5 Taka crore government's venture capital for e-commerce entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs in the country's e-commerce sector will be given venture capital of up to Tk 5 crore by the government. 

State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak said this at a function marking the 6th anniversary of e-Cab at a club in Dhaka on Sunday.

The event was organized to honor 12 entrepreneurs and 1008 e-commerce organizations who served during the Corona.

The state minister for information technology said financial assistance ranging from Rs 1 million to Rs 5 crore would be provided to entrepreneurs in the e-commerce sector as venture capital.

Noting that the country's e-commerce sector will create 5 lakh jobs in five years, Palak said e-commerce will be the main driving force of the economy. He emphasized the need for more integrated action plans to make e-commerce more dynamic. 

Mentioning that the number of internet users in the country has now surpassed 11 crore, Palak said that with the implementation of this facility, it has become possible to transact 16 thousand crore rupees online.

He said that with the spread of internet, e-commerce has reached from town to village. The wheel of the country's economy is in motion as it has delivered various daily necessities including medicines to 160 million people of the country during the Corona period.

E-Cab President Shami Kaiser presided over the function while General Secretary of the organization Mohammad Abdul Wahed Tamal spoke on the occasion.

The Minister of State for Information Technology inaugurated the 'e-Genius' platform to provide co-educational activities for students through digital and development of talents at home.