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Google adsense fast approval tips

How to quickly get Google AdSense approval? (Fast adsense approval Tips)You have already got an idea about Google AdSense and you might be finding the way or the procedure to earn money from your personal blog or You Tube Channel through Google AdSense.Hence, Google creates such a massive opportunity for both the business owner and digital marketer where both parties will be benefited.I must assure you that, Google is one of the most reliable and reputed company around the world. You can earn as much as possible from Google AdSense. Google will pay you according to your traffic and visitors  But, most of the blogger or You Tuber face problem to get approval from AdSense at the very beginning. As Like others, you might face challenges to get approval from Google AdSense.  Don’t Worry!!!Here, I will describe you each and every details about “How to quickly get Google AdSense approval.”I will share the step-by-step procedure to get approval from Google AdSense and rules to start your monetization within short period of time.Let’s do start!!!Basic Concepts about Google AdSense:As Google Adsense has already established a platform for every Blogger and YouTuber to generate and earn money. So, Google AdSense will must approve your blog, website or your You Tube Channel.Before getting the approval for Google AdSense, you must meet all the criteria and requirement as well. You have to follow all the regulation and policies already set by the Google.Once you get the approval from Google AdSense for your blog, website and You Tube Channel. You can start earning through the advertisement.But, when a Blogger or You Tuber does not get the approval quickly, he gets frustrated. It is pretty sure, if you do apply without maintaining rules, then AdSense will never approve your blog, website, You Tube for monetization.So, most newbie bloggers do email and ask queries:Why Google AdSense is not still approving my blog?Why Google AdSense is rejecting my blog?How quickly I will get approval from Google Ad SenseThe Rules of Google AdSense:The easier it is to make money from blogs through AdSense, the harder it is to get Google AdSense approval.We all know that before showing AdSense ads on the blog, we have to follow some rules and regulations and then go to the Google AdSense website and create an Adsense account. In the end, we have to name the new blog and website in that AdSense account.Once you register your blog and website name on the AdSense website, you have nothing at hand.Google employees visit your website or blog in a variety of ways, and AdSense does not allow ads to be displayed on your site unless you observe specific rules. And as a result, your submission is rejected.So, before applying for AdSense, you have to keep in mind some special rules. If you follow the rules and then apply, Adsense will quickly approve your new blog or website within one week.Nine rules to get Adsense approval quickly:To get approval by Adsense on your new blog very easily and quickly, you have to look at the following things with a lot of minds.1. Use Premium Domain:If you are using a free domain name for your blog or website, change it now. Having a premium domain (.com, .info, .net, .org) is very important to get AdSense approval quickly. You will never get AdSense from subdomains or free domains like (.tk .ml)etc. So, You need to select a good quality domain. And long ago, Google used to give AdSense only if it was a sub-domain of Blogger. But now that day is no more. Choose a good domain regardless of which CMS you belong to, Blogger, or WordPress. Make yourself trustworthy to Google. You need to be a trusted person to Google.2. Add important pages:There must be some essential pages to get approved by AdSense on the blog or website. E.g., Privacy policy, Contact Us, Disclaimer, About Us. If these pages are made in a blog, it takes a lot of professionals to see any blog or website. Therefore, the chances of getting AdSense approval quickly increase a lot.3. Fast and clean website:Of course, remember that your blog is very fast and clean. This means that the blog's loading speed should be good and, at the same time, view the blog so that it is much more clean and more transparent. Use a good and clean theme blog.4. Write Minimum of 20 articles:You can't apply for a blog with a blank or no content for AdSense. And if you do, AdSense will never approve that blog.So, in your blog, write at least 20 useful articles before applying for AdSense. Moreover, there should be two articles in each category in the blog.Remember, if there is any kind of copied content in the blog, AdSense will not approve your blog.So, write original and good quality content. Write more content then apply. Many people apply for AdSense with less content. If you don't get AdSense before thinking, then give the content. This is a serious mistake, at least 20-25 hours, with good content to apply to Google AdSense. Then the chances of getting AdSense will increase a lot.5. Don't use copyright images:Remember, never download and use any image from Google in your blog article. Using copyrighted images or images provided by others does not imply your own content. So, it is tough to get approval from AdSense if you use such images. Using Pixabey and Pexels, you will get thousands of good copyright free pictures for your blog.6. Don't use other ad networks:When you apply for Google AdSense, make sure there are no other ad network ads on your blog. Hide ads from other ad network companies. No. So it is better to refrain from any other company's ad. And if you can't do that, remove the other ad as soon as you apply for AdSense. After getting AdSense, you can put the previous ad again7. Write long articles:Even if you take your time, you need to make sure that every article written on the blog is within a minimum of 1000 to 1500 words. If your original article is less than 1000 words, AdSense will quickly think of your blog as a high-quality blog. In this way, the chances of getting approval easily are much higher.8. Unique Visitor:If your site has a lot of unique visitors, your chances of getting AdSense will increase greatly. So try to bring unique visitors to your site. SEO can bring a lot of unique visitors. Increase the number of visitors by making the site popular, if your website is business-related, it is excellent. Create a user-friendly website. Refrain from taking paid traffic9. Age of site or domain:To get Google AdSense approved, your website must be more than 3 or 4 months old. It can be done even if it is 1-2 months. Otherwise, Google will not give you AdSense.If you can follow the above mentioned rules, you will definitely get Google AdSense, within a very short time. AdSense will approve your blog or you tube channel.So, how to get AdSense approval quickly, hopefully, you will already get your answer.Increase Google Adsense Income: https://www.techlife.com.bd/10-important-tips-and-tricks-to-increase-your-google-adsense-revenue

