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Palak calls for inclusion of e-commerce in the academic curriculum

State Minister for Information and Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak has called for the inclusion of e-commerce in the curriculum of primary, secondary and higher secondary students for acquiring knowledge of e-commerce. Palak made the call at the 10th master class of the Women and E-Commerce Forum (WEF), a popular Facebook group of women entrepreneurs, on Saturday (April 24th). The main theme of this year's master class was Business Sustainability: From Plateau to Peak.Education Minister Dipu Moni was the chief guest in this program. Requested the Minister of Education to include e-commerce in the textbooks, Palak said, "If we can include the basic knowledge of e-commerce in textbooks or textbooks for 4 and a half crore students, then we can include it in the Women and e-commerce guide or curriculum for every student." That part of the commerce digital lifestyle, however, will be possible to deliver in the morning. During the last 12 months, it has been possible to provide various emergency services through e-commerce, which has resulted in people getting the benefits of e-commerce at home. E-commerce has surpassed the growth of the last 12 years in 12 months, said Palak.

Foreign Minister inaugurates Magicman's 'Innovative Global University' in US

The Innovative Global University (IGU) of the United States has embarked on a new venture to initiate students to acquire skills suitable for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The university, run by Abubakar Hanip, a renowned 'Magicman' engineer, is set to become the beacon of the future in Vienna, Virginia, with the aim of building human resources for every student with science and technology-based skills.Visiting Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen inaugurated the activities of the university at noon local time on Saturday. And through this, another chapter was added to the journey of Bengalis in the multinational American society. In this, a hard-working and talented Bangladeshi immigrant became a part of history.The minister termed the event as the first Bangladeshi-owned educational institution to be established on the golden centenary of Bangabandhu's birth and the golden jubilee of independence as a unique initiative for Bengali-speaking expatriates. At the event, a scholarship of around Tk 2 crore was announced every year for the students who want to study from Bangladesh. Engineer Abubakar Hanip also said that two scholarships will be given in the name of Dr. Abdul Momen at the bachelor's and master's level.Ambassador of Bangladesh M. Shahidul Islam, Rokeya Haider, Head of Voice of America Bangla Department, IGU Professor Dr. Mikhail Cobb, Chief Financial Officer Farhana Hanip and two students of the University Amit Gupta and Natalia Jagon spoke.The university has Masters in Cyber ​​Security and Masters and Bachelor's degrees in Science and Information Technology and Business Administration. In addition, there are several certificate courses in computer and IT.The company also plans to launch a number of courses in health care, nursing, data science, and artificial intelligence soon.

Bangladesh's First B2B Marketplace for Small Retailers Launches

Despite the huge growth in internet penetration in Bangladesh over the past decades, approximately 4 to 5 million small retailers (dokandar) holds more than 98% of all Bangladesh retail  and trade market, which directly connect 180+ million population of Bangladesh.In the decades-old traditional systems, every week, these retailers buy 35% of their shop essentials: talking to 50-60  different single branded salespeople for placing orders. For the rest of the 65 % of their shop essentials: they need to close their shop and invest time in traveling to the wholesale market, negotiate, buy, and then manage logistics to bring products to their shops. Otherwise, they need to buy from the brokers, who provide them this service, with an undisclosed premium of, an online wholesale marketplace for small retailers, launches in Dhaka with an ambition to solve these problems for small retailers. Small retailers can buy all of their business goods from without leaving their shops. Likewise traditional wholesale market, a small shop owner can search for his desired products, price, quantity with different brands and sellers, even he can find the prices of a single product offered by many different sellers, which ultimately give him a scope to buy the best product with least possible wholesale price in Bangladesh. Normally the majority of the small shop owners aren’t tech-savvy. To make them comfortable with the online buying phenomenon as well as placing orders on regular basis, has route-wise dedicated sales executives who visit the small retailers weekly to check their stocks and help them place orders. Once you place an order, it is then forwarded to the sellers, Chowkbazar’s delivery person then picks up the package from sellers and delivers it to the small shop owners. From placing an order to delivery, the whole process takes 6-48 hours.   The most important benefit the small retailers getting from is that: they can directly purchase the products from the manufacturers, importers, which eliminate the middleman i.e dealer, distributor, brokers, etc. and can save 5-50% of their procurement cost. To avail, charges a delivery fee of 0-10 taka (depending on products) per kilogram as a delivery cost, which is the current main revenue stream of Currently, is available only in Dhaka and covers mobile phone, mobile accessories, electrical, lighting, hand tools and a number of verticals. The company, however, gradually plans to get into medicine and grocery as well as expand its services across the country.

