Are we ready for cyber war?

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The present era of Cyber-age indeed is a trending topic where network with the presence of internet provides foremost impact on professional and social life. Having a widespread range of internet has also arisen the apprehensiveness of network security. We rely upon technology intensely which decodes to the emergence of the online hacker. The expanding nature of the organization results the higher danger of cyber-assault. This is the reason cyber security comes into the picture to rescue. Cyber security, as a textbook definition, refers to the collection of security concepts, rules, legal acts, regulation, exercise, training and assurance of technologies, safeguards, policies that can be utilized to ensure the cyber condition, association and client’s assets. To be more precise, it guarantees the completion and maintenance of the security resources of the organization and user’s benefit against applicable security risk in the cyber environment.

In the context of cyber space, Bangladesh has turned out to be a standout amongst 100 nations, ranked 73 in the National Cyber Security Index (NCSI). Cyber-attacks often took place, which caused loss of assets in very recent time. Banking segment, corporate division, intelligent agencies, Bangladesh administrator services, credential data storage, and a lot more are being affected by the involvement of cyber-crime. According to the Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2015, about 69.55% individuals are in the high risk of local virus infection and around 80% users are the victims of spam attack in Bangladesh. Bangladesh bank experienced a massive loss of money as hackers successfully stole nearly $100 million in the year 2016 and depict an alert for the other banks as the considerable threat of cyber-crime. Moreover, the endurance of destruction of several online resources due to the cyber-war occurrence has led the country to look for possible solution.      

Cyber-security therefore, demands an incredible working opportunity, related to almost every account. The demand for security experts is foreseeing to develop in the coming days. The cyber security market is expected to grow to around $232 billion by 2022. There is an extensive requirement for security experts to work in the ethical hacking field in order to deal with its security, particularly client data or private details. Big IT organization in Bangladesh, Army sector, banking sector, firmly recognize the requirement for data security specialist, cyber security experts, and ethical hackers. Hence, an ethical hacker or security expert is usually employed by companies to ensure the security system powerful.