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Facebook launches Shops feature for small businesses

Popular social media Facebook has taken a big initiative keeping in mind the small business in the global crisis caused by coronavirus. Launching a platform called 'Facebook Shops'. Here small traders or entrepreneurs can launch their online shops. This initiative can be launched completely free of cost and very easily. There is also support from third party companies such as Shopify, Big Commerce and U.Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement in a Facebook post on Tuesday (May 19th) night. He announced, ‘We will launch Facebook Shops today. The basic idea is that any small business can sell goods directly with our app. If you want, you can visit other people's shops. You can also buy it through our app. ' "I think it's very important now," he said. Because of the economic downturn that has started due to Covid-19, many small businesses are going online to survive. In this situation, everyone is being asked to stay at home. Working physically from the outside is now a very difficult subject and because of this millions of people are losing their jobs. I have been personally working with the Facebook Shops team every day for a few months now for those who would like to use a tool in a small business so that it can be unveiled quickly. '


Introducing 'Mother' Telehealth for pregnant women: Palak

After 22 lakh Saudi expatriates, this time Prabasbandhu Call Center has been launched for 2 lakh Bahraini expatriates. Twelve Bangladeshi volunteer doctors from the country have already joined the initiative. The service will soon be launched in Malaysia, Oman, Singapore, Yemen and Europe. State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak has appealed to the expatriate embassies for this.Foreign Minister inaugurated the service in a video conference on Wednesday. AK Abdul Momen.ICT Secretary NM Ziaul Alam, Foreign Secretary Masood Bin Momen, Secretary to the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment Ahmed Munirush Salehin, Director of A2I Project Dr. Anir. Md. Abdul Mannan was present.The government of Bahrain will give legitimacy to Bangladeshis living illegally.- Foreign Minister. AK Abdul Momen State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is a friend in difficult times. Under his leadership, food, education and internet have already been delivered from house to house.He said the driving force of the economy is launching a new digital platform next Saturday to launch healthcare services at home for more than one crore expatriate brothers and sisters as well as implement 'mother' telehealth for one million pregnant women, delivering medicinal fruits at fair prices to consumers. The 'Food for Nation' platform is being developed by connecting digital warehouses, farmers, trucklagbes, etc. in addition to one shop, Ekshop.The project director said. Md. Abdul Mannan said, 30 thousand food aid services have been provided by calling 333 in one day yesterday.A2I advisor Anir Chowdhury said the service could be launched for all expatriates by June by creating a timeline for providing and receiving services safely. Although the number of doctors registered in the pool has increased, the number of activists has not increased at that rate. Therefore, he stressed the need to introduce incentives in this volunteer model in the future.  


UBER Eats Shut down its business

Uber's online order delivery service Uber Eats is winding down operations in Bangladesh.After a couple of weeks, their activities in the country will be stopped from June 2.Uber authorities said in a blog post on Tuesday.Uber It's Bangladesh's lead Misha Ali has confirmed to TechShahr.com that their service will be discontinued. However, he did not want to comment on the matter.Uber said in their blog post that the company has made a tough decision a year after launching its easy and reliable food delivery service. There, Uber announced that its service in Bangladesh will be closed on June 2.But Uber authorities did not say why the decision was made.At the same time through the blogpost the company thanks to their partners, users, customers, and the Uber Eats community in Bangladesh.Earlier in January this year, Uber also sold its food supplier in India to the country's Zomato and shut down Uber Eats in the country.Four months later, Uber made the same announcement in Bangladesh. However, the company's ride-sharing service will continue.Earlier, Uber Eats started its official activities in the country on April 30 last year. And he hired Misha Ali as the lead to run the business in Bangladesh.  


