corona info live update website in Bangladesh

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Corona (COVID-19) is a serious epidemic situation for the world. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is known as an infectious disease caused by a new virus.


Now, almost 210 countries in the world infected by this virus. Till now more than one lac has been died and infected more than fifteen lacs in the world.


Bangladesh Government with different health and technical institution has taken few major effective steps for providing information to the general people. Where Bangladesh ICT ministry playing significant role to make available information by a website. Here we have few information of Digital Corona disease. – Developed and maintaining by Access to information, ICT Ministry. People can access this website anytime from their home and they necessary help from this website. Health videos, Corona infected information, recovered from corona, death information, telemedicine companies and all the necessary information which is needed in this corona epidemic is available in this website.   is another helpful and informative website for corona disease info. Time to time updated and nice with graphical demonstration make this website meaningful. Corona at a glance in Bangladesh is available here.  

There are few other websites where you can find more information regarding corona disease (COVID-19) of Bangladesh: