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    How to make online Income: What, How, Where?

    Peoples are searching for additional income sources for their living and online jobs are the best opportunity for anyone. In particular, the Internet has created such a low-cost playing field for many people to earn money online. There are countless legitimate ways to make money from home in, but not all monetization tactics are created equally.  Learning how to make money online can be confusing and intimidating. But it doesn't need to be like that. What is online income? Online income, is one type of earning, from which you have no office, not staff, manpower, no physical business, it is virtual business. Online earning is basically a strategy for acquiring cash with the wellsprings of the web. It can includes owing a website, It can incorporate owing a site, beginning an online business or picking different alternatives of web-based earning that are accessible on the internet. Online earning is considered to be one of the best and relevant means of making money online apart from your basic income. Online earning basically related to all the incomes that can be generated without the help of Internet or social media. It doesn’t require resources like land, manpower or machines as well. People nowadays prefer to buy their commodities on an online platform as it covers a lot of audiences. It’s quite convenient to earn online through the games or betting sites that deal in real money.  Is it really possible to earn from internet? The main reason people don’t believe they can make money online is the alarming increase in the rate of online scams, get-rich-quick-schemes and outright frauds. This has turned many would-be believers into skeptics. This has transformed many would-be adherents into doubters. This is not out of the ordinary in a free, unique market economy brimming with open doors just as dangers. People must survive by any means and this also, is to be expected. Be that as it may, not many people prefer to do it ethically. Except if you've been living under a stone, you at any rate realize that the web has flipped around the world, taking over pretty much every sort of human movement under sun. As of now it has been demonstrated that the greater part of the individuals around the globe are making a large number of dollars over the web. These days are understudies are begun their activity as standard time to learn at their young age. How online income Works For many people, making money online would be an absolute dream come true. If they could find a way to make money with a website or some other online venture, they could quit their job to focus on entrepreneurship, spend more time with their family, and finally take back control of their time and their lives. Now, here’s the good news. The majority of online revenue strategies aren’t that complicated. Like any business venture, your online income takes time to grow. You need to be willing to devote the time and energy required to get your idea off the ground, and you need grit to stick with it even if your journey is slow when you first start out. We all want to make money online from home. If we googled how to make money online there are lots of sites promising to provide online jobs. Many of these are just scams. To make money online, you must have one thing that is persistence & patient. Without it you won’t make money and believe me there is no easy way to make money. But once you start doing something & over the time it becomes easy then you can say that it’s the easiest way to make money. In online jobs, there is an opportunity for everyone based on their qualification and technical skills. Which means anyone can make an additional income. While it is now possible to become a millionaire online, doing that entails real hard work, skills and patience. Well best is relative. It depends on your existing capabilities and passion. A soldier needs a gun. A writer needs a pen. A pilot needs a navigator or GPS, a singer needs a microphone. In the same way, if you want to earn a lot of money online quickly, the best way is to use the best online marketing tools and resources, regardless of which niche you choose. Different ways make money from online There has never been a better time to earn money online, because with each year the internet becomes a bigger part of our lives. Let’s jump into the different ways to make money online- ·         Blogging ·         Paid Writing ·         e-tuitions/Webinars ·         Affiliate/Re-seller ·         Freelancing for Professionals ·         Advertising ·         GPT Program ·         Online Marketing ·         Making Themes ·         Selling Photos ·         Support & Service ·         Stock/Forex trading ·         Selling your own brand ·         Virtual Assistant ·         Inbound call center ·         You Tube ·         Researching for others ·         Building Application ·         Transcription ·         Amazon FBA Online Income Platforms There are places you can go to look for great online freelance opportunities. Here are great freelance websites to check out- Upwork, freelancer, guru, iFreelance, people per hour, tuts plus jobs, problogger, freelance writing gigs, smashing jobs, odesk, fiverr, freelanced, freelance-writing-jobs-online, pitch me, text broker, art wanted, 99designs, simply hired, tutor, authentic jobs.

