The ICT department has created software for healthcare accountability

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In addition to increasing investment in the digital transformation of the health sector in the country, the ICT department has developed a Health Govt Resource Planning (GRP) software to bring the government healthcare sector under transparency and accountability. This software will be able to increase the speed of health care. The Ministry of Health has already been urged to use this inventory management software in hospitals.

State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak said this while addressing a webinar on the digital transformation of the country's health sector as the chief guest on Saturday (June 20) night.

Dr. Arif Raihan Mahi, among others, took part in the virtual meeting conducted by Tasbirul Islam. Mohammad Saifur Rahman and Dr. A. Zakaria.

Speaking as the chief guest, the state minister for ICT said that the more technology is used, the more transparency will come. Costs will be reduced and accountability will be ensured.

Stating that the country's health sector is setting up a digital health lab, the state minister urged expatriate doctors to look forward to the development of the lab.

"We will set up a 'National Health Data Bank' to ensure the quality of health information," he said. In order to ensure the confidentiality and security of health information, the emphasis has been laid on the localization of the information by bringing it under the Information Security Act and classifying it as classified, confidential, and public.

The state minister further said that the experimental work of Maa Telehealth has started. Initiatives have been taken to register patients' digital health registers and patient information at Sylhet Medical College. Already 30 of the 2,500 health startups are doing great.