National Hackathon is propelling to Combat COVID-19

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COVID-19 or new coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic. This emergency, like health and healthcare, has had a tremendous antagonistic effect on the monetary activities of the individuals just as the economy. Considering the current scenario, National Hackathon is propelling innovative technology to combat novel coronavirus (COVID-19). To address the emergency as a team with the youth of the nation, the "Act COVID-19 Online Hackathon" has been sorted out by the Information and Communication Technology Department (ICT). Due to the lockdown, this hackathon will be held online.

As indicated by the ICT Department, this hackathon is mostly a coding competition from which technical solutions will be discovered to deal with Corona Virus. To address the current national emergency, a platform called “CallForNation” has been made by the Information and Communication Technology Department. The stage was inaugurated on March 30 by Minister of State for Information and Communications Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak. This hackathon is being held as its first activity. It will be held shortly after registration.

Ask to inquire, State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak stated, "There are numerous skilled youngsters in our country. Nevertheless, some are researchers, innovators, or programming engineers. I believe, the impediments made by the Novel Corona infection can be handled by the development and authority of our youth. That's why, on this platform, I urge all of them to work together. To offer something to the nation, this is their most unique chance."

To overcome the circumstance emerging, online hackathons can be dealt with 6 issues. These themes are – Socioeconomically Disadvantaged People, Business Operations and Production, Health care Equipment and Treatment, Access to Information, Mental Health, and others. Other categories incorporate the opportunity to manage any issues that may arise in the present situation.

To solve this problem, young people from Bangladesh have looked for imaginative ideas, projects, and plans. All steps will be taken to identify the seed fund, the supply of crude materials, or the initiatives to be broadly perceived for financial support to the selected 10 innovators.

Insights regarding hackathons can be found and registered at

Participants likewise can participate in the hackathon either individually or in a group manner. Intrigued stakeholders must submit the proposed venture with the prototype of the innovation by April 20, as stated by the ICT department.