5 effective ways to increase targeted traffic to your website

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One of the most common problems I hear from website owners is limited traffic to the site. They are all constantly adopting new methods to bring the desired / targeted traffic to the site.

If you think about it a little bit, you will see that you have the same problem. There are sites but no desired visitors. Much like the whole movie, you sit alone and watch a movie and clap your hands. So let’s get back to the main discussion.

We know about the problem, so what is the right and effective solution now?

Here I will discuss some effective ways for website owners and marketers to bring targeted traffic to a website or blog. While there are some ways that will take a little longer to show effectiveness, there are also some ways that will give you the desired results very quickly.

5 effective ways to increase traffic to your website

Let us know about some of the effective ways in which I can truly meet my needs. That is, it will bring you the desired customer or visitor.

1. Pay close attention to long tail keywords:

Now is not the time to just work on the keywords of a word and expect rank. You need to use Longtail Keyword more, then you can reach the desired visitors.

For example: You sell Canon inkjet printers. When one of your target customers just searches for "printer", they are more likely to not find your site. But if he searched Google for "Professional Canon Inkjet Printer" like this, his chances of getting it would increase a lot.

The question that may come to your mind here is that just by typing the word "printer", about 550,000 people search on Google every month, but there are only 30 people who search by typing "professional canon inkjet printer".

So why am I targeting only 30 people by excluding such a large number of traffic. It's very simple, because these 30 people are basically your target customers. If you can bring them to the site, you will get the desired cell.

This is the most profitable aspect of using long-tail keywords.

2. Using interesting titles:

A good title can bring you a lot more visitors than usual. Because, when I search something on Google, we mostly visit the page only for the title.

The characteristics of a good title can be many things - for example: the title will be keyword focus, meaningful, numbers can be used through the title, which attracts the visitor.

Here I did a Google search for "how to lose weight fast" with this keyword. Below are some of the results:

The words marked with red dots here are Power Word, which helps a visitor to that page.

Hopefully now we understand how to create an interesting title.

3. Keep proper internal links:

All your posts may not be equally popular or may not be ranked in search engines.

So how do you increase the number of visitors to those posts?

The answer is very simple, linking internally in the right way.

You need to find those pages or posts that rank well in Google, that is, get good visitors. Now link new or less popular posts from those pages or posts. This will increase the chances of increasing the number of traffic on that page.

If you look at Wikipedia, you will see that each of their pages is at the root of such a good ranking, internal links in the right way.

4. Create Niche based groups on Facebook:

Nowadays everyone likes to spend time on Facebook or social media. So if you create a group based on your niche, you will find visitors with the same mentality there. Who will appreciate any post on your site.

However, you must remember that you should not only post promotional posts in the group. You need to prioritize the opinions of visitors or other members.

You can also get more targeted traffic by promoting on various social media.

5. User friendly website interface:

Once a visitor comes to your site, you need to create an interface that makes your site easy to understand at the first sight.

That is, the user does not have to face any problem or search to go to the desired page of your site.

Make a visitor to your site feel safe and comfortable. For that you can put a nice menu on your site, use the right sitebar as needed, use a tidy footer etc.

If you can work with your site in this way, then of course you will be able to get targeted visitors / customers. Not only that, the number of visitors to your site will also increase.

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