20 lakh people will be employed in ICT By 2021

Junaid Ahmed Palak was speaking at a press conference on Saturday (January 18th) at the BCC auditorium at the ICT Tower in Agargaon, titled "12 Years of Digital Bangladesh Moving Forward Under the Leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina".Internet facilities will be ensured for all in 2021. At the same time, by 2021, 2 million young people will be employed in the ICT sector, said Junaid Ahmed Palak, State Minister for Information and Communication Technology.Junaid Ahmed Palak said, "Since 2008, more than 1.5 million young people have been employed in the ICT sector in the last 12 years. By December 2021, we expect this number to reach 20 lakhs. The government has emphasized on creating skilled people to meet the challenges and exploit the potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Training has already started on state-of-the-art technology blockchain, robotics, AI, AR, VR, cloud computing, 3D technology. Sheikh Hasina Institute of Frontier Technology is being developed. ’He said, ‘In the last 12 years, a strong ICT backbone has been created in the country, which has led to the expansion of information and communication technology to rural areas. The country's 3,600 unions now have broadband internet connectivity. Internet service will be ensured for all by 2021. In the last 10 months, 1 lakh youths have been employed in e-commerce in Corona. With the creation of the ICT backbone, it has been possible to maintain office-court, medical services, education and business activities while maintaining social distance during the Corona epidemic. Post Covid-19 has been planned and submitted to the Ministry. ’

Signal app 1.6 crore downloads in 7 days

WhatsApp is about to change its privacy policy. To use the updated version of the app from February 8, everyone has to click on the 'agree and accept' option. Otherwise this app will become unusable. And using this updated version the user information may be shared with other platforms of the organization. Ever since knowing this, people have been leaving WhatsApp and turning to Signal App. The Signal app has been downloaded 1.7 crore times in the last one week. “We are planning to hire more Indians for the betterment of our customers,” said the head of the Signaling App’s Controlling Foundation."We've seen unprecedented growth over the last few days," said Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp and founder of Signal Apps, before being sold to Facebook. However, he has not yet made any information public. “Last week we recorded a lot of growth,” he said. Due to the record increase in the number of users, we are preparing for large-scale recruitment.Brian said Signal is working to improve its video and group chat features. According to Sensor Tower, 16 million users have downloaded the Signals app in the last seven days. Which is 72 times more than the previous week. At this time, 1.07 crore users have downloaded WhatsApp, which is 16 percent less than the previous week.Seeing their growing popularity, Signal is going to bring more than one new feature in their app. The matter has been reported on the official Twitter handle on behalf of the company. That being said, they are going to bring multiple new features including chat wallpapers, animated stickers. Signal profile is also being brought along. iOS users are also being offered the facility to view media auto download settings and profile pictures across the screen. These features are already available for Android users.WhatsApp recently announced that user information can be shared with any of its affiliates, even Facebook. In addition, the app will be able to track the user's location data at all times. Since then, people have started leaving this app and leaning towards Telegram and Signal. Tesla CEO Elon Mask also advised people to leave WhatsApp and use the signal. Meanwhile, with so many people suddenly starting to use this app, the company is seeing the face of profit on one side as well as the pressure on the other side. Because the app needs to bring a lot of updates as per the needs of the users. Signals have the same features as WhatsApp. However, there is no chat back-up option. In this case, no one else can be easily added to the group without proper consent. Besides, there was a limit to add people to video calls. This limit has recently been increased by five to eight people.

