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Bangladesh-South Korea jointly launches "Ideathon" contest on startup

In order to increase the knowledge and skills of startups in Bangladesh as well as to develop the country's startup ecosystem, Bangladesh-South Korea is going to organize a "Ideathon (ideaTHON)" contest. The competition is being organized by iDEA project under Bangladesh Computer Council under the Department of Information and Communication Technology. The event is co-organized by the Korea Productivity Center (KPC) and the Korea Innovation Promotion Association (Kaipa). In addition, the Department of Information and Communication Technology of Bangladesh and the Bangladesh Computer Council and the Ministry of Justice of South Korea and the Global Startup Immigration Center are co-sponsoring the event. The top 5 innovative startups will be announced as the winners at the end of the final selection of this contest organized under the slogan “Let’s Start You Up”. The winners will receive 6 months of special training, incubation, funding, international patents, copyright and trademark assistance in South Korea. Besides, the best 25 teams will get special mentoring and certificates.Hon'ble State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Mr. Junaid Ahmed Palak, MP inaugurated the ideaTHON contest online as the chief guest on 19th September 2020 (Saturday) at 3 pm. He said that the main goal of such an event is to encourage and motivate the youth. As a result of this event, the friendly relations between Bangladesh and Korea will be taken to a different level. The iDEA project was established under the BCC of the Department of Information and Communication Technology with the right advice and inspiration of Hon'ble Adviser to the Prime Minister on Information and Communication Technology Sajeeb Wazed. The Hon'ble State Minister further said that we are working to build the digital Bangladesh of the dream of the people's leader Sheikh Hasina. In the heart of the world, we are working to build a developed economy based on technology-based knowledge. We started this journey after the December 2008 elections. The ICT ecosystem that we have been able to build step by step since 2009 has resulted in us building a skilled human resource and creating employment for 1 million young people. He further said that the number of internet users in the country has been around 10 crore 36 lakh and we have been able to take fiber optical cable to the union level. In order to bring our government's digital services to the doorsteps of the people, with the good advice of Mr. Sajeeb Wazed, a qualified ICT advisor to the people's leader Sheikh Hasina, we have been able to bring more than nine hundred services in the hands of the people through various mobile applications including our My Gov app. At the same time, we have been able to build an ICT industry that was an ICT export industry of only ৬ 26 million about 11 years ago. At present it has crossed nearly a billion dollars and our target is that by 2025 we will be able to cross five billion dollars. And the inspiration and philosophy that is the root of all these things is given to us by the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.Mr. NM Ziaul Alam PAA, Senior Secretary, ICT Department was present as the special guest on the occasion. He thanked the organizers for organizing such an event. He also hoped that by connecting Bangladesh with the world's startup ecosystem, it would be possible to bring in foreign investment and enable startups to bring in foreign investment.Mr. Parthapratim Dev, Executive Director (Additional Secretary) of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) was present as the special guest and he said that this time our startups in Bangladesh will get the opportunity to take training abroad. The Korean government has cooperated with us extensively, so he expressed special gratitude to the Korean government.Also present as a special guest was Mr. Tina F. Jabin, Managing Director, Startup Bangladesh Limited. He said that the best startups in the country will go to South Korea, so special attention should be paid to the selection process, judges and selection criteria to ensure that qualified startups can go.Also present as the Guest of Honor was Mr. Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) President Dr. Rubana Haque. He appreciated the various steps taken by the government for the welfare of startups and wished the startups of the country well.The event was presided over by Syed Mojibul Haque, Director and Additional Secretary, iDEA Project. He said ideaTHON would encourage young innovators to create innovative IT-based solutions. In addition, providing international quality training and mentoring to entrepreneurs in overseas environments will make them more proficient which will in turn play an important role in their business.Registration for the IdeaTHON contest began on September 19, 2020. Online campaigns will be organized in all sections of the country. As part of this campaign, alumni of more than 30 public and private universities of the country and various trade associations including BASIS, BAKY, BCS, ECAB, ISPAB are being connected. Interested startups based on IT in Bangladesh will be the first to complete online registration to take part in this competition. However, no individual can participate alone. A team can have a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 4 members including the team leader. In addition, those who have completed Bachelor Degree or Masters or MPhil or PhD in the field of educational qualifications or have appeared in the graduation or equivalent examination of any educational institution in Bangladesh recognized by UGC can apply. It should be noted that in case of applicants, the age should be between 22 to 39 years on 19 September 2020. The last date for registration to participate in Ideathon is November 21, 2020 (Saturday). For details and application, please visit - registration, the best 100 teams will be selected at the end of the preliminary selection and they will be given initial mentoring. Then, the top 25 teams from the selected teams will be selected for the final qualifying round. Special mentoring will be provided to the top 25 teams selected before taking part in the finals. At the end of the judges' judging session, the top 5 teams, i.e. startups, will be honored as the winners. The winners will be able to participate in a total of 5 (2 x 10 = 10) training from each of the 5 teams in South Korea.Alumni of more than 30 public and private universities and esteemed representatives of various trade associations joined the inaugural function online. Besides, iDEA Project Deputy Project Director (Deputy Secretary) Kazi Hosne Ara, Project Senior Consultant RHM Alaol Kabir, Project Consultant Dewan Adnan, Sohag Chandra Das, teachers from various educational institutions, BCC and other officials of ICT department were present online. The inaugural event was broadcast live on Facebook Live on the official Facebook page of ICT Department's Idea Project "Startup Bangladesh" ( ) Through.Last year, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Ministry of Justice Korea, ICT Division (Bangladesh), Korea Productivity Center and Korea Innovation Promotion Association at the Seoul International Innovation Fair 2019. According to the MoU, 5 startups in Bangladesh will get comprehensive incubation support from KPC under the Global Startup to Entrepreneur Network (G-SEN) program. A delegation of iDEA project with the theme Startup Bangladesh led by Kazi Hossain Ara, Deputy Project Director of iDEA Project participated in it.

