UBER Eats Shut down its business

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Uber's online order delivery service Uber Eats is winding down operations in Bangladesh.

After a couple of weeks, their activities in the country will be stopped from June 2.

Uber authorities said in a blog post on Tuesday.

Uber It's Bangladesh's lead Misha Ali has confirmed to TechShahr.com that their service will be discontinued. However, he did not want to comment on the matter.

Uber said in their blog post that the company has made a tough decision a year after launching its easy and reliable food delivery service. There, Uber announced that its service in Bangladesh will be closed on June 2.

But Uber authorities did not say why the decision was made.

At the same time through the blogpost the company thanks to their partners, users, customers, and the Uber Eats community in Bangladesh.

Earlier in January this year, Uber also sold its food supplier in India to the country's Zomato and shut down Uber Eats in the country.

Four months later, Uber made the same announcement in Bangladesh. However, the company's ride-sharing service will continue.

Earlier, Uber Eats started its official activities in the country on April 30 last year. And he hired Misha Ali as the lead to run the business in Bangladesh.