GP deposited another Rs 1,000 crore

Grameenphone has deposited another Rs 1,000 crore in the second phase as part of the process of resolving the issue of BTRC's debt claim in the audit objection.The operator paid the money to BTRC at 1.30 pm on Tuesday. Senior Grameenphone officials went to the BTRC office and paid the money in a pay order.The GP deposited a total of Rs 2,000 crore.BTRC chairman at a virtual press conference after depositing money. Zahurul Haque said, ‘It is a public demand. It had to be taken. This will benefit the government. This money can be used for co-operation. 'Now Proper has an understanding. This time the relationship with Grameenphone will increase. No objection is being made to any of their dues. I hope Grameen will get what it has,” said BTRC chairman.Grameenphone CEO Yasir Ajman says, ‘Pay-orders worth Rs 1,000 crore have been handed over. After depositing the first instalment, I have received all kinds of support from BTRC. Our equipment is very important, they have started coming. 'Now, after the coronation, the issue of audit objections can be resolved through discussion, 'said the GP CEO.Senior officials including BTRC senior assistant director Zakir Hossain Khan also spoke at the virtual press conference.Earlier, in the first phase, on February 23 this year, the GP had paid Rs 1,000 crore as directed by the court. Then on February 24, the court directed to pay another Rs 1,000 crore within three months.Now the GP gave this money.Grameenphone's deposit of this money in the audit objection is part of the process of resolving the issue of BTRC's debt claim. When the amount of BTRC's debt claim is 'settled', then this amount of Rs 2,000 crore will be adjusted.After the payment of Rs 2,000 crore in two phases, an opportunity was created to renegotiate the issue of audit objections.In the audit objection, BTRC demanded a total of Tk 12,579.95 crore from Grameenphone.Of this, BTRC's share is Tk 8,494 crore and NBR's share is Tk 4,08 crore. Out of the Rs 7,494 crore claimed by BTRC, the principal amount is Rs 2,299 crore. The remaining Tk 6,194 crore is the delay fee, which has been calculated at a compounded rate over the principal amount


Freelancing is the Future: Polok

Freelancing is the future. In order to ensure self-employment for 70 percent of the country's youth in the future, the ICT Department's Learning and Learning Project has launched an online training program. State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Junayed Ahmed Polok on Sunday inaugurated the virtual 200-hour training on the web, graphics, and digital marketing in 15 districts as a pilot project.ICT Secretary NM Ziaul Alam presided over the function while Learning and Learning Development Project Director (Deputy Secretary) Md. Akhtar Mamun and training materials planner Shafiul Alam spoke on the occasion. State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak was the chief guest at the occasion.Mentioning that 'technology has opened up knowledge', the state minister said at the time, under the Learning and Learning project, 1 lakh 85 thousand students registered to take online training. However, 40,000 people will be trained in 492 locations in the country, divided into 15 parts with PC and high-speed uninterrupted internet connection. For this 39 IT companies have been recruited. KPI is being given the utmost importance in training evaluation.Junayed Ahmed Polok said, online class, is our future. And Corona has opened new horizons in online education. We hope that online classes will eliminate urban-rural inequality.Mentioning that 'Internet Plus' has started in every sphere of life at this time, the state minister said that with the creation of high-speed internet and payment gateway infrastructure at the union level across the country, we are now able to start freelancer training activities online. Even after passing SSC and HSC, the visionary Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has continued this initiative in Corona to train the youth and make them self-employed.  

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PayPal XOOM Connectivity Launch Speech of Mr Sajeeb Wazed

Honorable ICT Affairs Adviser to the Hon'ble Prime Minister, Mr Sajeeb Wazed addressing at the "PayPal+Xoom Connectivity Launch in Bangladesh & Freelancers' Conference Inauguration Ceremony...

PayPal XOOM Connectivity Launch

Honorable State Minister for ICT Division, Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak addressing at the "PayPal+Xoom Connectivity Launch in Bangladesh & Freelancers' Conference Inauguration Ceremony"

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