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Dark Web sells data to 63 million customers

The hacker team Shinyhunter is stealing customer data from multiple platforms and selling it on the Dark Web. These platforms have data of a total of 63 million subscribers. News Engadget.About 30 million of these data have been hacked by hackers from the data dating app Jusak. And the printing service has stolen the data of about one and a half crore customers from chatbooks. Hackers have even stolen data from a media website called the Star Tribune.According to the report, the data includes one million data from the South Korean fashion and furniture industry and 30 million data from the Chronicle of Higher Education. Although the accuracy of this database has not been confirmed. But researchers in the hacker community believe Shinyhunter's data is true. ShineHunter also claimed that they had seized 500 gigabytes of data from Microsoft's personal GitHub rethogeter. They also carried out hacking activities in the online store Tokopedia this month.

Case filed against 11 people under digital law for spreading rumors

RAB-3 has filed a case against 11 people including information technology technologists, bloggers, expatriate journalists and cartoonists at Ramna Police Station under the Digital Security Act for spreading rumors and creating confusion in the minds of the people.In this case already, information technology and state thinker Md. Didarul Islam Bhuiyan, cartoonist Ahmed Kabir Kishore and businessman and writer Mostaq Ahmed have been arrested.The other accused are expatriate journalists Tasnim Khalil and Shahed Alam, Minhaj Mannan, Sayer Zulkarnain, Ashiq Imran, Philip Schumacher, Swapan Wahid, and blogger Asif Mohiuddin.Ramna Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Monirul Islam said the case was filed under their Digital Security Act on Wednesday (May 7th).According to the statement of case, RAB-3 has reviewed and seen that the admin of IM Bangladeshi (written in English) page Sayer Zulkarnain, I Kishore, Ashiq Imran, Philip Schumacher, Swapan Wahid, and Mostaq Ahmed have been running the Facebook page for a long time.From this Facebook page, attempts are being made to spread propaganda and confusion with the intention of tarnishing the image of the Father of the Nation, Liberation War of Bangladesh, epidemic, and the image of the state/government. Despite knowing propaganda or lies, they were spreading various information including rumors through social media. RAB has mentioned that this is creating confusion, instability, and chaos among the people. In the statement, RAB has given links to various posts.