Bangladesh is the second largest in the world in the freelancing industry - Palak

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State Minister for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Junaid Ahmed Palak has said that the youth of Bangladesh is being made efficient by making maximum use of the potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The state minister for ICT said this while highlighting the youth development plan suitable for the fourth industrial revolution.

State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak addressed the Global Young Leader Summit 2020 online as a keynote speaker on Wednesday (November 18th).

At the same time, he said, "Bangladesh's youth society is being made efficient by making maximum use of its potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution." ICT has been made compulsory in secondary and higher secondary schools to create technology based skilled human resources. In addition, advanced digital labs are being set up in various educational institutions. ’

The State Minister for ICT said, "The government under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has various plans including construction of 64 Sheikh Kamal IT Incubation Centers, Schools of Future and 13,000 Sheikh Russell Digital Labs in educational institutions across the country." These activities are playing a significant role in human resource development. There are more than six lakh freelancers in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the second largest in the world in the freelancing industry. ’

He said that despite the corona virus epidemic, the country's economy has been kept afloat by using digital technology to achieve 5.2 percent GDP growth in June this year. He also opined that the GDP of Bangladesh will increase from 348 billion US dollars to 600 billion US dollars by 2030 through the implementation of Digital Bangladesh Vision.

Junaid Ahmed Palak said that even during the epidemic, the ICT department provided training to about 50,000 youths and women using digital technology. Our main goal is to make Bangladesh the 27th largest economy by 2030 and a knowledge-based economy and high-income country by 2041 with a per capita income of US 12,000. ’