Educational institutions under the Department of Telecommunications is getting Digital

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Under the governments postal and telecommunications department, four educational institutions are being converted to digital.

These organizations are managed under the management of the BTCL, the postal department and the telephone industry.

Through this, the process of digital teaching is also beginning.

The decision was made to transform it into a full-fledged digital educational institution in a meeting with the board of directors of the educational institutions under the management of the department and the heads of the respective educational institutions, chaired by Postal and Telecommunications Minister Mostafa Jabbar.

Postal and Telecommunications Department Secretary Ashok Kumar Biswas, BTCL Managing Director Iqbal Mahmud, Director General of the Postal Department SS Bhadra, Teshis Managing Director Fakrul Islam and Jasmine Jui, CEO of Vijay Digital were present in the meeting.

Mostafa Jabbar said Bangladesh is the example of the digital revolution. The Department of Posts and Telecommunications has the responsibility of digitizing every educational institution under this department as a digital infrastructure, including the construction of digital highways. This makes it possible to study books in the classroom with digital content instead of a pencil.

As part of the digitalization, the Minister said that all the activities related to the management of these institutions including digital attendance and results will be digitalized.

The telecommunication minister said, I would like to start the teaching activities from the primary with the educational institutes managed by the Postal and Telecommunications Department.

Referring to this, others will come forward, he said, adding that there was no concern for the students. This will be done if teachers need to build competencies to provide digital lessons. There is content up to the elementary level, but even if there is not enough content for high school, we want to start with the existing content.

Illustrating the textual activities of nearly a thousand educational institutes operating in the digital system of the country, Mostafa Jabbar, the father of Bangla software, said that it does not take more than a month to complete a year's syllabus of digital curriculum through digital content.

He said that computer is not just a tool for writing Bangla, not a programming machine, computer is one of the biggest benefits of learning.

The minister said that when I started the work of spreading education on computers, there was no content. I assert that the change has to be from the very beginning.

Mostafa Jabbar said that the educational institutions need to be prepared by training teachers to digitalize. The school cannot be digitized with just the equipment, he said.