WHO's apps will look for corona patients in the area nearby

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Scientists are working tirelessly day and night to find a cure for the novel coronavirus. So far, the only effective way to prevent this virus is to identify and isolate the infected patient. For this reason, there is a need to know where there are patients with corona. That's why the World Health Organization is bringing mobile apps to save patients from nearby corona.

The mobile app will look for the affected corona by looking at the symptoms. The smartphone that has this app will let you know if there is any corona around it.

According to the news agency Reuters, the World Health Organization is bringing such a smart app this month. A person's location on the Google Earth map gives details of a person's gender, age, height, weight, history of a disease, blood group, what drugs (generic name), his name, body temperature, and more. The World Health Organization's app will tell if he is infected with corona!

At the same time, the World Health Organization will inform the app user about the hygiene rules and precautions to be followed. In addition, the app will inform the user in advance about the immunity of the body, how far he is away from the containment zone, whether the user should be tested for saliva, etc.

The World Health Organization is bringing this app thinking about other countries of the world. The World Health Organization believes that coronavirus infections can be controlled with the help of this app.