunity to go to Beijing.On the occasion, Tina F. Jabin, Advisor to Startup Bangladesh-Idea, and senior executives of ICT, including RITS Browser CEO KM Rashedul Majid were also present.

Freelancers want to get the benefit of Hi-Tech Park

Bangladesh Freelancers Development Society (BFDS) delegation met with Minister of State for Information Junayed Ahmed Palak.The delegation met at the state minister's office at the ICT tower in Agargaon in the capital.During this time, the leaders of BFDS informed the Minister of State about the various problems and possibilities of online freelancers.During this time, they sought assistance in introducing ID card system for online freelancers in Bangladesh, Small Freelancer team and other Venture Time ID cards.During the meeting, the freelancers also sought detailed assistance to ensure that youngsters can successfully start freelancing, including taking advantage of various hi-tech parks in the country.Representatives of Pran RFL Group, Apex, Urmi Textile also sought total cooperation in order to sell their products through Amazon in various countries of the world online.State Minister Junayed Ahmed Palak assured the overall support of the sale of Bangladeshi products in the online market worldwide and freelancers successfully managing their operations.He said the present government is a business-friendly government. We strive to ensure that everyone, including online freelancers, can take advantage of all the government-provided benefits. BFDS chairman Dr. Tanjiba Rahman, General Secretary Mahfuzur Rahman and other officials and representatives of Pran RFL Group, Apex, Urmi Textile, BRAC Bank and Eastern Bank were present.

Educational institutions under the Department of Telecommunications is getting Digital

Under the governments postal and telecommunications department, four educational institutions are being converted to digital.These organizations are managed under the management of the BTCL, the postal department and the telephone industry.Through this, the process of digital teaching is also beginning.The decision was made to transform it into a full-fledged digital educational institution in a meeting with the board of directors of the educational institutions under the management of the department and the heads of the respective educational institutions, chaired by Postal and Telecommunications Minister Mostafa Jabbar.Postal and Telecommunications Department Secretary Ashok Kumar Biswas, BTCL Managing Director Iqbal Mahmud, Director General of the Postal Department SS Bhadra, Teshis Managing Director Fakrul Islam and Jasmine Jui, CEO of Vijay Digital were present in the meeting.Mostafa Jabbar said Bangladesh is the example of the digital revolution. The Department of Posts and Telecommunications has the responsibility of digitizing every educational institution under this department as a digital infrastructure, including the construction of digital highways. This makes it possible to study books in the classroom with digital content instead of a pencil.As part of the digitalization, the Minister said that all the activities related to the management of these institutions including digital attendance and results will be digitalized.The telecommunication minister said, I would like to start the teaching activities from the primary with the educational institutes managed by the Postal and Telecommunications Department.Referring to this, others will come forward, he said, adding that there was no concern for the students. This will be done if teachers need to build competencies to provide digital lessons. There is content up to the elementary level, but even if there is not enough content for high school, we want to start with the existing content.Illustrating the textual activities of nearly a thousand educational institutes operating in the digital system of the country, Mostafa Jabbar, the father of Bangla software, said that it does not take more than a month to complete a year's syllabus of digital curriculum through digital content.He said that computer is not just a tool for writing Bangla, not a programming machine, computer is one of the biggest benefits of learning.The minister said that when I started the work of spreading education on computers, there was no content. I assert that the change has to be from the very beginning. Mostafa Jabbar said that the educational institutions need to be prepared by training teachers to digitalize. The school cannot be digitized with just the equipment, he said.

Startup urges for women contribution

State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junayed Ahmed Palak has called for women to step up and get involved more in startups to create digital Bangladesh. He said women are not lagging behind nowadays, in fact they are growing fast forward everywhere. Women also have to play a big role in the formation of digital Bangladesh. It will not be possible to create a digital Bangladesh without women’s contribution to the society. The State Minister depicts this while addressing the inaugural ceremony of 'Global Women Competition Series 2019' organized by She Loves Tech Bangladesh, a startup organization for women, at the idea Floor of ICT Tower in Agargaon, Dhaka. “The startup initially might face several problems, and it requires solution”, Palak said.” If we fear to resolve problems, we will be far behind. The startup has to be prepared for the challenge in every aspects. We have even seen that the startups that started 10 years ago couldn't do much. Today things are changing, startup is moving forward. Many startup companies are now the largest companies in the world”. The minister said that number of women in startups are quite low. About 9 percent of women are in the ICT sector worldwide. It won’t be too much in Bangladesh too. Empowerment of women is possible only when women also advance themeselves in the technology sector. The state minister said the government is assisting women and men in various ways with their grants to build startup ecosystem for all entrepreneurs. The startup has the opportunity to invest up to Tk 10 lakh at the initial stage and Tk 1 crore in the next. He said that the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's digital Bangladesh will be inclusive. May all men and women enjoy the benefits of this through a common platform. To achieve this goal, the ICT department is taking and implementing various activities including setting up of 28 hi-tech parks and incubation centers in different districts of the country. It was informed that seven teams will participate in the selection phase of the competition. From there a team will be finalized to attend the main event in Beijing. The event is organized by the International Organization for Business and Engineering and ICT Division in Bangladesh.The seven teams that have been finalized in the preliminary selection phase are Wee Reichs, Digital Doorji, Shopway, Hello Tank, Dhaka Cast, Ekbaz and Romoni XYZ’s.  On the occasion, Mujibul Haque, Project Director of Idea Project, Investment Advisor Tina F. Jabin, and IDFC CEO Arif Khan spoke on the occasion.

BDU Granted Scholarship to 14 Students

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Digital University, Bangladesh has awarded scholarship to 14 students as per their need. The scholarship was given to 9 students from the university's IoT department and 5 from the ICT in education department.On Thursday, Vice-Chancellor of the University, Dr Munaj Ahmed Noor handed over the scholarship money to the students.Attendees were present on the occasion including Registrar of the University (current obligation) Mohammad Ashraf Uddin, Senior System Analyst Muhammad Shahinul Kabir, Lecturer of IoT Department Nurjahan Nipa, and Lecturer of ICT in Education, Munira Aktar Lata and Sabbir Hossain.Prior to giving the scholarship, Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Munaj Ahmed Noor said that the scholarship was given on the basis of financial requirement for the students to continue their normal education activities.The Vice-Chancellor said that for the first time we have given this scholarship to fourteen students, with the aim of ensuring that the education life of a student is not disrupted due to financial incompetence under the guidance of the Prime Minister. At the time, Prof Dr. Munaj Ahmed Noor assures the students any kind of quick assistance in the study.

Banglalink officials inaugurated digital platform for healthcare

Mobile operator Banglalink has announced the launch of a Doctor Bhai service as a digital platform for integrated healthcare, incorporated social insurance.  The company officially announced the service on Thursday, saying that customers will get different medicinal and restorative administrations through this platform, along with essential health and therapeutic data.The platform has been propelled in collaboration with Healthcare Information Systems Limited (HISL), a Banglalink administrations and innovation organization. Personal health records, reminders for medications, things like health care, will be available free of charge. The premium part includes the convenience of consulting doctors for diagnostic tests. The app can be found in the Play Store.

Three Mobile operators spend Tk 8,745 Crore on adverts in Social Media

Beyond the prevailing media, mobile operators are now spending huge amounts of money on advertising and promotion through social media. And they have increased the cost of publicity.The three major mobile operators of the country have spent more than eight thousand 744 crore 19 lakh 50 thousand dollar in the last five years in their campaign. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has submitted a report to the High Court. The report cited the operators' expenditures.On the bench of Justice Mainul Islam Chowdhury and Justice Md. Ashraful Kamal, The BTRC filed the report.According to the calculations, Grameenphone has spent Rs 3659 crore 47 lakh 84 thousand 500 tk in this sector, while the cost of Robi is 32 crore 13 lac 2 thousand 714 crore 82 lac 43 thousand 500 tk. Banglalink, on the other hand, has spent Tk 2,419 crore 93 lac 68 thousand tk.In addition to Facebook and Google, other digital companies, including mobile phone operators, have spent on campaigning through social media. On April 7, the search engine produced a report by the High Court asking the High Court to investigate the revenue gap of all Internet-based companies, including Google and social media. This report has been made in terms of the direction of the High Court lawyer Mohammad Humayun Kabir Pallab in response to a writ petition in the High Court ordered. The National Board of Revenue is expected to submit a report on Thursday but did not present it. According to the BTRC, mobile phone operators spend the money on Facebook, Google and several other platforms, including emoji, according to the BTRC. However, the report noted that they paid the money through a local agency as part of a social media campaign bill.