Facebook Messenger Problems Worldwide

Popular social media Facebook Messenger has caused a temporary error worldwide. Users are not able to exchange information through smartphones and desktops.This error has been noticed in use in Bangladesh since some time on Thursday (December 10) at around 2 pm.It was not possible to exchange information on Messenger until this report was written. Exactly what caused the problem is not yet known.At first, the internet seemed to be a problem, but after a long time, users started posting about it through other means of communication. That's when the problem came to the fore.

How to apply for a freelancer ID in Bangladesh

The government will provide a known card or freelancing ID card for freelancers. According to the government's Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, the freelancing card can be used as proof of employment, earnings or skills. This card will make things easier for freelancers such as banking or visa application, home or office rent and even children's school admission. About 6 lakh freelancers of the country will get the opportunity to get identity cards.On Wednesday evening, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Freelancer ID. Virtually attended the main event held at the Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) auditorium in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar via video conference from his official residence Ganobhaban.Speaking on the occasion, the State Minister for Information Technology said, "Although many people know about freelancing, freelancers have been having problems with their identity for so long." This problem is going to be solved through the familiar card issued by the Bangladesh government. He requested the Prime Minister to bring PayPal service to the country demanding freelancers.Freelancing is said to be about that ID card, a web portal has been created for issuing freelancer ID card, from which freelancers can collect ID card after completing the registration. This will help the freelancers to get social loans as well as bank loans. To get a freelancer ID card, you need to register through the website. You have to register on the site and give information. Detailed information can be found in the 'Learn More' section. You can click on the 'Apply Now' section to apply.

Facebook case in the name of the owner has filed a lawsuit against a man named SK Shamsul Alam for allocating a domain name from seeking compensation of US 50,000 (Tk 44 lakh).On Sunday (November 22), Facebook-appointed lawyer SM Ariful Islam filed the case in the Dhaka District Judge's Court. Case number - 41/2020. The court fee will be submitted on December 1.Ariful Islam said, after the matter came to his notice, my senior gave notice to BTCL and the concerned organization to stop it. But they haven't closed the domain yet. Instead, the person advertised the domain for sale. The domain is priced at US 8 million.He said that Facebook has sent legal notices to the website more than once. But Facebook has filed a case for not stopping it. The lawsuit seeks a permanent ban on the domain, as well as $ 50,000 in damages.

Bangladesh is the second largest in the world in the freelancing industry - Palak

State Minister for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Junaid Ahmed Palak has said that the youth of Bangladesh is being made efficient by making maximum use of the potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The state minister for ICT said this while highlighting the youth development plan suitable for the fourth industrial revolution.State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak addressed the Global Young Leader Summit 2020 online as a keynote speaker on Wednesday (November 18th).At the same time, he said, "Bangladesh's youth society is being made efficient by making maximum use of its potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution." ICT has been made compulsory in secondary and higher secondary schools to create technology based skilled human resources. In addition, advanced digital labs are being set up in various educational institutions. ’The State Minister for ICT said, "The government under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has various plans including construction of 64 Sheikh Kamal IT Incubation Centers, Schools of Future and 13,000 Sheikh Russell Digital Labs in educational institutions across the country." These activities are playing a significant role in human resource development. There are more than six lakh freelancers in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the second largest in the world in the freelancing industry. ’He said that despite the corona virus epidemic, the country's economy has been kept afloat by using digital technology to achieve 5.2 percent GDP growth in June this year. He also opined that the GDP of Bangladesh will increase from 348 billion US dollars to 600 billion US dollars by 2030 through the implementation of Digital Bangladesh Vision.Junaid Ahmed Palak said that even during the epidemic, the ICT department provided training to about 50,000 youths and women using digital technology. Our main goal is to make Bangladesh the 27th largest economy by 2030 and a knowledge-based economy and high-income country by 2041 with a per capita income of US 12,000. ’