The infrastructure of the high-tech park is being built to attract investment

It is possible to deal with the aggression of the 4th Industrial Revolution by utilizing human resources. Bangladesh is ahead of many other countries in terms of capacity. Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mostafa Jabbar made such a comment.He said this while attending an online discussion organized by DCCI on Thursday morning.Mostafa Jabbar said that even though the whole country was stagnant during the Corona period, people did their urgent work at home. Significant progress has been made in telemedicine services.The minister said the government will not give up a single hair to reach the technology facility in all the houses. The infrastructure of the high-tech park is being built to attract investment. At that time, the traders demanded to provide cheap internet to the grassroots people. They also want policy support to enhance the capabilities of digital education.

The ICT department has created software for healthcare accountability

In addition to increasing investment in the digital transformation of the health sector in the country, the ICT department has developed a Health Govt Resource Planning (GRP) software to bring the government healthcare sector under transparency and accountability. This software will be able to increase the speed of health care. The Ministry of Health has already been urged to use this inventory management software in hospitals.State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak said this while addressing a webinar on the digital transformation of the country's health sector as the chief guest on Saturday (June 20) night.Dr. Arif Raihan Mahi, among others, took part in the virtual meeting conducted by Tasbirul Islam. Mohammad Saifur Rahman and Dr. A. Zakaria.Speaking as the chief guest, the state minister for ICT said that the more technology is used, the more transparency will come. Costs will be reduced and accountability will be ensured.Stating that the country's health sector is setting up a digital health lab, the state minister urged expatriate doctors to look forward to the development of the lab."We will set up a 'National Health Data Bank' to ensure the quality of health information," he said. In order to ensure the confidentiality and security of health information, the emphasis has been laid on the localization of the information by bringing it under the Information Security Act and classifying it as classified, confidential, and public. The state minister further said that the experimental work of Maa Telehealth has started. Initiatives have been taken to register patients' digital health registers and patient information at Sylhet Medical College. Already 30 of the 2,500 health startups are doing great.