Amazon signs a deal to sell walton products

Amazon will now sell Walton products worldwide.Amazon has signed a deal with Walton at its corporate office in Walton on Thursday. But primarily Walton will sell laptops, computers, mobile phones and home appliances in the US market.Amazon Bangladesh's manager Shawshank Pandey and Walton's executive director and computer products division chief Liakat Ali signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations. State Minister for Information and Technology Junayed Ahmed Palak was present as the chief guest at the signing ceremony. On the occasion, a new Walton laptop of Tamarind X model made in Bangladesh was unveiled.Junayed Ahmed Palak says Walton is undoubtedly making world-class products. Already their products are being exported to different countries of the world. Today, through this agreement, the Walton brand's differentiated product will be sold worldwide using the Amazon platform.He said it would be a milestone for the electronics sector in Bangladesh. The government will assist Walton in its progress. Companies like Walton need to come forward to build a talent-based, technology-based economy for the youth.I would like to thank our honorable Prime Minister Shiekh Hasina and her ICT advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy for providing the necessary strategic cooperation and visionary leadership to make Bangladesh global in digital device manufacturing and export.Many domestic and foreign companies, including Walton, are now making smart phone laptops in Bangladesh and also exporting abroad. A new milestone has been achieved today to build a technology-based economy in the construction of digital Bangladesh. Walton's electronics and digital devices are sold directly to the US consumer through Amazon's platform. That agreement was officially completed today. Congratulations and best wishes to Amazon and Walton. Best wishes to all digital device manufacturers and exporters in the country. " Among others present at the signing ceremony were senior executives of both companies, including Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd managing director SM Ashraful Alam, Walton DG Tech chairman SM Rezaul Alam.

Good news for startups: Government Venture Capital approved

The Cabinet Regular Meeting on Monday approved the policy endorsement of a completely possessed state-claimed investment organization called 'Startup Bangladesh Limited'. The Prime Minister gave its strategy endorsement, thinking about the general needs and significance of the organization. After the organization is set up, new companies will most likely contribute a limit of 1 crore Taka in seed arrange and a limit of 1 crore Taka in development guided startup round. Notwithstanding assuming the main job of "Startup Bangladesh Limited" as the principal investment organization in government possession to make a supportable startup biological system in Bangladesh, the execution of the Government's vision-2021 will go above and beyond. Thought undertaking executed by the Bangladesh Computer Council under the Information and Communication Technology Department has been working under the direction of Prime Minister Information and Communication Technology Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy to build up a startup culture in Bangladesh since 2016. A news discharge sent from the IT division says that in excess of 100 new businesses have just been given. Much the same as the idea of imaginative plans to change over into Bangladeshi new businesses to advance outside direct interest in the nation, for example, disposing of joblessness is conceivable, likewise making occupations and financial improvement of the nation all in all. It is to be noticed that the Minister of State for Information and Communications Technology, Junayed Ahmed Palak affirmed the proposition of the bureau meeting to expect new businesses to give subsidizing, coaching, collaborating space, legitimate help, etc.

'Smartphone and Tab expo' Begun on Thursday

A three-day Smartphone and Tab Expo (STE) started in the city Thursday. All around reputed significant brands, including iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei are exhibiting their most recent products and designs at the reasonable. 'Smartphone and tab fairs 2019' has been amassed with appealing markdown and blessings. On Thursday, the celebration was begun by guests at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Agargaon, Dhaka. The work, being held at (BICC) in the capital's Agargaon territory, stayed open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm till Saturday. Due to occasions, the presence of children and students just as the tech enthusiasts improved the significance and excellence of fair premises. Product selling was blasting great. This year's fair is available for all brands of smartphones and tablets. A few brands and associations, including Huawei, Samsung, Techno, Vivo, Wii, Golden field, Motorola, Nokia, iPhone, UCC, Aitel, Infinix, UMD, Detel, ADA, Maximus, Bijoy and E-Commerce Instruments Brands show and sell various models of cell phones and brilliant gadgets in the reasonable. Accessible mobile adornments Apart from this, few models of smartphones will be uncovered at the reasonable.Samsung offers a 50 percent discount on specific models of the fair Extra 5 percent quota for students. In addition, mobile financial institutions can cash in on cash and more cash back. Huawei is selling smartphones as well as tabs, smart bands, and mobile accessories. Offering discounts and gifts, Oppo fair has appeared on their smartphones and mobile accessories. Oppo offers millionaire offers as well. Vivo smartphone is taking part in the fair this year giving 100% cash back in a few models, with a discount of up to six thousand taka in certain models. Motorola brings the latest models of all the smartphones to the match. They gave up to Tk 5000.Technoor is providing 12 percentage discounts at most.  In addition, there are special gifts with each model. A total of 10 models have been presented in the fair. In each model of the Cam series, there is a specific discount, as well as a selfie stick and water bottle. Each model of the pop series has a selfie stick and a T-shirt gift.On Thursday afternoon, the inauguration of 'Smartphone and TAB Fair 2019' was initiated by Postal and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabber. Country Manager of Samsung Bangladesh Mr. Shangwan Yun, Sales Director of Huawei Technologies Bangladesh Limited Mr. Jahangir Salahuddin Sanjee, Vice President of Bangladesh, Mr. Ayono of Oppo, Head of Retail Operations of DX Tele Limited, JM Hasan Saif, Head of Project and Operation Mr. Angus of Vivo Bangladesh, Smart Technologies (BD) Limited The Director (Telecom Business) Shakib Arafat and Muhammad Khan Expo Maker strategic planner spoke on the occasion."Brands including Samsung, Symphony, Tecno, Huawei, Nokia, Oppo, Lava, Vivo, WinMax, Lenovo, DELL, Umidigi, Solar Electro, and numerous others have affirmed their interest at the fair," Expo Maker Strategic Planner Muhammad Khan said. The brands would offer unique value cut and blessing things on the buy of items at the fair, Muhammad included. "The visitors would probably pick smart gadgets from various brands under one roof," he said.Platinum sponsors this year were Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo. Gold sponsored by DX Tel and Vivo Motorola has been sponsored by Silver. Kaspersky is the Cyber ​​Security partner and partner is an IT training institute, Eduemaker. In addition to quintal, brands have gifted gifts, gift boxes, raffle draws, and selfie competition.The entrance price for the fair was Tk 20. The money from which will be donated to the treatment of cancer patients. Also, disabled and students can get free access to ID cards.  

All Govt Services will be accessible on Smartphone: Mustafa Jabbar

Postal and Telecommunication Minister Mustafa Jabbar said that a wide range of administrations, particularly government services, will be accessible on the smartphone. It isn't excessively far away, on the day the smartphone will be utilized to serve the general population. The smartphone will be used for taking or getting government service.The clergyman stated, presently 9 to 10 million mobile handsets are used in the nation; It's only 30 percent of the smartphone, yet in the following couple of years smartphone will possess the remainder of the space. Then all types of services can be found through the device. The minister said this while addressing the inaugural function of the three-day Smartphone and TAB fair at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC).Mustafa Jabbar said, not only look at the device, but also have to look at the content of the device. Since the use of a wide range of gadgets requires secure internet. What's more, on the off chance that you can guarantee the protected web, the nation will further progress. The legislature has been attempting to guarantee safety internet. The nation is currently going to be productive from being importer, stated, "We are giving 10 percent of monetary incentive for savvy gadget production in the nation. We are currently getting productive. Presently Bangladesh is giving a greater number of facilities than some other nation.Samsung India Country Manager Shangwan Yun, Sales Director of Huawei Technologies Bangladesh Limited Junior Salahuddin Sanjee, Brand Head of Apo Bangladesh, Ayono, Head of Retail Operation of DX Tele Limited, JM Hasan Saif, Head of Project and Operation Mr. Angus of Bangladesh, Vivo, Smart Technologies (BD) Limited Director (T. Likama Business) Shakib Arafat and Muhammad Khan Expo Maker strategic planner Spoke on the occasion,It is the 12th exhibition organized by Expo Maker in the country with smartphones and tablet computers. All brands of smartphones and tablets are available in the fair. Several brands and organizations, including Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Xaomi, Vivo, Motorola, iPhone, Nokia, Maximus, Realme, Umdigi, Detail, Survi Enterprises, Mobile Outfitters and Bijoy are participating. Brands display and sell different models of smartphones and smart devices in the fair. Available mobile accessories, several models of smartphones have been unveiled at the fair.Platinum sponsors this year are Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo. Gold sponsored by DX Tel and Vivo. Motorola has been sponsored by Silver. Kaspersky is the Cyber Security partner and IT training institute, Eduemaker. The fairs are open to everyone from 10 am to 8 pm daily. The entrance price for the fair is Tk 20. The money from which will be donated to the treatment of cancer patients. In addition, the disabled and students can get free access to ID cards.