  • Disabled people give job interview in video conferencing

    State Minister of Information and Communication Junayed Ahmed Polok focused on the need to include the disabled people in the standard of improvement, said the incapacitated individuals are not ready to be especially equipped. Disable people are not burdened; in reality, they are the asset of the nation. He stated the government is executing different projects to empower the individuals who are especially equipped for preparing them in different fields including ICT. He urged the majorities to be increasingly cognizant and conscious particularly to the impaired.The State Minister said this while addressing the closing and prize distribution program of 'National IT Competition for Youth Disabled-2019' mutually by the Department of Information and Communication Technology and Asia Pacific University at the University of Asia Pacific Campus premises situated at Green Road.During this time, Polok stated, the extent of the disabilities that were found in the society before is no longer there. People of this country have been aware of the last 10 years under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her well-known daughter Saima Wazed Putul. So as to guarantee the rights and welfare of the diabled, the 'Disability Protection Act' has been established in 2013. We are working to ensure their rights in society. They didn't notwithstanding sitting in the house being inert, rather contributing to the development of the nation with their very own talent and capability.He also said that online job portal will be made for these minorities. They can apply online by exchanging information, especially in accordance to their qualification and also give and take job interviews through video conferencing. Employer will contact the employee of any place from anywhere.He communicated that employment would be arranged for debilitated individuals through training. He said that in the following one year, there will be courses of action for preparing of 3,000 impaired young people in 7 provincial workplaces of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC). In the next five years, the employment of 10 lakh young people in the ICT sector will be arranged, where at least one percent will be the disabled one.Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Asia Pacific Manzur Ahmed Chowdhury, Executive Director of BCC Parthapratim Debsaha along with the other senior officials of the ICT Department spoke on the occasion. After that, the names of three winners were announced in four categories from 100 contestants participating in different district IT competitions.

  • Employee vs Entrepreneur: What is Your Career Path

    How well do you know yourself? Do you have the ability to persuade yourself regardless? Is it true that you are satisfied with working alone and bombing for a long time? Or do you find yourself happier in a team setting when everything is carved out for you day after day, the tasks you need to do etc.? Would you like to be a part of an association and be glad for that or would you say you are upbeat structuring one all alone?Many people have said that jobs mean to work for others or provide service. It may lie, perhaps partly true or full truth. Explanation can be different for each person. Maybe you work in a company, NGO, government organization, garment, school or any other organization. Forget the family by doing all day work. Family does not remember to give time.Have you at any point considered this company or organization before joining this company or organization but it would have been fine, yet on the off chance that you are not in the organization, the company will find another employee instead of you, because you do not have anything, the company or organization will not be able to come? The company or organization has to work for. Yet, not everything else aside from that. Do the same for the amount you get from the organization. Since the organization gives you thirty thousand rupees yet you are acquiring more than one-lakh pay in the manner you are working with it. So in the event that you are perched on your bed, organize yourself.Being an employee means taking a job with a characterized role where you are relied upon to complete a specific thing. That “thing” can be basic (washing dishes) or complex (designing a nuclear power plant), however both you and your boss know in advance what you should do, and you will be compensated for doing it.In contrast, being an entrepreneur means setting off on your own, in a tiny boat, heading across the ocean, with little in the way of navigation gear, to find a place that probably doesn't exist. There is no obvious response to which is better. Everything depends on your targets and your character. There is no off-base or right way here and everything relies upon your identity as an individual. Both of these decisions require a high measure of exertion and arranging on the off chance that you need to do it right and at the most astounding level. Before bouncing to any ends let’s attempt to all the more likely comprehend the contrasts between both profession careers.First, this matter depends on personal preference. At present, many dream of turning into an entrepreneur. We may know, the will is the genuine thing. In the event that there is control, all deterrents can be survived. Along these lines, you need to be cautious about this, would you like to work for yourself, or would you like to carry on with a problem free life by working in an in vogue way.Second, how is your administrative abilities? How is your managerial skills? It must be thought of. In such a case that you need to work together, obviously you should manage your business, for which this expertise will be required very well.Thirdly, how efficient are you to deal with individuals Business implies you need to manage numerous issues with individuals who are frequently contradictory. So you must be strategically keen in some degree.Fourth, how are you at risk? One of the benefits of employment is risk-free living, especially in government jobs. That's why so much craze in the BCS. But if you have the mentality and courage to take risks, you can take the initiative to do business.Fifthly, how strong is you mentally? If you are mentally weak, the business is not for you. How do you understand your mental strength? Do you fall short, feel tired, and feel pressure? If yes, your mental strength is very low and it will be difficult for you to do business.Sixth, what is your capacity to anticipate about what's to come? That is the reason you don't need to be stargazer. It’s about the prediction of the future based on the calculation.  The present time is changing quicker than ever before. So you should remember the potential changes, otherwise the business won't be maintainable. Historically, job is the first choice in our society, because we sit and want to get assured money. That is why the number of unemployed is more than the entrepreneur or trader in our country. It is educated-highly educated, semi-educated or illiterate. While these large unemployed people have done something, they can do a lot for the country or the country. Our social education and psychology are responsible for this. I hope this will change.