ICT-IBA forming a virtual university

The ACMP 4.0 Summer Training Program has been launched to improve the skills of managers to meet the challenges of the future. Under the new normal conditions, 228 mid-management professionals are undergoing training in this three-month program in 4 batches with various modules of business expansion by reducing staff turnover.The 14th-17th batch training program under the ICT department's LICT project will have online classes 3-4 days a week. 60 classes will be held in 12 sessions. There will be tests every day. And to get the certificate, you must be present in at least 70 percent of the class and pass the exam.State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak inaugurated the training program through virtual on Tuesday morning.Meanwhile, the state minister said a virtual university of multimedia and innovation would be launched soon to expand commercial activities by building skilled human resources in the changed circumstances. IBA's certificate course will be introduced there.Speaking as the chief guest, he said that Kovid-19 is changing the commercial activities by accelerating the fourth industrial revolution. So no matter what profession or position I live in, everyone needs to know about cutting edge technology. We are able to adapt very quickly to new types of global change. Ability to use AI, robotics, big data, etc. technology in every field at the individual, institutional and state level in technology services.Palak said, "Our business, trade, education, office are not lagging behind in the last 100 days by being intellectually connected even from a social distance."He added that in the pendulum situation, the internet usage of internet users has increased by 50 percent. Commercial usage has increased by 50 percent and more than 50 lakh mobile bank accounts have been opened. LICT Project Advisor Sami Ahmed and IBA Director Syed Farhat Anwar presided over the function. LICT Project Director Rezaul Karim, Bangladesh Computer Council Executive Director Perth Pratim Dev, BACO President Wahid Sharif, BASIS President Syed Almas Kabir spoke on the occasion.

ICT State Minister mourns the death of Mohammad Nasim

Apart from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the President, former Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mohammad Nasim, current Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar, Science and Communication Technology Minister Yafen Osman and State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak have also expressed their condolences.In a separate condolence message sent to the media on Saturday, State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak conveyed his condolences to the bereaved family members of the deceased."In his death, the nation lost a patriotic politician, the Bangladesh parliament lost an experienced parliamentarian, and we lost a leading fighter in all progressive political movements," he said.Mohammad Nasim (72) breathed his last on Saturday (June 13) at around 11 am while undergoing treatment at Shyamoli Bangladesh Specialized Hospital in the capital (Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilahi Raziun).Incidentally, Mohammad Nasim, son of M Mansur Ali, one of the four national leaders killed in jail on November 3, 1975, is representing the people of Sirajganj in Parliament for the fifth time. After the formation of the Awami League government in 1996, Mohammad Nasim took charge of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. In March next year, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also gave him the charge of the Ministry of Housing and Public Works.Nasim served as a minister in two ministries simultaneously until March 10, 1999. He was later given the post of Home Minister in a cabinet reshuffle. Although the Awami League returned to power after winning the 2008 elections, Nasim did not get a place in the service cabinet. However, Sheikh Hasina made him the health minister in the next term in 2014.

IT Minister Junayed Ahmed Polok Turns 40

There are some people who come to earth to illuminate everything around them. Their presence makes everyone happy. He binds the people around him in social or family ties. Dirt never touches them.At a time when the image of the country's politics and politicians is at the bottom, Junayed Ahmed Polok has been doing politics with her head held high. Today is the birthday of Junayed Ahmed Polok, the brightest star of national politics, the youngest but most responsible Member of Parliament in the government and a successful ICT Minister.Digital Bangladesh is a dream name. This dream was born in the midst of many sarcasm, sarcasm, and criticism. That dream has now come true. The concept of 'Digital Bangladesh' is a unique step to keep pace with the world. As it has been implemented, information and technological facilities are in the hands of the people today. Electricity, internet, solar, mobile have reached remote areas from the city today. He is one of the dreamers. Bangladesh has been in the back row for a long time in the world of information technology. Eleven years ago, no one thought of working on a large scale with technology to take Bangladesh forward as a whole. In 2008, Sajib Wazed Joy proposed to form 'Digital Bangladesh'. In view of this, the Awami League included the concept of 'Digital Bangladesh' in the 2008 national election manifesto. This proposal was not only a landmark decision for Bangladesh, but it was also a unique journey to keep pace with the world.After the victory of Sajib Wazed to make Bangladesh technology-dependent, the contribution of Polok is undeniable. Polok has played a pivotal role in ensuring various civic amenities including the construction of high-tech parks in important places of the country, introduction of 4G, reduction of internet prices, duty free import of computers, excellence in freelancing, doing various office work online. Access to information has become much easier now due to technological advancement.The victory of youth is everywhere. Junayed Ahmed Polok is representing the youth in the politics of Bangladesh. He can understand the needs and dreams of the youth. On the other hand, since Polok is their contemporary, young men and women are interested and enthusiastic in his activities.Today is the 40th birthday of Junayed Ahmed Polok, a young successful politician from North Bengal, Minister of State for Information and Communication Technology. He was born on 17 May 1980 at Telegram in Sherkol Union of Singda Upazila. His father's name is Fayez Uddin and mother's name is Jamila Ahmed. He passed SSC from Singra Damdama Pilot High School in 1995 and HSC from Rajshahi Old Degree College (now known as Rajshahi College) in 1997.He later obtained a master's degree in political science from Dhaka College and an LLB degree from the National University and joined the legal profession in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. His wife's name is Arifa Jasmine (Konika). The couple has three children. They are Apurba Junayed, Arjan Junayed, and Anirban Junayed. Following in the footsteps of late father Fayez Uddin, Junayed Ahmed: Polok joined politics as a member of Awami League at the age of 20. He was elected as the youngest Member of Parliament from Natore-3 (Singra) constituency at the age of 28 in the parliamentary elections held in December 2008. He was re-elected as the Member of Parliament from the same constituency in 2014. He has also served as the State Minister for Communication Technology. He is the Member of Parliament for the Government elected on January 7, 2019, and is again serving as the Minister of State for Information and Communication Technology in the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. In March 2016, the World Economic Forum nominated Junayed Ahmed as Polok Young Global Leader 2016. The World Economic Forum publishes the names of young people under the age of 40. He was nominated in the South Asia region. He is one of the leaders of Young Bangla and CRI. In 2018, the global policy-making body Apolitical published a list of the world’s 100 most influential people in Digital government.

ITES demanded to declare internet service in the budget, the tariff is maximum 5 percent

After a virtual meeting with Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar on Sunday, ISPAB, an organization of internet service providers is going to hold a meeting with the state minister of ICT this week. After that, the leaders of 5 organizations are going to the National Board of Revenue with the consent of the two departments.Among organizations, not grants; ISPAB, an organization of Internet service providers, has proposed that the business be able to continue for the next two years. The organization will seek the attention of the State Minister for ICT rather than giving priority to ISP member organizations as government entrepreneurs in projects taken from the ICT department.With the green signal of the ICT department, the leaders of the organization will strongly demand the inclusion of internet business as a technology-based service (ITS) in the budget. In this case, they have also taken the support of allied organizations.In this year's budget, ISPAB has sought an equal 5 percent tariff on imports of service equipment to eliminate VAT-tax exemptions and import duty-related complications in the expansion of productive broadband internet services. Last month, an application was submitted to the Board of Revenue by the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPAB).In order to expand the use of updated technology, the organization will propose to impose the existing 5% facility on the endangered dialup modem on ONU and OLT servers.According to the concerned people, due to the complexity of HS code, they have to pay 37 and 59 percent duty instead of 5 percent. It will also propose to the National Board of Revenue to reduce the tariff from 5 percent to 59 per cent on 2, 12 and 24 core fiber cables and UTP cables used for networking to provide quality internet service at the customer level.

Department of Posts and Telecommunications Grants of 60 lakh Taka to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund

The Department of Posts and Telecommunications has donated to the Prime Minister's Relief and Welfare Fund. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was present at the grant-in-aid ceremony via video conferencing from Ganobhaban on Sunday. Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister's Office received a grant check. Ahmed Kaikaus.Secretary of the Department of Posts and Telecommunications Mohammad Nur-ur-Rahman handed over a check for a grant of Tk 60 lakh on behalf of the Department of Posts and Telecommunications.Director General of the Postal Department Sudhanshu Shekhar Bhadra, Managing Director of the Financial Transaction Service "Nagad" of the Postal Department Tanvir A Mishuk and others were present on the occasion.At the same time, the secretary said, in order to ensure the service of all the people of the country in this disaster, under the leadership of the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Mustafa Jabbar, all have joined hands in the Corona War to keep the postal and telecommunication services uninterrupted. In this context, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina received checks for donations from 57 organizations, institutions, and individuals of the country to her relief and welfare fund for coping with the Covid-19 epidemic. Among them are Noakhali University of Science and Technology, Chittagong Veterinary Science University, Bangabandhu Diploma Engineers Association, Bangabandhu PWD Diploma Engineers Association, Bangladesh Engineers Club Limited, BUET Teachers.