Awareness campaign in IT for Munshiganj Students

Bangladesh Computer Association (BCS) and ICT Business Promotion Council (IBPC) jointly organized a day-long program in Munshiganj to increase awareness in IT.The program was held in the headquarters of the Khahra-Churain Model Degree College Auditorium in Srinagar Upazila of Munshiganj on Thursday.Srinagar Upazila chairman Mashiur Rahman Mamun was the chief guest at the workshop. He said, Digital Bangladesh is the first tool of technology. In the pursuit of the nation, the success will be very difficult for them. The students of the upazila and countryside are also progressing in IT. This development has accelerated due to the availability of the Internet. With the cost of computers, smartphones and digital devices at hand, people are getting an idea about moving ahead easily.He also said that the distance of the capital with Munshiganj is only 35 kilometers. Once the work of the Padma Bridge is completed, it will be half of the time required to pass this distance. The present government considers education and information technology as seriously the condition of development. The benefits of this are already visible. Because of the government's vision, the students are now getting the opportunity to compete with the students of the colleges of the city while studying in the upazila's college. Principal of Srinagar Model Degree College, Azizul Islam was the special guest in the program. 

Extra income from telecommunication is possible without increasing the tax!

Bangladesh Mobile Phone Consumers Association has demanded withdrawal of the proposed tax in the telecom and technology sectors in the year 2015-2020.The organization claims that it is possible to make additional revenue of at least seven thousand crore rupees annually by not increasing the tax in the sector.On Saturday, the organization gave a memorandum to the Prime Minister over the withdrawal of excess tax.In the memorandum, Bangladesh Mobile Phone Association has claimed that at the marginal level, uninterrupted network and quality services will be available to the country, about six to seven thousand crore additional revenue will come. In the new tax hike proposed, the government may get revenue of three thousand crores of revenue.If the new SIM purchase increases tax and call rates, the marginal low-income people will be discouraged by taking a new connection. As a result, the government will reduce the revenue, the organization said.The organization said, currently active SIM is around 156.5 million. Smartphone Internet users are around 750 million Moreover, broadband users are about 1.25 million. Yet 45 percent of the population in the country is out of modern telecommunications services. Currently, about 6.5 percent of the total GDP is from this sector. If there is a continuation of this, revenue from this sector will be 10.75 percent of the total GDP by 2024.In the last five years, tax increases and tax rates have been increased five times in this sector. The organization has requested the government not to increase the corporate tax on the operators rather than earn 12 thousand crore rupees before the government. At the same time, the operators will be able to build a good network system across the country so that their issue is also requested to see the government in that memorandum.

Digital Bangladesh is not a Promise now, It’s a Reality

Information and Communication Technology Minister Mustafa Jabber said that  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has guaranteed to build up a digital Bangladesh concentrating on information and technology dependent on the election manifesto of the 2008 Awami League. As of now, Digital Bangladesh isn't a promise, it is a reality.On the Awami League's publicity and publishing board of trustees, in the auditorium hall of the city's Shilpakala Academy on Saturday, the honorable minister said this at an exchange of '70 years of the glorious journey: Awami League in the mind of youth'.The clergyman said the necessary funds have been designated in the monetary allowance to make the young of the nation fit as the resident of the fourth industrial revolution.With respect to social networking, he stated, it was conceivable to stop the spread of bits of rumors about social media by an edge. Be that as it may, with the assistance of some online web-based interfaces, rumors are spreading in certain zones yet. It will be conceivable to control these online web portals once they are registered. Information Minister  Hasan Mahmud, Prime Minister's Political Advisor and Awami League Advisory Council member H T Imam, Information and Communication Technology Minister Mostafa Jabbar, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam, Education Deputy Minister and Awami League Organizing Secretary Barrister Muhibul Hasan Chowdhury Naoufel, Deputy Publicity Secretary Aminul Islam Amin, executive committee member Professor Marina Jahan Spoke on the occation. The meeting was convened by the Prime Minister's Special Assistant Barrister Shah Ali Farhad.

Disabled people give job interview in video conferencing

State Minister of Information and Communication Junayed Ahmed Polok focused on the need to include the disabled people in the standard of improvement, said the incapacitated individuals are not ready to be especially equipped. Disable people are not burdened; in reality, they are the asset of the nation. He stated the government is executing different projects to empower the individuals who are especially equipped for preparing them in different fields including ICT. He urged the majorities to be increasingly cognizant and conscious particularly to the impaired.The State Minister said this while addressing the closing and prize distribution program of 'National IT Competition for Youth Disabled-2019' mutually by the Department of Information and Communication Technology and Asia Pacific University at the University of Asia Pacific Campus premises situated at Green Road.During this time, Polok stated, the extent of the disabilities that were found in the society before is no longer there. People of this country have been aware of the last 10 years under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her well-known daughter Saima Wazed Putul. So as to guarantee the rights and welfare of the diabled, the 'Disability Protection Act' has been established in 2013. We are working to ensure their rights in society. They didn't notwithstanding sitting in the house being inert, rather contributing to the development of the nation with their very own talent and capability.He also said that online job portal will be made for these minorities. They can apply online by exchanging information, especially in accordance to their qualification and also give and take job interviews through video conferencing. Employer will contact the employee of any place from anywhere.He communicated that employment would be arranged for debilitated individuals through training. He said that in the following one year, there will be courses of action for preparing of 3,000 impaired young people in 7 provincial workplaces of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC). In the next five years, the employment of 10 lakh young people in the ICT sector will be arranged, where at least one percent will be the disabled one.Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Asia Pacific Manzur Ahmed Chowdhury, Executive Director of BCC Parthapratim Debsaha along with the other senior officials of the ICT Department spoke on the occasion. After that, the names of three winners were announced in four categories from 100 contestants participating in different district IT competitions.

Prof Dr. Sajjad Hossain nominated as a member of Syndicate of Chittagong Medical University

In accordance to the letter issuing the nomination of member of syndicate of Chittagong Medical University, under the provisions of Section 1 (H) of Section 20 of the Chittagong Medical University Act, 2016, the honorable member of the University Grants Commission, Professor Mohammad Sajjad Hossain, has been nominated as a member of the syndicate of the Chittagong Medical University.The letter was issued by The Join Secretary of Administration Jafar Ahmmad Jahangir and Senior Assistant Secretary of Administration Md. Asaduzzaman, and provided by Honorable Vice Chancellor on 26th June, 2019 with the permission of the authorities.Considering fast development of position is for sure momentous and vital accomplishments that depict Prof. Dr. Sajjad's perfection. Previously, he was designated as a full-time individual from the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC) on twelfth June 2019. Preceding this, he has been a professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB). He has an involvement in several organization including ICT Ministries and Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) of the council. Prof Sazzad, a known face of the media, has just picked up ubiquity for scientific writing. Dr. Sajjad Hossain has been working constantly concerning make Digital Bangladesh and to create Tech based network. His commitment to Technology, Innovation, Education, is exceedingly considerable. It's of nothing unexpected that he is gaining position that focuses his significant effect on society.

Two Thousand Women Get Certificate on Lancing Training

 National Women's Organization has certified women who have received training in outsourcing. They have gotten 2,304 certificates under the program 'My Internet My Income'. Women and Children Affairs Secretary Kamrun Nahar was the Chief Guest at a program composed at the National Women's Association Auditorium on Monday. She gave over the certificates to the trainees. Chairmen of National Women's Association Professor Momtaz Begum presided over the function and Kajol Islam, Executive Director of National Women's Association, spoke on the occasion. National Women Organization, with the assistance of Kamsudhat Technologies, offers a half year preparing in three stages on freelancing outsourcing.

ADB Will Help in Creating Innovation Ecosystem

Asian Development Bank (ADB) will assist Bangladesh with innovation ecosystem in Digital Economy and IT sector. Country Director of Asian Development Bank, Manmohan Prakash, in the ICT Tower held a gathering with State Minister of Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak. He communicated this to the journalists. Among others, Gobind Bar, Team Leader of External Relations Division of ADB, senior pioneers of the Department of Information and Communication Technology, Parthapratim Deb, Executive Director of Bangladesh Computer Council including different individuals, were available. In the gathering, point by point exchanges have been taken to set up the task for creating ecosystems in the ICT segment, carrying occupations to the adolescent just as bringing taxpayer driven organizations to the equivalent computerized stage and supporting ADB in ICT part, including Hi-tech Park.

E-cab seeks for long-term VAT-exemption e-commerce

E-cab demanded for long-term VAT-free e-commerce sector in the interest of the government to implement the vision of digital Bangladesh.The organization of e-commerce entrepreneurs organized a press conference on Tuesday at a hotel in the capital. The leaders of the organization say that in the budget e-commerce VAT will impede the creation of Digital Bangladesh.They said that if withdrawal of VAT in e-commerce, the government would increase the revenue earnings indirectly by creating employment, increasing transparency in purchasing and increasing consumer purchasing power in this sector.Presided over by E-Cab President Shami Kaiser, the meeting was attended by General Secretary of the organization Md. Abdul Wahed Tomal, Finance Secretary Mohammad Abdul Huq, members and directors of the e-CAB Executive Committee.The organization has demanded the withdrawal of 7 percent VAT in this budget, and the sale of online goods and services, as defined by the National Digital Commerce Policy-2018 and Bangladesh Gazette defined in January, is considered as separate service. Apart from allocating new service codes, keep the previous SRO (S099.50).Shomi Kaiser said that e-commerce is now one of the most discussed topics in creating bridges between buyers and sellers by removing barriers to time and distance. Just starting to develop, it is considered as a profitable sector of the government. At the same time, to bring VAT like Facebook and Google to VAT, digital transformation of the business will not only hamper the VAT on digital business, but also the double burden on entrepreneurs will be imposed. At the same time, the implementation of digital variance will also be under threat.Referring to the e-commerce sector in neighboring countries including India, VAT has not been available at the initial stage, she said, "There are not many VAT in e-commerce in many countries yet. This VAT will also hamper the distance between villages and cities that started in the country. There will be a chance to create new jobs. Unemployment will rise in the head. Especially in the home of small and women entrepreneurs, the country's economy is going to die, the death will be the death.”Mohammad Abdul Wahed Tamal said, there is no doubt to believe the government's revenue increase. However in the greater interest, emphasis short-term income certainly is not appreciable. It is required make the e-commerce definition clear. Those who do not have a physical store, only those who sell products online are demanded to keep VAT free. Because those who do online business, they make one-time VAT at the time of buying the product from the market. Even if they have to pay VAT again, they will have to pay two points. And this tax burden will eventually be put on the consumer. That means the increase in the price of the products online. Then someone will not lose interest to buy online.Referring to the e-Cab aiming to create more than one million jobs across the country in the next three years, he said, currently around 50,000 entrepreneurs are directly involved with e-commerce. This VAT will be a serious risk to all of them. Ajker Deal, Bagdum, Rokomari, Daraj, Chaladal, Pathao, Sheba XYZ, DinRatri, Sindhabad, and various e-commerce entrepreneurs and sector representatives were present at the press conference.

A separate job portal for disabled people: Palak

State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak has been talking about making a separate job site for disable people.People with incapacities can without much of a stretch apply for a vocation at home, and they can arrange a prospective employee meet-up. State Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak said, "Specially enabled persons can apply online for information exchange, particularly as per the capabilities and the activity of making an entry to begin and accept a position meet through video conferencing". He said that the portal will be very easy to work with the employer of any place as soon as the employer communicates with the employer.The State Minister said this while inaugurating the IT competition for disabled people organized by Bangladesh Computer Council and Asia Pacific University at Asia Pacific University in Green Road, Dhaka.In the function, the State Minister said that importance is given to the inclusion of disabled people in the main stream of development. Disabled is not the burden of the country. In his discourse, he guided them to orchestrate employments via preparing them to join the standard improvement of the disabled. In the next one year, about three thousand disabled students will be trained in seven Regional Offices of the Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC). In the next five years, the employment of 10 lakh young people in the ICT sector will be arranged, of which at least one percent will be disabled.Palak said the disabled people are not the burden of the country, but they are our development advocates.During the following five years, ten lakh occupations will be made in the IT part. At any rate one percent of handicapped individuals will find the opportunity there. In fact, in the year 2016, national IT competition started with disability. This year's competition was the fourth arrangement.Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Asia Pacific Manzur Ahmed Chowdhury, Executive Director of BCC Partha Pratim Das, senior officials of the Department of Information spoke on the occasion. Out of 100 participants participating in IT-related competitions from different districts of the country, three of the three winners were declared in the four divisions.

Ecosystem is being developed for innovators in the country: Palak

An ecosystem system will be developed for all types of innovators in the nation. State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak said that the proposition has been allocated for the budget. He stated, we are working to make an innovative domain in the nation. For this, Universities, government and private sectors should cooperate mutually. He depicted it in the service of the challenge to discover inventive ideas named 'Tiger Challenge' held in capital on Tuesday. Bangladeshi IT Company Tiger IT and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) together composed the challenge. The competition will begin from July 2. Intrigued Aspirants need enrollment to participate the challenge. The competition will proceed till 30 August. In his discourse, Palak talked about the spending proposition of 100 billion taka independently for the designers of the 2019-20 financial year went for making that biological system. He said 100 million taka for the advancement of the innovators, 50 million rupees for their research has been proposed in the financial limit. Once more, the advancements expected to take an interest in the fourth mechanical unrest, for example, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Block chain, have been given significance in the financial limit. A wide range of Tiger Challenge rivalries, individuals of any age can take an interest In the type of a challenge for the development of the general public, the $ 15 million Equity Fund Which will later assistance them to propel their advancement. Palak said that the individuals who are finalists from this challenge will likewise be helped by the Information Technology Department's Innovation Fund. Champs will find the opportunity to win 15 million US dollars in the Tiger Challenge competition.

Country's Second Space Innovation Summit on July

Bangladesh Innovation Forum and NASA Problem Solver Bangladesh is organizing the Innovation Summit again.With the help of space science and aerospace research equipment, alongside the improvement of rocket innovation, making ground stations and urging different revelations identified with this, the venue is set to sit on July 19 and 20. This summit will be held at the Independent University of Bangladesh in the capital, with two workshops in two days and 16 specialized courses in 4 sessions. Around 24 speakers from outside the nation and the nation will hold this two-day summit.There will also be an exhibition with aerospace research equipment.State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak will be the main visitor. In addition, the individual from Bangladesh University Grants Commission Professor Sajjad Hossain and Professor and Head Air Commodore of the MIST Aeronautical Department Md. Abdus Salam will be extraordinary visitors.  The initial two days of the occasion will be from 10 am to 1 pm in the first part of the day, Rocket Technology A2Z and 3 pm to 7 pm toward the evening will be Satellite Making and Communication. On the second day, from 10 am to 1 pm, there will be Robot for Space Exploration and Carrier at NASA will be from three to seven. On a primary day, a workshop will be led by 30 individuals with day-long ground station making with satellite following and picture receipt, and on the second day, a multi-day-long workshop on reenactment based rocket making. There will likewise be a selective shock in the occasion, 60 minutes in length extraordinary event to stamp the 50-year commemoration of Apollo-11 moon travel.Anyone interested in doing future work on space science and satellites can participate in this Summit.Summit convener Mahmud Musa said that there will be about 18 seminars in two days to make space science more popular among the youth and to highlight them in science, technology, mathematics and engineering. We hope our youngsters will learn more about the science of space science through this Summit and they will be able to play a role in this future.Independent University Bangladesh represents as a venue partner in the event in cooperation with Space and Rocket Center Bangladesh and IUBE EE Department.In order to participate in this event, details will be available at the following address. You can register from the link below.

Tech-enthusiast will create Remarkable Digital Bangladesh

Bangladesh certainly moving forward in the world of technology when the whole world triumphs the success in Technology. In this era of globalization, there is no alternative to using advanced technologies like progressive countries. Starting from the workplace, every step of everyday life, many big technical seminars on technology is being held at different places in the country to make informed use of the technology and its benefits.Focusing on this goal, "Creative IT Institute" organized an event name “Projuktite Dokkho Karigor Shommanona – 2019 “today in Krishibid Institute in the capital. Originally their activities were to give special honor to the government and Providing Skilled workers the opportunity to join relevant occupations.For the second time, this event was made by the Creative IT Institute. It is organized to play a positive role in creating new enthusiasm among the people who are doing well in the technology sector and those who are behind them.Creative IT has been contributing to the development of the IT industry for the past ten years. They have trained more than 30 thousand trainees. The big part of those who are now successful is mainly the freelancer, adding that many others are also working well in the country and abroad.Today, 700 technical students completed creative attachments in professional IT certification, 500 students received job placement sell opportunity to create a career in information technology. Apart from this, 52 skilled technicians have been recognized for their success as “Projuktite Dokkho Karigor Shommanona – 2019”Mr. Md. Nurul Islam Sujon, MP, Honorable Minister, Railway Ministry attended the program as the chief guest. Mr. Munir Hasan, Head of Youth Program, Prothom Alo, Mr. Syed Almas Kabir, President, Bangladesh Association of Software Sales and Service (BASIS) including political personalities, all members of Creative IT, honorable people, journalists and students were present as special guests.The minister said, "Efficient craftsmen should not have the opportunity to work but instead they should be given employment opportunities and they will also be given opportunity later". He further said, "Railway sector is not yet digitized enough, very soon IT department will be organized and there will be employment for many IT specialists, including diploma".The honored guests of the event handed over the award honors in 8 categories in the hands of 52 skilled technicians of the generation. Awards - Admissible, Top Freelancers, Women Freelancers, Employees, Entrepreneurs, Freelancer Team, Beginners Achievement and Distant Learning Award. Also the appointment letter to 500 reputable organizations.The second phase of the ceremony, Md. Kaikobad, Professor, BUET; Mr. Farhana A Rahman, Senior Vice President, BASIS; Didarul Alam, Director, BASIS and others were present. The event ended with the creative music and cultural programs organized by creative IT students.

Palak's letter to withdraw e-commerce VAT

State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak has sent a letter to the chairman of the National Board of Revenue to pull back the seven percent VAT proposition proposed to be e-commerce business. He told columnists after the formal initiation of 'Tiger Challenge' in a city hotel on Wednesday. He said the nation's commerce sector is currently developing. It is presently market of at any rate thousand million. It is progressively growing. Again, it is one of the sectors of employment. So it isn't more right than wrong to force VAT on the part at the present time. He said that a letter has just been sent to NBR Chairman Musharraf Hossain to withdraw the VAT proposition proposed to impose e-commerce in the financial limit for the monetary year 2019-2020. He conversed with the finance minister about the issue and said he would make a move later. State Minister for Information Technology additionally said that the NBR director gave positive confirmation about the withdrawal of VAT. We're hoping it will be pulled back. On Thursday, the Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal introduced a spending proposition for the financial year 2019-2020. He said that the Budget proposes to force 7.5 percent VAT on the web-based sector in the nation.

Summon to create more women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak has called for creating more new women entrepreneurs in the country.In a speech at the seminar titled 'Women's Economic Participation and Empowerment of Women ensure women and e-commerce” can ensure women and e-commerce in the start-up project meeting of the ICT Tower of Agargaon on Tuesday.'Presided over by Women E-Commerce President Nasima Akter Nishra, among others, the speech was addressed by Bangladesh Hi-tech Authority's Managing Director Hosne Ara Begum and Sumaiya Tech's Proprietor Ripa Jahan.Junaid Ahmed Palak said that in order to build a knowledge-rich society and digital Bangladesh, the IT department has taken initiatives to set up the Startup Bangladesh Limited Company, Innovation Design, and Entrepreneurship Academy, and to develop innovative culture in the country.Palak said that women entrepreneurs are being created through the implementation of the Learning Earnings project to create equal opportunities for men and women. He said the project is being implemented to provide uninterrupted internet services to remote areas of the country to eliminate digital discrimination. To this end, she urged private organizations to come forward as well as the government to make women entrepreneurs nationwide.

State Minister Junayed Ahmed Palak: Young people will not look for jobs, They will give jobs

State's Minister of Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak stated, "The adolescent of the nation won't search for employment, rather they will certainly provide Jobs." He said this at a seminar titled 'Women's Economic Participation and Empowerment of Women, ensure women and e-commerce” in the start-up project meeting in Agargaon's ICT Tower in the capital on Tuesday.Palak said, "The youth of the country will not seek jobs but rather jobs." In request to build digital Bangladesh, the IT office has taken different projects including the foundation of Startup Bangladesh Limited Company, Technology Design, and Entrepreneurship Academy, to make an imaginative culture in the nation. “Innovative and interesting Project thought planning is giving financial assistance to fire up organizations. Women business visionaries are being made through actualizing the Learning, Earning preparing undertakings to make equivalent open doors for both men and women.”Alluding to the execution of the venture to give continuous internet providers to the remote regions of the nation to dispose of digital segregation, the State Minister stated, "There will be many other organizations including the government to come forward to create a women entrepreneur as well, but the country will go further". Presided over by Women E-Commerce President Nasima Akter Nishra, among others, the speech was addressed by Bangladesh Hi-tech Authority's Managing Director Hosne Ara Begum and Sumaiya Tech's Proprietor Ripa Jahan.

Fujitsu will work to develop skilled manpower in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Hi-tech Park Authority and Fujitsu Research Institute will cooperate on various issues including its advancement of IT administrations and products in the world, making talented Human Resources in this segment, and collaboration among Japan and Bangladeshi IT organizations. On Monday, a Memorandum of Understanding marked on this issue has been agreed upon. Bangladesh High-Tech Park Authority signed the MoU for the benefit of Managing Director (Secretary) Hosne Ara Begum and Japan Fujitsu President and Representative Director Shinzo Kagawa.State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister on the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding Najibur Rahman, the chief coordinator of the Prime Minister's Office Abul Kalam Azad, Japanese ambassador to Bangladesh Hiroyasu Izumi was also present.FBCCI president Sheik Fazle Fahim, Jatro Country Representative Liaksua Arai, Datasoft Managing Director Mahbub Zaman was available as specialists in the exchange on 'Bangladesh-Japan Investment Opportunities in ICT Sector' in the wake of marking Memorandum of Communications. Bangladesh High-Tech Park Authority Director Khandker Azizul Islam and BASIS President Syed Almas Kabir have been directed as arbitrators. The appreciated location and different exercises of the Bangladesh High-Tech Park Authority were referenced in the program, Hosne Ara Begum, Managing Director. Secretary of Information and Communication Technology Division NM Ziaul Alam presided over the function.The speakers said that Fujitsu Research Institute will sort out different preparing to build up the HR in the higher tech aptitude to handle the difficulties of the fourth modern transformation. The educational program of these instructional classes will incorporate enormous information, information science, computerized reasoning, AI, IOT, mechanical autonomy, square chains, digital security. Moreover, Fujitsu will work to pull in remote speculators in Hi-Tech parks.Junaid Ahmed Palak said in the chief guest, "Japan is one of the main nations to perceive Bangladesh. From that point forward Japan has been an incredible companion of Bangladesh. Japan is continually participating for the improvement of Bangladesh. By the following five years, Bangladesh's fare focus of $ 5 billion in the ICT sector. We trust that Japan will be the closest companion of Bangladesh to accomplish this objective. 'Calling upon Japan to put resources into Bangladesh, Palak said that the administration has assigned Tk 100 billion in the following financial year for the general population. The administration is setting up 28 skyscraper parks and hatching focuses in the various locale of the nation. We welcome Japan all an opportunity to put resources into Hi-Tech Park of Bangladesh. We are giving different motivating forces, including the assessment waiver of financial specialists in HiTech Park.Shinzo Kagawa stated, "Japan is getting keen on improving the IT area. We are attempting to guarantee that IT organizations from both nations cooperate with one another"The Japanese Ambassador said numerous Japanese organizations are interested in the ICT sector of Bangladesh. Particularly, these days they need to take skilled Human Resources. It is to be noted that in the IT Week-2015 'held in Japan, Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority including BASIS, BWA, BCS and many IT organizations and entrepreneurs of the country participate.

