ITES demanded to declare internet service in the budget, the tariff is maximum 5 percent

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After a virtual meeting with Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar on Sunday, ISPAB, an organization of internet service providers is going to hold a meeting with the state minister of ICT this week. After that, the leaders of 5 organizations are going to the National Board of Revenue with the consent of the two departments.

Among organizations, not grants; ISPAB, an organization of Internet service providers, has proposed that the business be able to continue for the next two years. The organization will seek the attention of the State Minister for ICT rather than giving priority to ISP member organizations as government entrepreneurs in projects taken from the ICT department.

With the green signal of the ICT department, the leaders of the organization will strongly demand the inclusion of internet business as a technology-based service (ITS) in the budget. In this case, they have also taken the support of allied organizations.

In this year's budget, ISPAB has sought an equal 5 percent tariff on imports of service equipment to eliminate VAT-tax exemptions and import duty-related complications in the expansion of productive broadband internet services. Last month, an application was submitted to the Board of Revenue by the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPAB).

In order to expand the use of updated technology, the organization will propose to impose the existing 5% facility on the endangered dialup modem on ONU and OLT servers.

According to the concerned people, due to the complexity of HS code, they have to pay 37 and 59 percent duty instead of 5 percent.

It will also propose to the National Board of Revenue to reduce the tariff from 5 percent to 59 per cent on 2, 12 and 24 core fiber cables and UTP cables used for networking to provide quality internet service at the customer level.