  • All Govt Services will be accessible on Smartphone: Mustafa Jabbar

    Postal and Telecommunication Minister Mustafa Jabbar said that a wide range of administrations, particularly government services, will be accessible on the smartphone. It isn't excessively far away, on the day the smartphone will be utilized to serve the general population. The smartphone will be used for taking or getting government service.The clergyman stated, presently 9 to 10 million mobile handsets are used in the nation; It's only 30 percent of the smartphone, yet in the following couple of years smartphone will possess the remainder of the space. Then all types of services can be found through the device. The minister said this while addressing the inaugural function of the three-day Smartphone and TAB fair at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC).Mustafa Jabbar said, not only look at the device, but also have to look at the content of the device. Since the use of a wide range of gadgets requires secure internet. What's more, on the off chance that you can guarantee the protected web, the nation will further progress. The legislature has been attempting to guarantee safety internet. The nation is currently going to be productive from being importer, stated, "We are giving 10 percent of monetary incentive for savvy gadget production in the nation. We are currently getting productive. Presently Bangladesh is giving a greater number of facilities than some other nation.Samsung India Country Manager Shangwan Yun, Sales Director of Huawei Technologies Bangladesh Limited Junior Salahuddin Sanjee, Brand Head of Apo Bangladesh, Ayono, Head of Retail Operation of DX Tele Limited, JM Hasan Saif, Head of Project and Operation Mr. Angus of Bangladesh, Vivo, Smart Technologies (BD) Limited Director (T. Likama Business) Shakib Arafat and Muhammad Khan Expo Maker strategic planner Spoke on the occasion,It is the 12th exhibition organized by Expo Maker in the country with smartphones and tablet computers. All brands of smartphones and tablets are available in the fair. Several brands and organizations, including Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Xaomi, Vivo, Motorola, iPhone, Nokia, Maximus, Realme, Umdigi, Detail, Survi Enterprises, Mobile Outfitters and Bijoy are participating. Brands display and sell different models of smartphones and smart devices in the fair. Available mobile accessories, several models of smartphones have been unveiled at the fair.Platinum sponsors this year are Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo. Gold sponsored by DX Tel and Vivo. Motorola has been sponsored by Silver. Kaspersky is the Cyber Security partner and IT training institute, Eduemaker. The fairs are open to everyone from 10 am to 8 pm daily. The entrance price for the fair is Tk 20. The money from which will be donated to the treatment of cancer patients. In addition, the disabled and students can get free access to ID cards.

  • Digital Bangladesh is not a Promise now, It’s a Reality

    Information and Communication Technology Minister Mustafa Jabber said that  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has guaranteed to build up a digital Bangladesh concentrating on information and technology dependent on the election manifesto of the 2008 Awami League. As of now, Digital Bangladesh isn't a promise, it is a reality.On the Awami League's publicity and publishing board of trustees, in the auditorium hall of the city's Shilpakala Academy on Saturday, the honorable minister said this at an exchange of '70 years of the glorious journey: Awami League in the mind of youth'.The clergyman said the necessary funds have been designated in the monetary allowance to make the young of the nation fit as the resident of the fourth industrial revolution.With respect to social networking, he stated, it was conceivable to stop the spread of bits of rumors about social media by an edge. Be that as it may, with the assistance of some online web-based interfaces, rumors are spreading in certain zones yet. It will be conceivable to control these online web portals once they are registered. Information Minister  Hasan Mahmud, Prime Minister's Political Advisor and Awami League Advisory Council member H T Imam, Information and Communication Technology Minister Mostafa Jabbar, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam, Education Deputy Minister and Awami League Organizing Secretary Barrister Muhibul Hasan Chowdhury Naoufel, Deputy Publicity Secretary Aminul Islam Amin, executive committee member Professor Marina Jahan Spoke on the occation. The meeting was convened by the Prime Minister's Special Assistant Barrister Shah Ali Farhad.


How to Earn Money from Blogging?

