Sell books and buy books online

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Usually it is not easy to sell books and buy books because of huge traffic and lack of enough time. Sometimes it is also cost of books price and availability of the desired books also considerable.

Now it is easy very to find your books and buy books or selling books online in your desired locations. is an online platform where we can buy and sell our books very easily.

Md. Abdul Hamid, an entrepreneur who is the owner of the told techlife reporter that I have seen that I need a book which is not available at Nilkhet books library. Then what can we do? If it is found in nilkhet library then you have to invest at least 3-4 hours and money more then the books.

He added, there is our solution will work. If you are looking for a book then go to our website, register and request for this book. Or searching for the book if you found the book then check the address and order it. Time and money both will be saved which is most important in our lives.