Meeting to finalize the style of writing domain in Bangla

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An online meeting was held on Saturday evening to discuss online public comments on finalizing the practice of writing domains in Bengali in a browser-integrated manner. Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar presided over the 90-minute digital meeting. Brigadier General Mahfuzul Karim Majumder, Director General of B&RC's E&O Division was the coordinator of the meeting.

The discussion was attended by Mamun Aur Rashid, Bangla Language Technology Specialist, ICT Department, Mohammad Abdul Haque Anu, Secretary-General, Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum and Hasib Rahman, Chief Technology Engineer, Language Technology Specialists and Professionals Systems.

According to meeting sources, ICANN, an international organization, is working on formulating a technical policy for writing Bangla domains. As a result, it will be possible to write domains in Bengali in a browser.

In this regard, Mohammad Abdul Haque Anu, Secretary-General of Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum, said that ICANN, through its IDN project, had taken the initiative to formulate a technical policy (LGR or Level Generation Rule) of nine scripts in India, including Bengali, for top-level only. An international panel-NBGP (Neo-Brahmi Generation Panel) with members from Bangladesh drafted the policy for more than two years.

According to sources, public comment for the draft is currently underway. Interested people from all walks of life including linguists, technologists, calligraphers and localization experts of the country can observe the technical and practical aspects of the policy and give their views on Bengali LGR by clicking here till May 7.