Facebook takes on Zoom with Messenger Rooms

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Facebook has added a new feature for group video chat. Launched on Thursday (May 14), Facebook's new feature room is expected to rival other video chat apps, including Zoom and Skype.
Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals and lockouts. For the convenience of the users, Facebook added a new feature.
Facebook users will be able to add up to 50 people to their video chat rooms through the Messenger app. It can be used if you do not have a Facebook account. There is no set time limit for chat.
Zoom has become very popular for video chat for quite some time. But the controversy over security and personal issues has also spread over the past two months. In this case, the room of Facebook can be an alternative to zoom. This feature of Facebook was supposed to be launched in April. But due to various complications, Facebook finally launched the service in mid-May.
Messenger room vice president Stan Chernovsky said in a blog post that room-sharing can also be started on Facebook news feeds, groups and events. It can be easily invited from anywhere. Room users can decide who can be added.
According to Facebook's blog post, global users will be able to turn on the room from Messenger and North American users will be able to do so from Facebook.
For this, you need to have Facebook and Messenger update app. You need to download the Messenger desktop app on Windows. Mac users can also download apps from the Mac App Store.
Facebook is also reportedly testing the Messenger Room service on WhatsApp recently. This feature has been seen in the beta version of WhatsApp on Android. The idea is that soon WhatsApp, Facebook may also add it to Instagram.