Basis membership is mandatory for Software business

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No organization will be able to do business in the software sector if there is no BASIS membership.

Referring to a trade ministry circular, the organization said on Wednesday that it is mandatory for a business entity to have a membership of BASIS in order to conduct business in the software sector. Whether or not BASIS has membership in various government, private or non-governmental organizations will be verified.

According to the statement issued recently from the trade union office of the Ministry of Commerce, all business entities in the software sector must accept membership of BASIS from now onwards under the provisions of section 4 of the Trade Organization Ordinance. All instances will be verified whether the software company has a membership of Basis.

BASIS President Syed Almas Kabir said BASIS has been working closely with the Information Technology Department to build digital Bangladesh. The information and communications technology sector is constantly expanding and the number of business organizations is increasing. Therefore, all business organizations will work together for the development of this sector.

Presently remote organizations will likewise need to take participation from BASIS and that will guarantee a check and harmony between their works in Bangladesh, said Farhana A Rahman, senior VP of the exchange body.

Premise said the enrollment declaration will be checked in all legislature and non-government area before presenting any delicate.