5 Taka crore government's venture capital for e-commerce entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs in the country's e-commerce sector will be given venture capital of up to Tk 5 crore by the government. State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak said this at a function marking the 6th anniversary of e-Cab at a club in Dhaka on Sunday.The event was organized to honor 12 entrepreneurs and 1008 e-commerce organizations who served during the Corona.The state minister for information technology said financial assistance ranging from Rs 1 million to Rs 5 crore would be provided to entrepreneurs in the e-commerce sector as venture capital.Noting that the country's e-commerce sector will create 5 lakh jobs in five years, Palak said e-commerce will be the main driving force of the economy. He emphasized the need for more integrated action plans to make e-commerce more dynamic. Mentioning that the number of internet users in the country has now surpassed 11 crore, Palak said that with the implementation of this facility, it has become possible to transact 16 thousand crore rupees online.He said that with the spread of internet, e-commerce has reached from town to village. The wheel of the country's economy is in motion as it has delivered various daily necessities including medicines to 160 million people of the country during the Corona period.E-Cab President Shami Kaiser presided over the function while General Secretary of the organization Mohammad Abdul Wahed Tamal spoke on the occasion.The Minister of State for Information Technology inaugurated the 'e-Genius' platform to provide co-educational activities for students through digital and development of talents at home.