The telecom minister inaugurated the 'Krishak Bondhu Dak Seba'

The Department of Posts has launched 'Krishak Bondhu Dak Seba' to deliver agricultural products produced by marginal farmers to the wholesale market in the capital Dhaka free of charge. Initially, this service was introduced through free transportation of vegetables produced by the farmers of Manikganj district.Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar inaugurated the Krishakbandhu postal service by connecting to Jhitka Bazar in Harirampur upazila of Manikganj district through video conferencing from his official residence on Bailey Road in Dhaka on Saturday.Speaking online, the minister said the service would be rolled out across the country in phases, adding that under the service, farmers would be able to get money for their products at home through a digital platform. As a result, the farmer will get a fair price for his produce without any middleman. The vehicles of the Capital Return Postal Department used for postal transport across the country will be used to transport the goods produced by the farmers. It will not require any additional expenditure of the government.Director of Postal Department SM Harunur Rashid, Harirampur Upazila Nirbahi Officer Sabina Yasmin, Upazila Agriculture Officer Md. Zahirul Haque, Bangladesh Krishak League representatives, local people's representatives, and business representatives along with business representatives were present at the video conferencing at Jhitka Bazar. Nur-ur-Rahman, Secretary, Department of Posts and Telecommunications, Dhaka, and SS Bhadra, Director General, Department of Posts, Dhaka, were also present on the occasion. On the first day of free service from Jhitka Bazar, 1200 kg of onion, 60 kg of green chilies, 80 kg of eggplant, 80 kg of karla, 60 kg of chichinga, 60 kg of shrimp, 60 kg of zinga, 60 kg of dill and 120 kg of lentils, 180 kg. The farmer friend postal service started its journey to Dhaka at 10 am. The agricultural products will be delivered to Gabtoli Krishibazar and Minabazar Dhanmondi. Minabazar, Chaldal, and Parking Bazaar farmers are buying all these products directly through digital platforms.

To stop irregularities in relief - 5 million families will get QR card next week

To bring transparency in the relief work, the government is going to follow the digital method through the ICT department. QR card coming. QR (Quick Response) cards are being made for 5 million families to prevent the theft of relief rice. The ICT department is developing the software for this card under the supervision of the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief.According to the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, the government has a plan to distribute 20 kg of rice to 5 million families in May alone. This time QR (Quick Response) card will be given to bring transparency and accountability in the distribution of this rice. The ICT department is developing the software for this card. The work is almost at the final stage. Work is also underway to identify 5 million families with the help of Deputy Commissioners, UNOs, public representatives, and concerned people.The work of making the card is almost finished. The distribution will start next week with the help of Deputy Commissioner, UNO, people's representatives and concerned people said Abul Khair Mohammad Maruf Hasan, Deputy Secretary (Relief-1), Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief.He said that the work of identifying the real beneficiaries of the relief has started from April 28. Information on 5 million families will reach the ICT department by Thursday (May 7). These families will be given KR cards next week. According to sources, the digital QR card includes the name of the head of the household (family), number of members in the household, date of birth, photo, mobile and voter ID card number. The card can be screened on the camera of the mobile. As a result, one cannot take the rice of the other. The entry will be made as soon as the rice is given. These activities can also be monitored by the Prime Minister's Office.

Meeting to finalize the style of writing domain in Bangla

An online meeting was held on Saturday evening to discuss online public comments on finalizing the practice of writing domains in Bengali in a browser-integrated manner. Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar presided over the 90-minute digital meeting. Brigadier General Mahfuzul Karim Majumder, Director General of B&RC's E&O Division was the coordinator of the meeting.The discussion was attended by Mamun Aur Rashid, Bangla Language Technology Specialist, ICT Department, Mohammad Abdul Haque Anu, Secretary-General, Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum and Hasib Rahman, Chief Technology Engineer, Language Technology Specialists and Professionals Systems.According to meeting sources, ICANN, an international organization, is working on formulating a technical policy for writing Bangla domains. As a result, it will be possible to write domains in Bengali in a browser.In this regard, Mohammad Abdul Haque Anu, Secretary-General of Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum, said that ICANN, through its IDN project, had taken the initiative to formulate a technical policy (LGR or Level Generation Rule) of nine scripts in India, including Bengali, for top-level only. An international panel-NBGP (Neo-Brahmi Generation Panel) with members from Bangladesh drafted the policy for more than two years. According to sources, public comment for the draft is currently underway. Interested people from all walks of life including linguists, technologists, calligraphers and localization experts of the country can observe the technical and practical aspects of the policy and give their views on Bengali LGR by clicking here till May 7.