What is Online Income?Online earning, is one type of earning, from which you have no office, not staff, manpower, no physical business, it is virtual business. Peoples are searching for additional income sources for their living and online jobs are the best opportunity for anyone. In online employments, there is an open door for everybody dependent on their capability and specialized abilities. Which means anybody can make an extra salary. Web based winning fundamentally identified with every one of the earnings that can be produced without the assistance of Internet or web-based social networking. It doesn't require assets like land, labor or machines also. Individuals these days like to purchase their products on an online stage as it covers a great deal of spectators. It's very advantageous to procure online through the games or wagering locales that arrangement in genuine cash.Earn Through Blogging:Blogging is perhaps the most established type of Social Media. Blogging is a type of showcasing organizations that show up on internet searcher to create leads from those natural indexed lists. Furthermore, for the individuals who are not an entrepreneur, can essentially distribute printed substance and carry traffic from web crawler to their blog. Blog is a short structure for the word weblog and the two words are utilized conversely A blog is a much of the time refreshed online individual diary or journal. It is a spot to convey what needs be to the world. A spot to share your contemplations and your interests. Blogging isn't just about posting literary substance, it is considerably more than that. It's occasionally called independent news coverage. In contrast to proficient news coverage, blogging likewise manage delivering content that will be devoured by the intrigued individuals.Numerous individuals are still confounded over what comprises a blog over a site. Some portion of the issue is that numerous organizations utilize both, incorporating them into a solitary web nearness. Be that as it may, there are two highlights of a blog that set it apart from a conventional site.1.       Blogs are updated frequently. Whether it's a mommy blog in which a woman shares adventures in parenting, a food blog sharing new recipes, or a business providing updates to its services, blogs have new content added several times a week.2.      Blogs allow for reader engagement. Blogs are often included in social media because of the ability for readers to comment and have a discussion with the blogger and others who read the blog makes it social. Blogging isn't simply confined to composing a Blog post, you can include pictures or make a video Blog all the time and each Blog post will remain on your site more often than not with the most recent posts recorded in sequential request for every one of your guests to see. In this manner another real advantage is that it helps keep guests on your site, increments what is called 'stickiness' and help brings down your site which thus gets compensated by Google.Advantages of Blogging:In all honesty a business Blog has numerous focal points and can be exceptionally incredible in drawing in rush hour gridlock, the correct traffic end up like that, to your site! It will likewise give your business a voice, a character and help demonstrate the world that you are a specialist inside your industry. It likewise constructs trust and validity for your image which in this day and age of Social Media and verbal proposals is basic. A predictable and fascinating Blog will enable you to draw in with your intended interest group and as referenced before it will keep them on your site, ideally they will peruse other intriguing posts on your webpage or even proceed to take a gander at your items, benefits or even get in touch with you. One of the fundamental favorable circumstances is that it will unquestionably help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and your hunt positioning. Contrasted with a contender who does not Blog it will do you an extremely huge support according to Google!How to make money from blogging?Making money online or through blog is not easy as people use to convey. Even top professional bloggers & blogging sites misdirect or mislead upcoming bloggers to sale something. At the end of the time people get nothing except frustrations to quit.There are a lot of things that factor into how much you can make the blog work towards your earnings, like how you go about SEOs for your blog, what types of ads you go for while monetizing your blog, how you can spread your reach, what you do to make your presence more prominent. Blogging is one of those things that takes a bit of time to get rolling. You need to focus first and foremost on creating quality content that would be interesting for people to read. Assuming you have patience which is the virtue in this area of income because there is nothing called overnight success. In Blogging you can earn by some terms that are given below,·         Google AdSense·         Affiliate marketing·         Amazon affiliate·         Direct advertisement·         Sell your own products & services·         Sponsored Blog Posts·         Paid Reviews·         Paid Business Directory  Some of most famous and easiest are blogger by Google, WordPress, Tumblr, and Medium. For Blogger, Using WordPress is the ideal solution. Because only WordPress made it easy to blog on a daily or weekly basis. WordPress have plenty of tools and plugins to manage our blog. Like: Plugins such as Yoast SEO and AllInoneseopack will help to identify SEO errors in blog. But all above methods will help you only when your blog will have decent number of visitors. Work smartly on your SEO & update your blog regularly, it will rank you high on Google which will increase your stats & ultimately your income.  Earning from sites and blogs is depend on how much traffic are you gaining in your website or blog. If you are getting enough traffic, you can carry on many things like display ads, display affiliate ads of Amazon, ClickBank, FlipKart…. etc. You can get a domain for as less as $1 (it depends on the extension you’re looking to get). You’ll be charged the regular price while renewing the domain after a year. Domain rates vary from one registrar to another.1-year custom domain and hosting plan will cost you only $12.  Depending upon the number of people your blog is visited and number of people who have subscribed to you, you can sell your blog as well. This may range from 60,000/- to 2, 00,000(BDT). The process to make money as a blogger is simple. You set up your blog, start creating useful content attract and nurture your readers, build engagement with them and make money from the readership through one or more of a variety of income streams like digital goods, affiliate products, sponsorships and more.

