20 lakh people will be employed in ICT By 2021

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Junaid Ahmed Palak was speaking at a press conference on Saturday (January 18th) at the BCC auditorium at the ICT Tower in Agargaon, titled "12 Years of Digital Bangladesh Moving Forward Under the Leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina".

Internet facilities will be ensured for all in 2021. At the same time, by 2021, 2 million young people will be employed in the ICT sector, said Junaid Ahmed Palak, State Minister for Information and Communication Technology.

Junaid Ahmed Palak said, "Since 2008, more than 1.5 million young people have been employed in the ICT sector in the last 12 years. By December 2021, we expect this number to reach 20 lakhs. The government has emphasized on creating skilled people to meet the challenges and exploit the potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Training has already started on state-of-the-art technology blockchain, robotics, AI, AR, VR, cloud computing, 3D technology. Sheikh Hasina Institute of Frontier Technology is being developed. ’

He said, β€˜In the last 12 years, a strong ICT backbone has been created in the country, which has led to the expansion of information and communication technology to rural areas. The country's 3,600 unions now have broadband internet connectivity. Internet service will be ensured for all by 2021. In the last 10 months, 1 lakh youths have been employed in e-commerce in Corona. With the creation of the ICT backbone, it has been possible to maintain office-court, medical services, education and business activities while maintaining social distance during the Corona epidemic. Post Covid-19 has been planned and submitted to the Ministry. ’