Bangladesh-South Korea jointly launches "Ideathon" contest on startup

In order to increase the knowledge and skills of startups in Bangladesh as well as to develop the country's startup ecosystem, Bangladesh-South Korea is going to organize a "Ideathon (ideaTHON)" contest. The competition is being organized by iDEA project under Bangladesh Computer Council under the Department of Information and Communication Technology. The event is co-organized by the Korea Productivity Center (KPC) and the Korea Innovation Promotion Association (Kaipa). In addition, the Department of Information and Communication Technology of Bangladesh and the Bangladesh Computer Council and the Ministry of Justice of South Korea and the Global Startup Immigration Center are co-sponsoring the event. The top 5 innovative startups will be announced as the winners at the end of the final selection of this contest organized under the slogan “Let’s Start You Up”. The winners will receive 6 months of special training, incubation, funding, international patents, copyright and trademark assistance in South Korea. Besides, the best 25 teams will get special mentoring and certificates.Hon'ble State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Mr. Junaid Ahmed Palak, MP inaugurated the ideaTHON contest online as the chief guest on 19th September 2020 (Saturday) at 3 pm. He said that the main goal of such an event is to encourage and motivate the youth. As a result of this event, the friendly relations between Bangladesh and Korea will be taken to a different level. The iDEA project was established under the BCC of the Department of Information and Communication Technology with the right advice and inspiration of Hon'ble Adviser to the Prime Minister on Information and Communication Technology Sajeeb Wazed. The Hon'ble State Minister further said that we are working to build the digital Bangladesh of the dream of the people's leader Sheikh Hasina. In the heart of the world, we are working to build a developed economy based on technology-based knowledge. We started this journey after the December 2008 elections. The ICT ecosystem that we have been able to build step by step since 2009 has resulted in us building a skilled human resource and creating employment for 1 million young people. He further said that the number of internet users in the country has been around 10 crore 36 lakh and we have been able to take fiber optical cable to the union level. In order to bring our government's digital services to the doorsteps of the people, with the good advice of Mr. Sajeeb Wazed, a qualified ICT advisor to the people's leader Sheikh Hasina, we have been able to bring more than nine hundred services in the hands of the people through various mobile applications including our My Gov app. At the same time, we have been able to build an ICT industry that was an ICT export industry of only ৬ 26 million about 11 years ago. At present it has crossed nearly a billion dollars and our target is that by 2025 we will be able to cross five billion dollars. And the inspiration and philosophy that is the root of all these things is given to us by the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.Mr. NM Ziaul Alam PAA, Senior Secretary, ICT Department was present as the special guest on the occasion. He thanked the organizers for organizing such an event. He also hoped that by connecting Bangladesh with the world's startup ecosystem, it would be possible to bring in foreign investment and enable startups to bring in foreign investment.Mr. Parthapratim Dev, Executive Director (Additional Secretary) of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) was present as the special guest and he said that this time our startups in Bangladesh will get the opportunity to take training abroad. The Korean government has cooperated with us extensively, so he expressed special gratitude to the Korean government.Also present as a special guest was Mr. Tina F. Jabin, Managing Director, Startup Bangladesh Limited. He said that the best startups in the country will go to South Korea, so special attention should be paid to the selection process, judges and selection criteria to ensure that qualified startups can go.Also present as the Guest of Honor was Mr. Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) President Dr. Rubana Haque. He appreciated the various steps taken by the government for the welfare of startups and wished the startups of the country well.The event was presided over by Syed Mojibul Haque, Director and Additional Secretary, iDEA Project. He said ideaTHON would encourage young innovators to create innovative IT-based solutions. In addition, providing international quality training and mentoring to entrepreneurs in overseas environments will make them more proficient which will in turn play an important role in their business.Registration for the IdeaTHON contest began on September 19, 2020. Online campaigns will be organized in all sections of the country. As part of this campaign, alumni of more than 30 public and private universities of the country and various trade associations including BASIS, BAKY, BCS, ECAB, ISPAB are being connected. Interested startups based on IT in Bangladesh will be the first to complete online registration to take part in this competition. However, no individual can participate alone. A team can have a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 4 members including the team leader. In addition, those who have completed Bachelor Degree or Masters or MPhil or PhD in the field of educational qualifications or have appeared in the graduation or equivalent examination of any educational institution in Bangladesh recognized by UGC can apply. It should be noted that in case of applicants, the age should be between 22 to 39 years on 19 September 2020. The last date for registration to participate in Ideathon is November 21, 2020 (Saturday). For details and application, please visit - registration, the best 100 teams will be selected at the end of the preliminary selection and they will be given initial mentoring. Then, the top 25 teams from the selected teams will be selected for the final qualifying round. Special mentoring will be provided to the top 25 teams selected before taking part in the finals. At the end of the judges' judging session, the top 5 teams, i.e. startups, will be honored as the winners. The winners will be able to participate in a total of 5 (2 x 10 = 10) training from each of the 5 teams in South Korea.Alumni of more than 30 public and private universities and esteemed representatives of various trade associations joined the inaugural function online. Besides, iDEA Project Deputy Project Director (Deputy Secretary) Kazi Hosne Ara, Project Senior Consultant RHM Alaol Kabir, Project Consultant Dewan Adnan, Sohag Chandra Das, teachers from various educational institutions, BCC and other officials of ICT department were present online. The inaugural event was broadcast live on Facebook Live on the official Facebook page of ICT Department's Idea Project "Startup Bangladesh" ( ) Through.Last year, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Ministry of Justice Korea, ICT Division (Bangladesh), Korea Productivity Center and Korea Innovation Promotion Association at the Seoul International Innovation Fair 2019. According to the MoU, 5 startups in Bangladesh will get comprehensive incubation support from KPC under the Global Startup to Entrepreneur Network (G-SEN) program. A delegation of iDEA project with the theme Startup Bangladesh led by Kazi Hossain Ara, Deputy Project Director of iDEA Project participated in it.

The infrastructure of the high-tech park is being built to attract investment

It is possible to deal with the aggression of the 4th Industrial Revolution by utilizing human resources. Bangladesh is ahead of many other countries in terms of capacity. Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mostafa Jabbar made such a comment.He said this while attending an online discussion organized by DCCI on Thursday morning.Mostafa Jabbar said that even though the whole country was stagnant during the Corona period, people did their urgent work at home. Significant progress has been made in telemedicine services.The minister said the government will not give up a single hair to reach the technology facility in all the houses. The infrastructure of the high-tech park is being built to attract investment. At that time, the traders demanded to provide cheap internet to the grassroots people. They also want policy support to enhance the capabilities of digital education.