Adding new feature "distance-learning facility" to 333: Palak

To bring all the people under the service, the ICT department has also taken initiative to introduce class facility of feature phones. Therefore, new service is being added to 333 toll-free hunting number. A2I (Access to Information) is creating this platform at the initiative of the Ministry of Education. As a result, it will be possible to know the solution of the syllabus by calling in a few days.State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak said this at the inaugural digital press conference of 'Live Corona Test: Viber Bot' service on Saturday (May 2).Viber's Asia Pacific Director Anubhav Nair, ICT Secretary NM Ziaul Alam, Leveraging ICT for Growth, Employment and Governance (LICT) Project Advisor Sami Ahmed, Viber Corona Bot App Developer MCC CEO spoke at the conference.At present, medical services are being provided by analyzing the condition and condition of more than 4 million people through the communication app, said the state minister for ICT. However, he said that the information is not being published in compliance with the information security policy."We don't stop," said Palak. Not sitting for idle. Every day I am trying to use new innovations for the people of Bangladesh. I am taking one initiative after another to bring all the people under digital service. He further said, “For those who do not have access to internet or TV, we have had a two-and-a-half-hour meeting with the Education Minister, Deputy Minister and Secretaries to conduct the curriculum from 333. It will be possible to launch this service in a few days.”

Bangladesh National Architecture Team created the Covid-19 Tracker

Bangladesh National Architecture (BNDA) team has come up with a map-based Covid-19 Tracker  to monitor the country's Covid-19 situation. The Tracker is straightforward and arranged in Bengali language. One of its unique features is that it consequently gathers new and refreshed data over a period. Minister of State for Information and Communications Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak stated after the online meeting of the Bangladesh National Architecture (BNDA) team progressing the work, he collected data from reliable international sources (, in various formats (maps, summary). , Graphs, charts, etc.).He also said that besides searching in Bangla / English, it also shows comparative statistics of country-wise or different country-transmitted data through charts/graphs. It’s convenient to acknowledge meaningful information through the tracker so that people get aware of the pandemic situation. It is also useful for the common people as a result of displaying information in Bangla. The BNDA team had a great impact on contributing social Apps in collaboration with ICT department. Earlier, they created the Farmer's App for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture with technical assistance from the ICT department to reduce farmers' time, costs, and harassment. Due to the successful use of the seasonal season, the use of the app has already been extended to 64 Upazilas in 64 districts in Autumn 2020 season.Insights regarding Covid-19 Tracker can be found here -  

The transaction cost per thousand is 6 Taka, in Nagad

Bangladesh Post Department's digital financial transaction "Nagad" has reduced the transaction costs of small and medium traders by 6 taka in the face of the epidemic cervical virus. That is why "Nagad" brings 'Independent Merchant's service.Under this service, a " Nagad " "independent merchant" trader can now make payments to another " Nagad " "independent merchant" as payment for the merchandise required, at a cost of only 6 taka per thousand from now.All the individuals of Bangladesh will profit in a roundabout way by decreasing the exchange expenses of little and medium brokers. This " Nagad " activity will positively affect individuals' lives. The Mobile Financial Service (MFS) thinks " Nagad " implies that individuals will endure if small business survive. Hence, at this crucial point in time in the express, the state administration " Nagad " plans to remain by five kinds of organizations and merchants.These incorporate pharmacy, pharmaceuticals, staple goods, post workplaces, markets, and little and medium brokers. Likewise, under the heading of Hon'ble Minister Mostafa Jabbar, chats with portable administrators from the earliest starting point of the lockdown in the nation have chosen to purchase computerized cash for versatile top-up retailers the nation over.As a result, retailers like Robi, Banglalink and Teletalk can buy digital top-ups on mobile at any time through " Nagad ". As a result, people are enjoying continuous service in this disaster due to " Nagad ".Besides, " Nagad " is using that money to reduce transaction costs by reducing its advertising budget to stand beside the common man in such a crisis. Apart from this, initiatives have been taken not to charge the first 1000 taka cash out of Nagad and to reduce the settlement charges for essential commodities and medicines.Workers of " Nagad " distribute food and necessities free of cost to the underprivileged people in 492 Upazilas of the country under the care of the state-owned postal department. " Nagad " believes, "If people live, the country will survive".

