Introducing 'Mother' Telehealth for pregnant women: Palak

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After 22 lakh Saudi expatriates, this time Prabasbandhu Call Center has been launched for 2 lakh Bahraini expatriates. Twelve Bangladeshi volunteer doctors from the country have already joined the initiative. The service will soon be launched in Malaysia, Oman, Singapore, Yemen and Europe. State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak has appealed to the expatriate embassies for this.

Foreign Minister inaugurated the service in a video conference on Wednesday. AK Abdul Momen.

ICT Secretary NM Ziaul Alam, Foreign Secretary Masood Bin Momen, Secretary to the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment Ahmed Munirush Salehin, Director of A2I Project Dr. Anir. Md. Abdul Mannan was present.

The government of Bahrain will give legitimacy to Bangladeshis living illegally.

- Foreign Minister. AK Abdul Momen


State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is a friend in difficult times. Under his leadership, food, education and internet have already been delivered from house to house.

He said the driving force of the economy is launching a new digital platform next Saturday to launch healthcare services at home for more than one crore expatriate brothers and sisters as well as implement 'mother' telehealth for one million pregnant women, delivering medicinal fruits at fair prices to consumers. The 'Food for Nation' platform is being developed by connecting digital warehouses, farmers, trucklagbes, etc. in addition to one shop, Ekshop.

The project director said. Md. Abdul Mannan said, 30 thousand food aid services have been provided by calling 333 in one day yesterday.

A2I advisor Anir Chowdhury said the service could be launched for all expatriates by June by creating a timeline for providing and receiving services safely. Although the number of doctors registered in the pool has increased, the number of activists has not increased at that rate. Therefore, he stressed the need to introduce incentives in this volunteer model in the future.