BHTPA Managing Director Hosne Ara Begum gets job extension

Managing Director of Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority, Hosne Ara Begum, created the record for getting the second time extension in the position of NDC. Hosne Ara has been serving in as BHTPA managing director executive since April 30, 2013. She was delegated in May 2017 for a long time, as per an official release.The position of NDC has been stretched out again to The Bangladesh Hi-tech Park Authority's Managing Director Hosne Ara Begum, for the second time ever of administration, and the time of this development is very momentous and rare. Today (June 12, 2019) a notification from the Ministry of Public Administration was issued by the order of the Honorable President. Prior, on 30 April 2013, she had been working effectively as Managing Director of Bangladesh High-Tech Park Authority. Hosne Ara Begum, NDC went on retirement leave on March 23, 2017. In acknowledgment of her exceptional commitment to the Bangladesh High-Tech Park Authority, she was re-elected as the managing director of the position of secretary. Today the term of the agreement was expanded for a long time through the notice of the Public Administration Ministry.Today, when the notice is issued on Wednesday, every one of the officers and representatives welcome her with blossoms. Around then, Director of Joint Secretary (Joint Secretary) of High-Tech Park Authority, Dr. Khandker Azizul Islam, Director (Technical) Fahmida Akhter and all the Project Director and Deputy Directors of Bangladesh High-Tech Park were available. Hosne Ara Begum initiates authorities and workers in a recurring domain.Hosne Ara Begum recalls the favors and love of for this extension of time. She communicated his longing to work increasingly dynamic in the coming days. She offered his genuine thanks to the Honorable Prime Minister at the gathering of the authorities and workers.In the profession of this general officer, on 3 April 1983, she entered her first career as a magistrate of 750 rupees in Faridpur Sadar During this time, 40 ladies were delegated out of the blue, one of whom was Hoshen Ara.In the early long periods of her renowned profession, she filled in as a field level officer in Tangail Sadar in 1987, Jamalpur Sadar in 89, and Munshiganj Sadar in 91 in the field of judges. At that point in June 1992, she came back to Dhaka, elevated to the position of Senior Assistant Secretary of the Ministry of Information. Following four months, the transfer was made to the Ministry of Agriculture. In a similar post, till June 96, she served as the Ministry of Agriculture. Went to Netherlands for higher education. She returned from there from February 14, 1999 to 21st September 2000 in Trishal upazila nirbahi officer in Mymensingh.After that,she served as the primary education development project, Ministry of Food and Disaster Management, Ministry of Culture Affairs, Establishment Ministry, and Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce respectively. The Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center has been the joint secretary to the Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation from 3 August, 2010 to January 13, 2010 and from April 10, 2011 till April 25, 2011. Despite having a strong desire, she could not do PhD, but as a result, she accomplished NDC degree from National Defense College in 2010. Hosne Ara Begum NDC was born on March 26, 1958 in Bhandariya of Pirojpur district. On 3 April 1983, she joined government service as a magistrate. Among Seven Children, Hoshen Ara Begum is the 2nd child of Alhaj Mohammad Abdul Jabbar and Mahmuda Begum. He earned his Masters of Science degree from the Department of Botany of Dhaka University

It is essential to provide security to everyone on the internet: Mustafa Jabbar

Digital and Telecommunication Minister Mustafa Jabbar commented that digital security is essential for all types of internet users including children.He said safe internet is essential to build skilled human resources capable of tackling the challenges of digital art revolution. To achieve this goal, we will have to work in a coordinated way by determining to do the right thing.The task of securing digital security is not a single department and agency act, said Mustafa Jabbar. It is easy to deal with the situation if the concerned agencies including the Digital Security Agency and the law enforcement agencies work together.The minister said this while speaking as the chief guest at the Digital Security and Duty Headworks Workshop organized by Digital Security Agency and Information Technology Division in Dhaka on Saturday.The minister said the government started work on Digital Bangladesh three years before the fourth industrial revolution was discussed in the world. No one even thought that digital safety law would be introduced in Bangladesh. Its coverage in the digital world and its security is a huge issue. There is no scope to debate about it.Children need to use the Internet to create skilled human resources to combat the global challenges of the future. The minister said that in order to provide a safe Internet to the new generation from the age of five years, the minister will have to make arrangements.Because we are asking for achieving skill on the internet, on the other hand, if not able to secure their security, it will not be possible.Referring to the digital war in the coming days, the minister said, there is a need to gain huge potential in this regard. In front of the wonderful technology, the driverless car will run, the Robot Garments Industry will serve as an alternative to the people.The Minister stressed the need for technology to be protected by technology and creating awareness.Presided over by ICT Division Secretary NM Ziaul Alam, and in the presence of the Policy Adviser Anir Chowdhury of A2I, Senior Member of Parliament, Aparajita Haque, Legislative and Parliamentary Affairs Affairs Secretary Mohammad Shahidul Haque, Director General of Digital Security Agency Md. Rashedul Islam and BASIS President Syed Almas Kabir spoke on the occasion.The Vice-Chancellor of Canadian University of Bangladesh presented the keynote paper. Mohammad Mahfujul Islam. Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Monirul Islam and ISPAB President Mohammad Aminul Hakim took part in the discussion in the discussion.

Pressure should be continued to face the harmful effects of climate: Minister Palak

A worldwide temperature alteration in other words Global Warming is expanding day by day. State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak has encouraged the created nations to keep constraining the world to confront antagonistic impacts of the worldwide atmosphere. On Sunday, he saw the environmental change circumstance all around intently as a major aspect of the Young Global Leader Impact Expedition Program held in Ilulissat city, Greenland. Amid this time, the world's biggest island, with in excess of 20 youthful worldwide pioneers' helicopters, visited different places in Greenland. Worldwide Youth Leaders partook in the endeavor at the welcome of the World Economic Forum. Junaid Ahmed Palak said that the world's biggest island is liquefying ice quicker than the idea of Greenland. Thusly, if the ice liquefies proceed; the unsafe impacts of environmental change will be on creating nations like Bangladesh. As indicated by Space Research Organization, Palak said that NASA's information on space inquire about examined information demonstrates that in 2003, the rate of ice defrosts expanded fourfold since 2003, which has never occurred before. One examination found that in excess of 40 billion tons of ice was liquefied in Greenland in 2012, which is multiple times higher than in 2003. The greater part of these frosts liquefies in southern Greenland. In this way, every one of the icy masses in Greenland will build the ocean level stature by 23 feet, which will cause numerous pieces of the seaside regions like Bangladesh to submerge and around 20 million individuals need to move to more secure spots.

BASIS Signs MoU with IPDC

An update of comprehension (MoU) has been inked between Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) and IPDC Finance Ltd, under which IPDC will offer its vital item Joyee for ladies business visionaries of BASIS.Hon'ble Planning Minister Mr. M. A. Mannan, MP graced the event as boss visitor. Hon'ble ICT State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak, MP was available as Special Guest. Hon'ble Planning Minister Mr. M. A. Mannan, MP stated, having iftar with BASIS has given me massive joy. The premise is the APEX ICT Trade Body of the nation and working tirelessly for the advancement of Digital Bangladesh. Hon'ble ICT State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak, MP stated, ICT has turned out to be one of the central income procuring part for our nation. In 10 years fare winning has come to up to 1 Billion US Dollar. The premise is working steadily for the advancement of this part. Government is likewise giving the topmost need for the improvement of ICT part. At the program, MoU has been seared between BASIS-IPDC Finance Limited. Under this MOU, IPDC will offer key item Joyee for the ladies business person of BASIS just as Supply Chain Finance through Orjon stage to every one of the individuals from BASIS. Orjon is a complete store network financing arrangement which will give money related offices to the corporate association, smaller scale, and little ventures (MSEs) in one single chain. After the MoU marking BASIS President Syed Almas Kabir stated, the welfare of BASIS individuals is the highest need of BASIS. I trust this MoU will help BASIS individuals organizations to develop their business and have monetary profit in the meantime. Premise President additionally expressed gratitude toward in excess of 800 individuals for joining the iftar and doa mahfil. Overseeing Director and CEO of IPDC Finance Limited Mominul Islam stated, IPDC disparages coordinated effort as the new advancement. Onboarding the biggest the national exchange body for Software and IT Enabled Service industry of Bangladesh, BASIS fills us with certainty for more noteworthy statures. We are happy to be in endeavor with BASIS, on the grounds that such affiliations are the main impetus of the vision of Digital Bangladesh. At BASIS Iftar Convener of the program and Vice President (Finance), Mushfiqur Rahman gave welcome comments. Toward the end, Senior Vice President of BASIS Farhana A Rahman gave a statement of gratitude. At the program BASIS Vice President (Admin) Shoeb Ahmed Masud, Director Tamzid Siddiq Spondon, Director Didarul Alam, Director Mustafa Rafiqul Islam. Premise iftar and do mahfil pursued by marking service was likewise gone to by Rizwan Dawood Shams, DMD, and Head of Business Finance, Shah Wareef Hossain, Chief Operating Officer, Abdul Mabud Tushar, Head of Supply Chain Finance and Sajjad Hossain Chowdhury, Head of Channel Management alongside other high authorities from IPDC Finance Limited were available at the occasion. Among others, High authorities from different Govt. divisions, corporate houses, media work force's gone to the Iftar.

