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Robi is giving 13 crore free minutes to the customers

Robi has come up with a 130-million-minute free offer just two days after the announcement that Grameenphone will offer 100 million minutes of free voice calls to its customers as a special offer in Corona. Along with the free voice call offer, Robi has also announced to give 50 MB of data for free on their verified Facebook page.Today, Sunday (May 10), Robi brings a 13 crore minutes of free offer for their 13 million subscribers.Earlier on Friday (May 8), Grameenphone announced 100 million minutes free for one crore subscribers along with a few more offers. Robi customers need to dial *212*10# to accept the three-day offer. Or you can take the offer from Robi's My Robi app.

The Great platforms for creating free websites

By creating a free website you can earn a lot of money if you want and many are doing it now.In the same way, when it comes to building a website, you need at least a little bit of coding. In that case, many of us do not give priority to creating a website - or many are afraid of how to create a website? Because many of us have little or no idea about coding.However, if you want, you can easily create a website without any HTML JavaScript or CSS coding concept by spending some time easily with the help of some free website builders. In this case, you need to take the help of some free website builder then you need to follow some important steps.So how do friends create a free professional website?No 1: Wix ( it is a popular website builder through which you can create any kind of free website if you want.All you need to do to create a free website is to login to the website and then work step by step. For example, you have to login to Gmail and then upload some scripts and install it This is a great platform to create free web sites in collaboration with 10 website builders With the help of this free website builder, you can create a website through a free plan. And you will get 500 free templates for creating this website.You also have to pay if you want to enjoy more opportunities Catch their monthly planes, in which case you will spend only $17 per month, through which you can enjoy endless opportunities.No 2: WordPress ( think this would be the best platform for you if you want to blog. It offers a beautiful customizable domain name and free hosting that you can use for life if you use any type of plan.You will also find many free customizable templates here that are free and updated regularly. Which you can use as you like and these will give your website a professional-looking to your site.No: 3 Weebly ( is a great platform for creating free websites. Which you can use very easily. It is also a great site for beginners who have no idea about the website. Whenever you create a website here, you will get a free domain whose name will be exactly like But as long as you don't want to spend any dollars, you can use it for free with limited access. If you give a dollar, you will also become a boss.No 4: Strikingly ( can create a free website on this platform and you do not need to spend any dollars to create this website. This means that you can review any type of product on your website without spending any money.You can also chat live with their support team 7 days a week and 24 hours a day for any information regarding the website. By doing this you will get the right solution to your problems.No 5: Site 123 ( you are thinking of creating a new website, then this will be the best site for you. You may not get all the support you get from other free website builders. In this case, you have their support team active 24 hours a day 7 days a weekIf you create a free website here, the domain name of your website will be a lot like this - 

Web designing and their role in the future of content marketing

In today’s age, a large portion of Business, organization, peoples need an innovative website to improve their business, revenues and engage with the clients. With the blasting IT industry globally, the web has develop as a standout amongst the most crucial methodology of verbal trade these days and websites are the life savers of the internet. So career scope in web structuring is splendid and professional possibilities are appropriate. With the inescapable need of sites for any association or business venture, the chase for effective website specialists, who can make proficient sites, is regularly convincing. Website designing is a lucrative, vibrant and dynamic profession on its own. Due to this nature and developing business sector demand it needs to continually redesign itself to catch the hearts of prospects. Disregarding including new stages springing up consistently, encouraging consistent web design for the non-website specialist, there is still expectation and a splendid future for the website composition industry. To simply put, a Web Designer makes user-friendly and aesthetically satisfying websites that assistance illuminates intent. It is customary and to some point necessary for a business, organization or association to have their website. What's more, new organizations open up regular. In this way, it is sheltered to state that the career openings are tremendous.Nowadays the direction of web design is changing. It’s not just design & styling something to make it look good; it’s about the bigger picture. Designers can’t just take their knowledge of print design and apply it to the web. The career path for web design field can be as follows:Front end developerUX DesignerUI Developer/ Visual DesignerWeb DevelopmentGraphics DesignAngular DeveloperReactJS Developer JavaScript DeveloperMoving on to the description mostly the skills required will be HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Advance JavaScript, Angular JS/2/4/5, Nodejs, ReactJS.The inventive opportunity we have with the each time increasingly better approaches for getting things done. We can now do much more in less time, and choosing between lots of different tools. And it seems that we will keep pushing the boundary in the future. We would now be able to do significantly more in less time, and picking between varieties of devices. What's more, it appears that we will continue pushing the limit later on.Web achieving new places, and ending up progressively open. A few laws are as yet ceasing the web to turn into an open-source library with the entire world's substance. A few people don't have the economy to purchase gadgets and access the web. However, in view of the very idea of the web, this will change later on certainly.