Blogging Digital Bangladesh

Introducing National Identity Gateway Porichoy

Gateway ‘Porichoy’ (www.porichoy.gov.bd) has been officially propelled on Wednesday to verify the National Identity Card (NID). Prime Minister's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy inaugurated the ceremony at Agargaon's ICT Tower in the capital.As the chief guest at the ceremony, Sajeeb Wazed Joy said, my dream is that people do not go to government offices to get government services. As a part of this, we had successful venture by doing partnership with private sector.Prior, in the discourse, ICT State Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak said that under the initiative of Prime Minister's Information Technology Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy, the legislature has digitized different sorts of resident administrations. Essentially, a leap forward is 'Porichoy'(Identity). We were taking a shot at 'Porichoy' under his administration for quite a while. Today it is open for everybody. Since the arrangement of the administration, we have been attempting to carry the open administrations to the doorstep of the general population. This sort of sign is one of such administration. In the interim, ICT Division Secretary N Jiaul Alam, Managing Director of Bangladesh High-Tech Park Authority Hossain Ara Begum, Policy Advisor of A2I Anir Chowdhury and other senior authorities of the ICT Department were additionally present. Note that ‘Porichoy’ is a gateway server; which is associated with the National Commission of Election Commission. It is an application programming that allows customers of a public, private or private organization to check their national identity card (NID).  

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'Smartphone and Tab expo' Begun on Thursday

A three-day Smartphone and Tab Expo (STE) started in the city Thursday. All around reputed significant brands, including iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei are exhibiting their most recent products and designs at the reasonable. 'Smartphone and tab fairs 2019' has been amassed with appealing markdown and blessings. On Thursday, the celebration was begun by guests at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Agargaon, Dhaka. The work, being held at (BICC) in the capital's Agargaon territory, stayed open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm till Saturday. Due to occasions, the presence of children and students just as the tech enthusiasts improved the significance and excellence of fair premises. Product selling was blasting great. This year's fair is available for all brands of smartphones and tablets. A few brands and associations, including Huawei, Samsung, Techno, Vivo, Wii, Golden field, Motorola, Nokia, iPhone, UCC, Aitel, Infinix, UMD, Detel, ADA, Maximus, Bijoy and E-Commerce Instruments Piyushop.com. Brands show and sell various models of cell phones and brilliant gadgets in the reasonable. Accessible mobile adornments Apart from this, few models of smartphones will be uncovered at the reasonable.Samsung offers a 50 percent discount on specific models of the fair Extra 5 percent quota for students. In addition, mobile financial institutions can cash in on cash and more cash back. Huawei is selling smartphones as well as tabs, smart bands, and mobile accessories. Offering discounts and gifts, Oppo fair has appeared on their smartphones and mobile accessories. Oppo offers millionaire offers as well. Vivo smartphone is taking part in the fair this year giving 100% cash back in a few models, with a discount of up to six thousand taka in certain models. Motorola brings the latest models of all the smartphones to the match. They gave up to Tk 5000.Technoor is providing 12 percentage discounts at most.  In addition, there are special gifts with each model. A total of 10 models have been presented in the fair. In each model of the Cam series, there is a specific discount, as well as a selfie stick and water bottle. Each model of the pop series has a selfie stick and a T-shirt gift.On Thursday afternoon, the inauguration of 'Smartphone and TAB Fair 2019' was initiated by Postal and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabber. Country Manager of Samsung Bangladesh Mr. Shangwan Yun, Sales Director of Huawei Technologies Bangladesh Limited Mr. Jahangir Salahuddin Sanjee, Vice President of Bangladesh, Mr. Ayono of Oppo, Head of Retail Operations of DX Tele Limited, JM Hasan Saif, Head of Project and Operation Mr. Angus of Vivo Bangladesh, Smart Technologies (BD) Limited The Director (Telecom Business) Shakib Arafat and Muhammad Khan Expo Maker strategic planner spoke on the occasion."Brands including Samsung, Symphony, Tecno, Huawei, Nokia, Oppo, Lava, Vivo, WinMax, Lenovo, DELL, Umidigi, Solar Electro, and numerous others have affirmed their interest at the fair," Expo Maker Strategic Planner Muhammad Khan said. The brands would offer unique value cut and blessing things on the buy of items at the fair, Muhammad included. "The visitors would probably pick smart gadgets from various brands under one roof," he said.Platinum sponsors this year were Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo. Gold sponsored by DX Tel and Vivo Motorola has been sponsored by Silver. Kaspersky is the Cyber ​​Security partner and partner is an IT training institute, Eduemaker. In addition to quintal, brands have gifted gifts, gift boxes, raffle draws, and selfie competition.The entrance price for the fair was Tk 20. The money from which will be donated to the treatment of cancer patients. Also, disabled and students can get free access to ID cards.  