Worry On The Face Of Huawei Users Puts a Great Concern

A great many Huawei smartphone proprietors around the globe are abruptly keen on the exchange war among China and the U.S.An ongoing boycott by U.S. President Donald Trump implies numerous U.S. organizations can't work with the Chinese innovation monster. On Monday, there was a 90-day relief. However, from that point forward, Huawei telephones won't get a similar access to Google programming refreshes as most other significant handsets that utilization the U.S. organization's Android working framework.Huawei's telephone clients are worried since yesterday. It resembles the clients of the nation, just as the entire world. Reuters reports that numerous individuals are stressed that the worries are expanding significantly more due to not staying alert. There have been remarks from clients of a few nations. Many Huawei's clients, on edge, needed to know Reuters by means of email and others, on account of the crossing out of the agreement with Google, and they cannot utilize YouTube, Maps, and Play Store on their telephones? Or then again the telephone cannot utilize any Google administration?Reuters said Huawei had cleared the clients' issues. Google said on Sunday that they have dropped the exchange understanding between Chinese monster Huawei. Therefore, one can never again utilize Google's YouTube, Maps, Play Store, Chrome program, and different gadgets on Huawei. Thusly, the worry emerges among the clients. Luna Angelica, a London inhabitant, revealed to Reuters that she was very stunned about the issue. She purchased a Huawei P Smart Plus gadget a couple of days back. Imagine a scenario in which he needs to change the gadget once more. What he will do? Be that as it may, numerous Western countries couldn't respect Trump's choice. Their point is, on the off chance that Huawei has espied through their gadgets, at that point, it is by all accounts settled through the arrangement.Presently if Huawei cannot utilize Google's administration on the telephone, Huawei should restore the telephone and pay the cost. It likewise says numerous clients. I cherish Huawei's telephone as well. I was stunned to hear the news daily back. So what might I need to sell my telephone? I purchased the Wi-Fi only two weeks prior, said Anthony Syringa living in Nairobi. On the off chance that something happens that numerous things should not be possible, Huawei ought to supplant the telephone, he said. One of the key organizations in Huawei, which is building up a generally excellent business in the nation, is the South Asian nations, particularly India, some different nations including Kenya and Africa.Huawei has taken a great deal of command over these business sectors with low and medium-spending telephones. Market investigators trust that if such a choice is enduring, these business sectors will be influenced. Sumit, a representative, and agent from Mumbai, stated, "I have officially chosen to purchase the P30 Pro gadget going to Huawei's most recent market. Be that as it may, meanwhile, we got such news yesterday. In any case, in the event that you cannot utilize administrations like YouTube, pre-store and guide on the telephone, at that point the subject of getting it isn't raised Instead of thinking the alternative. Nonetheless, Huawei guarantees purchasers that their cell phone clients will get every one of the administrations as previously. Clients can get Google benefits regardless of whether they are available.  

Huawei's own operating system 'HongMeng'

Google's choice to incompletely cut off Huawei gadgets from its Android working framework has exhibited the Chinese tech titan with a standout amongst its most sensational difficulties yet: how to stay aware of the challenge on the off chance that it can't utilize the stage that powers almost every other cell phone on the planet?The Chinese organization has built up an exclusive OS as pressures between the organization and the US government could affect the accessibility of US-made working frameworks utilized on Huawei gadgets, Huawei's versatile boss Richard Yu Chengdong, said in a meeting with German production Die Welt."We have arranged our very own working framework. On the off chance that the facts should confirm that we can never again utilize these frameworks (like Android)... we would in this manner should be well-outfitted," Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei's Consumer Business Group, disclosed to German paper Die Welt in a meeting distributed in March. "That is our Plan B. Be that as it may; we would obviously like to cooperate with the environments given by Google and Microsoft."Huawei continues to build and maintain their HongMeng operating system since 2012, after China's software support is stopped, in new Huawei phone and EMUI will not receive updates. Even though, the Chinese company has already seen an operating system using Huawei phones, Huawei Central said.Notwithstanding, the source revealed to Huawei Central that the working framework will be made, they are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that this name will be their working framework. In any case, the working framework has ensured that its name can be such. Huawei did not remark on the issue. In any case, the facts demonstrate that Huawei has made this working framework as an option in contrast to Android. President Trump has recorded Huawei in the United States on Wednesday. At that point the exchange concurrence with Google Huawe has been dropped. Subsequently, Huawei's telephone won't be accessible on Google's Gmail, Maps, Play Store, YouTube and Chrome programs.

Technology Media Guild launched their journey

The new association, Technology Media Guild Bangladesh (TMGB), began with the columnists of the IT area. The association will work for the improvement, advancement and media specialists of this segment. The association began its voyage on Monday evening at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC) Carnival in Agargaon. The program began with a round table talk titled 'Internet-based life advertising: Media Crisis and Tasks'. The Chief Guest was the Chief Minister, Postal, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar. He stated, we have strolled in the advanced period. Subsequently, it can't be ceased now. Thus, web-based life has commanded the promotion. The other medium couldn't do that. Subsequently, now the promotions began to experience in an unexpected way. Before we talk about the issue, before showing the discourse, the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) President Syed Almas Kabir displayed the keynote paper. He stated we need to consider our promoting now. Presently considering the media promoting costs, it is seen that the majority of the expense of computerized advertising is being spent. Along these lines, consider how to diminish the expense of computerized publicizing from conventional promoting. It ought to be done to decrease the assessment. Consistently more than Tk 2 billion is spent on promoting on the web from Bangladesh. Indeed, even 10% of the populace is tolerating items and administrations through advanced. As the field is growing, it will likewise need to consider our issues. In the inviting discourse of TMGB convener Muhammad Khan, round table gathering starts. TIM Nurul Kabir, an innovation master in IT division, was the conductor. On the board talk, Association of Television Owners Association (ATCO) senior VP Mozammel Haque stated, "Most promotions are presently traveling to another country in remote nations. It implies cash is going from the nation. We need to make a national interpersonal organization. It must be well known which China can do. On the off chance that you do that, media like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram won't most likely convey commercials from the nation. Cell phone specialist organizations Association of Mobile Telecom Operators Bangladesh (AMTOB) Secretary-General Brig  (Retd) SM Farhad said that YouTube, Google, Facebook Advertising cash is traveling to another country. Make your own stage for computerized promoting Digital marketing advertisement will not go out of the country.On the event, a few inquiries were posed by the journalist on advanced issues through promotions. Clergyman for Excellence Mr. Mostafa Jabbar said that the start of crafted by TMGB to cut the cake in the wake of cutting the cake. Master and telecom area specialists, coordinators, pioneers of business-proficient associations, government authorities, and associations of the association were available.  

Systech launched Country's first complete Smart Office

Systech Digital has started as a full-fledged smart office. On Tuesday afternoon, the Smart Office was inaugurated by Karwan Bazar's Software Technology Park, Postal, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabber. In this regard, he said that this kind of workshop improves the working environment of Systech as well as overall quality, skill, talent And will play a positive role in increasing morale Office of the Light, AC, Desk, Vanishing Blind, Screen, and various types of equipment can be controlled by using the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and service in the office. M Rashidul Hasan, Managing Director of Systech said, in a developing country like Bangladesh, We are glad to introduce the kind of smart office service.Throughout a year, some foreign memories Systech has been providing software and technology services from Bangladesh to the production company. In continuation of these companies, the company is going to launch a complete Smart Office automation service in Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, and Japan in combination with local software and technology. The chairman of Systech Digital Nahid Mowla Mouri, Managing Director of Bangladesh Hi-tech Park Authority, Hossain Ara Begum, NDC, Hi-Tech Park director, Shafiqul Islam, general secretary of Witsar James H. Former President of Pseudent, Associo, Abdullah H Kafi, founder president of BASIS, A Touhid, current president Syed Almas Kabir, BCS president Shahid ul Monir, Bakkow president Wahidur Rahman Sharif, general secretary Towhid Hossain, managing director of the update, TIM Nurul Kabir and many others were present.