National Hackathon is propelling to Combat COVID-19

COVID-19 or new coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic. This emergency, like health and healthcare, has had a tremendous antagonistic effect on the monetary activities of the individuals just as the economy. Considering the current scenario, National Hackathon is propelling innovative technology to combat novel coronavirus (COVID-19). To address the emergency as a team with the youth of the nation, the "Act COVID-19 Online Hackathon" has been sorted out by the Information and Communication Technology Department (ICT). Due to the lockdown, this hackathon will be held online.As indicated by the ICT Department, this hackathon is mostly a coding competition from which technical solutions will be discovered to deal with Corona Virus. To address the current national emergency, a platform called “CallForNation” has been made by the Information and Communication Technology Department. The stage was inaugurated on March 30 by Minister of State for Information and Communications Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak. This hackathon is being held as its first activity. It will be held shortly after registration.Ask to inquire, State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak stated, "There are numerous skilled youngsters in our country. Nevertheless, some are researchers, innovators, or programming engineers. I believe, the impediments made by the Novel Corona infection can be handled by the development and authority of our youth. That's why, on this platform, I urge all of them to work together. To offer something to the nation, this is their most unique chance."To overcome the circumstance emerging, online hackathons can be dealt with 6 issues. These themes are – Socioeconomically Disadvantaged People, Business Operations and Production, Health care Equipment and Treatment, Access to Information, Mental Health, and others. Other categories incorporate the opportunity to manage any issues that may arise in the present situation.To solve this problem, young people from Bangladesh have looked for imaginative ideas, projects, and plans. All steps will be taken to identify the seed fund, the supply of crude materials, or the initiatives to be broadly perceived for financial support to the selected 10 innovators.Insights regarding hackathons can be found and registered at likewise can participate in the hackathon either individually or in a group manner. Intrigued stakeholders must submit the proposed venture with the prototype of the innovation by April 20, as stated by the ICT department.  

corona info live update website in Bangladesh

Corona (COVID-19) is a serious epidemic situation for the world. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is known as an infectious disease caused by a new virus. Now, almost 210 countries in the world infected by this virus. Till now more than one lac has been died and infected more than fifteen lacs in the world.  Bangladesh Government with different health and technical institution has taken few major effective steps for providing information to the general people. Where Bangladesh ICT ministry playing significant role to make available information by a website. Here we have few information of Digital Corona disease. – Developed and maintaining by Access to information, ICT Ministry. People can access this website anytime from their home and they necessary help from this website. Health videos, Corona infected information, recovered from corona, death information, telemedicine companies and all the necessary information which is needed in this corona epidemic is available in this website. is another helpful and informative website for corona disease info. Time to time updated and nice with graphical demonstration make this website meaningful. Corona at a glance in Bangladesh is available here.  There are few other websites where you can find more information regarding corona disease (COVID-19) of Bangladesh:

Oracle Celebrates 20 years by opening new branch in Bangladesh

Oracle one of the best tech giant company in the world open its new branch in Dhaka Bangladesh but it has begun its operations in Bangladesh twenty years back. Finance Minister, AHM Mustafa Kamal appreciated the US tech giant’s move in Bangladesh and mentioned Bangladesh economy surged 8.15 percent last fiscal year, the highest in the Asia Pacific region. State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak was present with US Ambassador to Bangladesh Earl R Miller and he said “I would like to congratulate Oracle on this milestone, particularly since they have been close technology partners supporting Bangladesh’s development agenda”. Zunaid Ahmed Palak also said “The government is committed to transform Bangladesh into a digital nation by 2021 and we look forward to working with the Oracle to fulfill this important vision,”.  “With an ecosystem of a 50-plus strong partner community in Bangladesh, we continue to support the digital transformation for our customers in the region,” said Rubaba Dowla, managing director of Oracle Bangladesh. “This new office is another milestone of our commitment to the country,” she said. n Bangladesh, Oracle has been experiencing strong demand for its cloud solutions from many organisations including Ananta Group, Bangladesh Bank, Bangladesh Bridge Authority, Bangladesh Computer Council, Bangladesh Election Commission, bKash, BRAC Bank, DBL Group, Department of Immigration and Passport, Dulal Brothers, Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges, National Board of Revenue, National Polymer, Partex Star Group, Union Group, Pacific Jeans to name a few. Bangladeshi firms are leveraging Oracle Cloud to fulfill a variety of business requirements including to manage and retain talent, deliver better customer experiences, launch new services faster, or reduce costs.