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In-display fingerprint match on low budget phones!

A Chinese-based display maker announced the introduction of in-display fingerprint in a low priced general LCD panel.The BOE Company is going to bring a display fingerprint sensor in the market at the end of this year. As a result, small or medium budget smartphones will also meet in-display fingerprint facilities.Till now, the facility was available only on the most expensive smartphone OLED or AMOLED display.Using the fingerprint sensor, the biometric locking system of smartphones security has been added quite long ago. But the current trend is popular as a technology to set up fingerprint scanners under the display.In-display fingerprint technology does not have a different fingerprint sensor on the smartphone, it is possible to complete biometric verification by touching directly on the display.The first phone with in-display fingerprint scanner came in the market in January 2015. Vivo is the first to use X-20 plus UD model phones. Then one by one Huawei, OnePlus and Samsung also added in-display fingerprint technology to their phones.

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Awareness campaign in IT for Munshiganj Students

Bangladesh Computer Association (BCS) and ICT Business Promotion Council (IBPC) jointly organized a day-long program in Munshiganj to increase awareness in IT.The program was held in the headquarters of the Khahra-Churain Model Degree College Auditorium in Srinagar Upazila of Munshiganj on Thursday.Srinagar Upazila chairman Mashiur Rahman Mamun was the chief guest at the workshop. He said, Digital Bangladesh is the first tool of technology. In the pursuit of the nation, the success will be very difficult for them. The students of the upazila and countryside are also progressing in IT. This development has accelerated due to the availability of the Internet. With the cost of computers, smartphones and digital devices at hand, people are getting an idea about moving ahead easily.He also said that the distance of the capital with Munshiganj is only 35 kilometers. Once the work of the Padma Bridge is completed, it will be half of the time required to pass this distance. The present government considers education and information technology as seriously the condition of development. The benefits of this are already visible. Because of the government's vision, the students are now getting the opportunity to compete with the students of the colleges of the city while studying in the upazila's college. Principal of Srinagar Model Degree College, Azizul Islam was the special guest in the program. 

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Extra income from telecommunication is possible without increasing the tax!

Bangladesh Mobile Phone Consumers Association has demanded withdrawal of the proposed tax in the telecom and technology sectors in the year 2015-2020.The organization claims that it is possible to make additional revenue of at least seven thousand crore rupees annually by not increasing the tax in the sector.On Saturday, the organization gave a memorandum to the Prime Minister over the withdrawal of excess tax.In the memorandum, Bangladesh Mobile Phone Association has claimed that at the marginal level, uninterrupted network and quality services will be available to the country, about six to seven thousand crore additional revenue will come. In the new tax hike proposed, the government may get revenue of three thousand crores of revenue.If the new SIM purchase increases tax and call rates, the marginal low-income people will be discouraged by taking a new connection. As a result, the government will reduce the revenue, the organization said.The organization said, currently active SIM is around 156.5 million. Smartphone Internet users are around 750 million Moreover, broadband users are about 1.25 million. Yet 45 percent of the population in the country is out of modern telecommunications services. Currently, about 6.5 percent of the total GDP is from this sector. If there is a continuation of this, revenue from this sector will be 10.75 percent of the total GDP by 2024.In the last five years, tax increases and tax rates have been increased five times in this sector. The organization has requested the government not to increase the corporate tax on the operators rather than earn 12 thousand crore rupees before the government. At the same time, the operators will be able to build a good network system across the country so that their issue is also requested to see the government in that memorandum.