Rezistro in the National Domain and Web Hosting Conference

 The National Domain and Web Hosting Conference is being held at UTC Bhaban in Karwan Bazar on April 27 for the first time. Organizations of the country's domain and hosting sector are taking part in the conference organized by the Bangladesh Domain Hosting Providers Association (BDHPA). The country's first Icon approved domain registrar Rezistro ( will be Platinum Sponsor at the conference.Organizers said that in a conference on a day-to-day basis, domain hosting-related information will be available. There will be pavilions of different organizations in the summit. Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) President Almas Kabir will be present as the Guest. President of BDHPA Shahadat Hossain Bhuiyan will preside over. This will be an important person in the public and private organizations of the country and renowned and leading technology professionals of the country will be present. Several seminars will be held on various aspects of the domain and web hosting industry such as prospects and problems, markets, occupations, etc. About 30 organizations participated in the summit.Registrar Managing Director Mohammad Mehedi Hassan said that the present situation and possibilities of this sector will be highlighted at the conference organized for the first time in the country with the organizations and domain of the hosting sector. 'Rezistro' is taking part as well. The registrar will have a separate session at the Summit.  

GRP software will ensure transparency and accountability

Postal, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar inaugurated a day-long review workshop organized by the Bangladesh Computer Council's conference room at Agargaon, Dhaka.He said that Software Requirement Specification (SRS) has been prepared by analyzing the details according to the needs of all stakeholders to create procurement and asset management Modules as a part of GRP (Government Resource Planning) software to ensure the transparency and accountability of the government.With the development of two modules, it can be easily done by coordinating with e-GP, and all the purchases can be done easily and the efficiency of proper use and procurement of the purchased assets will increase.The Minister also said that with the help of the entire local technicians, the government of Bangladesh has made a huge task of creating a GRP system for the use of different ministries, divisions, offices of the Government of Bangladesh and a big challenge, with all sincere efforts, urged all concerned to expedite its development activities.Presided over by Executive Director of Bangladesh Computer Council Parthapratim Dev, the workshop was attended by Secretary of the Department of Information and Communication Technology NM Ziaul Alam, various departments, head of the organization, stakeholders of the project, representatives of BUET's designated consultancy team and Synesis IT. Workshop conducts and welcomed the project director Dr. Ashok Kumar Roy. The 48 participants of different ministries, divisions and organizations participated in the workshop. Under Bangladesh e-Governance ERP Pilot Project, a total of nine modules are being developed for the six organizations of ICT Division and four agencies of the Planning Ministry. Later this GRP will be implemented in all the ministries, divisions and organizations of Bangladesh.

Charge against Facebook and YouTube regarding Christchurch

On March 15, a group representing France's Muslims filed a lawsuit against Facebook on Facebook and YouTube in a protest against the spread of Christchurch in New Zealand.On 15 March, two mosques fired in New Zealand, killing 50 people and at the same time live streamed for 17 minutes on Facebook, and without any delay the video was shared over to social media sites across the Internet and YouTube.The French Council of Muslim Fight (CFCM) submitted legal papers against two technology companies in response to the spread of the video contained in the terrorist attack of Christchurch city on the basis of the spread in the social platform. They say, companies promote terrorism and promote such things that harm human dignity. There was no immediate comment from the companies.CFCM president Ahmed Vargas told CNN that taking the legal process against Facebook for not restricting the rapid spread of video.CfcM Islam phobia Observatory Unit President Abdullah Zakri said the agency has submitted formal legal complaint against Facebook and YouTube in France.According to the Facebook authorities, they have removed hundreds of copies of the video from their platform. However, video footage is available for several hours after Facebook, Twitter, Instagram WhatsApp and Utu attacks.A spokesman for the Federation of Islamic Association of New Zealand (FINZ) Federation welcomes the French party's activities. He said his organization had planned to contact Facebook to register their complaints, but they were still busy after the attack, hence they could not file a case.A statement published on the Facebook website said that nearly 15 million shared videos were removed from the video of the attack within the first 24 hours. Nearly 12 blocked video uploads, which means that Facebook users cannot see it. However, Facebook authorities failed to say the amount of viewers for the rest of the 3 million views of the content.A Facebook spokesman told the BBC, "Facebook is not a place of bad activity and hate speech by a terrorist. We have compassion for the families of the victims and the families affected by this tragedy. Immediately after the attack, we quickly took the initiative to remove the video from our platform. Besides, we are cooperating with the authorities. " One has been charged with a count of murder in Christchurch shooting and will appear in court on April 5.

Are we ready for cyber war?

The present era of Cyber-age indeed is a trending topic where network with the presence of internet provides foremost impact on professional and social life. Having a widespread range of internet has also arisen the apprehensiveness of network security. We rely upon technology intensely which decodes to the emergence of the online hacker. The expanding nature of the organization results the higher danger of cyber-assault. This is the reason cyber security comes into the picture to rescue. Cyber security, as a textbook definition, refers to the collection of security concepts, rules, legal acts, regulation, exercise, training and assurance of technologies, safeguards, policies that can be utilized to ensure the cyber condition, association and client’s assets. To be more precise, it guarantees the completion and maintenance of the security resources of the organization and user’s benefit against applicable security risk in the cyber environment.In the context of cyber space, Bangladesh has turned out to be a standout amongst 100 nations, ranked 73 in the National Cyber Security Index (NCSI). Cyber-attacks often took place, which caused loss of assets in very recent time. Banking segment, corporate division, intelligent agencies, Bangladesh administrator services, credential data storage, and a lot more are being affected by the involvement of cyber-crime. According to the Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2015, about 69.55% individuals are in the high risk of local virus infection and around 80% users are the victims of spam attack in Bangladesh. Bangladesh bank experienced a massive loss of money as hackers successfully stole nearly $100 million in the year 2016 and depict an alert for the other banks as the considerable threat of cyber-crime. Moreover, the endurance of destruction of several online resources due to the cyber-war occurrence has led the country to look for possible solution.       Cyber-security therefore, demands an incredible working opportunity, related to almost every account. The demand for security experts is foreseeing to develop in the coming days. The cyber security market is expected to grow to around $232 billion by 2022. There is an extensive requirement for security experts to work in the ethical hacking field in order to deal with its security, particularly client data or private details. Big IT organization in Bangladesh, Army sector, banking sector, firmly recognize the requirement for data security specialist, cyber security experts, and ethical hackers. Hence, an ethical hacker or security expert is usually employed by companies to ensure the security system powerful. 

Application deadline extended for the startup world cup 2019

“eGeneration presents Startup World Cup 2019, Bangladesh” is indeed a great open door for those Entrepreneurs who want to represent their associations to the world stage. This event is firmly co-organized by the Bangladesh Innovation Forum (BIF) and cooperated by Fenox Venture Capital, one of the top investment capital firms. Regional competition will be held on April 6th, 2019, to choose the topmost startup. The past due date for the application which was March 20 now has been extended and will be acknowledged till March 25th.Interested Candidates can partake to this competition by the following link: proclaim that, out of the blue this year, one Bangladeshi technology startup will get the chance to represent Bangladesh and contend in Startup World Cup Grand finale, held in Silicon Valley. The victor will be given 1 million dollars as a venture for the startup. Hence, the regional competition will be arranged in Bangladesh to elect that startup.10 of the best startups in Bangladesh will be welcomed for the finale to pitch for the chance to compete for the Startup World Cup competition, occurring on April 6th, 2019. A portion of the judges incorporate Dr. Anis Uzzaman, Co-founder and Chief Executive, Fenox Venture Capital; Shameem Ahsan, General Partner, Fenox Venture Capital, Sonia Bashir Kabir, Managing Director for Microsoft Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan and Laos; Mustafizur R Khan, Founder and CEO, Startup Dhaka; and Minhaz Anwar, Head of Accelerator, GP Accelerator.